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Private & Confidential

Contents • Services – Broking & Wealth Management – Investment Banking • Our Expertise • Profile of Key Persons • Relevant Experience • Presently Working On Private & Confidential .

applied for BSE. NCDEX & AMFI .Services Investment Banking Wealth Management Equity Broking Alternate Assets Broking Private & Confidential Members of NSE.

Investment Banking Private & Confidential .

Our Expertise Assisting in Ideation Stage Planning for Exit & Value Unlocking Assisting in Project Feasibility Study Consolidation Advisory – Mergers & Acquisitions (buy side / sell side) Raising Funds for the Project / Expansion – Private Equity / Debt/ Convertible Assisting for IPO Planning and handholding Private & Confidential .

Expertise in raising debt for corporate clients. Major experience in Business plans. Project Reports. MBA (IIM Indore) 8 Years of experience with firms like Coca Cola. corporate restructuring. S K Global. Shekhar Kumar Jain. having worked with companies like ITC. B.Com (Hons). Chartered Accountant. CFA 4 Years of experience with firms like Microsec. B. B. Private & Confidential . Axis Bank & Subhkam Ventures (Private Equity Fund).Profile of Key Persons 1. valuation. Lalit Kumar Chetani. Studies.Com (Hons). Finance & Strategy consulting. B. Vikash Kedia. Financial Services including Investment Banking & Private Equity. Chartered Accountant 13 Years of experience in IT. Financial modeling & Business counseling. Abhay Mishra. IL&FS and Subhkam Ventures (Private Equity Fund). Major experience in Investment Banking & Private Equity – includes buy side & sell side advisory 4. Chartered Accountant 28 yrs of experience with Industry. 2.Com (Hons). 3. MBA (TAPMI).Com (Hons).

Iron & Steel. Business Planning & aiding the decision making process of  Strong Relationship across different Private Equity Funds (onshore / offshore. Hotels & Restaurants.Relevant Experience Vast experience of Key Persons inclusive of following areas:  Syndication of Equity & Debt funding in sectors like: • Infrastructure. Iron & Steel etc. total amount raised in excess of Rs.500 Crores Handled number of transactions in Industries like Infrastructure. etc. Realty.  De-merger / Merger & Acquisitions • • •  Brand building. 2. Realty. Private & Confidential . Financial Services. FMCG etc Total deal handled close to Rs. 750 Crores FMCG. Power. Hospital. etc.)  Robust relationship with Banks (PSUs & Private Sector)  Strong Relationships with various corporates across sectors to leverage M&A advisory services. Textile. Retail. sector agnostic / sector focused.

specializing in MRTS.  Advisory Services on Valuation & Strategic front for proposed Metro rail system being planned in Kenya  M&A Advisory to a company in GPS – Vehicle Tracking space  Debt arrangement of Rs.  Transformer manufacturing company.  Education Infrastructure provider.  Company specializing in Financial Inclusion.  Retail company specializing in ethnic wear  Infrastructure company Private & Confidential .Presently Working On Some of the Prestigious projects.30 crore for a diversified Infrastructure Group  PE Funding for following Project/ Organization  An Industrial Park project. we are currently working on  M&A Advisory and debt syndication for a client.

Private & Confidential .

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