Our A4V problems are resolved by having a correct UCC1 on File

The following is the answer to our A4V’s problems with the public corporations and it was found by understanding Part “B” of the Public Bankruptcy forms B-8 and B-210A. It is all about the Lease Rent Owed to our US citizen employee as the LESSOR, of our SS Municipal “Leasing” Corporation #xxx-xx-xxxx and a public Lessee’s Claim has been placed against it for services rendered, an infraction or monetary taxing requirement. One of these Public Corporation Bills is No different than a Dollar Bill; they are both Debt Money OWED to our corporate US citizen/employee, the real Leasing Creditor/Lessor. Send this Letter and put the following on the back of your coupon BILLS. Now RETURN it to them. You may only have 7 days to Honor it; because they may have to wait 21 days for the Commission of Bankruptcy – the SSA to authorize it, so don’t sit on them any longer.

Print the letter below as your Return Letter:

Date: ____________ Your name and Address Dear LESSEE: (CFO) I, as the LESSOR, ACCEPT your “Journal” Bill of Rent Payment #_________________ and the Fact that you also have a just setoff CLAIM for the following amount of $_____________. It is ordered to be Off-Set from the Rent that is OWED to my “PATRICK DEVINE” SS Municipal Incorporation as a Leasing “organization of corporation”– Independent Treasury “Trust Fund” account per my UCC1 # _____________ on file. I, therefore Authorize it’s RETURN to be a Setoff against the Rent owed per the above listed UCC1, for this (infraction, service or taxing requirement) as it is to be a value setoff for part of the Lease Rent owed to my SS Municipal by you and it now Stands as a just settlement setoff, as being paid in full.
Return Endorsement Sig-nature: ______________________________
SS Authorized Representative - Lessor

Concurrence Sig-nature:

Your Name typed IN
SS - Indentured Trustee

Then put the follow on the back of the Bill/Coupon and sign it: NOTE an En-dorsement is a commercial commerce signing in the public world.

Endorsement of: _________________________
SS Authorized Representative – Lessor

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