IV REPORT Industry: Euro marine products India limited, Puthenthope Trivandrum The company imports the marine products

to different countries.The important operations in the industry are, processing of the marine products and its storage in cold storages where a vapour compression refrigeration system is employed. The temperatures of these freezers are -400C and -180C. The term refrigeration may be defined as the process of removing heat from a substance under controlled conditions. It also includes the process of reducing and maintaining the temperature of a body below the general temperature of its surrounding. The substance which works in arefrigeration system to extract heat from acold body to deliver it to a hot body is called a refrigerant. Vapour compression system with refrigerant ammonia (NH3) is used for refrigeration in this industry. A vapour compression refrigeration system is an improved type of air refrigeration system in which a suitable working substance termed as refrigerant is used. It condenses and evaporates at tempertures and pressures close to the atmospheric conditions. The refrigerent used is ammonia (NH3). The refrigerent used doesnot leave the system, but is circulated throughtout the system alternately condensingand evaporating. In evaporating the refrigerant absorbs its latent heat from the brine (salt water) which is used for circulating it around the cold chamber, while condensing it gives out it latent heat to the circulating water of the cooler. The vapour compression refrigeration system is now a day used for all purpose refrigeration. It is generally used for all industrial purposes from a small domestic refrigerator to a big air conditioning plant. The advantages of using the vapour compression system are:- It has smaller size for the given capacity of refrigeration - It has less running cost - It can be employed over a large range of temperatures. - The co-efficient of performance is quite high The disadvantages are:- The initial cost is high - The prevension of leakage of the refrigerant is the major problem in vapour compression system Here in this industry, there are two sections of refrigeration systems; one is for the production of ice flakes and other for cold storage of food item (marine products). The production of ice flakes

Receiver: The condensed liquid refrigerant from the condenser is stored in a vessel known as receiver from where it is supplied to the evaporator through expansion valve. 4. Some of the liquid refrigerant evaporates as it passes through theexpansion valve. 1. This is done according to the load. This high pressure and tempreture vapour refrigerant is discharged into the condenser through the delivery or discharge valve. Expansion valve: It is also called throttle valve or refrigerant control valve. Here foe the ice flakes production two cylinder single stage compressor is used and for preservation of marine products. Condenser: The condenser or cooler consists of coils of pipe in which the high pressure and temperture vapour refrigerant is cooled and condensed. . 5. The main components of a vapour compression system are. Through the pores in the water tubes the water is sprayed to are condenser tubes carrying refrigerant 3. Evaporator: An evaporator consists of coils of pipe in which the liquid vapour refrigerant at low pressure and temperature. Compressor: The low pressure and temperature vapour refrigerant from evaporator is drawn into the compressor through theinlet or a suction valve. here tubes carrying water are alternately provided in between condenser tubes. The refrigerant while passing through the condenser gives up the latent heat to the surrounding condensing medium. The function of the expansion valve is to allow the liquid refrigerant under hidg pressure and temperature to pass at a controlled rate after reducing its pressure and temperture. Where it compressed to a high pressure and temperature. 2. but the greater portion is vaporised in the evaporator at the low pressure and temperture. If the load on the system is less the ice flake production is carried out in conjunction with main system of the load is high then it is done seperately. In evaporating the liquid vapour refrigerant absorbs its latent heat of vapourisation from the medium which is to be cooled. 4 cylinder and single stage compressor is used.can be seperately done by using single cylinder two compressior and its other components or it can be done in conjunction with the main system in using 4 cylinder compressor for food preservation.

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