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DICOM workstation: We provide excellent DICOM Viewer and PACS Viewer for change image file.

We provide software products DICOM To CD and DICOM QA Station for digital image. Find software for DICOM QA Station and DICOM To CD with affordable solutions. We offers great value of software solution for DICOM To CD and DICOM Gateway. RADiON caters to imaging facilities of all sizes � from diagnostic centers to small physician centers to multi-specialty hospitals. It has the flexibility to function as a stand alone solution at facilities which don�t have a PACS or can be easily configured as a viewer on any existing PACS network. Get system cost-effective DICOM Gateway and DICOM To CD with multi-featured workstation solution . We designed DICOM Viewer, PACS Viewer and DICOM Router for to route studies to different nodes based pre-defined rules. Find DICOM Router, DICOM Viewer and PACS Viewer for receiving images. Find present medical software for PACS Viewer and DICOM Viewer from Radion is an all-in-one DICOM workstation that has an embedded server and 2D viewer. It is a simple to use solution that can morph into multiple applications such as: Use it Use it before Use it Use it CD/DVD Use it as a 2D diagnostic workstation for image review and manipulation. as a Q/A station which can receive images directly from the DICOM modality being forwarded to a PACS server. as reporting solution with the built-in template based reporting module. as distribution solution with its interface to Rimage/Primera to write with an embedded viewer and its unique DICOM/Windows print features. as gateway solution with the rule based DICOM router.

Study Manager: Embedded SQl database Predefined filters for easy access to required studies. Eg: All CR studies today, All Female Ultrasound studies, etc. Query directly from DICOM modality/ PACS server. Load DICOM/ DICOM DIR files stored locally. Query studies using advanced search options based on Name, ID, study range, modality, etc. Image display/ processing functions: Multiple viewing matrices for comparison of studies/images. Floating thumbnail preview for image series which can toggled on/off. Display scout lines Define image and overlay parameters based on modality. Image processing functions include Window level, Zoom, Pan, ROI zoom, flip, rotate, invert image, hounsfield value, image histogram, image sharpness and enhancement tools. Annotation tools include line, arrow, rectangle, ellipse, text and free hand drawing. Linear and angular measurements. Export images as JPG, BMP, or directly to PPT. Save presentation states. Video processing tools.