Smart Metering

Nathalie Leboucher
Senior Vice President Orange Smart Cities Program

World Bank workshop March 5-6 2012

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Smart cities program focuses on four industry sectors
smart metering/smart grid

A strategic Group program
connected car Public transport/Urban mobility 

growth area

group strategic program

 Technologies are ready  Users are ready

to accelerate those projects

smart home/smart Building


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Benefits and issues of Smart Metering
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For the consumers Regular, detailed and informative bills (electricity, water, gas) Advices for possible consumption reductions (electricity, water, gas) Additional services such as leak detection service (water)

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For the utilities
Reduction of leaks (water) Reduction of operations costs (electricity, water, gas) Reduction of peak load (which sizes the power production capacity needs) and black out prevention (electricity) End equipment of the smart grid objective (electricity) Issues Data privacy Customer link / human issue Rollout challenges
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Smart Metering projects in France
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Electricity ErDF Linky projects, 35 million meters Pilot project of 300 000 meters 4 billion € project Gas GrDF Automated Reader project, 11 million meters 4 pilots projects 1 billion € project Water M2O (Veolia/Orange) Rollout started in Paris suburbs Total of 5 million meters
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Company created between Veolia and Orange end 2010 Deploying water smart metering networks in the suburbs of Paris and other cities with a target of 5 millions smart meters in 2020
Utility (billing , CRM)

City monitoring

Business application

smart metering


Data flow mediation alerts supervision

Data collection network

Concentrator Gateway

Fixed line

data collect and data analysis

Services to end customers

Smart meters

collection network


Service platform

Business application and customer displays

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We believe partnerships will be key to make the smart city happen

  

Global leader in water services Operating ~1 M smart meters Key capabilities for water smart metering :  For modules : Homerider  for roll-out : Sade Telecom, Dalkia Infracom  For IT ntegration : Somei

   

Global leader in Telco Strong involvement in M2M standardization OBS know how and expertise Key M2M capabilities :  IT tools for design & roll out  IPVPN &GPRS/M2M


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Smart metering in emerging countries

Smart metering will be of use to utilities in emerging countries for different reasons than in developed countries
– Bill collection, fraud and technical losses decrease, black out prevention – Prepayment quickly developing, and Orange strongly believes in payment by mobile phone (Orange Money in emea region)

Many initiatives already taking place in various countries in Africa, mostly at pilot stage
– Cameroon, Senegal : utilities are moving – Orange also engaged in partnership with meter manufacturer in Egypt for a joint prepayment/smart metering soluton

Key question is : who will pay
– Projects imply rolling out a smart metering infrastructure on hundreds of thousands of meters – Utilities will need funding



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