The entry phase began with the integration of the students in the community, wherein they were introduced

to th Barangay officals of Brgy. San Marino Bukid in Salawag, Dasmarinas. They gathered information about the area and its residents through oservation, interviews and ocular visits. These details provided the students an insight regarding the living condition of the community

BSN 4 - Section 1 and 2 group 2

Courtesy call to the Barangay Officials of San Marino

economy. its culture. local history. the group not only established rapport but also learned more about the community. The group conducted home visits in order to have firsthand look on the domestic life in the residents. and lifestyle of the people . They met some of the residents and also took a note of a common area where most of the people gather. The students introduced themselves – their names and what school they came from and inform the people of their purpose through conserving with them. which helped the group to familiarize their surroundings. leadership.A short of the area was made.

Inquiring the area and asking the potential core groups .

age.g. The students were assigned to their adopted families wherein they conducted home visits.Surveying the area They also conduct surveys and acquired more specific data such as the demographic data (e. gender and civil status). The students also inquired about their client’s health. The potential core groups . performed vital signs taking and weighing of the children. This activity allowed them to give health teachings on the assessed problems of the community.

e. The students also conducted team building activities and other programs.The selected core groups Criteria for choosing core group members: a. d. Must be willing to learn. Is a respected member of the community? b. Must be responsible. Belongs to the poor sector of the society and represents all the zones or all families of the barangays. They also joined in some of the activities of the people. committed and willing to work for social change and transformation of the community and ready to serve others without seeking gains in return. Through the use of this information. Must be able to communicate. can express oneself in a group and able to voice the problems/needs of the group. . is open to new ideas and willing to serve as example for other to emulate. c. they started to formulate plans for further activities that may conduct and what assistance they can provide to the community. wherein they learned more of the lifestyle adopted by the people in the community.

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