Course name : Business Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility Course Instructor: Dr Sikta Pati Course Code : SM04 Semester : II Course Objectives : 1. To provide knowledge on recent global developments and the impact of growth of future Corporate world 2. To explain students about the linear relationship between ethical practices and profitability of business. 3. To counsel the participants and acquaint them with the techniques of incorporating ethical principles in business 4. To enable them to apply best practices of ethics in the corporate world for sustainable development of humanity and the business activity. 5. To integrate Social and Organizational Values 6. To Drive Social Responsibility Throughout the Organization 7. To Manage Risk and Decision Making Pedagogy: Class Room lecture, Group Discussions, case study , Video Clips, Quiz , Assignments / Presentations by Students, mid-sem exam, and end-sem exam Session Details : Issues to be Discussed Reading Material

Session 1st 2nd


Ethics & Business Ethics & Business

Why ethics in Business

Text Book Chapter-1

Business Ethics & its Text Book Chapter-1 issues Moral Development & Moral Reasoning Moral Responsibility & Text Book Chapter-1 Blame Kohlberg’s stages in moral development & Gilligan theory Prisoners Dilemma


Ethics & Business

4th 5th

Ethical Principles in Utilitarianism-Weighing Text Book Chapter-2 Business Social Costs & Benefits Rights & Duties Ethical Principles in Justice & Fairness, Text Book Chapter-2 Business Types of Justice

Assignment/ Exercise/Case Analysis Exercise - Video Clips followed by discussions Case Study – ‘Merck & Company & River Blindness’ ‘Business Ethics in Saudi Culture’ Case Study – ‘WorldCom’s Whistleblower’ ‘National Semiconductor’ ‘Gun Manufacturers & Responsibility’ Assignment 1- Slavery in the Chocolate Industry Case Study – Ford Pinto Car’ ‘Walt Disney’ Case Study – ‘Conflict Diamonds’ ‘Exon Mobil’


HR. Types of Risks prior to session on Handouts and Risk Avoidance and Mitigation Group Presentations will Group Presentations 2 Case Study – ‘Drug Company Monopolies and Profits’ Assignment3 – Playing Monopoly : Microsoft Text Book Chapter-4 & Exercise – Material to 5 be collected by students on Rules & Regulations on Job Discrimination in India and presentations / discussions in class Handouts to be given Exercise – Discussion prior to session on Handouts Video clips on live cases . oligopoly and 4 public policy Case Study. Jus. Ethics of job discrimination 13th 14th 15th 16th Corporate Social Responsibility & CSR Strategy.Integrating CSR with the Handouts to be given Exercise – Discussion sibility Throughout the Brand and all stakehold. Ethics of Text Book Chapter-2 Business Virtue 7th Integrating Utility.Text Book Chapter-2 tice. Networking and Video clips on live casPartnerships es Managing Risk and Social Cost-Benefit Handouts to be given Exercise –Discussion Decision Making Analysis. Triple Bottom Line (TBL). mo. business & its external & internal exchanges-the individuals in the organization and the environment.‘Brian’s Franchise’ Exercise – Develop an ideal Code of Ethics 9th 10th Ethics in market place 11th 12th Ethics.Text Book Chapter-3 & nopoly.6th Ethical Principles in Ethics of Care.prior to session on Handouts Organization ers. UN Global Compact Integrating Social and MDG Goals. Concept and applications Study Material to various industries Secondary data collected by students Perfect competition.Applications in the cor. porate world Care and Virtue Case Study –‘H B Fuller & the street Children of Central America’ ‘Malden Mills’ Assignment 2 – Unocal in Burma 8th Integrating various ethical principles & developing ethical code in business Code of Ethics Ethics in compliance.Handouts to be given Exercise – Discussion Organizational Values ments and Guide to prior to session on Handouts MDG Action Video clips on live cases Driving Social Respon. Study Material ethics in Finance. consumer production & Marketing Corporate Social Responsibility – Introduction & overview Dimensions of pollution & resource depletion. Achieve. Rights & Duties. Marketing & Production.

Harish Internet Site/ other ressources: www. Group Assignments – 10 marks 3. Ajit 3 .be based on Project 17th Group Presentations Work assigned to the 18th Group Presentations students a month in ad19th Group Presentations th vance. www. Case Presentations / Class Participation – 10 marks 2.ebscohost. Case Studies on Business Ethics and Corporate Governance – Ed by R. Concepts & Cases – by Manuel G Velasquez Reference Books: 1. Quiz 2*5marks – 10 marks 4. End-Sem – 50 marks Basic Reading: Business Ethics. 2. Mid-Sem – 20 marks 5.emeraldinsight. 20 Group Presentations Evaluation : Corporate Social Responsibility – Concepts and Cases – The Indian Experience – Ed by CV Baxi.

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