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A professional governing body in the US were finding it difficult to address their members learning and development needs. The organisation has more than 20000 members across the globe. The governing body sends out promotional/ educational material to its members. The investment to develop the materials was enormous. The organisation however realised that despite their efforts and intentions many members didn’t go through the materials that were sent to them. It was critical to understand why this was happening and more importantly what could be done to improve the knowledge / learning uptake rate. They approached Scriplogix in the US and for to help them get more clarity Scriplogix’s team of professionals set out to understand the core issues in the process. They interviewed the specialist members to understand what and why there was a poor learning uptake. The Scriplogix team analysed the qualitative data and then came up with a learning style evaluation survey. Whilst piloting the survey they realised that this survey didn’t reveal any new insights. The responses from interviews clearly stated that the professionals had a specific style of learning and the organisation was using the correct medium to communicate information. Despite saying that they had a preferred style, their pilot population admitted that in reality they didn’t adhere to the style. Scriplogix realised that although these professionals said they would use a style for learning they were not using that in reality. They were looking for a solution that could help them understand better. Talengene was approached to throw some light on the situation. When Talengene analysed the interview data and the questionnaire responses and they realised that it was a clear behaviour versus capabilities issue. Professionals who had selected one style of learning as preferred style had acknowledged in the interview that they used another style because of their behaviours. Unlike Binary systems which use a two by two framework to profile people, Parallax uses a three dimensional framework. It MAP’s an individual behaviour by measuring Mindset Attitude and Personality and uses that understanding to identify a individuals perceived and predicted behavioural style of learning. To that effect Talengene introduced the learning and teaching style evaluation using the cube model. The resultant understanding reveals the perceived and predicted behaviour with respect to learning and teaching. Talengene revisited the old data and demonstrated the professionals perceived and predicted behaviours. Scriplogix then invited a couple of professionals to complete the profiling solution to verify the validity and reliability of the learning and teaching style reports generated. The professionals endorsed the report accuracy and have recommended it for evaluating learning styles from a behavioural perspective.

Talengene Ltd. Registered in England number 6588245

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