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June 2011

Ashraf Camp A I join the UNH HCHR, EU, other co ountries around the world an human rights a e nd n zations and persona alities to de eplore stro ongly the Iraqi force violent attacks es organiz t against the defen nseless an unarme resident of Camp Ashraf o April 8th 2011 nd ed ts p on h, which l 35 resi left idents kille and hun ed ndreds of others wounded. Con o ncerns exis that if st the UN does not immediate assume the prote N ely e ection of the residents Iraqi aut e s, thorities will car out yet another ar rry rmed attac against Ashraf residents. ck A The pr roposal pr resented by the Eu b uropean Parliament is a pea P aceful and viable solution for Camp Ashraf, and I hope that the United Nat n a e U tions, the U and EU would US U assist i the implementation of this pllan as they all have expressed their conc in y d cern for the hum rights and dignit of the re man ty esidents of Ashraf to be preserv ved. Conditi ions that c coincide wit Ashraf r th residents rights unde Internatiional Law and the r er a Geneva Conven ntions mus be rea lized for the groun st nds to be set to re each a perman nent solut tion for the crisis in Ashraf. Until the full imple mentation of the n Europe ean Parliam ment plan and durin the transitional period, atte ng p empts by the US govern nment, UN EU are neces N, a ssary to have the followin e ng precon nditions accomplished: ry tion of Cam Ashraf must be br mp m rought to a end; an 1. The militar occupat 2. The 2-ye ear-long in nhumane siege ag gainst Ca amp Ashra by the Iraqi af e government must be lifted. Th e camps gates mus be opene to mem e g st ed mbers of the residents familie and theiir lawyers to visit the residents; es t endent inve estigation b carried out by a re be epresentatiive appointed by 3. An indepe the UN on the April 8th attack against Ca n 8 amp Ashra and the c af crimes com mmitted inside the camp as has bee called for by the UN Hum e s en e man Right High ts Commissio oner. I fully support t prosec y the cution of the perpetra ators of the crimes e against hu umanity in Camp Ash hraf; and 4. Ashrafs security and protectio must be guarantee with the reopening of the d on ed e g UN monito oring office (UNAMI) in Ashraf. e

The co ompulsory relocation of 3,400 unarmed refugees is illegal and violates UN n 0 d standa ards and In nternational Law and International Human nitarian Law provisions. It is aw very clear to me that reloc e cation insid Iraq no only falls short of guarantee de ot s eing the end of repression and killing of Ashra residents in fact it places the in the midst of n af s; em m even g greater thre eats. There efore, com pulsory relocation is not a real istic and practical p solution and in p n, practice can only be p n preparation for anot ns ther killing spree.

Archbis shop Emer ritus Desm mond Tutu ( (Cape Tow South Africa) wn h

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