Efficient Point-of-Use Storage for Health Care Providers
Featuring 72,000 cubic inches of storage capacity, the SencorpWhite MediVert™ vertical carousel is a storage kiosk that securely stores health care inventory using a minimum amount of floor space.


Vertical Carousel System

The simple-to-use touch screen interface along with a built in pick-to-light system improves dispensing and restocking accuracy.

• Simple to setup • Optimizes existing storage space • Improves efficiency • Enhances security • Prevents costly “stock outs” for critical items Genesis control software, standard on all units, provides inventory tracking, functions, as well as on-screen signature logging and easy search and pick and automatic activity logging.


• Shipped fully assembled • Easy to move on built in casters • Uses a standard plug-in power connection • Features a folding counter/security door • Automatic door lock Genesis+ software, an optional upgrade, includes • Fail-safe inventory access live web-based reporting, custom tailored reports, • USB port for inventory upload/download and “red-flag” notification via email and/or text messaging to customers and vendors for real-time stock control. • Service diagnostics dashboard
Stephen McCusker - Sales Director,, International Electronics Centre (IEC) - 00966-1-454-2000, P.O. Box 7518, Riyadh 11472, K.S.A

P.A . provides inventory tracking. International Electronics Centre (IEC) . custom tailored reports. • Improves Dispensing Accuracy • Prevents costly “stock outs” for critical items • Simple to setup • Portable Operation • Improves efficiency • Software Controlled • Enhances security Efficient Portable Point-of-Use Storage for Health Care Providers Genesis control software.Powered By MicroVert Portable Vertical Carousel System • Optimises existing storage space • Fits through standard door .White.00966-1-454-2000. easy search and pick functions. Riyadh 11472. standard on all units. K. an optional upgrade.Sales as well as on-screen signature logging and automatic activity logging. Box 7518. Genesis+ software.Sales@gmail.S. and “red-flag” notification via email and/or text messaging to customers and vendors for real-time stock control. includes live web-based reporting.O. Features • Shipped fully assembled • Easy to move on built in casters • Uses a standard plug-in power connection • Features a folding counter/security door • Automatic door lock • Fail-safe inventory access • USB port for inventory upload/download • Service diagnostics dashboard Stephen McCusker . IEC.

White.Sales@gmail.Options ► ► ► ► ► ► Temperature monitoring Remote or top-mounted condensing unit Air or water cooled condensing unit NFPA approved fire protection Reversing air-flow HEPA filter Inert gas flush Copyright © 2010 SencorpWhite.A Ligh t Indic Bar ator Ligh ct ra ha -C lay 10 isp D er ts . Box 7518.Safety systems ► ► ► ► Emergency Stop button Touch bars Product-protect photo eyes Access panel interlock switches Options ► Genesis Features ► Inventory ► Easy Genesis controller ► 19” Multiple level user security and tracking Fail-safe inventory access Light-directed put/pick Stainless steel pans Perforated pans ERP/MRP interface IR. or barcode inventory identification tracking color touch screen capable search and pick logging activity logging dashboard ► Bluetooth ► Internal ► ► Signature ► Automatic PC with Windows XP Ethernet & USB connectors WiFi card ► ► ► ► ► ► Diagnostics ► Live ► External web-based reporting tailored reports ► Integrated ► Integrated ► Custom ► “Red-flag” notification via email and/or SMS with standard ERP systems GSM modem with SIM card & transmit/receive antenna diagnostics via the Internet ► Real-time ► System ► Integrates critical functions can be monitored Refrigerated / Freezer Only ► Powered By Cleanroom Only . International Electronics Centre (IEC) .S.O. P.Sales Director. Riyadh 11472. RF. All rights reserved Stephen McCusker . K.

Sales@gmail.Foam Core Panels Refrigerated Vertical Carousel Touch Screen Terminal ERP S O F T W A R E B Y Server Features ► ► ► ► ► ► ► Provides access without physical entry Temperatures down to -30° F Combines refrigerator/freezer and inventory storage Moving carriers bring items to operator Inventory management software Computer controlled motion Automatic defrost Insulated Glass Doors CPU Condensing Unit SencorpWhite automated storage and retrieval solutions are ideally suited for the Health Care and Life Science Industries Powered by: Twelve shelving units vs one White Systems Vertical Carousel.O. Box 7518. International Electronics Centre (IEC) .00966-1-454-2000. K. Director. Riyadh 11472.. P.S.A Vertical Carousel Storage & Retrieval Carrier Evaporator .White. 75% floor space savings! Simple-to-Use Touch Screen Control = Genesis Features ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► Inventory tracking Easy search and pick functions On-screen signature logging Automatic activity logging Service diagnostics dashboard Live web-based reporting Custom tailored reports “Red-flag” notification via email and/or text messaging ► Advanced business object module for integration with standard ERP systems Benefits ► ► ► ► ► Floor space savings Point of use storage Operator ergonomics Security of contents Inventory accuracy Stephen McCusker .

includes live web-based reporting. access is only granted to authorised users via user login. International Electronics Centre (IEC) . Features • Electronic locking mechanism on the door • No need for an Ethernet connection as we can use our GSM Modems. easy search and pick functions.A . IEC. provides inventory tracking. to provide greater flexibility and installation – all you need is power Stephen McCusker . Box 7518. IR or RFID. Inside the room. there is a Genesis controlled kiosk where items • Simple to setup are scanned in and out via barcode. Benefits swipe card or proximity card.00966-1-454-2000.Sales@gmail. standard on all units.White. custom tailored reports. as well as on-screen signature logging and automatic activity logging. P.Powered By Secure Lock Room Secure your existing storage areas Secure and Control Your Existing Storage Areas Powered By Genesis Access Control Each secure room has an Access Control system and auto-locking door.Sales Director. an optional upgrade. • Optimizes existing storage space • Enhances security • Prevents costly “stock outs” for critical items • Simple to use touch-screen interface Genesis control software. K.S. and “red-flag” notification via email and/or text messaging to customers and vendors for real-time stock control.O. Genesis+ software. Riyadh

00966-1-454-2000.Sales Director.White. = Sterile Compounding Room (Down to Class 100) Clean Room Vertical Carousels Prep Room (Down to Class 10. 75% floor space savings! SencorpWhite automated storage and retrieval solutions are designed to meet FDA GMP/QS regulations for the Medical Device Industry and USP-797 clean room requirements for the pharmaceutical industry. Riyadh 11472.Powered By Clean Room Solutions Vertical Carousel Storage and Retrieval Filtered Air Flow Clean Room Vertical Carousels Clean Room ERP Server S O F T W A R E B Y Touch Screen Terminals Non-Clean Area ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► Available Class 100. International Electronics Centre (IEC) . K. Box 7518.000 to Class 10 CPU Integrated inventory management Rapid inventory transfer to/from clean room Clean room capital investment reduced up to 75% Secure inventory and unique pass-through design Dual automatic doors prevent cross-contamination Easy and Ergonomic material access Combined airlock and inventory storage TM Twelve shelving units vs one SencorpWhite Vertical Carousel.A .S.000) Anteroom Touch Screen Terminal TM Simple-to-Use Touch Screen Control Stephen McCusker .. IEC..


hospitals. The carousels can be used with or without mezzanines and in multistory applications. to maximize cube use.ft. Backed by over 60 years of experience. White Systems vertical carousels provide maximum storage for minimum footprint. a single worker using a vertical carousel can be as productive as three workers picking from static shelving. Pick accuracy is improved to 99+% by eliminating problematic paper pick lists and employing of integrated pick-to-light systems. Increased Accuracy White’s paperless picking method virtually eliminates picking errors. We solve item order picking problems in e-commerce fulfillment applications. space utilization and management – and often pay back their investment in less than 12 months. batches picks and positions the carousels for picking. Higher Throughput – Increase throughput Ergonomics By presenting the items to the operator at a comfortable counter height all climbing. Increased Operational Productivity for Fast Payback Cube Utilization – Customers have been able to reclaim up to 90% of floor space versus static shelving when implementing a vertical carousel system. secure user-friendly package. I 1 Vertical Carousel Height 20 ft. manufacturing stockrooms. VERTICAL CAROUSEL SYESTEMS Every White Systems employee understands the critical role carousel systems play in your business. Storage Cube 500 cu. Security Vertical carousel systems offer a level of security that’s simply not possible with other types of storage systems. reducing walking time by up to 66 percent.5’ x 5. ensuring maximum uptime. White Systems leads the industry in providing high-density automated storage and retrieval systems. These systems provide dramatic increases in throughput.we’re solutions-driven As a pioneer in the vertical carousel market. reliability and productivity. reaching and bending necessary to pick from multiple levels is eliminated. I 40 Cabinets Height 5 ft.ft. Here are just a few of the benefits offered by White Vertical Carousel Systems: 80 Maximized storage with minimized footprint 70 60 SECTIONS OF SHELVING 182 50 I 182 Shelf Sections Height 7 ft.ft. there is a security system to meet even the most stringent requirements. a vertical carousel can be locked down completely. they bring the items to the user.5 sq. or anywhere there are critical items that just have to get out the door or into use. From simple lockable doors to advanced access systems such as biometrics and RFID systems.ft.5’ Floor Space 58. productivity. Footprint 10. Reduced Man-Hours – At 150 lines 10 2400 VCS 1 10 20 30 per hour.AtWhiteSystems. Footprint 21’ x 30’ Floor Space 630 sq. Storage Cube 500 cu. Storage Cube 515 cu. increasing worker safety. . We offer the highest level of customer service and support in the industry. providing intelligent automated solutions to storage and retrieval challenges in a safe. Unlike aisles of unprotected open bins of parts. Vertical carousel systems don’t just store efficiently. 40 30 20 CABINETS 40 by up to 250%.ft. Footprint 30’ x 75’ Floor Space 2250 sq. dramatically reducing idle time for operators.ft. warehouses and distribution centers. productivity and satisfaction. Vertical carousels offer pick rates of up to 150 lines per hour (LPH) versus 60 LPH for static shelving. Software automatically queues orders.

Productivity White vertical storage modules increase productivity by eliminating walk and search time. and shelving with software. light bars and bar code scanning. Fast Delivery Accuracy By replacing paper pick lists. White vertical carousels feature heavy-duty components machined to customer applications.whitesystems. high-density storage unit housing vertically rotating shelves. Operator Safety and Ergonomic Design White vertical carousels eliminate the climbing. Controls are password protected and doors lockable. accuracy of both orders and inventory can be improved. drawers and pans. and can provide space savings of up to 90%. greatly improving his/her accuracy. to ensure accurate rotation of the pans while reducing wear and the possibility of overturned shelves. With customizable trays. Vertical carousel systems make use of the vertical space above the working floor to dramatically reduce the footprint required for product storage. in combination with an outer guide arrangement. A vertical carousel is an enclosed. totes. Cube-Utilization/Space Savings White vertical storage modules make full use of available overhead space. White Systems Vertical Carousels are manufactured in the United States allowing us to offer the fastest delivery in the industry.Features and Benefits For case studies of how companies have benefited from using vertical carousels please visit the performance reports section of our web site at www. and pans are reconfigurable. The manual override function offers extra reliability to your production in the event of a power loss. White Systems offers the Spectrum™ family of software products which provides for easy integration with existing inventory management systems. Drives and controls are easily accessible for adjustments and routine sitting or sit/stand operations. Fast Payback (ROI) Increased efficiencies often allow companies to recover their investments in less than 12 months. White offers a complimentary custom ROI analysis for you to evaluate the benefits to your business process. . saving up to 90% of valuable floor space. Spectrum™ Controls and Software From the simplest up/down manual controls to fully automated controls with integral Vertical Carousel Interface Terminal (VCIT). Reliability and Ease of Maintenance Built for years of trouble-free service. these systems further maximize the internal space available for pieces and parts. Pans can be mixed for various items requirements. The carousel delivers the requested items to a conveniently located work counter. control packages are available for any situation. Flexibility Vertical carousels accommodate a wide variety of totes. If the system is down you can rotate the system via crank or cordless drill to access the product you need. deepest and highest pan pitch in the industry . Load Bearing Roller Chain The design utilizes a heavy duty roller chain moving around an inner guide track. One person using the vertical carousel can do the work of three in a conventional racking environment. Our “pick to light” system shines lights on the counter to show the operator clearly where to pick from and how many to pick. stretching and bending common to walk and search picking applications. Security Inventory is kept clean and secure within the vertical storage module. trays and drawers. the shelves are then cycled internally and presented to the operator via an ergonomic opening for easy access. The White Vertical Carousel offers the widest.ideal for larger components. Various models are designed for standing. Heavy Duty. preventing unauthorized personnel from accessing contents.

or clean agent gaseous suppression systems. Explosion Proof White vertical carousels also come with a Complete Explosion Proof System with a Manual Purge System. we understand the critical role carousel systems play within our customers’ business process. To ensure maximum system uptime and reliability the Customer Service and Support (CSS) team offers the following services: CSS Difference With the largest and only regionally based. and are ETL and CE certified. a device used in the hazardous area to manually flush explosive gases from the membrane keypad enclosure. dedicated service engineering team of employees in the material handling industry. wet-pipe sprinkler systems. single-interlock pre-action sprinkler systems. a majority of White Systems vertical carousels are sold with built-in fire suppression systems. White’s clean room carousels conform to SEMI S2 and S8 Guidelines. Multi floor configuration Special Applications Clean Rooms Since 1994. we understand the critical role carousel systems play within our customers’ business process. and the Intrinsically Safe Safety Assembly that consists of photo eyes and safety switches connected to intrinsic barriers inside a NEMA-12 control enclosure.SYSTEMS The Customer Service and Support (CSS) Difference With the largest and only regionally based dedicated service engineering team of White Systems employees in the material handling industry. They can be configured to handle just about any storage application. To ensure maximum system uptime and reliability the Customer Service and Support (CSS) team offers the following services: • System installation and start-up • Equipment service and repair • Emergency response • Preventive maintenance and troubleshooting • Service and Preventative Maintenance contracts • Live 24/7 technical support hotline • Full service MRO parts supply with $3+ Million in part inventory • Equipment and system audits • Product enhancement and modifications • Upgrades and retrofits • Equipment relocation • Customized training programs Fire Suppression Because of the growing need to comply with NFPA and Factory Mutual requirements. Applications include: • Semiconductor manufacturers • Electronics manufacturers • Aerospace • Pharmaceuticals • Biotechnology • Medical device manufacturers • Clinical and pharmaceutical research Utilize the full height of your building Mezzanine configuration Utilize underground space AU T OM AT E D S T ORA G E A N D R ETR IEVA L SOLU TI O NS . White has been building clean room carousels for major semiconductor manufacturers.

CE. 50.3cm Specifications and Dimensions* Control System Configuration Available in AC and DC * Additional models and features available. Overall Height Max. Pan Pitches – Standard* 12. Load Imbalance Machine Capacity Stopping Accuracy (best in the industry) 102 x 24. and custom pan sizes are available upon request – consult your local sales representative for details. 41.Custom Storage and Retrieval Solutions Customized to meet your unique needs. All specifications are nominal and subject to change without notice. 24. 25. Pan Capacity (in) (cm) 2200 (in) (cm) 2400 Overall Footprint: Overall Unit Footprint* 105. Load Imbalance Machine Capacity Stopping Accuracy (best in the industry) 89. 30.8.8. 30. 3. 16. 2. 16. 1.200 lb.5 x 48 8-30 18’ 400 lb. whatever the application. 95.75” (pan width + 63cm) x 174cm 60. Overall Height 36’ Pan Dimensions Max.25 x 18. 46 227 x 47 260 x 47 533kg 4. 34.5.627kg 0. 18 *Custom pitches are available upon request 270 x 122 300 x 122 Overall Unit Footprint * 118.340kg 25. 46. White Systems prides itself on creating systems that offer the best solution. 38. White Systems offers a wide range of automated storage and retrieval systems to fit the most demanding applications including horizontal carousels and vertical lift modules (VLM) as well as vertical carousels.5 40.5 (cm) 27.220 lb. 14. 18. 2. 15. Overall Height Max.3 Pan Widths (in) (m) Pan Depths* (in) (cm) Number of Pans 5.5 1.220 lb. 62.4. 10.5. 72. ±1/8” Pan Dimensions Max. 24.5”) x 56. 12.5.627kg 0.75 x 48 118. 2. 12.4m 180kg 30.25” (pan width + 63cm) x 143cm (pan width + 24. ±1/8” Max. 57. 18. 65 *available with any pan width 8-50 11m 272-363kg 8-50 21’ 400 lb.7. 10.5. 25. 16. 112.5. CSA. White will always objectively evaluate your material handling situation and provide a tailored solution. 42.5m 180kg 28.? 15. 130 1. 18.000 lb. 35. 53. 65 Max Load Imbalance 1800 (3hp) 3000 (5hp) Machine Capacity 815kg (3hp) 1360kg (5hp) 11. clean room environments. 48 260 x 63 300 x 63 553kg 4.5 x 64 Number of Pans 300 x 163 342 x 163 *Operator access counter will add 12 inches to the depth of the machine *Operator access counter will add 15 inches to the depth of the machine (pan width + 24.5 102 x 18.5. 19. Special paint color. 19 6.5 1.5.5”) x 67.5. Stopping Accuracy ±1/8” (best in the industry) 0.5 x 64 134. 47. 61. 38.5. 42. automated extraction systems. 106. 13.200 lb. White Systems has the experience and resources to create the right solution. 21. 2. .5. Standard 22. Seismic and SEMI standards. 100.5 118 x 24. All machines are ETL approved and can be configured to meet ADA.3 Max. 46. 15. 2100 Number of Pans Max. Pan Pitches – (in) 10. Pan Capacity Pan Pitches – Standard* 11. Pan Capacity 600-800 lb. *Custom pitches are available upon request Max.5. backed by a fully staffed in-house systems development team with the capability to design and install the complete solution to meet your needs.

Nobody beats White in service. Vertical Carousels: Leading companies use White’s vertical carousels to increase storage Customer Service and Support: (800) 571-8822 Fax: (908) 272-2561 SYSTEMS . 30 Boright Avenue Kenilworth. From a single part to around-the-clock on-call maintenance contracts. Customer Service: White has the industry’s largest factory certified field service group. Leading the industry in volume and weight capacity. Today we’re still the leader. a state-of-the art software package with either full inventory management or transaction processing capability to full custom systems integrating carousels. cost-efficient and reliable than ever. Proven. That’s why we develop integrated system solutions. Reliable. Our horizontal carousels are more advanced. Software & Controls: White Systems offers a full line of software and controls to meet specific customer demands – from Spectrum/MMS. Complementary Equipment and Accessories www. Moves. order accuracy and efficiency while reducing inventory and man-hours. upgrades.Integrated System Solutions At White.whitesystems. The only manufacturer with both bottom-drive and topdrive carousels to handle the full range of applications. Here are the key components: Horizontal Carousels: White developed and pioneered the carousel concept from its White Systems. we understand no single piece of equipment can accommodate all material management needs. NJ 07033 Main office: (800) 275-1442 Fax: (908) 272-5920 Email: info@whitesystems. major overhauls. solving the toughest challenges. White has led the industry in innovation. conveyors and bulk – from induction to packing. Inc. Fully supported. pick-to-light. Vertical Lift Modules: Adds flexibility and speed to highdensity storage. White has taken VLM technology to the next step with the Power Column 2 – fewer machines to do the same job.

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