------------------------------------------------------------------------------File : 'options.txt' - Command line options for IrfanView Author: Irfan Skiljan E-Mail: irfanview@gmx.

net WWW : http://www.irfanview.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------List of all command line options supported in IrfanView: -------------------------------------------------------/one /fs /bf /title=text /pos=(x,y) /convert=filename w /slideshow=txtfile /slideshow=folder /reloadonloop hed /filelist=txtfile low /thumbs /killmesoftly ) /closeslideshow /page=X /crop=(x,y,w,h) /print /print="Name" /resize=(w,h) /resize_long=X /resize_short=X /resample /capture=X /ini /ini="Folder" /clippaste /clipcopy /silent /invert /dpi=(x,y) /scan alog) /scanhidden alog) /batchscan=(options) /bpp=BitsPerPixel /swap_bw /gray /rotate_r /rotate_l /hflip /vflip /filepattern="x" /sharpen=X /contrast=X /bright=X (Note: See pattern help file page for more options) - play slideshow with the files from "txtfile" - play slideshow with the files from "folder" - reload input source used in /slideshow when list finis - use filenames from "txtfile" as input, see examples be - open Thumbnails window - close all IrfanView instances (exit after command line close slideshow and IrfanView after the last image open page number X from a multipage input image crop input image: x-start, y-start, width, height print to default printer and CLOSE IrfanView print to specific printer and CLOSE IrfanView resize input image to w (width) and h (height) resize input image: set long side to X resize input image: set short side to X for resize: use Resample option (better quality) capture the screen or window (see examples below) use the Windows folder for INI/LST files (read/save) use the folder "Folder" for INI/LST files (read/save) paste image from the clipboard copy image to the clipboard don't show messages for command line read/save errors invert input image (negative) change image DPI values, set DPIs for scanning acquire the image from the TWAIN device (show TWAIN di force "Only one instance" force Full Screen display force "Fit images to desktop" display option set window title to "text" move IrfanView window to x,y convert input file(s) to "filename" and CLOSE IrfanVie

- acquire the image from the TWAIN device (hide TWAIN di simulate menu: File->Batch Scan, see examples below change color depth of the input image to BitsPerPixel swap black and white color convert input image to grayscale rotate input image to right rotate input image to left horizontal flip vertical flip browse only specific files open image and apply the sharpen filter value X open image and apply the contrast value X open image and apply the brighntess value X

including the full path OR path relative to "i_view32.-) i_view32.ext) /import_pal=palfile ormat) /jpg_rotate=(options) /monitor=X /window=(x.jpg i_view32. write EXIF.gif' without GUI .bmp /convert=c:\test_$Wx$H.png i_view32. Example for conversion: i_view32.Write always the FULL paths for file names (incl.JPG lossless rotation.png i_view32.Use "" for file names with spaces. .Most settings are loaded from the INI file.files) (1 or 2) /jpgq=X /tifc=X /wall=X /extract=(folder.txt /reloadonloop i_view32.bmp' to 'c:\giftest. you can extend the possibilities. X = direction set JPG save quality set TIF save compression set image as wallpaper extract all pages from a multipage file import and apply a special palette to the image (PAL f . for load/save error.jpg" .b) /hide=X ain window /aspectratio /info=txtfile /fullinfo /append=tiffile /multitif=(tif. there is 1 or 2 also possible.jpg /convert=d:\temp\*. .txt' contains. a name of an image fil e. see examples below .bmp /convert=c:\giftest.start EXE-Slideshow on monitor X .set EXE-Slideshow window position and size Important notes: . Using prepared INIs and /ini optio n.Only lower case options are supported (don't type any UPPERCASE letters) ! .hide toolbar.w.open image and apply the gamma correction value X .exe c:\test. so use shorter names/paths.jpg /advancedbatch /convert=c:\temp\*.jpg i_view32.exe c:\*. /print.g./gamma=X /advancedbatch file) /transpcolor=(r.bmp /resize=(100.files) /panorama=(X.jpg i_view32.Wildcards supported only for /convert.gif i_view32.jpg /resize=(500.255.set transparent color if saving as GIF/PNG/ICO .gif (Note: supported are all IrfanView read/save formats except audio/video) Example for slideshow: i_view32.h) .bmp /transpcolor=(255.exe c:\*. /info and /jpg_rotate .txt /resize=(500. drive letter) .Maximal command line length is limited by Windows.apply Advanced Batch Dialog options to image (from INI . in each line.100) /resample /aspectratio /convert=d:\ $N_thumb.You can combine several options in one command .exe /slideshow=c:\mypics.IrfanView exit code is 0.255) /convert=c:\giftest.exe /slideshow=c:\mypics.exe c:\test.gif => Convert file: 'c:\test. example: "c:\images\dummy test file.exe c:\test.exe c:\test.300) /aspectratio /resample /convert=d:\tem p\*.txt (Note: The file 'c:\mypics.exe c:\*.exe") i_view32. menu and/or caption of the m used for resizes: keep image proportions write image infos to "txtfile" used for /info. status bar.Input file name (if required) is always the first parameter! . IPTC and Comment data append image as (TIF) page to "tiffile" create multipage TIF from input files create panorama image from input files.y.300) /aspectratio /resample /convert=d:\temp\*.exe /slideshow=c:\images\ . If /convert or /print is used.exe /filelist=c:\mypics.

exe /slideshow=c:\images\ /reloadonloop i_view32.exe /filelist=c:\mypics. proport ional i_view32.300) /convert=c:\giftest.jpg' and display thumbnails from directory 'c:\test' i_view32.10.jpg Note: you have to close IrfanView after the last image from the TXT file. if n o /closeslideshow is used.jpg' and crop: x-start=10.jpg' and resize: width=150%. 300.exe c:\test.exe c:\test\image1. print the image to specific printer and close IrfanView i_view32.0) => Open 'c:\test.exe /filelist=c:\mypics.150p) => Open 'c:\test. Example for resize: i_view32. Example for closeslideshow: i_view32.jpg i_view32.jpg /thumbs => open 'image1.exe c:\test. height=original i_view32 c:\test.jpg /resize_long=300 /aspectratio /resample => Open 'c:\test.300.jpg /print="Printer Name" => Open 'c:\test. height = max. print the image to default printer and close IrfanView i_view32.jpg /resize=(150p.tif' Example for crop: i_view32.300) i_view32. height=300 Example for print: i_view32.300.jpg' and resize: width = max.exe c:\test.exe c:\test.exe /filelist=c:\mypics.txt' Example for thumbnails: i_view32.jpg' and resample: long side=300.jpg /crop=(10.exe c:\test.exe c:\*.txt /thumbs => load filenames from TXT file and display as thumbnails Example for filelist: i_view32.jpg /resize=(300.txt i_view32.exe c:\test.txt /thumbs Example for close: i_view32.exe c:\test.exe /slideshow=c:\mypics. height=proportional i_view32. 300.exe /slideshow=c:\images\*. width=300.jpg'.jpg /resize=(300.txt /convert=d:\test\*.gif => Open 'c:\test.exe c:\test.jpg' and resample: width=300. short side=proportional i_view32. height=150% .tif /page=3 => Open page number 3 from the multipage image 'c:\test.exe /filelist=c:\mypics.jpg /crop=(10.exe /killmesoftly => close IrfanView and terminate all instances Example for page: i_view32.jpg /print => Open 'c:\test.txt /closeslideshow => IrfanView will be closed after the last image from 'c:\mypics.jpg /print => Print all JPGs from "C:\" and close IrfanView Note: the current settings from the INI file are used.jpg i_view32.exe /slideshow=c:\images\test*.10.jpg'.300) /aspectratio => Open 'c:\test. height=300 (Note: Resample uses the the active resample filter from the INI file) i_view32.exe c:\test /thumbs => display thumbnails from directory 'c:\test' i_view32.300) /resample => Open 'c:\test.jpg /resize=(300.exe c:\test.jpg /resize=(300.0) /aspectratio => Open 'c:\test.jpg' and resize: width=300.exe c:\test.i_view32.jpg' and resize: width=300. y-start=10.

client area 4 = rectangle selection 5 = start in capture mode (can't be combined with other options) Advanced examples: i_view32.0) /dpi=(150.exe /batchscan=(scanfile. /gray and /convert. digits.2.Example for capture: i_view32.exe c:\test.1.exe /clippaste /convert=c:\test.jpg /ini="c:\temp\" Example for clipboard paste: i_view32.jpg /invert Example for /dpi: i_view32. i_view32.1) i_view32.tif.c:\temp.exe /batchscan=(scanfile.bmp.bmp. file name contains time sta mp.2. index.exe /scanhidden /convert=c:\test.gif i_view32. use last used capture dialog settings capture values: 0 = whole screen 1 = current monitor 2 = foreground window 3 = foreground window .exe /capture=2 /convert=c:\test.0) i_view32.2. save-extension.1.jpg /ini i_view32.0.1. increment.exe c:\test.exe /batchscan=(scanfile.jpg Capture foreground window and save result as file.c:\temp.jpg /clipcopy /killmesoftly Example for /invert: i_view32. you can only combine: /print.1.150) i_view32.exe c:\test. i_view32.exe /batchscan=(scanfile.exe /scan /convert=c:\test. Example for ini: i_view32.exe c:\test.exe c:\test.exe /capture=5 => start in Capture mode.exe /clippaste i_view32.exe /scanhidden i_view32.bmp. multi-t if i_view32.1.1.jpg /dpi=(72.jpg Capture foreground window and save result as file.1.exe /print /scan Example for /batchscan=(options): options = 8 options from the batch scan dialog: filename.exe /capture=0 => Capture the whole screen i_view32. /dpi.150) i_view32.1.exe /scanhidden /dpi=(150. dest-folder.exe c:\test.exe /ini i_view32.exe /scan i_view32.0) /scanhidden Example for /bpp: i_view32.c:\temp.gif Example for clipboard copy: i_view32.1.1. skip.exe /capture=2 /convert=c:\capture_$U(%d%m%Y_%H%M%S).gif i_view32.jpg /clipcopy i_view32.exe /scanhidden /gray /convert=c:\test.1.gif i_view32.jpg /bpp=8 .exe c:\test.72) Example for /scan: With the scan command.2.c:\temp.

jpg /info=c:\jpgs. 8 and 24 (decrease/increase color depth) => Open 'c:\test.jpg" => Go to folder "c:\images\" and show JPG with names "123*" as thumbnails Example for /sharpen: i_view32.file1.. 4.exe c:\test.jpg /tifc=4 /convert=c:\new.jpg /hide=1 => Open 'c:\test.exe c:\test.jpg'..exe c:\test.file1.exe c:\images\ /thumbs /filepattern="*.bmp.jpg' and append it as page to 'c:\test. 2 = vertical.exe /multitif=(c:\test.tif.jpg /append=c:\test.exe c:\test. hide all Examples for /info: i_view32.tif) from 2 other files Example for /panorama: Syntax: /panorama=(X. 2 = Packbits.jpg /hide=15 => Open 'c:\test.txt i_view32.exe /panorama=(1.txt /fullinfo Example for /append: i_view32. 5 = Huffman .bmp.jpg'.jpg => Open 'c:\test.fileN) First parameter (X) is the direction: 1 = horizontal. hide toolbar only i_view32.Supported BPP-values: 1.jpg) => Create horizontal panorama image from 2 other files Example for /jpgq: i_view32.jpg) => Create multipage TIF (c:\test.exe c:\images\ /thumbs /filepattern="123*.jpg'. 6 = JPG. quality = 75 Quality range: 1 .exe c:\test.jpg' and reduce to 256 colors Example for /filepattern: i_view32.exe c:\test.tif' Example for /multitif: Syntax: /multitif=(tifname.100.exe c:\*.jpg'.jpg' and save it as c:\new.jpg" => Go to folder "c:\images\" and show JPG thumbnails only i_view32..jpg /hide=3 => Open 'c:\test. 4 = Fax4. 3 = Fax3.jpg /hide=12 => Open 'c:\test. i_view32.jpg /info=c:\test. i_view32.exe c:\test.jpg /info=c:\test.jpg /sharpen=33 Examples for /hide: Values (can be combined (add values)): Toolbar 1 Status bar 2 Menu bar 4 Caption 8 i_view32.jpg. hide caption and menu bar i_view32.exe c:\test....jpg' and save it as c:\new.c:\dummy..jpg /jpgq=75 /convert=c:\new.fileN) First file is the name of the result TIF file.c:\test1. hide toolbar and status bar i_view32. 7 = ZIP .tif => Open 'c:\test. Example for /tifc: i_view32.c:\test1.exe c:\test.exe c:\test. 1 = LZW.tif. compression = Fax4 Compressions: 0 = None.c:\dummy.tif => Open 'c:\test..txt i_view32.

jpg /wall=0 => Open 'c:\test. optimize. EXIF date.0. delete.exe c:\test. 3 (proportional) Example for /extract: i_view32.exe c:\images\*. keep all markers i_view32.. /jpg_rotate=(6.exe c:\test. custom markers Note: this option will overwrite the original file(s)! Values: Transformation : None (0).jpg'.1. set DPI to 300.0. DPI value.2.1.1. Advanced Batch options are not supported: overwrite.Example for wallpaper: i_view32. current date.800. marker option.300.jpg (some Misc. window size 800x600 Example for /advancedbatch: i_view32.0.6) => Auto rotate.1.0.0.jpg /jpg_rotate=(6.1. Custom (2) Custom markers values (can be combined (add values)): Keep Comment 1 Keep EXIF 2 Keep IPTC 4 Keep others 8 i_view32.600) => Start standalone slideshow in top left corner. Auto rotate (6) Optimize : 0 or 1 Set EXIF date : 0 or 1 Keep current date: 0 or 1 Set DPI : 0 or 1 DPI value : number Marker option : Keep all (0). all pages) => Open 'c:\test. apply Advanced Batch options from the INI file and save as new file Example for /jpg_rotate=(options): options = all 8 options from the JPG lossless dialog: transformation.exe /monitor=2 => Start standalone slideshow on monitor 2 MySlideshow.0.tif /extract=(c:\temp.0.tif' and save all pages to folder 'c:\temp' as JPGs Examples for EXE slideshow: MySlideshow. keep EXIF and IPTC marke rs i_view32. 2 (stretched).0. set DPI.0.exe c:\multipage. optimize.0) => For all JPGs: Auto rotate.0) => Auto rotate. clean all markers i_view32.jpg /advancedbatch /convert=c:\image.1.0.jpg' and set is as wallpaper (centered) wall values: 0 (centered).exe /window=(0.jpg /jpg_rotate=(6. use current file date.0.exe c:\test.1.0) => Rotate 90. subfo lders.jpg) => Open 'c:\multipage.exe c:\test. optimize. set EXIF date as file date. Clean all (1). Vertical (1) .1. optimize. set EXIF date as file date.exe c:\test. 1 (tiled). optimize. keep all m arkers .. set EXIF date as file date.jpg /jpg_rotate=(3.