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Thurston County Commissioner, District #3 Application

1. Why I want to serve Thurston County citizens as their County Commissioner of
District #3.

I have lived and worked 50+ years in Thurston County. I am very dedicated to my community
and truly appreciate all that Thurston County offers.

Having traveled extensively throughout the US, Canada, Europe, China, and parts of Mexico
qualifies me to say we truly live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. I believe the
citizens of Thurston County have chosen to live here for quality of life and the many attributes
only available to those who reside within Thurston County. I want to protect and maintain all
that Thurston County represents and offers its residents.

I approached Commissioner Bob Macleod in February of this year, regarding his plans for
reelection in 2010. I told him at that time that I planned to run for his position on the Thurston
County Commission, should he choose not to run.

I attended and/or watched, on TCTV, many of the County Commission meetings over the years.
I know and understand the requirements of the County Commissioner position, the public
involvement and the personal commitment necessary to successfully serve Thurston County
citizens as their County Commissioner. As a long time community leader and public servant, I
look forward to honorably serving all the citizens of Thurston County and would do so with
honesty, integrity, and trust.

2. I believe I am uniquely qualified to fill this vacancy because . . .

I have been preparing for this position for many years and have spent the past 15 months in
direct training with the Lewis County Board of County Commissioners as their Board Liaison. I
regularly attend meetings with the Commissioners and stand in for the Commissioners at
committee meetings when they are unable to be present. I know and understand the duties and
responsibilities of the County Commissioner position and am ready to serve Thurston County
citizens in that capacity.

I met with Thurston County Administrative Officer Don Krupp in 2007, prior to accepting the
Board Liaison position in Lewis County. The purpose of that meeting was to provide me with a
better understanding of his position and how it would relate to my Lewis County appointment.
Hindsight proved the meeting invaluable, it allowed me to gain better insight as to how the
County Administrative Officer position serves Thurston County and the Board of County
Thurston County Commissioner Application
Corinne M. Tobeck
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My history with Thurston County goes back many years when in the 1990’s I contracted with the
Thurston County Planning Department as their recording secretary. I also contracted with and
was employed outright by the Thurston Regional Planning Council. Both positions apprised me
with a strong understanding of the planning involved in making Thurston County and its
environment the community I am proud to call home. I am very familiar with Thurston County’s
Comprehensive Plan, the Growth Management Act, the Critical Areas Ordinance, and the
general planning that is required to ensure public safety and the general welfare of all the
citizens of Thurston County. My county knowledge and background will definitely be a plus for
this position.

I know Cathy Wolfe and Sandra Romero and believe I will be a positive addition to their team.
As County Commissioner, I will provide a strong voice for my constituents both in District 3 and
Thurston County, as a whole.

Lewis County adopted its 2009 budget, described by many as one of its most challenging
budgets of all times. Two years of back-to-back floods and the downturn in the economy
presented us with the challenge of making very difficult choices. Lewis County used the
Priorities of Government budget process. Both service and staffing cuts were required to
present a balanced budget for adoption. I am prepared to take on the same challenge in
Thurston County to ensure that we maintain pertinent services and live within a balanced budget
while supporting the County’s vision of “Creating Solutions for Our Future.” I am prepared to
work with the Commissioners, staff and the community to find new ways of doing business to
ensure we maintain the viability and quality of life Thurston County represents.

3. My plans for running for election in 2009 and again in 2010.

I served the citizens of the Tumwater School District for 17 years, one year as an appointed
School Board Director and 16 years as an elected official from 1988 – 2005. I know what to
expect of a campaign and how to run for office. I am experienced at campaigning and am
prepared to run a successful campaign for County Commissioner, District #3 in 2009 and again
in 2010. I ran opposed only once in all my years as Tumwater School Board Director and was
successfully reelected to that position. I want this Thurston County Commissioner position and I
am ready and willing to work for it!

My name is well known throughout Thurston County and beyond. My contacts are many. I
served four years as the Tumwater Chamber’s Executive Director; two years as Executive
Director for the West Olympia Business Association (WOBA); and nine years as the Executive
Director for the Government Building Owners and Lessors Association (GBOLA). All three
positions afforded me opportunities to work with elected officials, business representatives and
community members throughout Thurston County and the State of Washington.

I have successfully operated my own home-based business since 1990 and have contracted
with the private sector, non-profits and all levels of government including city, county,
Thurston County Commissioner Application
Corinne M. Tobeck
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state, and federal entities. I also served five years as a volunteer Executive Director for the
South Puget Sound Air Show. This position provided me many an opportunity to work hand-in-
hand with federal, county and city governments, the Port of Olympia, and to contract with
aviation performers, both nationally and internationally. As Executive Director I managed 200+
volunteers, each year, to successfully put on the air shows at the Olympia Airport in Tumwater.
The fact that I personally value each and every air show volunteer has resulted in strong
relationships that are still in effect today.

I believe the variety of relationships I have built over the years will prove to help me win the
County Commissioner elections in 2009 and 2010. I have successfully worked with both
Democrats and Republicans and will continue to build strong, trustworthy relationships with all.
Honesty, integrity and trust are of the utmost importance to me. I am prepared to serve my
community for many years to come and promise to make my fellow Democrats proud to call me
one of their elected leaders.

4. What I intend to accomplish during my term as County Commissioner . . .

I will work to maintain balance in our County government, presenting a balanced budget,
working with other elected officials for the good of Thurston County, and become more familiar
with Thurston County services, and the County’s employees.

I will maintain a strong voice for my constituents.

I will regularly communicate with and educate the community about County programs and
policies in an effort to help them understand what the programs and policies mean to them.

I will continue to promote open, honest and responsive government.

I will work effectively as a team member of the Thurston County Board of County

I will use my connections throughout the County to ensure the actions I take as a Commissioner
are in the best interest of all of Thurston County.

I am prepared to set and implement policy in the best interest of Thurston County.

I am familiar with and ready to serve on the committees on which Commissioner Macleod is
currently serving.

I am ready and willing to accept the appointment of County Commissioner of District #3 in
Thurston County and am prepared to hit the ground running if appointed to fill Commissioner
Macleod’s unexpired term.

I very much want the County Commissioner position and thank you for considering me for the

Corinne M. Tobeck