Father Anthony J. Fitzgerald, S.J., Jurisprudential Wizard, Vol. 19, Magic A Fantasy Novel By Anthony J. Fejfar © Copyright 2006 by Anthony J.

Fejfar This Father Fitzgerald sequel is a work of fiction, any resemblence to any real life persons or places is purely a coincidence. Chapter 1 Father Anthony J. Fitzgerald was sitting in his recliner in the Jesuit Residence in his room. He got up and went down to the kitchen and made He thought about what

himself a ham sandwich and had Coke to drink.

his next step would be. He decided to work on a Tract Book dealing with Law and Psychiatry. He decided that the DSM, the Diagnostic Statistical Manual should have as possible diagnosis, Channeling Phenomenon. He walked over to his office at the law school and started to work. About halfway through his work on the Tract Book, “Law, Psychiatry, and Channeling Phenomenon,” Sister Joan Brewster stopped by. “Any thoughts on what I should do?” She asked. “Yes, I’ve thought it over and it seems to me that what makes the most sense would be for you to be a double agent for the National Counterintelligence Agency and simply play


along with what you are doing for the C.I.A. and K.G.B.

I’ll call my

contact in Washington and get you the certification as an N.C.A. Agent.” “Alright, then,” she said, “so don’t tell anyone then?” “No, in fact the opposite. Mum is the word. Just keep me informed about what is going on, I’ll be your cut out.” “That sounds good.” She said. “What are you working on?” she asked. “I am developing an expertise in Law and Psychiatry. I am working on a Tract Book about the argument for a neutral diagnosis of “Channeling Phenomenon,” instead of schizoaffective disorder or schizophrenia.” “Oh, God. I forgot to tell you, that is the next step. The K.G.B. is trying to infiltrate Psychiatry in an effort to destroy the spiritual core of America.” She said. “Oh, really,” he replied, “how are they going to do it?” “Well, if anyone says that they have spoken with God in prayer or have spoken with their Guardian Angel in prayer then they are going to call this “hearing a voice” and diagnose this a schizophrenia. They plan to make a belief in metaphysics seem a schizophrenic delusion, and, their ultimate goal is to make a belief in God a schizophrenic delusion.” “Alright, I’ll contact Washington with this and talk to Jesuit Provincial. Something has to be done.” Father Tony said. “Be careful, Father Andrev is part of this.” “Alright, I’ll be doubly careful.”she said.


Chapter 2 Father Tony Fitzgerald sat down on his recliner in his room in the Jesuit residence. It had been a disappointing afternoon. His contact in C.I.A. Counterintelligence and the Provincial did not take the plot against Psychiatry and Spirituality seriously. They just couldn’t believe it. Especially, now that the Wall between East and West was down. It was clear that he was going to have to act on his own with Sister Joan Brewster’s help. Father Tony Fitzgerald went into a trance state. He tried to find Jesus on the Astral Plane but could not. So instead, Tony Fitzgerald went back in time to Nazareth, hoping to find Jesus there. Tony Fitzgerald found Jesus playing in his back yard at age 6 years old. The two friends knew each other at once. Tony asked for help with the K.G.B. problem and Psychiatry and Jesus give him a wide smile and said, “Tell, you what, what I need to teach you I cannot teach you as an adult, but only as a child, what if I shape-shift you down to 6 years old with me and have you stay here with me as my friend and playmate for a year. This will help you and me as well, I’m a little bit bored.” “Alright. Said Tony Fitzgerald. The next thing


you know Tony Fitzgerald was a 6 year old child dressed in shorts and a smock and sandals like Jesus. “Let’s go play,” said Jesus. The two walked through the modest home that Jesus lived in with Mary and Joseph, his parents, and walked out into the street. “Let’s see if there are any bullys in the neighborhood today. We’ll walk down to the creek on the outside of town.” Jesus said. So the two started walking. Once they were outside of town things were fairly desolate, with no one around. “Let’s skip rocks for awhile and have some fun.” Said Jesus. They searched along the bank of the creek for flat stones to throw and started skipping them across the water to the other side. A few merchants passed by on the road but otherwise they didn’t see anybody. Suddenly, without the two realizing it there we two guys in their late teen years standing behind them. “What are you losers doing?” asked the first guy. “Just skipping some rocks,” said the 6 year old Tony Fitzgerald. “Well, my name is Sam and this Jason, and we don’t like what you are doing.” Said Sam. “Why don’t you two get lost,” said the 6 year old Jesus.

”You. I know you. You are the son of that whore Mary who claimed to have a virgin birth.” Said Sam. “I am who I am,” said Jesus.


“Well, we’ll see about that. Jason let’s kick the shit out of these two losers.” Said Sam. Jesus looked at Tony and said, “Well, I guess I’ll take on Sam and you can have Jason.” “Alright,” said Tony Fitzgerald. Sam walked up to Jesus and took a swing at his face with his right fist. Jesus ducked the blow. Jason and Tony watched. “I think that you are the loser, Sam, not me,” said Jesus. Sam picked up a rock and threw it at Jesus’ face. Jesus ducked again, strode forward, grabbed Sam by the wrist and twisted Sam’s arm behind Sam’s back, pushing Sam into the creek. Jason recovered from his shock and went after Tony. Tony assumed the boxer’s stance and gave Jason a left jab in the mouth. Jason screamed as he spit out blood and a tooth. Then Tony grabbed Jason by the wrist and threw Jason into the creek. Sam and Jason came out of the creek swearing. Each pulled a knife from under his tunic. Jesus laughed. Jesus raised his right hand in Power and levitated Sam and Jason ten feet off the ground and then threw them into a boulder at the other side of the creek, knocking them out. Tony and Jesus walked up to each of them, broke their knives on a rock, and headed back into town.

Chapter 3


It had been a week since the incident at the creek. They left Sam and Jason for dead, and had not seen them since. “I think that we should do a little something for fun that would create a splash.” Said Jesus. “What do you have in mind?” asked Tony Fitzgerald. “How about a real magic show for the little kids in town?” suggested Jesus. “That would be fun. What will you mom Mary have to say?” asked Tony. “She’s cool, she let’s me do my own thing.”said Jesus. So, Tony and Jesus practiced magic feats for the

rest of the day. When no one was looking, Jesus used his Power of manifestation to build a little stage at the end of town. A group of 25 small children and their mothers took their seats in front of the theatre at the edge Nazareth. “For my first feat,” Jesus said, “I will manifest a pot and then fill it with candy for each of the kids.” Tony lifted a silk cloth, Jesus said, “Abra Kadabra,” and Tony pulled the cloth away revealing a brass pot. Jesus then said, “Hocus Pocus,” and the pot was filled with candy which Tony Fitzgerald then passed out to the kids in the audience. The kids screamed with delight. Next, Tony lifted the cloth showing that a bird cage had been manifested. Tony then covered the cage with the cloth, and Jesus said, “Abra Kadabra.” And the bird cage was filled with white doves which Jesus then released into the air. The kids and their moms clapped. Jesus did


several more feats of magic. Then Tony Fitzgerald layed down in a box with the lid shut. Jesus had a small child feel all the edges of the box to see if they were solid. They were. Jesus then said, “Abra Kadabra,” and opened the box showing no one inside. Suddenly, Tony Fitzgerald appeared ten feet above the audience levitating. That was the end of the show. (to be continued).