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Hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean


Tropical Storm Edouard
Table of contents:

Introduction: page: 3
• Arise of Edouard page: 4
• Wind history page: 4
• Landfall page: 6
• Rainfall page: 7
• Damage page: 9
Appendix page: 10
Sources page: 11

In this report I am going to tell you something more about Tropical Storm Edouard. Edouard
was the first tropical storm that made landfall in the United States. But after Hurricane Dolly,
Edouard was the second system that made a landfall. Edouard was a heavy tropical storm,
because Edouard had a lot of thunderstorms, tornados and a lot of rainfall.

Arise of Edouard:
Edouard arose in the beginning of August from a low pressure front which became more
organised when it came in the Golf of Mexico. After the low pressure area reached the
subtropical ridge, it became more organised and became a tropical depression 5. Tropical
Depression 5 was now about 137 km from the south coast of the United States. While
Tropical Depression moved further into the Golf of Mexico, it became stronger and the
National Hurricane Centre upgraded Tropical Depression into Tropical Storm Edouard. And
so the 5th storm of hurricane season 2008 was a fact.

Wind history:
As we see in the
picture here below,
there was the
chance of gust of 39
mph. The green
lines show that
there is a chance of
less than 1%. In the
purple spot there is
a 100% chance of a
gust of 39 mph and
of course a higher

Tropical storm
Edouard hasn’t got
a very long wind
history, but he
developed very
quickly. As you see
in the next picture,
tropical storm Edouard was only in the Golf of Mexico, so he couldn’t get more strength to
develop any more.

The dark blue spots
are the places where
Edouard was a tropical
depression. The light
blue spots are where
he was a tropical

This table below shows the wind history of tropical storm Edouard:
Date/time Latitude Longitude Pressure Wind speed Catergory
(North) (West) (knots)
03/1200 28.1 87.4 1010 25 Tropical
03/1800 28.1 87.8 1009 30 Tropical
04/0000 28.1 88.5 1002 45 Tropical
04/0600 28.1 89.6 1005 40 Tropical
04/1200 28.1 90.3 1002 40 Tropical
04/1800 28.3 91.0 1001 40 Tropical
05/0000 28.5 91.7 999 50 Tropical
05/0600 29.0 92.9 997 55 Tropical
05/1200 29.6 94.2 996 55 Tropical
05/1800 30.0 94.8 999 40 Tropical
06/0000 30.6 95.7 1003 30 Tropical
06/0600 31.4 97.0 1008 25 Remnant
06/1200 32.0 98.0 1011 20 Remnant
06/1800 32.7 98.7 1012 20 Remnant
07/0000 - - - - Dissipated

Edouard came ashore on 5 August on 12
o’clock. As you see here in the table, tropical
storm Edouard was at his heaviest point when
he came ashore. The wind fell down when he
came ashore, and he lost his power quickly
when he came ashore.

This picture shows when tropical
storm Edouard came ashore in Texas
and Louisiana.

When Edouard came ashore, he
brought a lot of rain and some
heavy wind gust with him.
Luckily Edouard couldn’t
develop much in the Golf of
Mexico, so the storm was not so
heavy as he could be if he had
had more time to develop. The
area where he came ashore was
very much damaged by Katrina,
and the fear was heavy because
this year was expected to be
almost as heavy as 2005.
Edouard was the first tropical
storm of this season, who made
landfall in the area where Katrina
made a lot of damage.

This picture tells us about the landfall on August the 5th. In this picture it is very clear where
he made landfall. It was between Galveston and Beaumont. In the table here below we see
what the maximum of the wind gust was and the pressure that was measured when Edouard
made landfall. The locations are from a public station or from a station of the NOAA.

Location Pressure Wind Gust
(abbreviations) (mbar) (knots)
Galveston Scholes Field 1009.0 39
Beamont 1000.0 49
Sabine Pass 996.5 56
North Jetty - 52
Sabine Pass North - 60
Calcasieu Pass 1001.0 54
Jamaica Beach - 40


The picture here
below shows
what rainfall
tropical storm
brought with
him. In
(Texas) the most
rain fell. About
6.48 inches.
That is 16.5 cm
of rain! Most
rain fell in the
coast area. But
if you look well,
you see a dark
spot in the
middle of the picture. There was a rainfall wall which produced a lot of rain.
In the picture here below the places where the most rain fell are visible. You can see that they
correspond. The
picture is a brightness
temperature, but this
shows us where the
lowest temperature
was, and also where
the most rain fell. As
rain falls the
temperature drops.

On the next page, I
am going to tell you
the statics of the
rainfall in Texas and

This picture shows us what the rainfall was in 12 o’clock in the Trinity Bay on the border of
Texas and Louisiana. To clarify the picture I set this table here, so you can see the places and
marks where the data is from.

Place Rainfall in Inches in 12 hour
East Bay Bayou 4.69
Lake Anahuac 3.15
Cotton Bayou 3.27
Smitch Point Sewer 3.54
State highway 365 1.02
Mayhaw Bayou 1.61
Highway 1663 2.09

The picture belongs to the Jefferson county drainage report.

By the heavy rain that fell a part of
some towns were drained by the
water and the floods which Edouard
brought with him. As you see in the
picture next to the line, the water was
about 10 to 15 cm high. That is not
very high, but if you have the water
inside it causes a lot of damage.
Before Edouard came ashore, they
evacuated the people, to protect them
from the heavy rainfall and the
floods from this tropical storm. After
Edouard had damaged the oil
platforms they saw that Edouard was
a dangerous tropical storm and that
they had to move the people from the
area where it was predicted that Edouard came ashore. They did the right thing, because water
is so unpredictable. Edouard brought a lot of floods of sometimes 1.1 meter high. Moreover
the heavy thunderstorms and the enormous rain that fell made Edouard a dangerous tropical
The damage that Edouard brought was not very high. But during the storm 1 person died. His
boat sank and he drowned. Apart from that, 30.000 people lost electricity in Jefferson County.

Edouard was the first tropical storm how terrorized the south coast of America. The people
were very scared because of hurricane Katrina in 2005, but the storm wasn’t very heavy, but
causes a lot of damage in the coast area. Edouard was the first tropical storm how made a
landfall in the United States. After that Cristobal came close to the border of America.