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Co-innovate the future with consumers online
O we la is an online innovation space that helps companies to co-design new and improve existing products and services based on consumer needs and ideas. Owela supports active user involvement in the innovation process from the first ideas to piloting and actual use. Challenges
• Do you understand the needs of your customers? • Do you know how your customers would improve the user experience of your products? • Are you able to interact with the users of your products? • Do you want to reach new customers, but are unsure of their real needs?

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Our solution
Owela helps you to increase the quality of your products and bring them faster to market. User-driven product design ensures the acceptance and user experience of the products.

• Easy and quick set-up • Fast and direct feedback from end-users • Reach of large amount of users internationally • Interactive relationship with the users • Affordable • Tailored to your needs

User involvement throughout the innovation process

Owela services 2011-2012
Owela Mini
• Goal: Evaluation of a product or service concept • Duration: 2-4 weeks • Users: 50 Finnish users from the company’s target group • Result: Thorough feedback and new ideas to product development • Price: 5000 Euro • Example: Evaluation of the website design (State Treasure)

Owela Standard
• Goal: Co-design of a new product or service concept • Duration: 4-8 weeks • Users: 50-100 users from the company’s target group • Methods: Discussion, user blogs, ideation, mini polls, chat sessions • Result: Clear understanding of user needs, plenty of new ideas and validated product concepts, thorough feedback to product development • Price: 15000 Euro • Example: Co-design of cloud service concepts (F-Secure Oyj)

Customer experiences of Owela co-design projects “This was really, really positive experience! We can recommend Owela for our colleagues: it’s that easy – and fun!” - Marko Latvanen, Web editor,, State Treasure “Owela allowed for continuous and rich interaction with the respondents of a consumer study. F-Secure obtained ideas for new concepts and received valuable insights into consumers’ usage and perceptions of cloud services.” - Ville Nore, Usability Specialist & Camilla Magnusson, Business Development Manager, F-Secure Oyj “Especially valuable for us proved to be the co-creation methods VTT used in the project, namely the Owela community. In it we were able to efficiently test the initial ideas and got a lot of interesting comments and feedback from the end users.” - Kimmo Kivirauma, R&D Director, TeliaSonera Users’ motivations to innovate in Owela • “Innovating is fun!” • “I want to share my ideas with others” • “Together we can create better future” • “It’s easy to participate whenever I have a little time” Owela participation since 2007 • 3035 users • 53 project spaces • 10800 ideas and feedback

Owela Premium
• Goal: Tailored co-design combined with face-toface studies and field tests • Duration: 3-12 months • Users: 50-300 users from the company’s target group • Result: A validated functional prototype based on user needs • Price: 30000 Euro and up • Example: User-driven innovation of an online social media service Mobideas (Movial Oy)

Additional information
Pirjo Näkki, Research Scientist Tel. +358 20 722 5897 Asta Bäck, Principle Scientist, Team Leader Tel. +358 20 722 4536 Harri Nurmi, Customer Manager Tel. +358 20 722 6199

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