* Located in Washtenaw County * Population: 8,810 * Area: 4.7 square miles * Racial makeup: 95.69% White 1.94% Asian 0.56% African American 0.32% Native American 0.05% Pacific Islander

Saline City Hall
100 North Harris Street Saline, MI 48176 734.429.4907 www.ci.saline.mi.us


Saline is popular for its annual Celtic Festival, which attracts people from all over the United States and its sister city Brecon, Wales.

Saline City Hall antiqueshopsinmichigan.com/washtenaw/saline.htm

Mill Pond Rock By Saline Celtic Festival This photo was taken on July 16, 2010 using a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT. www.salineceltic.org/media.html

Featured Events
* Saline Celtic Festival 5K * Music and Dance * Highland Athletics * Rugby * Textile Tent * Jousting/Sheepherding/Animals

Gretchen Driskell mayor@cityofsaline.org 734-429-4907 Ext. 2213
Saline Welcome Sign salinedma.org Gretch Driskell www.ci.saline.mi.us/?modu le=Page&event=Biograph y&personID=12 Saline Sign en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Saline_Michigan_Sister_Cities_ sign.JPGMichigan_Sister_Cities_sign.JPG

* Wee Folk Activities

Before the 18th century, Native Americans traveled to what is now Saline to hunt wildlife and gather salt from the salt springs they found nearby. In the 18th century, French explorers canoed up to the area and also harvested the salt. They named the local river Saline, which means salty or saline in French. Orange t o Risdon, a government

Saline Area Schools is a public schools system encompassing kindergarten through 12th grade. The school system educates roughly 5,000 students at seven facilities. Elementary Schools: * Woodland Meadows * Harvest * Pleasant Ridge * Heritage Saline Middle School


The Saline Rec Center is a wonderful family friendly Community Center. The Rec Center features a state of the art Cardio Fitness Room, a Nautilus Circuit Room, a Free Weight Room, racquetball court, two pools, hot tub, gymnasium, lighted tennis courts, sand volleyball, disc golf and Kids Corner childcare (free for members).

Saline Downtown salinedma.org

Downtown Saline has the charm of a small town that continues to change with the passing of each decade. The area is full of historic buildings over a century old, combined with buildings built in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

surveyor who is considered be the city’s founder, the residents named the town Saline, which was officially
Orange Risdon annarborundressed.com

Saline Farmer’s Market
Phone: (734) 429-3518 salinefarmersmarket@comcast.net
Saline Rec Center Credit George Celmo http://www.ci.saline.mi.us/?module=Page&sID=parks-recreation--recreation-center

established in 1832.

In 1875 Salinians built one of the city's most famous landmarks, the Second-Empire frame, the Curtis Mansion. In 1931 the Village of Saline became the City of Saline.
Curtis Mansion www.detroithomemag. com/Detroit-Home/ Winter-2007/Saline/ Saline High School Front facade of the high school. Credit Molly Tippen saline.patch.com/listings/saline-area-schools2#photo-6186125

Mill Pond Park: 565 W. Bennett St.
The Saline Farmers Market Credit Tran Longmoore http://saline.patch.com/articles/saline-farmers-marketon-the-move-today#photo-7281709 Mill Pond Park www.ci.salinemi. us/?module=Page&sID=parks-recreation--outdoor-parks--mill-pond

Saline High School: The high school is considered to be one of the most extensive in Washtenaw County.

Curtiss Park:
Curtiss Park www.ci.saline. mi.us/?module=Page&sID=parks-recreation--outdoor-parks--curtiss-park

Downtown Market - Parking Lot #4 Hours: Sa 8a - 12n (May-Oct)

440 W. Michigan Ave.

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