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A Second Chance

Poeta Ricardo Sal LaRosa

Words That cut worse than a sword For a cut will eventually heal But the wounds of the heart remain Evermore present becoming scars that do not mend ! Hurt I have harmed you viciously with my words My insecurities in a rage of anger exploded Hurting the one who loves me, most of all You, my love ! Sorry Saying sorry falls short For my callous words have hurt you immensely Regretful am I For making your beautiful brown eyes cry ! Crying I am today, for you are all packed up Leaving me And I do not blame you, girl For I have taken you for granted, for too long ! Please Just one last chance to make things right Im sorry, my love, for hurting you ! For the love still in us, please, even I, this wrenched poet, deserve A second chance . . .