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Your potential, Our Mission TM


Imark consultancy was given the responsibility of recruiting a managing

director for Indian operations by one of its clients. The recruitment team
sieved through the talent pool, interviewed, short listed three potential
candidates. These candidates seemed to have the right experience, right
exposure and capability. The chairman of the clients company was confused.
In order to determine a better fit they were all asked to complete some
psychometric tests. Unfortunately their profiles came out to be similar which in
turn increased the dilemma.

Talengene offered to help Imark consultancy to identify the right candidate. As

a first step, Imark and their client were asked to complete a profiling solution
to create a benchmark. The benchmark resulted in CUPID report which
identified the Critical, Undesirable, Preferred, Irrelevant and Desirable
behaviours required to excel in the role.

Talengene then administered the Parallax profiling solution to the candidates

and their responses were then compared against the benchmark. Parallax
profiles people based on their behaviour. It therefore provides a perceived and
predicted behaviour for each candidate.

Unlike Binary systems which use a two by two framework to profile people,
Parallax uses a three dimensional framework. It MAP’s an individual
behaviour by measuring Mindset Attitude and Personality. Using the inputs
provided the candidates leadership capabilities, Motivations, career focus and
more importantly stress susceptibility was measured.

In the traditional measurement systems all three candidates were mapped as

having a dominant personality. However using Parallax, Talengene
demonstrated that although they were all dominant one person was dominant
and his leadership style was so self centred. The second candidate was
dominant because of his charismatic leadership style and he followed hub and
spoke type of command and control. The third candidate was dominant
because he was regarded as an expert and in times of stress resorted to
drawing pin management.

Imark’s client was looking to recruit an individual who had project

management experience but they were sure they were not looking for a self-
centred person. They were equally comfortable working with both candidates.
They decided to hire the second candidate as the Managing Director. They
were looking for a person who had to be strategic and could also rely on
concrete experience.

The profiling solutions revealed that the second and third candidate could
work very well. One was a balanced strategic person and the other a
functional hands on person. Imark therefore suggested that the client recruit
the third candidate as Deputy Managing Director and he was offered the role.

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