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G Read carefully the text, then, write X below T if the answer is correct or below F if it's false.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has applied for a patent for airbags for mobile phones. We are all familiar wit technology in cars. We could soon see them as optional add-ons when we buy a new mobile or smart Bezos said many people broke their phones or lost important data because they dropped them. He added that many insurance companies do not pay out on claims for dropped mobiles. He believes his invention will save millions of people from the headache caused by a mobile phone hi He said the tiny airbags inside the phones would offer maximum protection for a cell phone if someon The airbags would deploy after the phones built-in accelerometer detected that it was falling.

The patent submitted by Mr Bezos contains other safety features. He suggests using a laser or radar t distance between the phone and the ground as the phone is falling to determine when to deploy the a Other suggestions include springs that would be released from the phone so that the phone safely bounced when it hit the ground. The coolest part of Bezos patent application is a gyroscope that controls tiny jets of compressed air that would change the angle of the device in mid-air. This would be able to change the phones flight path to ensure a smoother landing on impact. The Amazon boss must now wait to see if his patent is accepted and if smart phone companies adopt

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A company will drop mobile phones into isolated Amazon villages. Insurance companies pay out if you drop and break your cell phone. Mobile phones give people headaches when they are on the ground. Small airbags in a mobile phone could protect the device from a fall. Amazon.coms boss wants to patent safety features for mobile phones. Part of the patent is having springs in the mobile to protect it in a fall. Another safety feature is tiny jets that could control a phones fall. Many companies have already adopted these safety features. Airbag technology is familiar with mobile phones Tiny airbags will offer maximum protection

Matching exercise - Write in the box the number (left column) with the letter (right column) of the

0. Mobil Phone 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 familiar with adds-ons headache deploy detected features work out coolest ensure adopt GRAMMAR

Z. Cell Phone a b c d e f g h i j discovered make certain of extras points neatest aware of use embrace nightmare calculate

G Complete the sentence with the correct grammatical concept, then, write X in the frame before the
21. A. B. C. D. I live ... my family in Spain. to from with about Do you like going to the cinema? No. I like it not. Yes, maybe I can. Well... yes, sometimes. Yes, I like. We havent got ... a single milk. some milks. any milk. no milk. Would you prefer tea, or coffee? Do you have a cold drink? That would be lovely! If you like, yes please. Thats very kind of you.




25. X

Every day she goes to work ... on bike. by bike. with bike. from bike. Samir ... classes at Languagelab this afternoon. attending are attending is attending attends I can swim really well! I cant as well Can I? I can better! I can, too! John, ... the door, please. You are letting all the warm air out! close will close open can open Do you know where ... the musicians are playing? play the musicians? is the musicians playing? is play the musicians? She told me that ... teacher. she works her job is an her work is shes a My favourite hobbies are theatre, computer gaming and ... footballing


X 27.


X 29.


X 31.

X 32. X

playing football to play football play football The class will begin ... 10 minutes. in about with an Would you like ... help? I a some me Mrs. Wood must decide. I think you should ask ... you decide them her David ... never late for work. can are will is We only have ... sugar left. none few a little any How long ... a student? do you be have you been was you



X 35. X



are you 38. Samir ... take his family to the zoo tomorrow. is going to goes to going to will like to Unfortunately I ... here for the wedding. I have to go on a business trip to America. not will be am not being cant be not going to be Which city is ..., London or Tokyo? biggest biggest bigger as big as I ... drive my car in the city. much oftenly weekends rarely She ... her coffee break today. had not miss didn't have not have My parents ... married in 1975. has got have been was were She ... for her exams for nine months now.

X 39.

X 40.



X 43.

X 44.

studies has been studying has finished studying will have been studying To be sure to get to the airport on time you ... leave now. need had better to ought should They ... rather not drive overnight to get to the ferry on time. prefer would must might He has lost his passport. He cant find it ... nowhere anywhere somewhere elsewhere I havent swum in the sea ... 2 years ago. over since during for If Id seen him last night I ... hello. would have said would say would have say would greet with He didnt want to study at that university ... whatever the reputation is good. whatever the good reputation.





X 49.


however good its reputation is. however good is its reputation.


DOCUMENT: 43837015


rrect or below F if it's false.

ile phones. We are all familiar with airbag en we buy a new mobile or smart phone. ecause they dropped them. for dropped mobiles. ache caused by a mobile phone hitting the ground. tection for a cell phone if someone dropped it. etected that it was falling.

suggests using a laser or radar to work out the o determine when to deploy the air bags. phone so that the phone safely pplication is a gyroscope e of the device in mid-air. moother landing on impact. d if smart phone companies adopt his idea. T F X X X X X X X X X X

es. one. und. a fall. phones. a fall. all.

th the letter (right column) of the synonyms according to the example

Z. Cell Phone discovered make certain of extras points neatest aware of use embrace nightmare calculate

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en, write X in the frame before the option that you consider correct.

usiness trip to America.