The OT oilwiper packing: oil tight

This occurs due to the strong garter springs which cause the wiper rings to grip the piston rod and reciprocate with the rod. Combined with this the OT wiper rings are designed to have a much smaller radial height than conventional rings allowing the rings to conform to the piston rod ensuring optimal scraping of the oil from the piston rod surface. OT design The volume of oil entering the housing is minimised by the nonmetallic throttle ring sticking to the front face of the wiper housing through “oil sticktion”. rod run-out and excessive vibrations An efficient seal means: ■ Good performance of non-lube pressure packings. especially for processes that must be totally oil-free ■ Greater reliability and reduced machine shutdowns ■ Substantial cost savings due to reduction in oil recycling Conventional design The majority of oil leakage is over the top of the wiper rings. leading to high crosshead lubricant consumption? The most common reasons for leaking oil wiper packings: ■ Old machines with worn rods and housings ■ Increased crankcase oil splash due to old machines worn bearings ■ Poor crankcase and cross-head design with excessive oil splash ■ Poor wiper housing design with insufficient oil drainage ■ Crankcase pressurisation and pressure pulsations ■ Poor wiper ring quality ■ Poor conformability of ring to rod. ring contact pressure ■ Incorrect ring side clearance leading to rings pumping or jamming ■ Incorrect wiper ring design ■ Rod dynamics. Therefore large amounts of oil are pumped into the housing. Conventional wiper rings do not conform to the piston rod due to the typically large radial height of metallic material.A new solution for a common problem: oil leakage Why do conventional oil wiper packings often leak. hence the rings can not scrape oil efficiently. .

HY material All non-metallic rings Essential cost savings Through considerable reduction in purchase.A new design providing far greater efficiency. limiting the volume of oil that the oil wiper rings should scrape. OT design adapts to any piston rod Reduced stiffness of ring sections allow conformability to piston rod Efficient wiper edges Single scraping edge designed to provide optimum scraping performance. Easily retrofitted To existing housings Extremely simple to assemble Increased reliability Results in reduction of machine shutdowns. manufactured from special HY material Due to 2 piece design Environmentally friendly Reduction in volume of oil disposal. disposal and recycle costs. Registered trademark . The new design enables optimum rod conformability even when the rod is tapered or out-of-round. Oil sticktion Prevents the majority of oil from entering the housing. leading to lower crankcase oil consumption HOERBIGER’s answer: OT oil wiper packing utilises the effect of oil viscosity to stick the throttle ring to the container.

Colombia . Vietnam . Saudi Arabia . Italy . Switzerland . Canada . Germany Greece . Indonesia . Syria .g. Egypt . Malaysia . Croatia . France . Brunei .hoerbiger-compression. United States of America . India . United Kingdom . Thailand . Austria . Netherlands . Libya . Brasil . South Korea Spain . vertical. Mexico . Slovakia . Sweden . Singapore . Romania . Kuwait . Serbia and Montenegro .The advantages of the OT oil wiper packing at a glance ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ Very efficient seal – zero or minimal oil leakage. United Arab Emirates . “V” and “W” etc) all RPM’s OT wiper rings can be manufactured in various materials. New Zealand . Australia . Nigeria . Israel . Philippines . Portugal . Lithuania . Finland .com Algeria . China . Japan . Czech Republic . where H2S is present ■ Already installed in more than 200 different compressor models A1U811E31DAG20F www. Taiwan . Norway . Hungary . Poland . Argentina . Russia . South Africa . Bolivia . especially for processes where oil free service is required The OT design offers the greatest potential to conform to out-of-round piston rods Easily fitted to existing housings 2 piece design makes assembly simple Cost reduction due to oil savings Reduction of disposal and recycling of oil Environmentally friendly due to reduced volume of disposal Solves leakage problems on all configurations of compressor The application range ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ Not process specific: applicable for all services Rod diameters range from 13 mm up to 250 mm Suitable for new and existing compressors Suitable for all compressor configurations (horizontal. standard material being bronze but this can be changed for sour gas applications e. Venezuela . Turkey . Oman Pakistan .

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