AY0809 October Semester

IT Project Management
Tutorial 13: Revision Test 2 possible questions: 9,11,12,13,17,18,29 Objectives: 1. Revision on initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling  processes Test 2 possible questions: 9,11,12,13,17,18,29 Q1. A series of activities to create a unique product or service by a specific date is best described as which one of the following? A. A program B. An operation C. A project D. A portfolio Answer: C Q2. Project managers use _____ to identify, evaluate and manage changes throughout the project life cycle A. a change control board B. integrated change control C. a baseline D. configuration management Answer: A Which of the following is not a suggestion for performing integrated change control? A. use good configuration management B. minimise change C. establish a formal change control system D. view project management as a process of constant communication and negotiation Answer: B Q4. Scope _____ is often achieved by a customer inspection and then sign-off on key deliverables. A. verification B. validation C. completion D. close-out



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AY0809 October Semester

Answer: A Q5. What is the first process in planning a project schedule? A. milestone definition B. activity definition C. activity resource estimation D. activity sequencing Answer: B Q6. Which of the following is false? A. A resource breakdown structure is a hierarchical structure that identifies the project’s resources by category and type B. Duration and effort are synonymous terms C. A 3-point estimate is an estimate that includes an optimistic, most likely, and pessimistic estimate D. A Gantt chart is a common tool for displaying project schedule information Answer: B Q7. If the actual cost for a WBS item is $1500 and its earned value was $2000, what is its cost variance, and is it under or over budget? A. the cost variance is -$500, which is over budget B. the cost variance is -$500, which is under budget C. the cost variance is $500, which is over budget D. the cost variance is $500, which is under budget Answer: D If a project is halfway completed and its schedule performance index is 110% and its cost performance index is 95%, how is it progressing? A. it is ahead of schedule and under budget B. it is ahead of schedule and over budget C. it is behind schedule and under budget D. it is behind schedule and over budget Answer: B What is the purpose of project quality management? A. to produce the highest quality products and services possible B. to ensure that appropriate quality standards are met C. to ensure that the project will satisfy the needs for which it was undertaken D. all of the above
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AY0809 October Semester

Answer: C Q10. What of the following is not part of project human resource management? A. resource estimating B. acquiring the project team C. developing the project team D. managing the project team Answer: A A _____ maps the work of a project as described in the WBS to the people responsible for performing the work. A. project organisation chart B. work definition and assignment process C. resource histogram D. responsibility assignment matrix Answer: D Which of the following is not a tool or technique for managing project teams? A. observation and conversation B. project performance appraisals C. issue logs D. Social Styles Profile Answer: D Which of the following is not a process in project communications management? A. information planning B. information distribution C. performance reporting D. managing stakeholders Answer: A If you add 3 more people to a project team of 5, how many more communication channels will you add? A. 2 B. 12 C. 15 D. 18 Answer: D A _____ report describes where the project stands at a specific point in time







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AY0809 October Semester

A. B. C. D. Q16.

status performance forecast earned value

Answer: A

A risk _____ is a document that contains results of various risk management processes, often displayed in a table or spreadsheet format. A. management plan B. register C. breakdown structure D. probability/impact matrix Answer: B Some project managers like to assess team performance by using a technique known as MBWA which stands for _____ A. management by wondering around B. management by wandering around C. measuring by work areas D. measuring by watching alertly Answer: B Which of the following is not an output of the integrated change control process? A. project management plan updates B. approved corrective actions C. forecasts D. deliverables Answer: C Your boss believes that all of your project team members avoid work as much as possible. He or she often uses threats and various control schemes to make sure people are doing their jobs. Which approach to managing people does your boss follow? A. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs B. Theory X C. Theory Y D. Herzberg’s motivation and hygiene factors Answer: B Which type of diagram shows planned and actual project schedule information? A. a network diagram






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AY0809 October Semester

B. C. D.

a Gantt chart a Tracking Gantt chart a milestone chart

Answer: C


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