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The Fortigate and the 3G Modem

by B R A D P E C Z K A on N O V E M B E R 1 6 , 2 0 0 9 2 C O MM E NT S

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Say what you will about it, but I think that the Fortinet Fortigate 60B is a nice piece of gear. For the purchase price, you get a grunty firewall with 2 WAN Ports, a dedicated DMZ Port, 6 Fast Ethernet Ports and a PCMCIA Slot. You also score two USB Ports, which can be used to power a USB 3G Modem. With the right type of 3G Service, this setup provides you with the perfect temporary office network a situation where you only need basic services for few users who require access to the corporate LAN. Im going to quickly run through setting up the connection with some common Australian 3G Providers, and how to debug any issues that may arise. For the purposes of this demo, Im using: Fortinet Fortigate 60B (running FortiOS v4.1 Patch 1) Huawei E169G 3G USB Modem 3G Services provided by Three Owing to some inconsistencies in the Administration Guide, this config will be entered using the CLI. Dont be scared it wont bite! Firstly, ensure that your modem is firmly plugged into a USB Port on the back of the Fortigate, and that youve power-cycled the unit to detect the modem. Youll need to enable the modem with the following command:

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WHAT I 'M DO IN G. . .

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config system modem set status enable end

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Next, try and detect the custom vendor and product IDs with the following command. Be sure to note it down, as youll need it later!

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FortiGate # diagnose sys modem wireless-id vendor: 0x12d1, product: 0x1003, registered: yes

More updates...


Next, well configure the modem settings in our FortiGate to activate the modem connection:

October 2011 May 2011 September 2010 August 2010

config system modem

May 2010
set status enable set status enable set dial-on-demand enable

January 2010 November 2009

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28-10-2011 10:44

The Fortigate and the 3G Modem | Brad Peczka's Blog

set connect-timeout 30 set wireless-custom-vendor-id 0x12d1 set wireless-custom-product-id 0x1003 set modem-dev1 pcmcia-wireless set phone1 "*99#" set username1 "3services" # Set this to your provider's APN set altmode disable end


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Special Note: If youre a Virgin Broadband user, ensure you also configure set authtype1 pap. While every other provider has moved with the times, and utilise the more secure and robust CHAP Authentication (which is the default option on the FortiGate), Virgin still use PAP which needs to be manually configured to ensure a successful connection. Were almost there! The last thing to do is to turn on debugging (to watch the progress of the dial), and to actually execute the dial:

diagnose debug enable diagnose debug application ppp 255 diagnose debug app modemd 255

execute modem dial

With a little luck, and a little hope, youll see the logs go rushing by, and the modem will establish a connection to your provider. You should now conduct tests to verify your connectivity (after establishing the appropriate firewall rules), or (if unsucessful) review the ppp and modemd logs to see if you can determine what fouled up. Common causes are the modem not being detected, the wrong APN being provided to the FortiGate, or (funnily enough) the SIM Card not being activated for the APN youre dialling! Once youre done, dont forget to turn off your logging:

diagnose debug application modemd 0 diagnose debug application ppp 0 diagnose debug disable

And thats it!

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2 Responses to the fortigate and the 3g modem

Mramadan says:
February 14, 2010 at 5:14 PM

thanks very very much


Vidar says:
August 17, 2011 at 7:41 AM

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28-10-2011 10:44

The Fortigate and the 3G Modem | Brad Peczka's Blog

Thanks. I got Huawei E367 working based on your instructions + a bit fiddling. I ended up with this config: config system modem set status enable set auto-dial enable set connect-timeout 30 set phone1 *99# set username1 internet set extra-init1 AT&FE0V1X1&D2&C1S0=0 set altmode disable end config system 3g-modem custom edit 2 set vendor Huawei set model E367b set vendor-id 12d1 set product-id 1506 next edit 3 set vendor Huawei set model E367a set vendor-id 12d1 set product-id 1446 set init-string 55534243123456780000000000000011062000000100000000000000000000 next end The extra init string doesnt seem to be necessary though. I just added it because I noticed the Mobile Partner application send it to the modem in Windows when I tried to connect it to my laptop. One set-back is that the upload performance through Fortigate is much worse than directly on laptop. Im getting 600kbps through Fortigate and 2-3Mbps direct on laptop.

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28-10-2011 10:44

The Fortigate and the 3G Modem | Brad Peczka's Blog

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