Even though bucknell is renowned for it’s academics, there’s more to college than what’s in the classroom.

Briefly with regards to housing, all first year students live on a hall with other first years. There’s a wide variety of housing to choose from. You can opt to join one of the six “residential colleges” where you’ll take classes and join in discussion around a specific interest – art, environmental, global, or society and technology. There are also CHOICE halls that are healthy, substance free halls. There are also quiet halls that provide a student with fewer distractions and a 24-hour quiet atmosphere. On campus, there are 10 different residence halls offering a variety of housing options. Some, like the Gateways, are more apartment style while others are the more traditional dorm halls. We’re also very lucky here to have great dining on campus. There’s one main dining hall, called the ‘caf’ by most and the ‘bison’, which is more ala cart dining, located in the Langone Center. There’s also 7th street café open 24/7 which allows student to get a snack on late studying nights. As for activities outside the classroom, there are over 150 clubs and organizations that allow Bucknell students a chance to get involved. There are plenty of clubs that bring entertainment to campus. ACE, or Activities and Campus Events, is a student run org. Bring in different acts each weekend, like comedians, musicians, we even had a paranormal investigator here Halloween weekend. Concert committee decides what big name bands come to campus. We’ve had artists such as OAR, GooGoo dolls, Ludaris, Kanye West, and Maroon 5 is coming this weekend. There are also many student lead interests clubs like art, film, juggling, photography, and swing club to name a few. Bucknell is also very supportive of the performing arts. We have a dance team, jazz and symphonic band, orchestra, and chapel choir, which is located in our multidenominational church Rooke chapel. As well as many acapella groups that are incredibly popular on campus. There are also plenty of academic organizations. For example we have an animal club, biology, debate team, as well as foreign language clubs. For those that want to do more than clubs and organizations, 85% of seniors participate in volunteer work. We also have a big greek life. There are over 20 fraternities and sororites on campus. And that numbers changing since we just added a new sorority this year. With regards to sports, athletics is also very popular here. 1/3 of all students are athletes. BU as a whole does a great job of promoting fitness and health due in part to the incredible facilities. Kenneth Langone Athletics and Recreation Center opened in 2003 and gives students plenty of space to workout. Multi-level workout center, an Olympic size swimming pool, and an indoor track with squash, raquetball, and tennis courts. You may have also seen the West fields driving in that’s home to our baseball and soccer teams and has plenty of space for intramurals and recreation. Bucknell as has an 18 hole golf course. Overall, there are 27 Div. I varsity sports, more than 40 intramural programs, and 20 club sports. One of the great things about bucknell is that

every bucknell student can find something that interests them. or athletics. We also have the highest Patriot league scholar athletes of the year and the most athletes on the academic honor roll last year at over 350. Our 4 year graduation rate for athletes was second in the country at 89%. volunteering. So all in all Bucknell has a wide variety of activities outside the classroom. From clubs. greek life. performing arts.our student-athletes don’t lost sight of their academics. .

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