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What is one common activity humans share and have always shared? War, always war.

Since the dawn of man we've created all kinds of neat ways to torture each other. It's the year 2013, the world's still here. 2012 didn't bring floods,earthquakes or wars but who says we can't have war now. It's a glorious day in Paris (France) , the Russian leader has just signed an agreement to merge Russia with Europe, but theirs one country who decides to rebel and that country is Britain. While driving in his souped up armoured car President Bush overhears the recent news of the Soviet and European agreement. Bush phones the Prime Minister of Britain and asks for an alliance. For a week British and American Army Generals plot a plan and finally they launch a full assault... they send in infantry,planes,boats and tanks to storm Russia. This plan is similar to the German Blitzkrieg tactic. As soon as they arrived, they attacked everything. Russia deported everything and everyone that needed their arses saved but those pesky Americans already had bombers in the Atlantic ocean, they bomber and killed 1/3 of the Russian population. The Russian army tried to defend but was quickly overcome. Only a select few got away from the American bombers alive and 3 of those people were 3 top secret war experts. Their sole purpose was to kill President Bush and all his little White house friends. These 3 experts were Seth who is the dark, un-talkative sniper and demolitions expert, Stabber is the hunter who used to be a riot officer and last Brute who is the field guy, he loves big guns and really loves to fight. The 3 landed on a secret island close to New York. They see a plane and steal it. The team was about 2miles from Washington when an anti-aircraft cannon spotted them. Stabber realized that their was missles heading for them so he got them all to bail. They sprinted away from the flaming plane kind of laughing at the whole thing. It was 8am when President Bush held a conference explaining terrorists had entered the country. At 9:15am the team entered Washington, they were supposed to call for a suprise invasion but they really couldn't at this point. At 1:25pm the army General held a conference, he planned to convince every country to turn against Russia but the team steps in and ends this young plan. As the team are leaving the now bloody conference room they hear something outstanding. Now back to Channel 10 news, said the news reporter, We have reports that the reds have Europe and Canada aiding in full assault. The whole worlds at war with itself, muttered Seth agerly. Seth decides to go by himself through an alley on 4th street, he notices that Bush is getting ready to hold a speech. We have waited for our chance to strike down evil and now we have our chance, proclaims President Bush, We have revolutionary prototype Warheads ready. Are you with me? Are you with me? ARE YOU WITH ME?. The crowd raises their weapons and shouts Yes. Seth holds back an urge to charge at Bush. He heads back to the team. Stabber went for a smoke only to find his incoming doom! The U.S military secretly hired and trained a special team known as Alpha. As soon as Stabber opened the door , 4 men opened fire and killed him. Think about it, those 4 seconds could've saved his life. Now 4 seconds into the future, Brute is blocking the door so Seth can shoot. 40 minutes ago they were planning this ,now 40 minutes later a bullet has just pierced the Presidents head. Seth jumps off the roof and runs for cover, leaving Brute to die. We never figured out why Seth suddenly bailed but he was never found. In the year 2055 Russia reclaims their land and makes the U.S and British pay. It's been 42 years since i saw my team. THE END.