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Teaching Faculties

Advisory Board
Physics Chemistry Mathematics
Prof. Balkrishna Pokhrel Dr. I.S. Jha Mr. Gajendra Pandit Mr. Tilak Sardar
Prof. Dr. Khagendra Acharya Mr. Biru Jha Mr. Balram Pant Mr. Nabal Kishor Shrivastav
Mr. Binod Pokhrel Mr. Tulshi Niroula Mr. Bidur Ojha
Prof. Dr. Pradeep Raj Pradhan Mr. Rajeev Mishra Mr. Shiv Narayan Yadav Mr. Ajay Kumar Das
Prof. Dr. Sashinath Jha Mr. Gyaneswar Shah Mr. Sujit Shah Mr. Janak Dhakal
Mr. Ram Bharos Shah (Instructor) Mr. Shiv Kumar Yadav Mr. Yogendra Das
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bharat Raj Subba
Mr. Ramesh Gohibar Mr. Prem Narayan Shah Mr. Subash Nepal

An excellent college
Dr. Indushekhar Jha Mr. Ajay Kumar Yadav Mr. Yubraj Shah
Mr. Ashok Yadav Accountancy
Mr. Narayan Kharel Zoology Mr. Kamal Kishor Shrivastav
Mr. Ashok Das
Mrs. Babita Shakya Mr. Bikram Dev (Instructor) Mr. Kishor Neupane
Mr. Amit Dhakal Mr. Ajit Jha
Mr. Basant Dahal (Instructor) Economics Mr. Ishori Bhandari
Mr. Umesh Thakur Mr. Vesh Raj Sharma
Mr. Ganesh Sapkota Business Studies
Botany Mr. Gopal Shrestha
Board of Directors Mr. C.M. Rijal
Mr. Bijay Dahal
Mr. Yam Giri
Mrs. Bandana Dhakal
Mrs. Babita Shakya Chairperson Mr. Dipesh Bastola Mr. Roshan Poudel
Mr. Amit Dhakal Principal Mrs. Shova Pant Hotel Management Mr. Bhim Bdr. Khatri
Mrs. Jitu Bastola Mr. Amit Kr. Mahato
Mr. Rajan Dutta Academic Director (Management) Mr. Chandan Shah Marketing
Comptuer Science Mrs. Rasmi Hamal
Mr. Dipesh Bastola Academic Director (Science) Mr. Nandu Khawas English Mr. Bishnu Tiwari
Mr. Gajendra Pandit Promoter Mr. Komal Dahal Mr. Rajan Dutta
Mr. Megh Raj Kattel Mr. Anil Jha
Mr. Balram Pant Promoter Mr. Manoj Sah Mr. Arun Koirala
Mr. C. M. Rijal Promoter Mr. Anil Yadav Mr. Rajan Rai
Mr. Naresh Poudel
Mr. Binod Pokhrel Promoter Nepali
Mr. Fadindra Shrestha Promoter
Mr. Ramesh Niroula
Mr. Diwakar Parajuli
Mr. Prakash Mishra
Orchid Higher S. S.
Mr. Rewant Shrestha Mr. Dipak Sanjel Main Road Biratnagar
Mr. Nandu Khawas Promoter Mr. Chudamani Nepal Tel. : +977-21-523439
Mr. Mahesh Niroula
Mr. Durjoy Thapa Promoter Mr. Jagat Basnet
Mr. Nod Raj Koirala
Mr. Bimal Karki
Orchid H.S.S., which was established in 2065 B.S., is an outstanding academic institute of eastern region of Nepal that
comprises highly experienced, qualified and leading academic professionals with enormous exposure and recognition in
the field of education. The team of Orchid is committed to providing high quality and world class education so that the
from the Principal students can stand shoulder to shoulder with other students of the world. The principal aim of Orchid is to enable its
students to attain their academic potential in a conducive atmosphere provided by the college making them
Dear Students, intellectually competent to use their qualification to reach their highest level in their chosen profession later in life.
I, on the behalf of Orchid family, would like to extend my heart Orchid has got a prominent location with an easy access to the students living to and fro from it. The college is genuinely
felt congratulations to the students aspiring to pursue their further an ideal centre of education characterized by its stimulating and supportive environment. The commitment and effort,
studies. Infact it is one of the toughest decisions on the part of students to the team of Orchid has exposed along with over-all enorsement from teaching faculties and efficient staffs, has turned it
as a leading institute in a short span of time. It, undoubtedly, believes in the principles of doing rather than saying.
make regarding academic career after the completion of S.L.C.
However, Orchid H.S.S. is situated at the heart of Biratnagar, where you
will find a homely environment, a college of your choice, fully committed
Orchid attempts to achieve its mission by:
to providing you with a quality education. This college focusses on
u Pursuing excellence in all academic
shaping overall personality growth of its students and guiding them to activities which guide students to achieve
aspire their future endeavour. Orchid H.S.S. will certainly leave no stone knowledge and scholarship.
unturned so as to factualize the academic goal of the students. u Nurturing individual potential of
students making them academically
The college assures that the committed faculty members and
competent from within.
staff nurture dignity and discipline in making its students a competent
u Cultivating responsive and responsible
figure to withstand any challenges waiting for their little shoulders links with the wider community,
outside. emphasizing service, social responsibility
and other behaviour.
u Imparting effective and practical
education with much emphasis on latest
k n o w l e d ge , a n a l y t i ca l s k i l l a n d
management competence.
Mr. Amit Dhakal
2 3
Vision Disciplinary System
u To provide quality and technical education by incalculating u No students will be allowed to enter Orchid without proper uniform during the college hours.
professional skills in students through holistic approach of u Regular attendance is a must.
exposure to diversified exercises. u Any damage caused to the property of college must be compensated by the students concerned.
u Orchid H.S.S. will take a severe action against the students indulging themselves in improper
u To offer comprehensive occupational skill and training which activities.
enable students to cope with the academic hurdles they come u Parents and visitors can be allowed to see student only after they take permission from the
across in their life. authentic person.
u To encourage intellectual integrity and co-ordiality. u Getting into college premises with coloured hair, earrings, sun caps, and mobile sets is strictly
u To promote professional competence for the benefit of the
u Students are strictly prohibited to bring guide books, pictures newspaper and unrelated materials.
nation and humanity at large.
u Any anti-disciplinary action will be considered as a severe offence. The college may expel the
students immediately.

Specialities and Facilities

u Centrally located at the heart of Biratnagar.
u Students can borrow five books at a time.
u Peaceful academic environment with ideal AC class rooms.
u Highly qualified teaching professionals.
Objectives u Transportation facility (with its own bus) for the students living to and fro from the college.
u Regular supervision and effective counselling to the students.
The objectives of Orchid are to :
u Extra curricular activities.
u provide students with in-depth knowledge in the field of science, u Well equipped Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Lab and well managed library.
computer science, management and hotel management. u Cafeteria with hygienic food items in cheap rate.
u foster a warm and friendly atmosphere within the college u Various scholarship schemes for the meritorious students.
u provide intensive observation and guardianship even on trivial
academic problem.
u provide global awareness in stimulating academic atmosphere.
u keep students in touch with the current affairs going around the
4 5
Teaching Techniques:
Evaluation System Academic Programs and Shifts Teaching and learning at Orchid H.S.S. Take place in a spacious class room within a peaceful environment. The
Orchid H.S.S. evaluates its students through the following procedures: u Science and Computer Science – Day shift [10:40 to 5:00 pm.] program draws in a highly qualified staffs, full and part time teachers who are supplemented by visiting
u Monthly test. u Management, Computer Science and Hotel Management – [6:20 professionals with strong research and counselling background.
u Periodical test. am to 10:00 am]
Orchid focusses on the modern teaching techniques and learning tools :
u Pre final test.
u Project work.
u Causal test.
u Group discussion and case studies.
u Work shop and seminars.
u Audio-Video presentation (OHP and Multimedia projector)
Scholarship Scheme u Parents-Teachers interaction.
u Remedial classes.
Faculties & Marks Obtained in SLC u Educational tour.
Science Management u Psychological stimulation.
Admission fee and
90% & Above 85% & Above
Tuition fee 100% off.
Admission fee 100% and
85% to 89% 80% to 84%
Tuition fee 50% off.
Admission fee 100% and
Tuition fee 25% off.
80% to 84% 75% to 79%
Why Orchid ?
Admission fee 50% and
75% to 79% 70% to 74% The academic platform to be chosen after S.L.C. must be well
Tuition fee 10% off.
equipped with all the facilities. Besides, teaching and learning
(For the students of Government School with 80% and inside a class room, other additional things related to academy
above - admission and tuition fee 100% off)
can't be ignored. Orchid H.S.S. is such an academic platform,
Entrance topper of each faculty will get 100% where the students can emit the breath of relief after academic
Admission fee and Tuition fee off. burden. It aims at making students competent in their own
Lalita Devi Buddha Ratna Scholarship respective field inculating the sense of discipline and
This scholarship, established by Mahendra, promoting the quality of national education. A single step into
Rabindra and Birendra Tuladhar in the memory of the premises of Orchid unveils boundless opportunities for
their late parents, is provided to the highest better tomorrow.
scorer and mertiorious student from government
school admitted in science faculty.
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Extra Curricular Activities
Student's View
It is Orchid that taught me to step into the world of reality with high
E.C.A. is an integral part of academic activities. It helps to promote aspiration. It is the college where I wove my dream about my
physical and mental development of students. They have to future. I am very much delighted to have enjoyed its splendid
physical setting as well. It is one and only academic team for
participate in extra and inter college games. Various other
imparting global ranking education at +2 levels. Thanks to Orchid.
activities like welcome program, farewell program, debate
competition are organized to ease the academic burden of Bikky Das
students. 83.4% (XI Science, HSEB Exam 2066)

Orchid H.S.S. game me the feelings that it puts emphasis on quality

rather than quantity. I found Orchid H.S.S. the perfect one for my
career development with a good environment along with helpful
and inspiring lecturers. This college has abundant facilities and it
provides excellent quality education.

Dipesh Niroula
80.80% (XII Management, HSEB Exam 2067)
Morang First

My one year has passed at Orchid. When I first stepped in this

institute, I found every faces strange and I thought I was a solitary
person in the entire world. I am grateful to the teachers and
management for providing me continuous guidance to achieve
success. I feel myself to be lucky for being an Orchidian.

Binu Basnet
(XI, Management Topper, Internal Exam)

At this competitive time, I am no longer in doubt and dilemma

about my future, because Orchid truly aims towards formation of
basic, yet highly vital foundation of future career. Infact, it has
excellent management and a set of well experienced and
professional teachers who are always bent on providing quality
education needed for this century.
Ram Mohan Jha
(XI, Science Topper, Internal Exam)
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