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Proposal for front extension to private house

at ## XXXX XXXX Avenue, Crawley, West Sussex, RH10 XXX

The proposal calls for a front extension between the north and south wing replacing the porch. Each room would measure 4m x 3m. The overall surface area of the house is reduced due to the infilling nature of the extension which would help minimise heating. The extension would be within the original building line marked by the existing garage while its central position within the house would mean that it neither overlooks nor encroaches on the adjoining neighbouring properties. As the house was individually built and not part of a development this extension would add to its unique appearance and through the high quality of materials and design add to the value of XXXX XXXX Avenue.

By using large glass surfaces facing south and west both rooms have a source of natural heating and ambient light. For privacy, tinted glass panes would be selected in a colour matching the shades of the existing house. The design would make use of the number 'three' which is visually present at the front of the house as the windows are made of three sections and the building itself is separated into three overall spaces: the north wing with the garage, the centre with the porch, and the south wing with the living room. The extension would make use of this visual cue by distinguishing itself through a glass and steel frame forming a modern centrepiece with the original building to either side. The eaves of the two angled roofs would be joined along the flat roof of the extension to provide visual continuity across the front of the house. The ground floor room would be an entrance with the existing front door remaining in place as an internal door. The colourful wall stones would be kept, while a new doorway into the garage would provide internal access. With a stone tiled floor and ample storage space along the garage wall an attractive and modern foyer would be created. The new front door would have a pane of glass to either side within the frame supporting the above windows further reflecting the style of the existing house The first floor room would be stepped down, would be used as a reading room with conservatory style furniture, parquet flooring, and boast an abundance in light through an optional skylight. Access would be via the existing balcony door adjoining the master bedroom above the garage. The front windows, with a central fixed pane and two openers to either side, would complete the numeric visual cue of three throughout the design.