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Memory Dissolved & Disconnected One of the things forgotten by our modern view of all things helpful is that a large

part of speaking calls on people to awaken. Since modernity we are blind to what that means. During Ice Ages, long and short, Cold Snows, hunger and competition may all prove fatal. In Energy's hold there is always fruit, and small game. An angels life requires a competence and resolve for survival. The cause for undermining the choices of true belief is faith, the result the future. A valid goal to forgo short-term gratification is in favor of hard work for a future not your own. Comfort and personal mortality subside while the struggle is overcome. Our endeavors are driven by logic that most lowest do not have. The great tree grows into the cold of space. Pass does infinite generations, through curiosity gaining skill, wisdom and much responsibility. Harsh conditions of environment are no cause for the survivors to abandon hope to these innovators which believe in ideas which reward long-term thinking. The benefits provide an unheard efficiency. Highly selective breeding, art and learning, architecture and compassion become the fundamentals of the society. These beliefs do not come about by the luxury of circumstances, but in spite of them. Atheist Stratospheric The dominion inspire beliefs that which in turn are the full form of the faith that had led them to extraordinary success of rule. This was the origin of what you have come to know as heaven; when climate averages, they come branching back into the sun, and then easily continue the joy of exploration. The four corners of the globe successfully record these people having visited, and having been unlike anything they had ever seen thus far. They were the ancient race, and they brought with them values of survival that were both warlike and creative, such that everywhere they went, they built civilizations according to their spiritual tradition. This faith in and for life itself lasts unto the ultimate ends of living & it creatively is the guiding light. Where any other races might have been tribal, the emissaries are internally strong, because they do not see only love or hate, but a world that embraces many faiths, and they so loved this spectrum to which they joyfully gave their lives by the thousands in quest of what they found meaningful.

Replaced Sacrifice is not evil, but a means toward achieving great things, much as it guides through adversity and prejudice without harming spirit. Compared to that modern society pales in comparison. In comparison is ineffectual. Insufferable wastes and structures that line concrete slabs, and the vast amounts of rubbish

are generated when we lose interest with poorly designed belongings. It is awful that so many have no such faith or belief in the quality, and focus on our personal gratification and comfort at the moment. Our morals tell us all loss of life is bad, and the best we can do is to spare others death, there is only tasks to be achieved and they are the source of fascination and joy. Fortified in history their untainted aspects begin to fade when combined with elements of sedentary tribes, losing their traits of superiority, and become replaced by an immensely thick and meaningless people. They see only one reality where there is always luxury and charity, and they see only one way of assessing other people in accordance to their values of temporary satisfaction or short term gratification. There is nothing for which they believe in dying, and because of greed they have no goals. This is why any society must encourage their people to rise above impurity, when the goal is not what we have now, and realize that we are losing to ineptitude. Society is supposed to give responsibility, a return to natural belief and behavior in harmony with nature, and separation of order and chaos. The hateful separation of races into moral categories so that each can determine their own future in the world is one task that is minded by every leader with the goal of prosperity to divide it in two. Missing are vital solutions. Cities are once again filled with addicts, poverty and dilapidation which intrigues the criminal element, and every generation it worsens. Called videots, spending time aside from work attached to the tele, their advantages are stolen and it is important to understand correctly what that results in. What took this from us was not any one society but the greed of theocracy, which burned all the old records and pagan temples and slaughtered helpless in calling for a new god. It is more easily written. All things decay when they lose direction. Multitude & Medium Multiplicity

From poor breeding, the even weaker emerge, those clamoring for power in desperation. The image of intellect. A leaders foremost task, without struggle is to remind it why it strove, and to think for the long term. Religion controls this when one loses sight of larger goals, and loses faith in society. It is a flattery with a high price tag with a goal of one world order imposed onto all things material. The consequences are massive. Environmental destruction is rampant, killing off many species and shattering most ecosystems by giving them only small amounts of land uninterrupted by society. exhausted becomes the seas, now filled with rubbish and toxic waste. Taken is the best land by concrete jungles, that are filled with those which kill anything that lives around it. These catastrophes are easily overcome when those who see the original faith prove themselves to others. Pure willpower is our strongest weapon, and while our enemies have external strength, they do not have the power of conviction, and of creativity. Those who argue against true ethical reality feel they have already

lost and want others to share in their misery. This creates opposition only when separation will limit their right to buy as much plastic and waste as much resources as they can afford.