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Dear Abhinav Goel,

AMCAT ID:10012358670710

Thanks for appearing for AMCAT on 02 November 2011. This letter will help you understand your performance in AMCAT and identify your strengths and weaknesses in different modules. At the same time, we shall highlight your strengths to various companies on our panel. Many IT and non-IT companies have hired and continue to hire AMCATites. The AMCAT score is not equal to the number of questions answered correctly as is the case in any other test. Since the test is adaptive, it automatically becomes easy or tough according to your performance in questions. The score is calculated by an advanced statistical engine, which takes into consideration questions difficulty, discrimination, guess probability, time to attempt a question and several other factors. YOUR RESULT Number of Questions Attempted 25 22 21 25 20 Overall Percentile 51.6% 20% 89.3% 45.2% NA 48.4% College Percentile 71.5% 20.9% 81.8% 80.3% NA 65.1%

Module English Quantitative Ability(Technical) Computer Fundamentals Computer Programming Electronics & Semiconductor Logical Ability

Score 505 395 655 485 -2 495

Grade B C A B B

• Overall percentile is your percentile amongst all the candidates tested by us nationally till now. If your overall percentile for a module is NA, it means we do not calculate percentile for that module • If your reported score is -1, it means you attempted less than the minimum number of questions in that section. In such a case no score is reported. A score of -2 means you did not attempt the module. NA: Not Available • Grade Information: grade tells you where you stand amongst all the people who have taken AMCAT till now. A. First 30% B. Second 30% C. Last 40%


Our analysis says that you have good ability to read and understand English. All the best! Tips / Suggestions for You • A good way to learn new words is to understand the root of words. Your next aim should be to acquire excellence in English. average or good. 2/7 . The three levels indicate your performance as poor. If a module is not colored. We are confident that if you keep working on English. ENGLISH Your performance in English is satisfactory.am PERFORMANCE CHAKRA Our Performance Chakra provides you with a bird's-eye view of your performance in different sections of modules you have attempted. which is only possible through continuous practice. soon you would be a master in this section. am DIAGNOSTICS AND GUIDANCE In this section we analyze your performance in each module you have taken and guide you on how to improve your performance in it. it means that either you have not attempted sufficient number of questions in that module or you have not taken or attempted that module.

you have good understanding of computer basics. With practice.• Read a newspaper regularly and some good magazines like India Today. QUANTITATIVE ABLITIY (TECHNICAL) Your performance in Quantitative Ability is not satisfactory. After reading the articles. According to our analysis. COMPUTER FUNDAMENTALS Your performance in Computer Fundamentals is good. divisibility) and algebra. • For permutation-combination. we are sure you will achieve mastery in this section. You can do it! Work hard! Tips / Suggestions for You • Use your tenth standard mathematics books to understand and refresh your basic concepts. you may choose to study the concepts through the medium of C++. • Learn all the critical definitions. formulae and concepts that appear in common questions. Start from the basics and move on to solve complex problems. You are doing well in computer programming. Go through solved examples of word problems. solve multiple choice questions under time constraint. Try rewriting existing programs in multiple ways. Then. you are given a real world situation. etc. 3/7 . According to our analysis. You can further sharpen your skills by designing programs for complex problems. You also cannot apply these concepts to word problems in order to get a solution. Outlook. Good luck! Tips / Suggestions for You • For object oriented programming. you are capable of solving problems in advanced areas such as permutation-combination and probability. Make sure you keep yourself abreast to the changes happing in the fast moving world of computers. But you lack the capability of solving basic mathematics problems (in areas of HCF. try to write main points of the articles in order to check your understanding. Make it a habit to solve at least five questions daily. you need to form equations to represent the situation and solve them to get the answer. COMPUTER PROGRAMMING Your performance in Computer Programming is not satisfactory. understand them and practice them. In word problems. LCM. make sure you understand the situation mentioned in the question well before application of any formula. Also concentrate on theoretical concepts in computer science.

In order to master this section.Word Problems Tips and Strategies http://www.com/el-arithmetic .http://tinyurl. etc. These questions test your ability to take decisions based on information in a real-world scenario. 4/7 . try harder questions. we cannot comment. We compare your speed with general population and tell you whether you were faster (upward facing bar) or slower (downward facing bar) or normal (no bar) at attempting questions. Subjects Basic Mathematics Applied Mathematics Books/Links . you would sharpen your skills tremendously. • Diagrams are a great way to tackle deductive reasoning questions. you have performed well in this section. Tips / Suggestions for You • The only way to get better at inductive reasoning section is to practice lots of questions.htm . You should read analytical/business magazines and newspapers to improve your abductive reasoning. infer underlying assumptions.com/word-prob am TIME ANALYSIS This section tells you about how you have spent the allotted time in taking AMCAT. such questions may take time but in the long run. Though. initially.net/mathproblems.We recommend the book "Object Oriented Programming in C++" by Robert Lafore. • Abductive reasoning refers to being able to infer a course of action. to a given set of statements.studygs.http://tinyurl.Translating Word Problems . The references are custom generated for you according to your performance in AMCAT. You are able to understand statements.Elementary Mathematics . Good job! But you are still not perfect. LOGICAL ABILITY Your performance in Logical Ability is satisfactory. am REFERENCES We suggest you following books / links to help you improve in your weak areas. draw inferences based on it and also spot patterns. pick up a standard logical reasoning book and start practicing. ELECTRONICS AND SEMICONDUCTOR Since you have not taken this module. The graph below gives you an idea about your speed in attempting the questions in different modules. derive a conclusion. So. According to our analysis.

am JOB MATCH FOR YOU Our advance job matching engine provides you with a list of job profiles and your chances of getting selected for those profiles. Modules without subdivision shall not be included in the bar graph. while the pie chart suggests how you should divide your time across different sections. am SUGGESTED TIME SCHEDULE Based on your performance.You attempted questions very slowly in Logical Ability when compared to general population. we suggest how much time approximately you need to spend on studying a particular section of a module in a week. -1 or -2. We cannot comment for modules with scores 0. Your chance of selection for these job profiles Job profile Job profile criteria and areas to work on for improving your chances 5/7 . The bar graph shows the time you need to devote to each topic in a section.

IT Services Low IT Products Low Electronics & Semiconductor Cannot Comment ITeS High H/W & N/W Low KPO Low These companies are basically looking for good English and Logical skills with average Quantitative ability. Quantitative Ability and Logical Ability. You have to work hard in English. Quantitative Ability and Logical Ability. Logical and Quantitative abilites. Logical Ability and Computer Programming. Quantitative Ability. which is represented by a dot. Since you have not attempted Electronics & Semiconductor section. You have to work hard in English. These companies look for candidates having basic knowledge of English and good Quantitative and Reasoning abilities. Logical and Quantitative abilities. Programming. These companies look for candidates proficient in English with good Logical abilities. These companies are basically looking for good English. SELECTION COMPARATOR This graph shows you the minimum cut-off for every job profile (marked with lines) in each module and your score. You have to work hard in Quantitative Ability. therefore we cannot comment. You have to work hard in English. These companies look for candidates having good knowledge of Electronics and Semiconductors with good English. You can compare different job profiles cutoffs with your score to get an idea about which profile are you eligible for. 6/7 . These companies are basically looking for candidates with good English and average Logical and Quantitative abilities.

We are sure the tips. If you have any questions or feedback.am CONTACT US We hope this feedback report was of great help in knowing and understanding your performance in different modules and your weak areas. references. please feel free to mail us at feedback@aspiringminds.in Thanking you Aspiring Minds Representative 7/7 . suggested time schedule listed in the report help you.

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