Peterson Case

Problem The main problem Peterson is faced with is not meeting the deadline to turn service on to customers because he is not able to complete all five steps to starting service effective and timely. The factors that contribute to this problem are as follows:     Peterson’s boss (Hardy) has little system operating experience and he is not reporting to Jenkins as initially expected The project was already behind schedule when Peterson started Subcontractor cutting trees on private property and the Company is receiving complaints as a result Chief Engineer (Andrews) cannot execute or keep project moving and deadlines are not met o Poor communication o Bad attitude/ working relationships o Disorganized and not in a planning mindset o Authority problems o Chauvinistic Upper management not attentive to Peterson’s concerns o Ex. Peterson struck deals with local towns that would not get approved by Company o Ex. Unwilling to listen to Peterson’s concern about people on his team, namely Andrews HR issues regarding salary and moving people around/ terminating Equipment not being delivered on time for installation Supplier problems result in further delays Zoning problems could result in towers not being built in certain towns Peterson animosity towards Green from a first time encounter Utility carriers slow to turn service on can create further delays

     

Causes and Solutions The causes of many of the problems revolve around communication and expectations. Peterson and his team do not have effective communicating skills and in some cases very poor working relationships. There is one large goal set, getting the service turned on by April, but in order for that to happen many small projects need to be completed. These projects are rooted in the 5 steps to making the system live. Part of the issue is the team does not have individual goals set to achieve their major goal. For example the Peterson should force Andrews, the Chief Engineer, to create a calendar of event that need to happen to go live. Each of these events will be a deadline for someone on the team to

So far Peterson has been unsuccessful to illustrate to Andrews that issues he is causing. He needs to provide a vision for the group and roadmap of how they will achieve their goals. and guide the company along the way. but further measure should have been taken. but also upper management. Peterson should present the problem. Peterson should put in writing the issue with Andrews and formally present the issues and implications to him. Many of the issues seem to center around Andrews. this is a fire-able offense. Andrews should be reporting progress on the project directly to Peterson. Each meeting should have created a list of action items for the members of the team. boost morale. Hardy.meet. Lastly. And each subsequent meeting team members should have reported the status of completion of action items. Then it is up to him to manage people to their goals. and potential outcomes if the issues are not corrected. It seemed like his boss. when goals are not met he knows where to drill into for accountability. Given the variety and magnitude of the issues Peterson needs to communicate with Jenkins everything that is going on. and not from his subordinates. Peterson needs to find a mentor and take a management and leadership approach to the situation. The town meeting attempted to solve some of the communication problems. By effectively doing this Peterson can measure each person’s contribution and performance. Andrews is one of the major cogs in the wheel that will cause this project to be delayed. Then set weekly deadlines for Andrews to meet. Another major challenge Peterson has is he does not have much experience in leadership. It does not seem like Jenkins understands the severity of the issues because he is at such a high level. but Andrews must fluidly understand the backup he is causing. not just management like he is currently doing. but in the end I think they acted more of a way for Peterson to hear about problems in the group. This would allow Peterson to measure the progress of the overall project. It seems like the corporate office is detached from the Northeast and does not entirely understand all the events that are happening and how will not make the service turn on deadline. Additionally. was unresponsive to many of his concerns and he was thrown into an already problematic situation. . Peterson even has issues where he negotiates deal with local towns that are not approved by his management. Peterson not only had problem communicating with the team below him. who has trouble receiving and giving orders. Someone from corporate office should visit weekly or bi monthly to provide feedback. HR should also speak with Andrews about his chauvinistic attitude towards his secretary before she leaves or the company gets sued. This will give Peterson reason to fire employees if they do not perform as expected. and as a result is faced with trouble steering the operation. Setting up the meetings was a good first step at attacking the communication problems.

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