Name of the Student: Sakshi Soni Programme: _MBA –HR Contact No.- 9654599508

Father’s Name: _Mr. Anil Soni AUUP Enrollment No. : A0102310150 E-Mail id:

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Title of the Research- Impact of Reward and Recognition on Job Performance and Retention in manufacturing industry. Rationale of proposed investigation – Impact of reward and recognition positively reinforces excellence in behaviours and performance of employees, builds staff engagement, and therefore increases job satisfaction, leads to higher retention rates of key staff, reduces stress and builds an environment where people are encouraged to explore innovative approaches to their work, sends a message to prospective staff that staff is valued, and supports a culture of Performance Excellence. It is also to study how reward and recognition negatively affect the employees.


Review of work already done on the subject:a culture of Performance Excellence by incorporating reward and recognition activities into their management practices.

1. The University of Adelaide suggests that this guide has been developed to assist supervisors to build

2. Muhammad Imran Qureshi, Khalid Zaman and Dr. Iqtidar Ali Shah studies that The importance of reward in the day-to-day performance of employees’ duties cannot be over emphasized, especially when it comes to being rewarded for a job done. It is a well-known fact that human performance of any sort is improved by increasing motivation. From this study it can be easily inferred that workers reward package matters a lot and should be a concern of both the employers and employees. 4. Objective(s) – 1. To study the impact of reward and recognition on job performance in manufacturing industry. 2. To investigate the impact of reward and recognition on retention of employees in manufacturing industry.

pp. Role of Labour in Productivity. HA1 . Five point Likert Scale ranging from 1 (strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree) was used to measure responses. I. Major Finding 6.5. Vol. HO1.50-58. and wording.52. Research Methodology 4. Major Hypothesis1.There is impact of reward and recognition on retention of employee 6.5. Introduction 2. Nature and Operation of Attitudes. Nigeria Journal of Industrial Relation. Signature of the candidate with date Outline Approved Name and signature of supervisor with date . 7. 2. (1991). Tentative Chapter wise details of proposed research 1. Annual Review Psychology. References Cited 1. (2001). Materials and Methods – Questionnaire will used for data collection. Recommendations 7. pp. a pilot study will be conducted to validate the content of the questionnaire in terms of relevance. HO2 .There is impact of reward and recognition on job performance of employees. 2. HA2 . Review of literature 3. Vol. Ajzen.There is no impact of reward and recognition on retention of employee. Akerele.There is no impact of reward and recognition on job performance of employees. Conclusion 8. Data analysis and Interpretation 5. accuracy. Prior to the distribution of the actual survey.27-58. A.

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