If the organizers are sponsoring your participation, an e-ticket has been sent to you. If not please contact our designated travel agency:  Mr Pannah Shah, email:, cc:,,

Please note:  Speakers, Rapporteurs, Chairs, Facilitators, Organisers are expected to arrive latest March 30th  All other participants are expected to arrive on March 31st  For speakers as much as possible we are trying to book economy class flights with an upgrade to business class when possible or using their miles to upgrade them. Some speakers have volunteered to travel economy for short distances. For participants, we book economy class flights.  Once you send in the “Flight booking form” (attached), Mr Pannah will send you an itinerary for approval and will wait for your acceptance before issuing the ticket. Therefore your response should be received at the latest within 3 days otherwise booking will be cancelled by the reservation system.  Please make sure that your name is spelled correctly as mentioned on your passport.  Please avoid any change of flight reservations if possible. (Only in case of absence due to sickness, documented through a certification, we will pay cancellation fee. Rebooking fee has to be paid by yourself in other cases)


etc will not be reimbursed. telephone calls.ORG who will arrange for reimbursement VISA Visas can be issued at the airport upon arrival for a $50 fee. Imen MECHAAL BENABDELKADER. dry cleaning.ORG. For further visa information please visit: http://www.MECHAAL@AFDB. I. Only other expenses authorized for reimbursement are taxi expenses in the country of departure and visa at exit (if applicable) upon receipt presented to Ms. Box 30353 • Nairobi. Expenses en route and other expenses such as valet.go. Imen MECHAAL BENABDELKADER. Ruth Charo. I. PER DIEMS & REIMBURSABLE EXPENSES A per diem of USD$50 will be paid to you if the organisers are sponsoring you. 00200 • Kenya 2 .ORG in the Secretariat to receive your per diem.MECHAAL@AFDB. Once you arrive at the forum please talk to Ms.MECHAAL@AFDB.If you are purchasing your own ticket. who will arrange for hotel reservation and airport transfers  Send the invoice of your ticket to Ms. No fee is charged for holders of the AfDB laissez passer and the UN laissez passer and other diplomatic passports. please:  Send your itinerary to Ms. Imen MECHAAL BENABDELKADER. r.charo@afdb.O. VENUE A group hotel reservation for all forum participants has been made at the: Intercontinental Hotel City Hall Way.

no shows and last minute changes to hotel reservations will be at your own charge. If you made your own travel reservation please ensure you send us your itinerary so that we can book your hotel with the dates of travel. An airport transfer will be arranged for participants who have sent their itineraries to us. The Organisers will cover your hotel accommodation (standard room) for 4 nights (in March 31st.Front Desk: +254-20-3200000 • Fax: +254-20-3200030 http://www. So as to avoid additional costs. ARRIVAL AT KENYA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT You will be welcomed by organizers of the forum at a dedicated forum arrival desk bearing the banner of the forum. The cost of each booth is USD 150 per day. Please note that room upgrades. Travelling with someone? If you are travelling with someone and you wish to stay in the Intercontinental Hotel before March 31st or beyond April 3. out April 4th). The organisers will 3 . deluxe USD 210 and Club USD 250 (bed & breakfast and tax inclusive). the organisers need to be notified 48 hours in advance for any changes in your hotel reservation. INNOVATION EXPO 30 exhibition booths 3X3 meters with lighting socket and basic branding has been reserved at the forum. 2012 the rate will be USD 242 exclusive of tax for a standard room will apply.intercontinental. If the organisers made your flight reservation a hotel reservation has been automatically made for Negotiated Hotel Rates: Standard room USD 170.

email: spannah@elgeyotravel.htm Please contact the travel agency Mr Pannah Shah.cover the costs of booths for selected $ 4 . $ 135.africaguide. Cost includes: Air fare .co.htm http://www. 1 Night Masai Mara Package. full board accommodation at Mara Serena. Park entrance fee is $ 75. This can be booked and paid (cash) on arrival 2.brandkenya. Nairobi National Park : This park is located only 7 km from Nairobi city centre. Cost. Practical Information on Kenya http://www.charo@afdb.00. r.00 per person.30pm.30am or 3. Please contact Ms. 2 game drives. and payment to be done by bank transfer. Ruth Charo.00 per person. airstrip transfers.00. This safari has to be if you would like to book a safari 1. Park entrance fee $ if you want to reserve a booth for your innovation or organization. Best time to visit is either 7. cc: International organizations and private companies will have to cover the cost of the booth http://goafrica. This is a 2-3 hrs safari. Cost.

ORG Email: Airline Tickets and Reimbursement for Ministers Peggy Oti-Boateng (PhD) Senior Programme Specialist in Science and Technology Coordinator. nawsh25@gmail. African Network of Scientific and Technological Institutions (ANSTI).charo@afdb.Contact sheet Organisers (Overall) Nawsheen Elaheebocus 5 . African Development Bank East Africa Regional Resources Center (EARC). Skype: naawsh Ruth Karimi Charo Principal Social Development Tel: +1 202 258 8820.elaheebocus@afdb. Human Development Officer. African Development Bank OSHD. African Development Bank 
 E-mail : r.MECHAAL@AFDB. OSHD. UNESCO Nairobi office Tel: +254 20 76 22 619/20 or 7622750 Fax: +254 20 76 22 750 I.mahouachi@afdb.2 Reimbursements Imen Mechaâl . African Development Bank email: n. African Development Bank. Mob: +254722565312 Airline Tickets for Speakers and Participants Khaoula MAHOUACHI Secretary.3 tel : (216) 71 102 917 Fax : (216) 71 333 025  : +216 71 10 37 40  : +216 71 33 30 25 : Tel: +254 20 2712925/26/28.

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