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1348 Bridle Court, Southeast

Olympia, Washington 98501

November 30, 2008

Cathy Wolfe, Thurston County Commissioner
Sandra Romero, Thurston County Commissioner

Re: Application for Appointment; County Commissioner, District 3

Dear Commissioners Wolfe and Romero:

I would like to be appointed to fill the remainder of Commissioner Bob Macleod’s District 3
term when he takes his early health related retirement. Please find my resume and references
attached. I will be happy to provide additional materials upon request.

I would like to be a Thurston County Commissioner because I believe it is one of the best
ways that I can serve our greater community. I have been a civil servant for over ten years—
my entire professional career— and have also volunteered for a number of community-based
organizations. I would like the opportunity to act in a legislative and quasi-judicial capacity
to serve the interests of Thurston County’s citizens. I think this can be done, in part, by
assuring public safety, providing vital services, taking steps to keep the quality and character
of our communities, by facilitating growth that does not threaten sustainability, and by being
careful to maintain fiscal responsibility.

With my education and work experience, I am a good candidate to serve as Thurston County
Commissioner. I earned a Masters of environmental law in 1996. Since then, I have gained
over nine years of experience as a government environmental and natural resources attorney.
As a pro bono project, I acted as a Designated Representative for a State Environmental
Policy Act appellant and as an Affected Resident regarding the preliminary plat approval of a
local subdivision proposal. In both of my government and pro bono lawyer capacities, I
developed an understanding of land use law, administrative law, and procedure. I also have a
good understanding of numerous other environmental laws that apply to local land use and
zoning, such as the Growth Management Act, SEPA, the Clean Water Act, the Municipal
Water Law, and other laws that govern water use.

Additionally, for the past three years, I have acted as the Executive Director for a multi-
stakeholder council tasked with providing advice on oil spill issues. In this role I have gained
an understanding of how to prepare for and run public meetings, democratic decision making,
managing an enormous workload with too few staff, and complying with the principles of
open government.

As a Thurston County Commissioner I hope to make progress on a variety of issues. These
issues include the following.
First, given the current economy and devastating budget issues facing local governments, I
would work to find ways to make strategic changes so that core county services can be
maintained with fewer dollars. Maintaining safety is not something we can compromise.

Second, I would try to find creative ways, even in lean budget times, to assure the community
remains healthy and vibrant. This can be assured through policies that ensure public health is
maintained, communities are walkable and bikeable, citizens have access to clean water and
air, and economic development and investment in the local economy is maintained. Our
economic development should be geared toward enhancing the local economy—local
manufacturing, local farming, and local aspects of the new green energy infrastructure.

Third, I think we must be smart about how we manage growth. I believe in the policies
underlying the Growth Management Act—growth balanced with the need for sustainability. I
would like to preserve our rural areas for agricultural and rural uses; I would like to assure
that urban growth areas are used for low-density, low-impact development and neighborhoods
where people can both work and live. Our growth should support what Governor Gregoire is
trying to accomplish with the Puget Sound Partnership. Our growth patterns should support a
shift to renewable energy sources and be part of the climate change solution.

Fourth, I am committed to open and transparent government and to an authentically
democratically powered republic. I would like to assure that our local governmental
representatives are beholden primarily to citizens, not to special moneyed interests. I am
interested in pursuing public financing of election campaigns at the local level.

I am prepared to stand for a special election in 2009 and the general election in 2010. The
first thing I plan to do early in 2009, if appointed, is to assemble a steering committee to assist
me with putting together a platform, a campaign plan, and a fundraising plan. I would expect
to spend at least four months in both 2009 and 2010 knocking on doors, making telephone
calls, and participating in a variety of public campaign-related events.

I would be very pleased to interview with you both and look forward to your reply.

Thank you.

Very truly yours,

Jacqui Brown Miller