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DJ Z: Hey, hey, hey. Hows everybody doing this morning?

Today, youre with me, DJ Z on Space FM, where there is no gravity, brought to you by Secret Nasa, providing you with the latest covert space technology! As usual, this morning is another segment of Cook like a Pro teaching you the latest recipes- from the very most unusual to the most disgusting! So, lets meet the man whos doing it live on air, Chef Piin! So, chef, tell us more about yourself. Chef Piin: Thank you! Thank you! It took me a while to come here since you called me on my way to Africa to cook for hungry children there in order to avoid starvation, but since you insist, Ive came here with the bodyguards you hired. Well, I had involved in Culinary Arts when I was 17 years old taking ICT as my major. It was a dream comes true. After that, I was denied from taking Masters in Culinary due to my degree certificate in programming. But, it did not made me quit, I studied Bakery and Pastry during my years in Sugar NSpice, a private college in the middle of Sarawaks Rainforest. Years of training and hard work had earned me the title of Best Chef in South-East Asia. Im quite happy about it .DJ Z: Er Thank you for the intriguing and curious story. Now, what are you going to teach everybody today? Chef Piin: Today I would like to teach all of you out there, a new recipe, never before seen on television called Potato Crisps! The ingredients are (refer to fourth page) DJ Z: Wow, it seems difficult. Never mind, we are waiting for any callers out there who would like to ask the chef about the recipe weve just learned. Stay tuned after this short commercial breaks .~~~COMERCIAL~~~ DJ Z: Well, youre back with me, DJ Z on Space FM, where there is no gravity! We have only one caller up until this moment. Well, lets hear it. Hello? Mr. Adi: Hello? Im Mr. Adi from UK, Ulu Kelang in Selangor. I would like to ask the chef about the ingredients. Assume that I dont have any potatoes; can I use other ingredients instead? Chef Piin: Well, if we assume that you dont have any potatoes, then I suggest you cook something else. But, if you still want to try this recipe for whatever weird reason that you have, then I suggest you used yam or tapioca instead. The name of the food will change but its not the end of the world Mr. Adi: Are sure, chef? Well, thank you for your advice then. DJ Z: Great question! Well, next caller is on the way. Hello? Mr. Afiq: Hello? Um Yes can I order two pizzas with extra cheese topping with 2 carbonated drinks. Can you also add some.. DJ Z: Excuse me? Sir, we dont provide any delivery service here. Mr. Afiq: Oh? Well, never mind, Ill pick up my orders later then.

DJ Z: No, no. I mean, this is a high-end radio show, not some lousy restaurant .Mr. Afiq: Oh, Im hungry though. DJ Z: Well, you could ask our chef about the recipe weve just learned .Mr. Afiq: Really, chef, how many potatoes I need for a five persons dinner? Chef Piin: Well, consider xis the amount you need for a five persons dinner. Three potatoes are needed to create a one person dinner. So, five multiply by three,can you find out for yourself? Mr. Afiq: Im hungry Chef Piin: Ok.. You need 15 potatoes. Thats all. Mr. Afiq: Well. Thank you, then. DJ Z: Hmmm That was awkward. Well, chef, thats all the time we got today,thank you for the recipe. Chef Piin: Yes, thanks again for inviting me here today. DJ Z: Well, Malaysian, you got it. Stay tuned for various segments after this onSpace FM, where there is no gravity, brought to you by Secret Nasa, providingyou with the latest covert space technology! Goodbye and have a nice day! *6 or more medium lg. potatoes *Oil or fat for deep frying *Salt Preparation: Wash and peel the potatoes. Slice very thin. An old fashioned cabbage slicer can be used (careful of the fingers) - or use a sharp knifeor food processor with a thin slicing blade. Put the slices at once into a bowl of cold water and let stand for at least one hour. Ice water is best, but you can set the whole bowl in the refrigerator if you wish. Dry well by shaking them in a towel. Fry in hot oil at 390 degrees F. until a light golden brown. Don't try frying too many atonce, better to put one layer on the frying basket. Drain on paper towels or any kind of plain crumpled absorbent paper. If you haven't any paper, use a worn dish towel. Salt lightly. These can be kept for sometime if they are sealed into plastic bags or containers after they have cooled