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MOCK EXAMINATIONS Class: F36 Option: Electrotechnology Duration: 03H Coefficient: 3 Written paper



1. Give two main reasons for dividing an installation into many circuits (0.5 marks) 2. a) Name three methods of starting a fluorescent lamp. b) Why is the tungsten used for the manufacturing of the filament of filament lamp? (3x0.5+1 marks) 3. A fuse possesses some characteristics; name and state the meaning of these characteristics (2 marks). IIEXERCISE: Lighting /5 marks A school classroom 7mx10mx4m height is to be illuminated to 135lm/m2 on the working plane. If the coefficient of utilization is 0.45 and the sources give 13 lumens per watt, work out the total wattage required, assuming a depreciation factor of 0.8. Sketch roughly the plan of the room, showing suitable positions for fittings, giving reasons for the positions chosen.


/10 marks /4 marks

Theme 1: Electrical installation of a villa

The layout diagram given in annex (page 3/3) represents the electrical installation of Mr. BELL BELL at ESEKA. WORK TO BE DONE: Take 5 apparatus per circuit in maximum for each lighting or socket circuits. With the help of the architectural diagram given in annex (page 3/3): 1. Give the number of lighting circuits and the number of socket circuits. (1 mark). 2. Determine the total number of circuits of the villa. (mark) 3. Establish a single wire diagram of circuits of the installation; indicate the section of each conductor in the diagram. (2marks).
GTHS KUMBO_Electrical Department_Mock exam......March.2012

Theme 2: Control of the motor of a saw. IDescription:

In a wood factory, timbers are transformed into plank through the following process: The timber is placed on a movable bench. The bench driven by a three phase asynchronous motor, takes the timber to the right direction for the sawing process, and back left at the initial position.



When the isolator is switched on: An impulse on the push button S1 provokes the motion of the bench with the timber towards the saw. The timber, as it is approaching the saw, cuts the light of the sensor S2, to start the saw. The sawing operation is executed and at the end, the piece of plank shall operate during its fall a limit switch S3 to reverse the direction of motion of the bench with the timber and stop the saw. When the timber reaches the initial position, it operates a limit switch S4 which stops the motion of the bench. The position of the timber is then adjusted mechanically for the next cycle to start. The execution of a cycle can be stopped at any moment through an action on S0. The execution of a cycle is signalled by a pilot lamp H1, while a fault on the motor M1 is signalled by H2. The electrical installation of the saw motor is not considered.
GTHS KUMBO_Electrical Department_Mock exam......March.2012

NB: The motor is protected by a thermal relay F2. the control circuit is protected by a fuse F1. Supply network: 380V+N WORK REQUIRED: 1. Establish the power circuit of the motor. (2marks) 2. Establish the control circuit of the installation. (4marks)

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GTHS KUMBO_Electrical Department_Mock exam......March.2012