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March 23, 2012 Volume 3, No. 23

New Zealands first Indian weekend magazine

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The Pulse of Kiwi Indians

The new rules come into e ect on Sunday 25 March at 5am

Two give way rules are changing

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If youre turning right, give way

This rule will apply at intersections where two vehicles are facing no signs or signals, or the same signs or signals. You will need to give way to left turning vehicles coming from the opposite direction if you are turning right.


Top of the T goes before me

When youre turning right from the bottom of a T-intersection with no signs or signals, you will need to give way to all vehicles at the top of the T. So at all T-intersections and driveways, including public driveways such as at a supermarket or hospital, think Top of the T goes before me.

for films Pg 26

These rules are changing to make our roads safer


Learn the new rules at

NTA 0900A
or call 0800 656 055

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says Dev Patel


New Zealand

Bad acoustics mars Rahat concert

Dev NaDkarNI

Better sound management, a feminine voice and perhaps a more variegated repertoire would undoubtedly have made last weekends Rahat Fateh Ali Khan concert immensely more memorable.

Auckland audiences had been waiting long for Rahats first New Zealand performance. So it was pleasing to see last weekends sellout concert begin right on the dot and the maestro launch into his performance without the sort of fanfare that celebrity performers have come to be associated with. Full marks on that score to Aariya Entertainment, for whom this was a first concert under its auspices. Starting off with the contemplative Allah hu, the Sufi song that his uncle, the legendary Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan took to the corners of the world, Rahat alternated between traditional and contemporary fare from Hindi films throughout the first half. Sufi singing reflects the abandon of its mystical philosophy and the singer often dwells in the uppermost octave taar saptak in musical parlance reaching several successive crescendos in the course of the song. While Rahat sang with the practiced ease he has come to be known for, the poor sound management did gross disservice to his virtuosity. In the early stages of the concert the sound was tuned to such a deafening level that both his singing and the accompaniment, especially in the higher octaves, sounded shrill, even raucous, to the point that several listeners in the Telstraclear Events Centre audience were seen shielding their ears.

When will acoustics technicians realise that over-the-top decibel levels completely destroy Indian vocalists finer essays? Poor sound tuning has been the bane of Indian music concerts in Auckland for years and it is time event organisers step up to the plate and deal with the problem with some degree of finality. Sadly, the subtleties of the celebrated Ustads awesome vocal calisthenics were drowned out for a large part of the first half of the concert. Aariyas managers have said that the sound management was supervised by sound engineers who had travelled with Rahat and that Aariya had almost no control over it.

has succeeded in straddling across the subcontinent with his soulful singing, pleased the audience with his more recent Hindi film favourites. He also sang a few traditional qawwalis and a Punjabi number to a surging re- sponse from the audience. Rahat is clearly a shy and reticent artiste, who likes to get on with his business of regaling the audience with what he does best singing soulfully, full throated. His boyish smiles and twinkling eyes undoubtedly endear him to his live audiences. But then there is little that he does by way of interacting with his listeners in a way most other celeb-

in these times especially with shows that involve Bollywood music. And it was a refreshing change. The audience lapped up his wildly successful recent Bollywood numbers, which he sang with great finesse, though the super hits whose originals had a feminine voice were sung solo diminishing the experience somewhat. For instance Teri Meri, Meri Teri from the superhit flick Bodyguard sounded incomplete without a feminine voice, which is so important to the lyric. Apparently Rahats troupe does

Fortunately, wiser counsels seem to have prevailed and the sound in the second half was decidedly better, though far from ideal. Post interval, the Ustad from Pakistan who

rity stage performers do. In that sense he is the quintessential stage artiste of traditional Indian baithak music: more artiste than entertainer. Which is rather rare

not include women artistes, according to promo material that was distributed during the concert, supposedly because the traditional genre that he specialises in does not

involve women artistes. But that is at variance with the depiction of both male and female qawwali singers in countless Hindi films released since the 1950s. His 15-man ensemble is highly accomplished and comprises support vocalists (including Rahats younger brother), western and traditional rhythmists and string, wind and electronic instrumentalists. Rahat himself wields the harmonium with great dexterity and finesse. In no mehfil can an audiences farmaaish be fully met and that was the case with Rahats as well. Many requests from the audience of his favourite numbers both from Hindi films and his traditional collection went unheeded and one wished some more of his more recent and not so recent Hindi film numbers were doled out towards the end. All in all, it was a memorable concert because of both Rahats music and the terrible sound management. While Aariya Entertainment and promoters Dinesh and Rahul Raniga did a marvelous job of organising the concert, there was nothing they could have done about the sound.

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Indian Weekender | March 23, 2012 |


there were fewer than 10000, now there are more than 100,000 making Indians the second largest ethnic Asian group. The participation of Indians is huge. When I joined law, Indian lawyers could be counted on one hand now there is a whole roomful and more, he added. While being Governor General, he had the theoccasion to Class cabin features a seat an Business attend several functions with Indian inches and throughout the country, pitch of 74dimension full flat bed seats each he said. Among these he recalled Diwali in measuring 72 inches in length together with many parts of the country, individual 17-inch IFE screens. the diamond jubileeseats with an 18-inch The Economy class of the Wellington seat width and recline of 6 inches, have a Indian of 32 Club, seat pitch Sportsinches and individual IFE the 85th anniversary screens measuring 10.6 inches. In-seat of charging PalmlaptopNZICA in facilities are available on erston in First and every seat North and Business Class. In the NZICA Womens Economy, laptop charging facilities are Conference 2 Welshared by everyin seats. lington in 2008fitted with the Thales enThe aircraft is that Lady Susan inaugutertainment system, with fully customised rated. Graphic User Interface specific for quick navigation Touching upon relations between Indian and seat in all classes is equipped with and New satellite telephone facility. USB port and Zealand, Sir Anand acknowledged the current negotiations on the free trade agreement and the commitment of Prime Ministers John Key and Manmohan Singh. He said there was real substance in the negotiations and that the relationship between the two countries was becoming closer in a substantive way. Sir Anand described the Pravasi Bharatiya Award that was presented to him at Vigyan Bhavan in New Delhi was one of his most cherished. While it made him proud of his Indian heritage, it also reflected the greatness of a

New Zealand
country like New Zealand where it was possible for a person of Indian, whose grandparents and parents were migrants, could stand proud with achievements as lawyer, judge, ombudsman and finally as Governor General. He said he looked forward to restore the spontaneity and relative anonymity that comes out of stepping down from office. He was carrying a multitude of memories with him, he added, many of these were shared closely with the Indian community. NZICA General Secretary Raj Thandi Just over a month after it completedAnand is a said, Sir the Bhumi Puja of the proposed temple to be built at 12-18 great New Zealander Princes St, Onehunga, and a cost of $ 2.565 at distinguished commillion, the Saibaba Sansthan has advised thata munity leader. He is it paid back $ 1.75 million in example of a New fine the last 1 year and the current outstanding Zealander $ 250,000. loan is just who made Its more than a month since we hard work good through completed Bhumi Puja and weand sure devotees are are a commitment to awaiting an update on the Temple Project.goals. realising high The Sansthan had taken was very $ 2millionhonour The Association a loan of proud to from ASBAnand and his wife, Lady Susan. A special Sir Bank. The Sansthan by myself was presented to plaque, designedapplied for building permits on 26/10/11 and is expecting to get the approvSir Anand that symbolised the respect that he al by in hand by end of the March /mid April deserves. 2012. About 200 members and guests, including The Sansthan invited 10 Zealand Governrepresentatives of the New firms in October 2011 toattended the function. SirTemple / Comment give the Pricing for the William Birch, munity Hall Project. Six firms gave the Finance, a former New Zealand Minister of pricing and 3 firmsPatel, short listed in November 2011 Ramesh were a New Zealand Olympian, by Executive Committee/Temple Committee Judge Ajit Singh, Auckland City Councillor on theMorrisonthe pricing and capability. KanDes basis of and Member of Parliament Since the Bakshi also attended the 2.8 waljit Singh least quote received was $event million dollars, which community luminaries. among several other was well above the Projected Project cost, the Sansthan requested these 3 firms to do value engineering and come with best revised quotes and to give pricing for executing the project in phases, The Sansthan is trying its best to start the construction as early as possible after negotiating with banks for required finances. Automatic Payments are the backbone of the project, says the Sansthan. About 190 devotees donate about $ 6800 every month. This is an easy and simple way devotees can support the Sansthan.

Subang, Malaysia: Malaysia Airlines last week revealed the design and specifications of its first new flagship aircraft, the Airbus A380-800, that is on track for entry into service from July 1, 2012. The first Malaysian A380 aircrafts exterior was showcased in a new livery that retained the national airlines rich wau heritage together with modern fonts in contemporary colours, demonstrating the national carriers commitment towards using new avenues to deliver its renowned Malaysian Hospitality brand experience in fresh and exciting ways. Malaysia Airlines Group Chief Executive Officer, Encik Ahmad Jauhari Yahya said, We are the first to introduce the A380

Shirdi Saibaba Malaysia Airlines showcases new A380 temple makes progress
into service using a uniquely refreshed look and feel, instead of the regular corporate identity, to showcase our latest premium offering in products and services. This will be our flagship aircraft to launch our exciting new levels of comfort, luxury and convenience in long haul travel. The A380 has a capacity of 494 seats in a three-class configuration comprising 8 First Class seats and 350 Economy Class seats on the main deck, together with 66 Business Class seats and 70 economy Class seats on the upper deck. The First Class cabin has a luxurious seat pitch of 85 inches with 87 inch full flat bed seats complemented with individual 23 inch inflight entertainment (IFE) screens whilst

New campaign for GP enrolment

Members of Aucklands Asian communities are being encouraged to enrol with a general practitioner (GP). A new public awareness campaign, Your Local Doctor, hopes to address lower than average enrolment rates among people of Asian descent in Auckland. Waitemata DHB epidemiologist Dr Lifeng Zhou says studies have consistently shown that people with an ongoing relationship with their GP tend to get diagnosed more quickly, and spend less time in hospital. Its about keeping people healthy and well. When you have a doctor you trust and see regularly, not only does it ensure that you get the right treatment when you are unwell, but your doctor will have a good idea of your overall health, lifestyle and risk factors to watch out for, such as conditions like heart disease that may run in your family. GPs are generally the first point of call for medical treatment. Most GPs in New Zealand belong to a Primary Health Organisation (PHO), which aim to deliver healthcare services to people in its community at an affordable cost. Dr Zhou says enrolment is easy and costs nothing. All you need to do is complete a simple registration form. If you enrol, you get benefits including cheaper doctors fees and a charge

membering a dear mate

All you need to do is complete a simple registration form. If you enrol, you get benefits including cheaper doctors fees and a charge of only $3 for each prescription. In some practices and areas, enrolled children under 6 are even seen free.

of only $3 for each prescription. In some practices and areas, enrolled children under 6 are even seen free. People are also able to access free interpretation services, if required, and the doctors practice will include patients who are enrolled for regular check-ups as well as immunisation reminders for their children. Most importantly, because your GP knows whats normal for you, he or she is likely to notice any changes that could indicate health problems. The Your Local Doctor c a m p a i g n will target the Chinese, Korean and Indian communities Aucklands three largest Asian ethnic groups through articles and advertising in ethnic media, a dedicated informational website (www.yourlocaldoctor., along with posters and leaflets at key community focal points. In Auckland, the enrolment rate among Asian communities is around 10 per cent lower than the enrolment rate of people of New Zealand European descent. Dr Zhou says language barriers and a lack of awareness have been cited as the main factors behind the low enrolment rates. For further information visit:




FEA - Up - Bu - Lif - Re - Ki - Re - Sm - In


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New Zealand

New Zealand


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teed diswith free es offers, RWC ces. e will be national gadgets zone Exy of our account ass and work.

The Department of Labour is reminding employers that the law now requires them to keep signed written employment agreements for all their staff. Since 1 July all employers are required Chinmaya signed copies of employment agreeto keep Mission New Zealand is organising terms and conditions for all ments or current a series of evening talk they mayin a penalty. employees, or series face English Employment Bhagaon the Holy agreements are required vad for all by Swami Tejo-matter when they Geeta employees no mayananda the globalAnnie Newman, the Destarted work, says head partments Acting worldof Chinmaya Mission Chief Adviser of Employwide.ment Relations. Swami Guruji, as This is addressed Tejomayanandaaffects all employees including those hired on a verbal agreement or employin Chinmaya Mission, will ees who do not have the deliver his discourses on current written agreetopicments in place, says Ms Newman. Yoga of Knowledge and Having a clearly written employment Wisdom in English, which agreement chapter 7 of is based on the helps reduce the risk of misunderstandings Bhagavad Gita. and there are some provisions that must be included in Giving maximum happi-employment agreeness ments, she says. to maximum people for maximum time They the include the name and the is the motto ofmust Chinmaya Mission,of the emAuckland centre of the mission will be organising this talk series at the Dorothy Winstone Centre, Auckland Girls Grammar school, Howe Street, Newton from the 16-20 April 2012 from 7.30 pm to 9.00 pm. Swami Tejomayananda travels around the worldA multi-media study Vedic wisdomHenry to spread the ancient about Paul eloand Hone Harawira is being presented by quently taught by his world renowned Guru Wellingtons Centre for Applied CrossSwami Chinmayananda. Also, he has overseen cultural Research at next months 2011 New the global expansion of many spiritual, culZealand Diversity forum jointly hosted by tural the Human RightsinCommission and the and social projects India and overseas. Fluent in Hindi, Marathi, English, and SanHamilton Multicultural Services Trust. skrit, Swami Tejomayananda's talks, public arIts work examines the intense written commentaries,around comments made by promiguments and original music, poetry, and text compositions exude in 2010, such as Henrys nent media figures lofty spiritual insights, incisive Vedantic scholarship, and an internadeliberate mispronunciation of universal harmony. Over 300 centers and then repeatedly tional dignitarys name in the world with activities and about it, and Harawiras alleged laughing projects spanning spirituality, culture, education, and social serviceThe forum racist comments about Pakeha. draw inspiration from his spiritual leadership. will also include activities that tackle race

Employers Mission head Chinmayamust keep staff Ethnic meet promises to speak in Auckland inspiration of diversity
ployer and employee, a description of the work to be performed, the place of employment, times the employee is to work, the wages or salary, and an explanation of services available for solving problems. Swami Tejomayananda Its the employers responsibility to has way of making the maintain and keep anaup to date copy of each transcendental philosophy of employees agreement and provide a copy of Vedanta easily requests it, the agreement if an employeeunderstood to seekers from all backgrounds Ms Newman says. with his practical tips that The Department of Labour has developed an Employmenttoo in simple Agreement Builder to His employers through this process. drives home humorous style Failure to ensure an with a heartyagreea point employment laugh ment is in place and all employees may nature for his approachable result in a labour inspector taking a to listeners of endears him penalty action against an employer. all ages. Chinmaya Mission This involves a seven-day notice period New Zealand, invites all to to rectify the breachthe benefit of thecomtake and if this isnt holy plied with then presence of suchbespecial and penalties may a sought in the Employment Relations Authority of up exquisite teacher of Vedanta. to $10,000 for individualsfounded by devoChinmaya Mission was and $20,000 for companies. tees of Swami Chinmayananda to teach spirituality as a way of life. Swamiji was renowned worldwide as a spiritual master and one of the foremost teachers of Shrimad Bhagavad Geeta. He was credited with the renaissance of spirituality and cultural values in India, and with the spreading of the ageless wisdom of Advaita relations Vedanta. priorities identified in this years Race Relations Report, and feature the preThe Holy Gita is the essence of the Vedas sentation of the Annual Diversity awards. and especially the knowledge section i.e. UpaA parallel youth forum is being held at the nishads. It is considered by many independent same time. scholars New universal scripture applicable to The as a Zealand Diversity Forum 2011 people of all temperaments and21-22 August is being held at Hamilton on for all times. Speaker: Swami Tejomayananda, Global Also on the programme on Sunday at 3.30Head of Chinmaya Mission worldwide, speaks 5.00 pm is a forum on Community Media on Yoga of Knowledge and Wisdom Monday and Diversity hosted by the Community 16th to Friday 20th AprilTrust. Time 7.30 Access Radio Waikato 2012 pm to 9.00 pm at on Sunday and for individAttendance the Dorothy Winstone Centre, Auckland Girlsfree. If youschool, Howe Street, ual forums is Grammar are attending for Newton. Contact Br. Adarsh on (09) 275 6954 half a day or more on the Monday the regisor visit tration fee is $50.

Diversity forum will focus on media

An Auckland forum discussing ethnic diversity will focus on the potential of social entrepreneurship to create change and harness the skills and experience within communities. The keynote speaker for the free EthnicA Auckland conference is Sir Ray Avery, the 2010 New Zealander of the Year. Sir Ray is perhaps best known as the man who brought intraocular lenses made in laboratories in Nepal and Eritrea to the world, so making modern cataract surgery available to the poor. Mervin Singham, the Director of the Office of Ethnic Affairs, which is organising the conference says Sir Ray exemplifies how innovative ideas can connect communities, a key theme for the forum. Sir Rays experience is inspiring and hes skilled at engaging people from all walks of life in projects that make a difference. A workshop takes up the theme of social enterprise that is, organisations that use a business model to generate profit that is used for a social purpose. Social enterprise is becoming an increasingly important concept for not-for-profit organisations searching for ways to become more sustainable within the tight economic climate. Mr Singham says the Office of Ethnic Affairs has launched a project aimed at fostering a network of ethnic organisations and mainstream experts who can promote social enterprise and the forum will help to explore this. The conference will also look at the development of immigration trends in New Zealand. A panel of experts will discuss the benefits and challenges of the shift in focus from Europe to Asia in the1980s to the present day. Theres been a drive to attract people to New Zealand who are wealthy, healthy, wise and skilled. Theres also room for the young

who want to get an education, make a go of it, support their communities and achieve the best in their own lives, says Mr Singham. Maximising these opportunities will make New Zealand a stronger, more prosperous country. Finding and securing the connections within and between communities will make us all better off. The challenges and opportunities of maximising the potential of international students is the focus of another of the conference workshops. The economic value of international education to the country is around $2.5 billion. Leading experts will discuss how the contribution of international students can also benefit New Zealands research, innovation, trade and tourism sectors. In another session; Cultural Currency Shortland Street actor, Brian Manthenga, who hails from Zimbabwe, will join Korean rapper, Joshua Jang from Auckland, in talking about the importance of the art and entertainment sector to the economy. Programme When: 9.00am 4.30pm, Saturday 31 March 2012 Where: Alexandra Park, Greenlane Road West, Epsom, Auckland Free and open to everyone. The conference will also be held in Hamilton, Christchurch and Wellington. The forums will include similar themes with regional speakers. EthnicA Conference Hamilton: 1 April, 9.00am 4.30pm. Programme EthnicA Conference Christchurch: 28 April, 9.00am 4.30pm. Programme EthnicA Conference Wellington: 26 May, 9.00am 4.30pm. Programme

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Celebrating good neighbourliness

Neighbours Day Aotearoa is to be held on the weekend of 24 and 25 March. The day aims to encourage all Kiwis to spend some time getting to know their neighbours better. Great cities are built on strong, resilient local communities, and forging good relationships between neighbours is an excellent foundation, says Auckland City Mayor Len Brown. The city council is supporting the days celebrations. Id love to see strongly connected neighbourhoods right across Auckland, and those places with close neighbourhood networks already in place celebrate that. We l l - c o n nected communities are safer and more vibrant, and I encourage everyone to get involved in this fantastic concept. John McCarthy, General Manager Lifewise, one of the organisations behind the campaign, says the weekend is a chance for people to get to know their neighbours, if they dont already, and to grow local connections with the people who live around them. Neighbours Day Aotearoa is not about big events. Its about everyday Kiwis, reaching over their fence and engaging with their neighbours. There are a lot of inspirational stories and ideas on the website to get people thinking, he says. It could be as simple as waving and saying hello to neighbours you dont know, sharing a cuppa or asking your neighbour if they need a hand with anything - right

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through to putting on a street party or BBQ. Wed love Kiwis to show a little neighbourliness this Neighbours Day - by going to the website, signing up and then downloading the ideas and tools they think would work best in their street.

:29 PM

Indian Weekender | March 23, 2012 |


New Zealand

Noted violinist to perform in Auckland

M Kalyan, the lead violinist of celebrated Indian music composer A R Rahman, is to perform in Auckland. The man known to play the Singing Violin has been a popular artiste in the film industry for over forty years. He has played and performed with most of the Indian music directors and composers ranging from Salil Chowdary, Bombay Ravi, Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, Vidhyasagar, Vishal Bharadwaj, Bharadwaj, Dakshinamoorthy, Deva, Devan Ekambaram, G. Devarajan, G.K.Venkatesh, G.V. Prakash, Gangai Amaran, Hamsalekha, D. Imman, Johnson, Chakravarthy, Koti, Devi Sri Prasad, M.M. Kreem (Maragadhamani), M.S.V., Ilayaraja, Yuvan Shankar Raja, Karthik Raja, Karthik, Mani Sharma, Shankar Ganesh, Sirpy, Harris Jayaraj, and A.R.RAHMAN and has also accompanied most of the music directors on their world tour concerts. The violin concert is to be held on April 7 at the Mt Albert War Memorial Hall in Auckland.

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Submissions to MMP review keep EC busy

It has only been running for four weeks, but already more than 2000 people have made submissions to the Electoral Commissions MMP review. Chief Electoral Officer Robert Peden is impressed by the results so far. Its great to see so many people taking the opportunity to share their views, he says. Weve received submissions from all over the country, and really appreciate the time and effort people are putting in. The majority of voters chose to keep MMP at last years referendum on the voting system, and now the Electoral Commission is carrying out a review of how MMP works. It will make recommendations to Parliament later in the year. You dont need to be an expert to take part, says Mr Peden, and you can make your submission any way you want online, via email or letter, or using our easy submission guide. Check our website or call our freephone 0800 36 76 56 to get all the information youll need. All submissions received are published online at, he says. I encourage anyone who is thinking about making a submission to visit and see what other people are saying. The Electoral Referendum Act 2010 sets


Its great to see so many people taking the opportunity to share their views, he says. Weve received submissions from all over the country, and really appreciate the time and effort people are putting in.

out the issues the Commission must consider in the review. These are l What thresholds parties should have to cross to qualify for an allocation of list seats in Parliament, l Whether list MPs should be able to stand as candidates in a byelection, l Whether a person should be able to stand as a candidate both for an electorate seat and on a party list, l Whether voters or political parties should decide the order of candidates on a party list, l What should happen when a party wins more electorate seats than it would be entitled to under its share of the party vote, and l The effects of population growth on the ratio of electorate seats to list seats. Parliament has excluded Mori representation and the number of Members of Parliament from the review. There are a number of issues that the Commission has to review, and some that we cant, says Mr Peden. We can consider any aspect of the MMP voting system as long as it directly relates to the way MMP works. Submissions from people wishing to appear at a public hearing must be received by 5 April, and all submissions must be received by 31 May.

172 Great South Rd. Papatoetoe Ph: 09 278 6000 & 09 629 3333 Email: Mon-Fri 10.00am - 5.00pm l Sat: 10.00am - 4pm Sun: 11.00am - 4.00pm





OPEning HOurs:

As soon as Nevaans version became a viral hit on the internet, everyone forgot about the original version by Dhanu versions of it are being released everyday on the net, Nevaans version is the one most popular due to its innocence a Dhanush wants to shoot a video with him and lyricist Javed Akhtar is full of praise and has sent his blessings for the Indian He is just four years old and his song is already a sensational hit. A million hits within two and a half days, a facebook fan page dedicated to his fans from all over the world, young and old alike, watching his song over and over again. After all, who can resist hi song and twitter trending his song every day since it hit the social media circuit. innocence? His gestures and expressions are priceless in the song.

New Zealand

If you are still guessing, we are talking about the youngest singing star to make a mark in the singing arena Nevaan Nigam, the son of legendary singer Sonu Nigam. A keen Bollywood follower, Nevaan has always loved to imitate celebrities, be it Salman Khan from Dabang or Shahrukh Khan from Ra One. So when he saw Tamil star Dhanush singing Kolaveri Di which is a song of jilted lover mourning his unsolicited love over a glass of scotch, Nevaan came up with his own milk version in which he pesters his mum Madhurima for a glass of milk instead. As soon as the video was uploaded on YouTube, it started clocking hits at an unbelievable pace. We just did it for fun and the response has been so overwhelming. He is a good child and deserves it all says his proud father Sonu Nigam.

Sonu Nigam bringing his talented Kolaveri son?

as history is repeating. Singer Sonu Nigam Australian-New Zealand tour also, the ques-

To any true Sonu Nigam fan it will seem as history is repeating. Singer Sonu Nigam began his singing career at the he joined his father on stage to sing Mohammed Rafis Kya Hua Tera Vaada, Wo Kasam Wo Irada. And though, it graceful demeanour as a host of the television singing competition Sa Re Ga Ma that won the hearts of the audienc for films, there was no looking back. On the other hand, Nevaan has already been approached by Lataji (even before Campbell Centre in Greenlane . Though expressions are priceless in the song. conclude a song on her new album by performing a sargam. Now thats we call a BORN STAR. on his 2008 To any true Sonu Nigam fan it will seem Nevaan accompanied his father

no looking back. On the other hand, Nevaan has already been approached by Lataji (even before is Kolaveri hit) to that will make Whether Nevaan performs or not, this his one concert conclude a song on her new album by performing remember for a long long time for New Zealand audience. a sargam. Now thats we call a BORN STAR. For all those Sonu (and Nevaan) Nigam fans, the wait is over. S.S.TELEFILMS is bringing the father son duo to Auckland to enthral fans on 14 April 2012 at the Logan As soon as Nevaans version became a viral hit histhe internet, everyone forgot about the original version started clocking hitsmultiple He is just four years old and on song is already uploaded on YouTube, it by Dhanush. And though versions of itaare being released everyday on the net, Nevaans version is the one unbelievable pace. We just and freshness. Even sensational hit. A million hits within two and at an most popular due to its innocence did it for fun Dhanush wantshalf days, a facebookand lyricist Javed Akhtar is full of praise and has sent his blessings so the young star. He has won a to shoot a video with him fan page dedicated to and the response has been for overwhelming. fans from all over the world, young and old alike, watching his song over and over again. After all, who can resist his cute looks and his song and twitter trending his song every He is a good child and deserves it all says his innocence? His gestures and expressions are priceless in the song. proud father Sonu Nigam. day since it hit the social media circuit. As soon his singing career at the tender age of a If you are still guessing, is are talking To any true Sonu Nigam fan it will seem as historywerepeating. Singer Sonu Nigam beganas Nevaans version became three when he joined hisabout on stage to sing Mohammed Rafis Kya make a Vaada, Wo Kasamthe internet, everyonewas his innocent looks and father the youngest singing star to Hua Tera viral hit on Wo Irada. And though, it forgot about graceful demeanour in a host of the television Nevaan Nigam, the Re theMa that won the hearts ofDhanush. And though singing mark as the singing arena singing competition Sa Ga original version by the audience. Once he started for films, there was no looking back. On the other hand, Nevaan has already been approached by Lataji (even before his Kolaveri hit) to son of legendary singer Sonu Nigam. A keen multiple versions of it are being released evconclude a song on her new album by performing a sargam. Now thats we call a BORN STAR. Bollywood follower, Nevaan has always loved eryday on the net, Nevaans version is the one most popular due to its innocence and freshFor all those to imitate celebrities, be it the wait is Khan from Sonu (and Nevaan) Nigam fans, Salman over. S.S.TELEFILMS is bringing the father son duo to Auckland to enthral fans on 14 April 2012 at the LoganShahrukh Khan Greenlane . Though Nevaan accompaniedDhanushon his 2008 Australian-New Zealand tour Dabang or Campbell Centre in from Ra One. So ness. Even his father wants to shoot a video also, the question is he saw Tamilor not Dhanush singingfound star status. him and lyricist JavedS.S.Telefilms and the man behind when will he perform star now with his newly Ko- with Bobby Sohal the director of Akhtar is full of organising these successful concertsacomments,jilted lover mourn- blood. He is blessed to be born in a family of singers young laveri Di which is song of Music is in Nevaans praise and has sent his blessings for the and to have Sonu Nigam as his father who can guide him. I have been receiving a lot of phone calls since Nevaans Kolaveri version has become viral on the star. He has won fans from all over the world, ing his unsolicited he is over a perform or not . internet. Everyone is asking whetherlove going to glass of scotch, Nevaan came up with his own milk version young and old alike, watching his song over in which he pesters his mum Madhurima for a mark in 2012. The Superstar Sonu Nigams concert will Whether Nevaan performs or not, this is one concert that will make a and over again. After all, who can resist his be one to remember for a long long time for New As soon as the video was cute looks and innocence? His gestures and glass of milk instead. Zealand audience.

began his singing career at the tender age of tion is will bringing the father son duo For all those Sonu (and Nevaan) Nigam fans, the wait is over. S.S.TELEFILMS is he perform or not now with his to A three when he joined his father on stage to newly found star status. Bobby Sohal the di14 April 2012 at the Logan Campbell Centre in GreenlaneHua Tera Vaada, rector of S.S.Telefilmshis father on his orsing Mohammed Rafis Kya . Though Nevaan accompanied and the man behind 2008 Aus also, the question is will he performWo Kasam Wo Irada. his newly foundhis ganising these successful concerts comments, S.S.Te or not now with And though, it was star status. Bobby Sohal the director of organising these successful concertsinnocent looks and graceful demeanour as a blood. He infamily of singers and to have Sonu comments, Music is in Nevaans Music is is Nevaans blood. He is blessed family of blessed to be born in a to host of the television singing competition Sa be born in a Nigam as his father who can guide him. I have been receiving aaudience. Nigam as his fatherNevaans Kolaveri version h Re Ga Ma that won the hearts of the lot of phone calls since who can guide him. I have Once he started singing for films, there internet. Everyone is asking whether he is going to perform or not . was been receiving a lot of phone calls since Nevaans Kolaveri version has become viral on the internet. Everyone is asking whether he is agoing to perform or not . Superstar Sonu mark in 2012. The Whether Nevaan performs or not, this is one concert that will make a mark in 2012. The Superstar Sonu Nigams concert will be one to remember for a long long time for New Zealand audience.


Flashmob surprises Holi revellers

Some seventy-five flashmob performers converged on the celebrations of the Holi festival at the Telstra Clear Pacific Centre at Manukau City on Sunday, March 11. The choreographed song set to Dhanushs Sachin Anthem which pays tribute to cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, proved to be a surprise highlight of the event, delighting onlookers with its spontaneity and energy. This followed the viral success of organiser Padma Akulas previous flashmob in downtown Auckland in December 2011 that garnered over two million hits on YouTube videos.

That flashmob dance was set to Why this Kolaveri Di. The songs popularity was such around the globe, that in the last two months of 2011 it blazed through all the records to steal the spot as the most popular song of the year. Akulas success didnt stop with YouTube, the Auckland flashmob went on to be featured on CNN USA and Indian National news channel TV9, as well as Indian newspaper Times of India, amongst others. It also went on to inspire a number of copycat flashmobs around the world from Sydney to Singapore and Germany to name a few.

Indian Weekender | March 23, 2012 |


New Zealand

Auckland businesses interested in gaining environmental credentials and saving money can enroll now for the 2012 Eco Smart Business programme, with a subsidy available for the first 50 to sign up. Run by the Employers and Manufacturers Association (EMA) with support from Auckland Council and the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA), the programme provides Auckland businesses with practical assistance to improve their environmental and financial performance, including through support on tackling waste minimisation and energy efficiency. During the past year 46 Auckland businesses have completed the programmes guided workshops and carried out associated activity to improve their environmental outcomes, increase market appeal and achieve financial savings while working towards gaining ISO 14001 and Eco Warranty environmental credentials. This year a subsidy on the registration fee is available to the first 50 businesses who sign up before 20 April, thanks to support from the council and EECA. Auckland Council Environment and Sus-

Eco Smart subsidy offered for businesses

tainability Forum Chairperson Wayne Walker, who is set to MC the 2012 Eco Smart Business programme launch event later this month, says research has found customers and suppliers are increasingly interested in supporting green companies and the Eco Smart programme helps Auckland enterprises gain that competitive advantage. Anyone interested in ensuring their business is both more environmentally sustainable and profitable should consider attending our 2012 launch event to find out more, Councillor Walker says. At the event on 29 March at the Floating Pavilion in the Viaduct Basin the 2011 participants success at turning green into gold will be showcased and presentations made by keynote speakers including Aucklands Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse, EMA CEO Kim Campbell and the MD of Colmar Brunton Jacqueline Ireland who will share relevant consumer research findings. More information is available from Auckland Council via 09 301 0101 or, or to register for the launch event or the Eco Smart Business programme email

Papatoetoe Celebrating 150 Years in 2012

The Papatoetoe neighbourhood of Auckland is celebrating its 150th year of existence this year. A number of upcoming events have been announced in which residents can participate: Tuesday 27 March 2012: A Twilight Heritage Walk of primarily the St George Street shopping area organised by the Papatoetoe Historical Society. It will start at Burnside Park, cnr St George St and Wallace Rd leaving at 6.30 pm. Parking is available in the Papatoetoe library carpark. It is expected that the walk will take around 1hour. Saturday 31 March: The Papatoetoe Lions in conjunction with South Auckland Philatelic Society are organising the Annual Stamp Fair to be held at the Papatoetoe Town Hall from 9.00am until 3.00pm. Free admission. Refreshments available. Dealers will be present. Monday 2 April: A street parade celebrating Papatoetoes 150th birthday will be leaving the Recreation Grounds carpark at 10 am, making its way along the Great South Road to Kolmar Road, down Kolmar Road to St George Street to Tavern Lane (by the Old Papatoetoe Railway Station) to the Town Hall. All Papatoetoe Schools will have 20 students each marching in the parade in the order that the schools were opened so Papatoetoe Central School will march first. The children will be wearing their school uniforms. There will also be other groups marching and hopefully Little Flick the old Papatoetoe Fire Engine will be there as well-it is currently being restored. At the Papatoetoe Town Hall and the Papatoetoe Chambers there will be displays outlining Papatoetoes history. These displays will remain open to the public until Wednesday 4 April. Hours Tuesday and Wednesday 1-4pm. Youthline will be giving out a piece of

Indians in NZ at risk of vitamin D deficiency

A new statement on vitamin D and sun exposure has been developed highlighting the importance of balancing sun exposure with safety. Research, which informed the joint statement by the Ministry of Health and Cancer Society with support from ACC, shows that some sun exposure is needed to produce vitamin D, says the Ministry of Healths Public Health Medicine Specialist Dr Harriette Carr. However, Dr Jan Pearson National Health Promotion Manager for the Cancer Society says over-exposure to UV rays can increase the risk of skin cancer, which must always be avoided. The main groups identified as at risk of vitamin D deficiency in the Consensus Statement are: People with naturally very dark skin. This includes people from Africa, the Indian subcontinent and Middle East. Those who avoid the sun because of a higher skin cancer risk or are on photosensitising medications, for example some acne treatments. Those with limited mobility, who are frail or housebound either in residential care or the community, including anyone bedridden or wheelchair bound. Residents living in southern regions who get little time outdoors in the middle of the day between May and August, may be deficient by late winter. Sun exposure is the main source of vitamin D for most people in New Zealand and this is generated by the body through exposing the skin to the suns UVB rays. Vitamin D is important because it plays a key role in bone health. A deficiency in vitamin D can cause weak and softened bones, which can lead to rickets in children and osteoporosis and subsequent fractures in adults. Vitamin D defi-

ciency also leads to more fall-related injuries, particularly in older people, ACC reports. While the majority of New Zealand adults have good levels of vitamin D about five percent were deficient, according to the Ministry of Health report on vitamin D deficiency. The report found that people were more likely to have a vitamin D deficiency from August to October, particularly if they live south of Nelson-Marlborough in the South Island. Dr Carr says it is worth reviewing your daily sun exposure if you live in the lower South Island, particularly between May and August. Your doctor can also recommend whether taking a vitamin D tablet may be appropriate. PHARMAC-subsidised vitamin D tablets are available on prescription. Preparing for winter During winter months the suns UV rays are weaker and therefore sunburn from exposure is less likely, except in the snow or at high altitude. In winter (May to August), a brisk walk or other form of physical activity outdoors around the middle of the day with your face, arms and hands exposed is a good way to increase your vitamin D. However, it is important to understand that any summer sun exposure (September to April), especially between the hours of 10am and 4pm, can increase the risk of skin cancer so remembering to slip, slop, slap and wrap is essential during these hours. It is best to schedule outdoor activity such as a brisk walk in the early morning or late afternoon during summer months. Since 2008 ACC has delivered a targeted Vitamin D programme to older adults in residential care.

birthday cake with every hot drink purchased at the Thyme Out at The Station (Cafe) at 145 St George St, and the Papatoetoe Garden and Floral Art Society will be celebrating 80 years with Flowers in the Park where practical workshops on how to use flowers in medieval bouquets, hanging designs, frame stands will be held at Burnside Park, St George Street, Papatoetoe from 9am - 3 pm. Contact: Rose Weir Ph 278 2223. Another Papatoetoe heritage bus tour organised by the Papatoetoe Historical Society will be held on Saturday 14 April leaving The Depot, 91 Cambridge Tce, Papatoetoe at 12.30 pm, returning by 4.30 pm. The cost of the tour is by paper note entry on a pre booked first come first served basis. The tour will go to St Davids Church in Wiri, past other churches in Papatoetoe, visit the former Papatoetoe Fire Station (now Youthline) visit the Gurudwara (Sikh Temple) in Kolmar Road and St Johns Presbyterian Church at Hunters Corner. In between these sites points of historical interest will be explained. If anyone would like to put their name down for the bus tour please contact Jenny on Ph 266 0194 Mob: 027 716 9693 8 April: the Papatoetoe Library will have a family night with games and activities of the past from 6-7 pm. 21 April: the NZ Punjabi Cultural Association will be holding its Baisakhi Celebration at the TelstraClear Pacific Events Centre, Manukau. 25 April: Anzac Day will be a big event with a street parade and other activities which are currently being developed. Papatoetoe 150th celebrations are supported by the Papatoetoe Historical Society, Otara Papatoetoe Local Board, The Lion Founda-

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learning environment. Prospective students will have the opportunity to speak one-on-one with Mr. Haria to discuss their options. NZTCs Marketing

FOFH scores a hole NZTCs Marketing Manager to visit India and Nepal in one
Country India: City New Delhi Chandigarh Ludhiana Ambala Nepal:
Friends Of Fiji Health (NZ) Inc (FOFH), the New Zealand based charitable organisation, held a successful fund raising golf event earlier this month at the Manukau Golf Club. The organisation, which is incorporated under the Charitable Trust Act 1957, raised about $20,000 at the well-attended event, FOFH Secretary Daven Naidu told Indian Weekender. We had 97 golfers take part, the weather was stunning could not have hoped for a better day, he said. FOFH, comprising medical and paramedical professionals mostly based in Auckland, in association with the Ministry of Health in Fiji, has led five missions to Fiji and proNew Zealand Tertiary Colleges Marketing Manager for India, Sanil Haria, will be visiting India and Nepal in March and April to meet with potential students who are interested in learning more about what the College has to offer. New Zealand Tertiary College (NZTC) is a private training establishment which provides outstanding early childhood teacher education. The College has a range of high quality programs ranging from the six-month Certificate in Early Childhood Education (Introduction), Degree programs to the two-year Master of Education (Early Childhood Education). Mr. Haria will travel to eight cities across India and Nepal to present students with the latest information on NZTC, its programs and post-study career pathways. Students have the choice of studying as an international student at NZTCs campus in Greenlane, Auckland, or from their own cities via NZTC Online, our unique online learning environment. Prospective students will have the opportunity to speak one-on-one with Mr. Haria to discuss their options. If you have friends or family members in India or Nepal who may be interested in studying early childhood education, please have them

If you have friends or family members in India or Nepal who may be interested in studying New Zealand Tertiary Colleges Marketin early childhood education, please have them email Mr. Haria on to make an appointment.and Nepal in March and April to m India (While in India, Mr. Haria can also be contacted on his mobile: 0091-996 706 4575).learning more about what the College has Cities and dates are as below:
Mr Haria with a prospective student on his marketing trip to India in 2011

New Zealand



30 March to 31 March 2012 2 April to 3 April 2012 4 April 2012 5 April 2012 7 April to 11 April 2012 13 April and 14 April 2012
email Mr. Haria on sanil.haria@ to make an appointment. (While in India, Mr. Haria can also be contacted on his mobile: 0091-996 706 4575).

vided medical assistance to more than one thousand patients free of cost. The organisation is a relatively and needs all the support it can get to carry out future missions, which is to serve the poor and needy patients in the Fiji Islands. The Foundation has received much encouragement and support from medical suppliers, companies, individuals and the general public both in New Zealand and Fiji. However, more remains to be done to strengthen the foundation to continue to serve its purpose for many years to come, says Naidu. The foundation is 100% charitable with no administration costs. All trustees meet the financial cost of running the organisation personally.


Ahmedabad Mumbai Pune

16 April to 20 April, 2012

NZTCs NZTC has an office based in Bandra, Mumbai, which can Cities and dates are as below: +91of22 67487070childbe contacted on one programs,specialist early us on hood please contact INDIA: New Delhi - 30th-31 st (09) 520 4000, or email info@nzor . March 2012, Chandigarh 2nd-3rd You may also

Bandra, which 21 April 2012 onMumbai,67487070on his Mr. Haria with a prospective studentcan be contacted +91 22 or info@ marketing trip to India in 2011 studying If you are interested in

NZTC has an office based in

www. April 2012, campusLudhiana - 4th April wish to visit our website onor from 2012, Ambalain Greenlane, Auckland, - 5th April 2012. NEPAL: learningKathmandu - 7th-11th If you are interested in studying one of NZTCs specialist early childhood April 2012. environment. Prospective studen INDIA: programs, please contact us on (09) 520 4000, or email 14th April Ahmedabad to13thwith Mr. 2012, Mumbai 16thHaria - discuss their options.

20th - 21st You may also wish to visit ourApril 2012, Pune on April 2012. website If you have friends or family members in I

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Did you know an Indian diet is one of the main reasons of gout?
Gout is a type of arthritis, it is a condition when there is excess of uric acid deposits in the body, and these deposits are left in the joints instead of being flushed into kidneys. Gout mainly causes swollenness or inflammation which is usually seen in the knees and feet. Foot Massage is a natural treatment that can help you to prevent gout, breaking down uric acid deposits and impurities on your feet, and while your feet is stimulated, blood circulation is improved which helps to transport those impurities back to your kidney Foot massage also helps gout sufferers to control their symptoms and maintain a normal lifestyle. OSIM uSqueez Fit foot massager combines intense kneading, vibration and rolling reflexology massage in one, it massage your calves, ankles and feet all at once. Now you can enjoy this foot massager with your family every day, at your own convenience and comfort, at $20/week (interest free finance, see store for details).

early childhood education, please have th to ma also be contacted on his mobile: 0091-99 Country India: City New Delhi Chandigarh Ludhiana Ambala Nepal: India: Kathmandu Ahmedabad Mumbai Pune

Kanwaljit has an office N AT I O N A LinS Bandra, Mu NZTC Singh Bakshi based L I T M P AU C or Auckland KL A N D O FF I CE : Unit 1, 131 Kolmar Rd, Papatoetoe, .
Ph: 09 278 9302 | Email: Postal Address: PO Box 23136, Hunters Corner, Auckland 2025
Shop 2, Heards Building, 168 Parnell Rd, Parnell, Auckland SK13, Sylvia Park Shopping Centre | K20, Westfield Albany Shopping Centre 09-366 6633

If you are interested in studying one of N programs, please contact us on (09) 520 You may als Indian Weekender | March 23, 2012 |


New Zealand

Come, join me in making Jaagriti stronger

roopa SachDev
God cannot appear every where hence He made Mother. Mother means Woman and a Woman has innumerable roles. She is a Mother, a Daughter, a Sister and a Wife. She has also given birth to many great saints. Like the mother earth, she suffers all the pain but never utters a single word. In absence of the Touch of a mother, sister or daughter; the world would be parched of the Ocean of Love. A person who is lovingly accepted by the world many a times she is also rejected and side lined by the same people. The same world harasses her and they do it because she allows them to do so. I am also a Woman and very well understand her societal roles. I have been staying in New Zealand from past 20 years and from 16 years I have been actively associated with the Media. I have a very unique relationship with the people of New Zealand, especially the women living here. May be they accept me as their own and express their hearts out to me. They express their feelings considering me as their sister or beloved friend. As far as I have can share their feelings and sorrow. When I come to know about such situations, it hurts me the most and earnestly want to help them out of their problems. I want to see each and every person joyful and merry. I want to ward off their sorrow. I want your support hence I have laid the foundation of Jaagriti group, wherein experienced and knowledgeable women from all spheres of life are involved. There are doctors, lawyers, immigration consultants, counsellors and also myself. The members of Jaagriti Group including me are always available to help you. It is the duty of every person to be constantly informed about the persons and all the happenings around them. If you find that anything wrong or unwarranted is happening around you, inform us. We shall help and support them by all possible means. I am yours and Jaagriti Group is yours. Life is a valuable gift from God and it is foolishness to lose it without a cause. Now is the time to wake up from your long sleep. When we say that the world has changed and the society has progressed manifold, it is also time for us to understand our worth and progress alongside the world. In order to maintain peace, it is essential to have a peaceful environment.

International cultural fest on April 1

experienced and understood, every house has some or the other problem and its alright to have some problems. But when these problems go out of hand and cross societal limits; they do not know to handle these situations. These women neither have their family close to them, nor someone close, with whom they

India Taekwondo team wins Kiwi hearts

A tired and jet lagged Indian team, which landed on March 17 and headed straight from the airport to the Avondale College Sports Stadium for the NZ Open Taekwondo Championship has won many a Kiwi heart. The Taekwondo tournament was held on 17-18th March. The young Indian team did extremely well, participating for the first time in New Zealand. Among the winners were Somdutt Bhardwaj (IVth Dan Black Belt) participated in Black Belt (Ist Master Category) Poomsae Championship winning a bronze medal. Vipin Sharma (IInd Dan Black Belt) participated in Black Belt (Ist

Senior Category) Poomsae Championship and won a silver medal. Animesh Singh (Red Belt) participated in Colour Belt (Junior Category- 14-17 years) Poomsae Championship and won a silver medal. Ishita Kohli (Blue Belt) participated in Color Belt (Sub Junior Category- Belove 14 Years) Poomsae Championship and won a silver medal.Diwaker Verma (Blue Belt) participated in Colour Belt (Junior Category- 14-17 years) Kyeoruge(Fighting) Championship and won a bronze medal. Suresh Kumar Gotmani (3rd Dan Black Belt) who himself has been a former Indian national champion and won various internationals

championships held in Holland, US and Brazil was the teams trainer. Master Chang of Seoul, trained Mr Gotmani in South Korea. Mr. Gotmani is an accomplished trainer in New Delhi, India and is the Head coach of Youth Global Taekwondo Association (YGTA). This club is a recognized under Taekwondo Federation of India (TFI) which in turn is affiliated with World Taekwondo Association, South Korea (WTF) and Indian Olympic Association (IOA). The team trained by Mr. Gotmani and headed by Alok Kumar won not only medals but also the hearts of several Kiwis including tournament director Garry Carpenter.

Experience the world in a day at the council's Auckland International Cultural Festival. At this free-entry event, there will be amazing food, live performances, a range of activities and one-off experiences. HigHligHts include: Tastes of the World - Spoil your taste buds with spicy Bulgarian meatballs, Hungarian twisters or feta fry bread. Wash it all down with some freshly squeezed sugar cane juice or some Ethiopian sweet-brewed black coffee. The Sounds of Indonesia - Asia:NZ Foundation brings you the soft sounds of the Auckland Gamelan Orchestra playing traditional Indonesian Instruments and the amazing Wayang Shadow Puppets who will come to life through the telling of age-old Indonesian stories. Fonda Latina! - Do you like all things Latin? Dance away to the latest Latin tunes, learn the steps of the Salsa or partner up for Tango. Bring the kids to see the alpacas! Loy Krathong Wishing Stream - Take a break and make a wish with Loy Krathong. Our Thai friends will help you create your own beautiful floral raft to set afloat on the wishing stream. French Corner - Grab a French stick, don your beret and hit the French corner for a friendly game of petanque. Get Active at the sports arena - Its back! Auckland teams will slug it out for the Ethnic Soccer Cup - the annual competition that decides Aucklands ultimate soccer nation. Never played badminton? See why it's popular across 150 nations and played for more than a thousand years. Our experts will be on hand to get you started. Getting there: Parking is available at Wesley Intermediate School for $3 per vehicle. The entry is via Sandringham Road.

Indian Weekender |March 23, 2012 |



FM scores 7/10 on budget: Award winning Clip-it USB Drive ASSOCHAM survey
New Delhi: Union Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee scored 7/10 marks from 200 CEOs in a Quick Survey conducted by Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) in their assessment of the Budget proposals 2012-13 on Indian industry. Over 78% of CEOs appreciated the large allocations made to health care, education, agriculture and rural sectors out of budgeted central plan allocations. Representatives of cement and real estate industry criticised the FM for increasing excise duty, after the recent hike in the rail freight. This they felt, would raise cement prices and would hurt construction companies and would have adverse impact on infrastructure. Also increase in the service tax rate from 10% to 12% will raise costs for developers who are already reeling under high input costs and increased burden may be passed on to end users. This depressed the Finance Ministers score margins. Yet 75% of CEOs patted Finance Minister for presenting an investment-friendly budget which they feel will ensure inclusive growth by adequately attacking concerns of most vulnerable sections of society. The CEOs that appreciated budget the most, comprised representatives from small scale, pharmaceuticals, commodities, agriculture, aviation and consumer durables industry, said ASSOCHAM Secretary General, D. S. Rawat who released the survey here on Saturday. up to $1 billion to help meet immediate funding needs of aviation sector. The FM also proposed full exemption from customs duty and countervailing duty to aircraft spares, tyres and testing equipment. This long standing demand of the sector regarding these exemptions would boost Indias nascent maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) Agriculture, education and health were three sectors that laid down neglected in priorities of previous governments, got sufficient nurturing of Finance Minister for 2012-13 with adequate sops and will lead to enhancement of their contribution to national GDP and subsequently to its growth and eventually amount to eradication of poverty, further felt the 80% of CEOs. About 56% of CEOs, however, felt that the Finance Minister failed to enthuse the IT & ITES sector, which is considered the poster boy of the Indian economy. The sector seemed to have been disappointed with a host of issues such as uncertainty over implementation of direct tax code, goods & service tax, further increase in service tax and no reduction in Minimum Alternate Tax (MAT).

now in India

Red Dot awardwinning pen drive is Indias first clip shaped USB drive

Majority of the CEOs have noted that higher central plan allocations of Rs.6,51,509 crores have been allocated for social sector particularly, health and education should not only take care of the weaker sections of society in integrating them with mainstream, but also ensure investments with inclusive growth, said Rawat. Over 80% of CEOs have admired the FMs proposal for allowing ECB

New Delhi: Verbatims Clip-it USB Drive brings a unique way to attach the paper work with the electronic one. The new entry in the Indian flash drive market, Verbatims USB drive combines flash storage with the simple functionality of a paperclip or pocket clip, to make it a wonderfully practical solution for daily business or private users. Verbatim Marketing India, a group company of Mitsubishi Chemicals Corporation, Japan, is a pioneer in data storage technology. When it comes to USB drive people take special care to keep it safely. Its ultra-slim size and shape makes it convenient to carry along with a notebook or by just simply clipping

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New Delhi: All jewelers and all associations across India have unanimously called for a total bandh of all jewellery establishments on Saturday which may also extend to Mar 18t-19 based on joint decisions, said All Indian Gems & Jewellery Trade Federation. The bandh has been called in protest to the imposition of excise duty proposed across the whole

Indian jewellers call Kolkata school cooks up bandh post Budget a record
TaNIa roy
dustry and millions of self employed skilled artisans who do not have any alternate means of livelihood will be out of jobs. "The industry was struggling from the after effects of the 2008 recession and the decision of the Finance minister is enough to break the backbone of the industry. To increase the import duty on a commodity like gold over four times is not a

The industry was struggling from the after effects of the 2008 recession and the decision of the Finance minister is enough to break the backbone of the industry
sector in the annual budget presented in the Parliament on Friday. "The industry has decided to represent to the Hon Finance Minister Shri Pranab Mukherjee the displeasure of the trade of the imposition of what they say was the control measures that actually killed the sector between 1962 and 1992," said an official statement. "The bitter experiences are still in active memory and the trade is not in favour of this law of control and inspector raj," said the statement. The All India Gems and Jewellery Trade Federation (GJF) said imposition of excise duty on Jewellery will shake the gems and jewellery inwise decision. Other provisions in income tax especially for the gems and Jewelry industry is not called for," said the GJF.. The GJF said it had met the Finance minister several times and appealed to him to abolish excise duty on both branded and unbranded jewellery. "The Hon Finance Minister will now be approached and asked strongly to roll back this with immediate effect," said the GJF. All Indian Gems and Jewellery Trade Federation is a national trade federation for the promotion and growth of trade in gems and jewellery across India.
Photo: Avishek Mitra

Kolkata: NIPS School of Hotel Management in Salt Lake, Kolkata sailed into the Limca Book of Records on Saturday by cooking 188 different omelettes in 10 minutes. To witness this innovative event Minister of State for Sports Madan Mitra, Tabla maestro Pt. Tanmoy Bose, ex-cricketer Deep Dasgupta and Tollywood actress Nusrat Jahan were present on the occasion. With the feat, the institute located on the outskirts of Kolkata has also entered the Asia Book of Records. This was a group activity and

the minimum number of omelettes to create the record was 125. But the institute created the record by making 188 different omelettes in 10 minutes. Salami omelette, apple omelette, baby corn omelette, banana omelette, almond omelette, capsicum omelette, Arabic omelette, cucumber omelette were some of the name of the omelettes that were cooked by the students. The students cooked under the watchful eyes of celebrity Chef Joseph Uttam Gomes. Gurpreet Kaur, a student of NIPS who cooked Anchovy om-

elette, said about the competition: Many people dont get the chance to participate in this kind of event we are lucky to be part of it. From now on we too will be part of History. We are lucky to have the opportunity of creating history, said another student Roshan Kumar who knows how to make 20 different omelettes. Speaking about the achievement, Tollywood actress Nusrat Jahan said: I always love creating and breaking records and I am lucky to witness this innovative event.


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A reader sent us this funny post on what Ind ias high profile people would have sa id after the great little master Sachin Tendulkar achieved his legendary feat last we ek: 1. digvijay singh Sachin is an RSS agen t. All these days he was waiting to score his century against a Muslim country. 2. Manmohan singh I congratulate Sach in and also appreciate leadership of Shrimati Sonia Gand hi. 3. Rahul gandhi My grandmother created Bangladesh. She deserves the credit for this century. 4. Raj thakrey Sa chin has proved himse lf to be a true Marathi Manus after sc oring this century. So what if India has lost, Maharashtrians ca n not take the respons ibility of the whole nation. 5. Mulayam singh Yadav If Sachin was from UP, I would have made tickets of all Cr icket matches Ta x fre e. 6. Anna Hazare Sa chin deserves to be the next lokpal of the country. 7. Baba Ramdev If you multiply all the run s Sachin has made by a billion is what is the total black money in foreign country. 8. Kapil sibbal So cial media need to co ntrol comments on Sachins century. It wil l harm the fabric of se cularism in India. 9. swami Agnivesh Now that Banglades h has helped Sachin score his 100th centu ry, they have proved to be a true friend of India. Lets welcome their citizen in India an d let them live wherever they can. Le ts issue them voters ID card. 10. Kris shrikant We selectors hope that by 2050, Sachin will also score his 150th ce ntury. 11. Arjun tendulkar I want to play with my father in 2020 world cup. 12 . sachin tendulkar himself Aaeellaaaa . Now what excuse I will make to not retire . 13. sonia gandhi Er .. She did not respond since she is suffering from an undis closed disease.

I don't play for milestones: Tendulkar

Mirpur: India's batting legend Sachin Tendulkar, who got his landmark 100th international century against Bangladesh here Friday, reiterated that he doesn't play for milestone and ended all speculations about his immediate retirement saying he would carry on playing international cricket as long as he enjoys. "When I think of retirement I will not hide it. Don't worry about it. I will carry on as long as I enjoy it. "I can't think of anything at this stage. It has been a tough phase for me. I started off the season batting reasonably well, batted well in Australia without much luck. It doesn't really matter how many hundreds you score, in the end you have to put your head down and grind it out for the team," said Tendulkar. Tendulkar said that he felt frustrated at not getting the milestone in the last 370 days. "I am a human being and I will be honest. Many a time I was frustrated and it does play on your mind," he said. When told he has turned every stone thrown at him into a milestone, Tendulkar said: "The 100th ton was tough but I don't play for milestones. I just play for the the love of the game." "The process that started way back in 1989 is still continuing. I


still make mistakes after more than 20 years of playing international cricket. "It was testing time for me and I thank god for whatever has come my way. I don't take things for granted. Whatever score I am batting on, I don' take things it for granted. "You have to be on your toes. I have to execute the plans of my team. The century was not the only thing that was playing in my mind. I avoided looking at the scoreboard and personal score but kept a track of the run rate." Asked about the pressure on the century, Tendulkar said: "To be honest, I was not really thinking about it. The media started it all. Wherever I went, to the restaurant, room service, housekeeping, everyone was talking about the 100th hundred. It was surprising as nobody talked about my 99 hundreds."

On the innings he said: "It was slightly different, the ball was not coming onto the bat. Virat (Kohli) and I were discussing that 275-280 would be a decent score on this wicket. "It hasn't sunk in but I have definitely lost about 50 kilos," he quipped when asked about the significance of his achievement. Asked about Bangladesh team, Tendulkar said: "Bangladesh is a good uderrated team. People still talk of Bangladesh as if they don't know how to play cricket. They way they played against Pakistan is a proof of their good cricket. They have been in international cricket for quite some time." His message to the youngsters: "Dreams do come true. I had to wait for one for 22 years (the World Cup). So, go out there and chase your dreams."

Yuvraj discharged from Boston hospital

Calling all Developers, lanD Bankers, investment Consortiums anD eDuCational institutions.

Boston: India's star cricketer Yuvraj Singh, battling a cancerous lung tumour, has been discharged from the hospital in Boston in USA on Saturday after his chemotherapy cycle ended. The 30-year-old cricketer, for whom the entire country prayed, tweeted that he was on the road to recovery. "3rd chemo cycles over, back from hospital n I am free. Road to recovery starts now. Can't wait to be back home," he posted. "Thank you 4 all ur love n wishes from the bottom of my heart I'm sure they have worked well with the doctors therapy," he tweeted. Yuvraj Singh underwent treatment for months in Boston in the US for a cancerous tumour in his lung. He drew his inspiration at the centre reading celebrated American cyclist and cancer survivor Lance Armstrong, who also wished him good health.

Lance Armstrong offered Yuvraj support from the 'Livestrong' group. Earlier Yuvraj said that he was looking forward to take the cricket field soon.Early February, it was officially revealed that Yuvraj Singh had been diagnosed with a malignant tumour in his lung when his physiotherapist Jatin Chaudhary said the cricketer had left for the US on Jan 26 and was undergoing chemotherapy in Boston at a cancer research institute. When a tumour was first detected in October last year it was thought to be nonmalignant, but later malignancy was detected and the player was taken to US for treatment. The news of Yuvraj's illness triggered shock and sadness among his countless fans, but support started pouring in and fellow sportspersons wished good health for the man who contributed significantly last year in bringing India the World Cup title after decades.

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Govt 'keen' on early Indian scientist caught up in red enactment of DTC Bill wine controversy
Discovery of fraud in scientific research usually takes the medical world by storm and every so often a major incident causes embarrassment to the community. Prof. Dipak K. Das, a professor at the University of Connecticut's Department of Surgery and director of the school's Cardiovascular Research Center is the epicenter of a new research scandal! Dr. Das is facing dismissal after a three-year investigation revealed 145 counts of fabrication and falsification in his research data. The investigation was carried out after the school received an anonymous allegation, in 2008, accusing Prof Das of research irregularities. Incidentally Das, whose name is synonymous with resveratrol research, has done extensive studies on the health-promoting properties of resveratrol, a component of red wine. Dr. Das was involved in studies that touted resveratrol as a rejuvenator of cardiovascular health. As a result of the fall-out, all research carried out in Das's lab using external funds has been frozen and close to $1 million worthfederal research grants allotted to Das, have been withdrawn. Eleven scientific journals that published Das's previous work have been notified and the school has initiated dismissal proceedings against Dr. Das. While the authorities are more than peeved by the Das's disregard for the University's Code of Conduct, they are pleased that the monitoring systems are in place and that the rot that stemmed from Das's lab is on its way to being weeded out. As the controversy over Dr. Dipak Das's fraud allegations rage world -wide, there are a lot of speculations among researchers, clinicians, and red-wine enthusiasts on the future of resveratrol research. Aninternational meeting "Resveratrol 2012" scheduled between Dec 10-12 at Lucknow, India, has for now been cancelled as Das was one among the eight international experts on the scientific committee. Noted resveratrol scientists believe that the Das episode is unlikely to impact the body of science as the goodness of the redwine molecule has been confirmed by a host of other scientists. A huge amount of data has been generated regarding the beneficial impact of resveratrol on certain diseases, based on work carried out on various experimental models. Interestingly, more than 4000 papers have already been published in this area. Over all there are too many factors in favor of red wine and heart health. It is important for scientists to not allow a single episode of malfeasance influence their work. Dr. Gordon Tomaselli of Johns

New Delhi: Union Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee on Friday expressed firm commitment to enact the Direct Taxes Code (DTC) Bill at the earliest, after expeditious examination of the report of the Parliamentary Standing Committee. The Bill was introduced in Parliament in August 2010, and was to come into force from April 1 this year. However, the timeline could not be adhered to as the report of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on the matter was received only on March 9 this year. Mukherjee said that the Constitution Amendment Bill, a preparatory step in the implementation of Goods and Services Tax (GST) was introduced in Parliament last March 2011 and is before the Parliamentary Standing Committee.

He said till the recommendations of the Committee were received, drafting of model legislation for Centre and State GST in consultation with different States was going on. The Finance Minister said that the structure of GST Network (GSTN) has been approved by the Empowered Committee of State Finance Ministers, GSTN will be set up as a National Information Utility and will become operational by August 2012. The GSTN will implement common PAN-based registration, returns filing and payments processing for all States on a shared platform. The use of PAN as a common identifier in both direct and indirect taxes, will enhance transparency and check tax evasion.

Hopkins University cannot be more right when he said that research misconduct happens and therefore it is imperative not to rely overtly on the work conducted by any single group or laboratory. About resveratrol A component of red wine, this molecule has been promoted as a heart- smart accompaniment to a healthy meal. It has, for long, enjoyed the role of "key candidate" in molecular studies carried out on the benefits of red wine and its impact on the cardiovascular system. There was so much interest generated in resveratrol that a scientific meeting was held at Denmark in 2010.A position paper derived from this meeting points out that the available evidence on red wine is inadequate to recommend its administration to humans. Despite being a promising agent, trials are recommended to confirm the clinical potential of the molecule.

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They must have the right to marry, have families, says Anjali Gopalan
A few years ago in India, transgender people and homosexuals were objects of ridicule, while the HIV infected were seen as the pariahs of society. Anjali Gopalan, fresh from working on HIV/AIDS and marginalised communities in the United States of the 1990s, stepped in to make a difference. Since then, her NGO, The Naz Foundation (India) Trust, has fought legal battles for marginalized sections, spread awareness on the importance of research to help prevent HIV, and has also provided quality care to those living with HIV. Excerpts of an interview with Indian Weekenders India correspondent: Q. What is the difference in the way marginalised communities in India live today and the way they lived a decade ago? How has Naz Foundation contributed to this altered perception? A. The homosexual community in India lived in hiding a decade ago and it still does. There has been no huge change in social perception regarding marginalised communities. In September 2001, Naz India filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) to challenge Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code in the Delhi High Court. On July 2, 2009, the Delhi High Court pronounced that Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code will exclude consensual sex between adults. The decriminalisation of homosexuality has been a progressive step. It has made society accept the fact that we can neither castigate homosexuals, nor ignore them by sweeping their issues under the carpet. Q. What remains to be done now? A. The High Court judgment, however, does not talk about gay rights. Indians have a long way to go in terms of procuring basic human rights for gay people so that they lead fulfilled lives they must have the right to marry, be able to adopt children, have a respectable livelihood and be able to take care of their families. As a culture, we still believe that we are obliged to marry a member of the opposite sex and give birth to children to gain respect in

India must move ahead on gay rights: Activist

a movement to empower them. Action Plus is a group, which is doing a lot of good in this context. Celebrities like Celina Jaitley, Koena Mitra and Pooja Bedi have been very vocal in their support for the LGTB (Lesbian, Gay, Transgender and Bisexual) people. Q. What are the learnings that we must borrow from the west in bringing the sexually marginalised into the mainstream and treating them at par with other citizens of the country? A. We can learn a lot from the US where homosexuals today have so many rights. A lesbian couple recently fought and won a legal battle against the government for health insurance rights. As a democracy, we need to understand that everyone has equal rights. We must learn to respect differences even in sexual orientation. Also, there will be no social change overnight, and there will be many years of struggle to contend with. However, the only way to go is the way forward. Q. India has a long way to go to provide healthcare for HIV patients. How can the lives and futures of HIV positive children be secured? A. When poor children are HIV positive, they get a very raw deal they have no access to nutrition, sanitation, and medication. We have to fight for underlying issues of right to childhood, issues of poverty, and malnutrition. The situation is slightly better for adults. All government hospitals offer free testing for HIV and free retroviral drugs. Any adult can enroll in an Anti-Retroviral (ARV) clinic. If one's CD 4 level falls below 350, doctors start treating the patient. Q How are you sensitising the keepers of the law, the police, to the suffering of HIV positive people? A. Naz India is working with the police services in New Delhi. We conduct weekly training workshops for police personnel. The training aims to build awareness of HIV/AIDS and

society. Even single persons are not respected, leave alone people of a different sexual orientation. Q. What would you say to a section of people who still think that the sexual behavior of marginalised communities is an abnormality that has to be treated medically? A. To them, I would say that medical, psychological and psychiatric research has constantly shown that a section of any community is gay. The reason why they are gay is a matter of ongoing research. Again, studies have shown that homosexuals cannot become heterosexual and vice-versa. There is sometimes, forced bisexuality in society because people refuse to acknowledge homosexuality. We need to understand that homosexual behaviour has been observed in about 1,500 species, ranging from primates to gut worms, and is well recorded

for 500 species. Being gay is not an abnormality or illness. Q. What are the greatest challenges facing you in the work that you do today? How do you think civil society and the government can reach out and help you? A. The greatest challenges we face today are from the conservative forces of society. We are in the Supreme Court now, fighting again for the decriminalisation judgment that the High Court passed in 2009. The hearing is going on now and we expect a judgment soon. We have to move ahead from there - a gamut of rights has to be made available to the homosexual community. Political will from the part of the government, laws legislated for the progress and protection of the gay community will surely make things better. Larger coalitions in society are very important to bring about

Gay roomie spying: dian student convicted In


ed with webcam student, who was charg y: An Indo-American icide in 2010, was New Jerse ate who committed su d up g against his gay roomm spyin Friday and he might en urt in New Jersey on convicted by a US co vi was convicted on ten years in a prison. rsity student Dharun Ra er former Rutgers Unive The his gay roommate Tyl pped with for spying on 15 charges he was sla equently commitall nti subs h another man. Cleme Clementi's intimacy wit ted suicide. Clementi but also tarRavi not only spied on falls under According to the jur y ion of privacy, the case ing gay. Besides invas geted him for be s. mes and anti-gay bia g the definition of hate cri d his boyfriend kissin ording of Clementi an had shown the rec t it. He eeted abou other boys and had tw and in bed to several May 21. ed on Ravi would be sentenc ed with secretly using n Ravi had been charg eteen-year-old Dharu Nin er male in his room in Clementi kissing anoth webcam to shoot Tyler a Sept 2010. informed it to the about the matter and parently Clementi came to know suicide days later, ap nti committed his death from the llege authorities. Cleme co jumped to ct of the incident. He under emotional impa Sept 22, 2010. dge on in an intimate emGeorge Washington Bri oting authorities, was menti, reports said, qu Cle ra was on. n at the time the came vacy, hinderbrace with another ma cted for invasion of pri was charged and convi Dharun t ignited a media idation in the case tha secution and bias intim ing pro als. against anti-homosexu firestorm and outrage

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Cabinet clears stringent punishments for traffic violations

New Delhi: Punishments for violating traffic rules are likely to get more stringent as the Union Cabinet on Thursday approved amendments to the Motor Vehicle Act. The amendments are likely to impose tougher punishments for offences that include drunken driving and violation of traffic rules. Offenders will need to pay a hefty fine in between Rs. 2000 to Rs 10,000 for drunken driving.

It will also be graded and the penalty will be levied according to the state of drunkenness. On the other hand, offenders will also need to pay more for offences that include over speeding or skipping red lights. A person will be charged Rs. 500 if he is caught talking on his cell phone while driving.

Taking its brand promise forward, Zee TV, through its primetime show Afsar Bitiya, attempts to bring Umeed in the lives of its viewers through an innovative tie-up with Competition Success Review (CSR) magazine. Afsar Bitiya has tied up with CSR magazine to create a counseling committee for students to help them beat examination blues. It has been noted that every year, students are gripped with an exam fever just before the commencement of any major exams. To combat this stress before the exams, a committee of eminent educationists will reach out to students and provide them guidance as well as solve their psychological predicaments. From this week onwards, students can write to the channel on exam related queries, exam stress and related anxieties on A panel of experts,

Zee TVs Afsar Bitiya to cure exam fever

handpicked by CSR will guide aspirants through their queries and help them realize their goal. This is the first time a General Entertainment Channel has not only taken the initiative to address the issue of girl child education on air but also has taken efforts to reach out to students through this initiative. The objective of this campaign is to create a new touch point for viewers to interact with the channel and in the process help aspiring students ease the dreaded examination pressure. The channels primetime show Afsar Bitiya traces the journey of Krishna, a lower middle class girl who faces all odds to become a Block Development Officer (BDO). The shows association with CSR is an attempt to help all those teeming millions who have the fire up their belly to crack Na-

Israeli couple asked to leave on 26/11 replay fear

March 11: The shofar (Jewish trumpet) has fallen silent at the Pardesi Synagogue in Keralas Mattancherry, home to the oldest Jewish settlement in India. The exit would leave Jews, numbering not more than 46, in the district without a qualified priest to hold services like reading the Torah the five books of Moses or blowing the shofar on Jewish New Years day. Rumours implying that the couple in the southern state were Israeli secret agents were set to rest by a Kerala High Court ruling on last Friday, though they lost the legal battle to stay on in India. Having heard the parties, Im of the opinion that justice would be met if petitioners 1 and 2 are allowed to leave the country voluntarily without attaching any stigma on them in respect of their activities in Kerala and without any endorsement in their passports regarding the orders passed against them, treating them as tourists leaving the country after visiting India, Justice S. Siri Jagan said.

Indian mission ends for rabbi

G aNaNThakrIShNaN
As the perplexed rabbi and his wife sought details of the intelligence report, state attorney P. Vijayaraghavan told the bench that their presence in Kochi (the commercial capital that falls in Ernakulam district) could jeopardise national security. The Jewish community in Ernakulam, whose ancestors came to Kerala fleeing persecution and built the Mattancherry synagogue in 1568 on land gifted by the then king, is aghast. Synagogue warden Joseph Hallegua, the last surviving member with knowledge of the rituals, is 86 and ailing. The Kochi Jew Town, a tourist attraction, had around 250 families before 1948 when the state of Israel was formed. Less than 10 members of the community are left in the town now and about 46 in the whole of Ernakulam. We are not a votebank and so there is no one to speak for us, said Elias, an officebearer of the Association of Kerala Jews.


Jaya Bachchan files nomination for RS


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Lucknow: Bollywood actor turned politician Jaya Bachchan filed her nomination for Rajya Sabha on Saturday. She filed her nomination as a Samajwadi Party (SP) candidate here in the presence of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav. Bachchan was a Rajya Sabha Member of Parliament (MP) earlier. She was elected to the Rajya Sabha as SP nominee in 2004.

She completed her term in 2010. Five SP leaders filed their nominations for Rajya Sabha on Friday. Naresh Agarwal, Kiranmay Nanda, Darshan Singh Yadav, Brijbhushan Tiwari and Munawwar Saleem filed their nominations on Friday. SP can send six members to the Upper House of the Parliament.



India Govt says 14 TV channels from Pak illegal

New Delhi: There are as many as 14 television channels from Pakistan out of a list of 25 channels which security agencies in the Government have identified as illegal. The agencies have said that the content of some of these channels is not conducive to the security environment in the country and is a potential security hazard. Parliament was informed that out of the other 11, there are two from Nepal (one identified as Nepal, and the other as Kantipur), and one channel each from Bangladesh (NTV Bangladesh), Maldives (TV Maldives), Bhutan (Bhutan Broadcasting Service), and there is a UK-based channel, Ahmedia Channel. Other channels from Arab countries are Peace TV from Dubai, Saudi TV, and Al Jazeera News. The Pakistani channels are PTV, PTV Home, PTV World, Geo TV, Dawn, Express, Waqat, Q TV, Madni TV, Noor TV, Hadi TV, Aaj, Filmax and STV. The nationality of two channels has not been disclosed: ARY TV and XYZ TV. According to Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting C M Jatua, amendments have been made in the Cable TV Networks (Regulation) Act 1995 to tackle illegal channels, making their transmission a cognizable offence. Another amendment to the same bill in this regard had been introduced in the Lok Sabha in December and is awaiting approval of Parliament. Authorised officers have been appointed in all states to deal with complaints against cable operators carrying these channels, Jatua said.

Newspapers shrink 43%; digital invasion blamed

Mumbai: Newspapers need to develop revenue models for the digital era as they face massive erosion in ad revenues due to migration of advertisers to new media as they target youth audiences. However, they can learn from an encouraging trend: traditional news brands are finding outlets in mobile technology. A mounting body of evidence finds that the spread of mobile technology is adding to news consumption, strengthening the appeal of traditional news brands and even boosting reading of long-form journalism. But the evidence also shows that technology companies are strengthening their grip on who profits, according to the 2012 State of the News Media report by Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism. The study finds that rather than replacing media consumption on digital devices, people who go mobile are getting news on all their devices. They also appear to be getting it more often, and reading for longer periods of time. For example, about a third (34 per cent) of desktop/laptop news consumers now also get news on a smartphone. About a quarter (27 per cent) of smartphone news consumers also get news on a tablet. These digital news consumers are also a large percentage of the smart phone/tablet population and most of those individuals (78%) still get news on the desktop or laptop as well. A PEJ survey of more than 3,000 adults also finds that the reputation or brand of a news organisation, a very traditional idea, is the

most important factor in determining where consumers go for news, and that is even truer on mobile devices than on laptops or desktops. Despite the explosion in social media use through the likes of Facebook and Twitter, recommendations from friends are not a major factor yet in steering news consumption, the report says.

About a third (34 per cent) of desktop/laptop news consumers now also get news on a smartphone. About a quarter (27 per cent) of smartphone news consumers also get news on a tablet.
The report also notes that there are already signs of closer financial ties between technology giants and news. A case in point is YouTubes plans to become a producer of original television content by funding Reuters to produce original news shows. Yahoo recently signed a content partnership with ABC News for the network to be its near sole provider of news video. AOL, after seeing less than stellar success with its at-

tempts to produce its own original content. With the launch of its Social Reader, Facebook has created partnerships with The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian and others. In March 2012 Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes purchased the 98-year-old New Republic magazine. In 2011, traditional news operations also took new steps to monetise the web in their own right. The Associated Press launched a partnership with more than two dozen news companies to license news content and collect royalties from aggregators. About a tenth of surviving U.S. dailies have launched some sort of digital subscription plan or pay wall. However, the research finds that these efforts are still limited and that few news companies have made much progress in some key new digital areas. The problems of newspapers also became more acute in 2011 as losses in print advertising dollars outpaced gains in digital revenue by a factor of roughly 10 to 1, a ratio even worse than in 2010. When circulation and advertising revenue are combined, the newspaper industry has shrunk 43 per cent since 2000. In sum, the news industry is not much closer to a new revenue model than a year earlier and has lost more ground to rivals in the technology industry. But growing evidence also suggests that news is becoming a more important and pervasive part of peoples lives. That, in the end, could prove a saving factor for the future of journalism, the study concluded.

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From the Editor

Welfare reform is governments priority

kanwaljit Singh Bakshi
As New Zealands third biggest city, and the fastest growing urban area, Manukau East is a vibrant electorate with many different ethnicities and is strengthened by its diversity and rich culture. I am proud to be working closely with these communities. Last week I was proud to be involved in the Festival of Holi. The coloured powder or gulaal used during the festivities is thrown and smeared on revellers to make everyone the same under the eyes of God. The colourful powder allows us to transcend race, colour and creed so we're all equal. The symbolism is beautiful. Building a brighter future for all New Zealanders is a priority for our Government; but the responsibility of achieving our goals spreads Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi N AT I O N A L L I S T M P much wider. AUCKL AND O FFICE: Unit 1, 131 Kolmar Rd, Papatoetoe, Auckland Ph: 09 278 9302 | Email: This month the Government rolled out the first stage ofAddress: welfare Hunters Corner,package that we our PO Box 23136, reform Auckland 2025 Postal campaigned on at the election. Delivering better public services is one of our four top priorities for this term of Government. Welfare reform is part of this. important Long-term welfare dependency can become a trap leading to a life of limited outcomes and limited choices. Welfare will always be there to support people in our community who need it. But anyone who can work should be in work, or looking for a job. Unfortunately the current welfare system is not working. 350,000 people are on a benefit thats one in 8 New Zealanders of working age. Getting off welfare and into work means a better life, better opportunities, and a brighter future for people and their families we are here to help our communities achieve this. Government has a role to play to help people into work. We're providing more tertiary and trades training places and supporting people to get the skills they need for employment. We must invest in our young people; they are our security and hope for the future. Were changing the give way rule on 25th March this year. Were changing the law to make it simpler, bringing us into line with the rest of the world. There are two key changes. If youre turning right, give way to vehicles turning left; and at a T-intersection, give way to vehicles on the continuing road. Changes to the give way rules are one of many actions the National is taking under the Safer Journeys action plan, to improve safety for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians. You can learn more about the changes at

National has too much chew

Compared to Prime Minister John Keys second stint as Prime Minister, his first looks as though it was an extended honeymoon, in which most tough decisions were postponed to be dealt with in the second term. Many political observers including this publication have commented that it Mr Key would have probably been better off taking at least some of the tough decisions in the first term, especially because of the strong mandate and high popularity on the back of which he led the National Party to victory. It was all the more important to take quicker decisions in the previous term because that was when the effects of the global financial crisis were beginning to hit hard. Almost all of the hard measures that needed to be taken were put off and Mr Keys softly-softly approach earned him the description of a smile and wave politician. The National Party rode a popular wave to victory, in which the main appeal was the promise of reform of a range of policies to make New Zealanders wealthier with a combination of rejigging government spending and promoting the right kind of growth oriented investment measures. All the while in the first term, commentators guessed that the real hard decisions would be taken in the second term, which indeed is beginning to happen now. Suddenly there seems to be a lot on the Prime Ministers and his governments plate. In fact there is so much that it looks as though there is more on it than can be dealt with. And almost all of it is politically unpalatable. Moreover, because of the delay in dealing with the real problems in the first term, the problems have gotten worse and any measures taken will look all the more harsh, this time around. So it is unsurprising to see a different Mr Key from the smiling, affable, easy going Prime Minister Kiwis saw in his first term. He now looks far more serious and busy and seems to have lost more than a bit of his charming public manner. In fact he is beginning to look like a leader preoccupied with more worry than one brimming with ideas, as he looked in the first term. Just look what he and his government have left it to their second term to deal with: welfare reform; reducing and capping government spending with a range of measures including culling hundreds of jobs; asset sales; creating avenues for investment and job creation, besides a host of other extremely unpopular matters. The latest popularity surveys show that National still maintains an impressive lead over Labour, though it has dipped somewhat. But it cannot be expected to remain so for long. For all of the issues that Mr key are dealing with all of a sudden in this second term have the potential to make his and his governments popularity nosedive if the plans to deal with them come unstuck. While the courage with which Mr Key and his government have launched into issues like welfare reform and curtailing the size of government are most certainly laudable, its is hoped that these are not measures that are a trifle too late in coming. New Zealands economy is groaning under the severe stress of poorly thought out welfare schemes, their poor implementation and the extent of their suspected abuse as well as bloated government departments and their runaway expenditure both a legacy of the vote grabbing largesse of successive Labour governments. There must be those in the National Party and the government who wish some of these tough measures were taken in the first term and not all left to be dealt with now, all at one go. The next two years or so will show the nation if Mr Key and the National Party will go the whole hog in bringing in policy reform in the interests of the country or begin to soft pedal with an eye on the hustings as 2014 nears, in the interests of a third term for the party.
- Dev Nadkarni


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Indian Weekender | March 23, 2012 |



Dev NaDkarNI

Fiji land deal could save an entire nation

He said he had sent in requests to several countries for starting talks, but had made no headway. He said every time he flew over Pacific Islands that were not atolls, he thought how good it would have been if these were available to his people to live in. After all, there are literally thousands of uninhabited but habitable islands in the South Pacific Ocean. Low lying island countries like Mauritius have also been considering investing in tracts of land in far off continents with a view to resettling their populations in the event of an impending oceanic cataclysm. Fortunately for Kiribati, though, it has a small fund of a few hundred million dollars sitting in Australia, which it accumulated years ago out of royalty proceeds for mining phosphates on one of its outer atolls called Banaba. It is this small pile of cash that might ultimately bale out the countrys people. Last week, Mr Tong announced firmed this. Several islands in Fiji are on sale and have been bought by wealthy individuals and Hollywood stars like Mel Gibson. So it is nothing all that unusual for a country to make a bid to buy one with its own funds. If the deal goes through and Kiribati buys the island, there is every possibility that it will be an option to resettle the residents of Tarawa sooner rather than later, although Mr Tong has sought to allay fears of this in any quarters, particularly in Fiji, by saying that the offer for purchase is merely for investment purposes. There is little doubt that when push comes to shove, Kiribati residents will be settled there for humanitarian reasons. Fiji deserves all the praise for welcoming this move. In fact, it is the second time that it has come to the rescue of Kiribati in a similar fashion. Decades ago, it helped the settle the displaced population of the atoll of Banaba after it was destroyed by phosphate mining. Thats when the Banabans made their home on Fijis Rabi island and continue to live there. If the deal goes through as planned and the people on some of Kiribatis atolls do end up resettling on their new island home in Fijian waters, it would be the first ever incidence of climate change related migration in the world and may well open the door to other such humanitarian migration elsewhere. The deal could well help save an entire nation.

Land deal could end up saving the population of an entire country from the risk of drowning because of sea level rise
Kiribati is a spread across three groups of atolls, with the capital, located on Tarawa Atoll, being the A coconut grove on Tarawa Atoll most populous. The approximately 100,000 people who call Tarawa home live so closely packed together, that it is the most densely populated place in the Pacific region. That is because Tarawa is a long strip of land, about 30 kilometres long, less than a kilometre at its broadest and mostly just about a couple of hundred metres wide for the most part. The highest point on the flat atoll is just a few metres above mean sea level, offering no sanctuary whatsoever in the event of any oceanic phenomenon like Photos: Dev Nadkarni working tirelessly for several years to visit its WW-II heritage sites). tsunamis. As one can see, there is little to bring the plight of his people to the The country has no freshwater sources as there are no permanent going for the people of Kiribati. attention of the world. He has made rivers or streams and people depend In the past few years, it has come countless pleas to world bodies that almost exclusively on rainwater. into the world spotlight because of are involved with matters relating to Donor countries have helped build dozens of television programmes climate change and has been in the large rainwater storage tanks and that have portrayed it as one of the spotlight at every climate change changing weather patterns tend to first nations to potentially sink along jamboree from Bali to Cancun. While funds to combat climate keep residents perpetually on the with another neighbouring atoll edge when rainfall fails over several nation, Tuvalu, as sea levels rise change have trickled in, they have been able to barely finance band aid because of climate change. weeks at a time. It is indeed a threatened nation. measures like building and strengthBeing flat atolls, king tides often ravage the country, especially the And not just because of the fear of ening sea walls and putting up water causeways that link nearby atolls, rising seas. Ever rising tides are bat- storage devices. The main question submerging the only single linking tering the nations coastline with of what to do in the event of an imroad for hours at a time. There is making saltwater flood coastal pending disaster like a sustained little industry in the island nation farmlands and destroying the sem- surge in sea levels or even someand Tarawa gets only a few tourists blance of agriculture that the islands thing quite unforeseen as a tsunami each year it has some interesting have. It is not unusual to see entire have been left largely unanswered. In an interview with me about World War-II gun sites along its coconut groves shorn of their fronds coast (Christmas Island, which lies sticking out mournfully out of the three years ago in Tarawa, Mr Tong told me that his government had two times zones away to the East salt-ridden, fallow ground. The countrys recently re-elect- been considering relocating his and is closer to the West Coast of the United States gets far more tourists ed President, Anote Tong, has been people but the question was where.

Kiribati President Anote Tong

that he was in talks with Fiji to buy one of Fijis uninhabited islands. The Fijian administration has con-

An Aboriginal Gandhi from the Australian outback

Professor Patrick Dodson is the founding Director of the Indigenous Policy and Dialogue Unit at the University of New South Wales in Sydney. In 2008 he was awarded the Sydney Peace Prize. His citation read: For courageous advocacy of the human rights of Indigenous people, for distinguished leadership of the reconciliation movement, and for a lifetime of commitment to peace with justice, through dialogue and many other expressions of non violence. This citation reminded many of Gandhi. So Dodson seemed the ideal choice for the inaugural Gandhi oration at the University of New South Wales. If Gandhi was known as the Father of the Nation, Dodson is regarded as the Father of Reconciliation. Dodson was the Founding Chairman of the Council for Reconciliation and remained in that position till 1977. The Gandhi oration was established at the University of New South Wales by the Australian India Institute. A year or so ago they had installed a bust of Gandhi on the lawns outside the university library. Amit Dasgupta, the Consul General of India in Sydney, came up with the idea of an annual Gandhi oration. It was decided that the speaker would be a non-Indian whose life had been influenced by Gandhi. So Prof. Dodson seemed the ideal choice for the inaugural oration because he has been active in his work for aboriginal welfare for many years but always stressed non-violence. He delivered the address on 30 January, 2012, the 64th anniversary of Gandhis assassination. Not only was there a packed audience; Dodson also received a standing ovation at the end. Professor Dodson is from Kimberley in Western Australia. His experiences of colonialism in Western Australia shaped his subsequent activism for the preservation and enhancement of aboriginal rights and culture. He knew how his people felt the oppression at the hands of the British. Patrick Dobson was the first aboriginal ordained Catholic priest and in this role he tried to reconcile Catholicism with aboriginal spiritual values. This brought him into conflict with the Catholic hierarchy and after years of confrontation he left. In his oration Dodson pointed out the similarities between Indias fight for independence and the aborigines struggle against oppression. It is this sense of oppression that led to the aggressive behaviour at the Tent Embassy event recently, he suggested. However, he did not condone violence. He stressed that none of their revolts that turned violent succeeded whereas the successful ones were the ones that remained non-violent. While in India people were fighting for freedom, in Australia the struggle is for reconciliation between the indigenous and nonindigenous people. Dodson pointed out that while relations have come a long way, it still has not achieved a just accommodation. Dodson, as co-chairman of the panel appointed by the Federal Government to recommend constitutional reform, had been advocating the recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and languages. Hopefully, when the constitutional changes are made then the aboriginal people may no longer feel this sense of oppression. Dodson noted that the indigenous people who are throughout the Australian continent are connected through their song lines which gave them a feeling of oneness. It seems similar to ancient Indians spread throughout the subcontinent who were diverse and belonged to different kingdoms under different kings with different languages. All the same they were united under sanatana dharma and felt an affinity with one another. I had earlier mentioned some of the similarities between the First Settlers of Australia and ancient Hindus. For example, I had talked about how I was reminded of Sri Krishnas Sudarshana Chakram when I saw for the first time a boomerang being thrown and it coming back to the thrower. Similarly, the aboriginal dancers performing one of their dances, sitting on the ground, their bare bodies with white lines painted all over reminded me of the devotees of Siva in a temple with vibhuti on their bodies, doing sayana pradakshinam (going round the temple, lying down). Padma Subrahmaniam, the renowned dancer, who visited Fiji in 1979 as part of the Girmit Centenary celebration, told us that apart from being a dancer she was also an anthropologist and she was interested in the aborigines of Australia. She had heard that there was a tribe called siva among them and she wanted to find out more about it. Before coming to Fiji she was in Perth for the Indian Ocean Festival and there she tried to meet the Aboriginal artistes but she could not get much out of them. Thousands of years ago, perhaps it was all one land mass, and Australia part of the Asian continent. Prof. Dodson being seen as an Aboriginal Gandhi in recent weeks brings back the question of affinity between the Indians and the First Settlers of Australia.

Indian Weekender |March 23, 2012 |




UN Chief lauds Fiji's progress on HIV/AIDS

His Excellency Ratu Epeli agreed that a collective approach was needed to ensure that statistics for those living with the virus remain at a stable level. We all have a part to play and it is important to practice safe sex, said Ratu Epeli who is also the HIV/AIDS ambassador for Fiji and the Pacific. The meeting at Government house today saw people from different sectors coming together to pitch in ideas on how Fiji could raise more awareness towards HIV/AIDS because according to Ministry of Health statistics, numbers continue to rise. Mr Sidibs visit to Fiji marks an important chapter in the progressive steps undertaken by the Fijian government to address HIV/AIDS. While Fiji is classified as a low HIV prevalence country, its commitment to addressing this virus has seen an allocation of financial and capital resources to address this issue. In 2009 alone, Fiji spent a total of US$2.1 million on its AIDS response. In 2011, Fiji became the first country in the Pacific region to eliminate laws restricting travel of people infected with HIV/AIDS, and passed the HIV/AIDS Decree as part of committing to human rights for those with the virus and to ensure that Fiji meets its own Millennium Development Goals or MDGs. Caption: Under Secretary general of the United Nations and Executive Director of UNAIDS, Mr Mr Michel Sidibe and His Excellency the President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau at a press conference at Government House today.

Water security prioritised

The recent floods in the Western Division and Tsunamis in Asia shows that water can be lethal during such natural disasters. In anticipation for celebration of the World Water Day, Government through various ministries will be touring the Western Division. World Water Day falls on the 23rdd of March. The 5-day celebration in the Western Division will start from Rakiraki to Sigatoka from the 19th-23rd of March. The Pacific theme of the celebration is Water Security is Food Security. Lautoka Western Regional Library senior librarian, Varanisese Tusaqa said the Library Services of Fiji will be providing public displays of books on water resources, water management, land sustainability, and natural disasters culminating to the 22nd of March which is the Water Day. The celebration will start in Rakiraki on Monday at the Penang Sangam High

The Under Secretary General of the United Nations and Executive Director of UNAIDS, Mr Michel Sidib has commended Fijis progress in raising awareness for HIV/AIDS in the country. Mr Sidib made the comments at a joint press conference with the President of Fiji, His Excellency Ratu Epeli Nailatikau following a meeting with HIV/AIDS stakeholders, held today at Government House. At the same time, Mr Sidib highlighted how Fiji had advanced the rights of those living with HIV/AIDS. Fiji must be thanked and commended for the removal of travel restrictions for visitors coming here who are living with HIV/AIDS, he told participants and media personnel this afternoon. We need a holistic approach towards raising this awareness especially in this region because I believe that this region could be a model for triple zero (000) meaning zero infections, zero deaths and zero discrimination.

School where the blue ribbon on the importance of water will be launched together with the Ten Commandments on water. On the same day displays will move on to Tavua College from 1pm. The public are also invited to a talanoa session in evening from 7-9pm at Tavua Levu village Hall, she said. Vinesh Kumar from the Integrated Water River Management(IWRM) in the West confirmed that funding for the celebration have been given by the SOPAC,s Water Sanitation and Hygiene Program to IWRM. This will enable them to host the event in the Western Division for one week covering all major districts, Kumar said. Kumar said the intension is to share the positive externalities of this important event. Due to climate change the weather pattern in the Western Division has been affected, whilst flash floods have become a common occurrence during rainy periods.

Small and medium business enterprises in Fiji will soon be boosted through the assistance of the Business Mentors of New Zealand. An organisation consisting of successful New Zealand business mentors volunteers, the group met today with the Attorney General and Minister for Commerce Mr Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum. Minister Sayed-Khaiyum said the prospects of this venture, which will be undertaken with the Fiji Commerce and Employers Federation (FCEF) is exciting and creates windows of opportunities for locals. Primarily what they are here to do

Fiji, NZ join hands to boost business

through the Fiji Commerce and Employers Federation is to identify local business that will be mentored and provided assistance with individuals in drawing up business plans or marketing plans, Sayed-Khaiyum said. The Attorney General said that it is also interesting because it ties in with the Bainimarama governments focus on assisting small to medium enterprises. Business Mentor New Zealand chief executive officer Mr Ray Schofield said theyve been in existence in New Zealand for some 20 years and have assisted more than 60,000 businesses there.

Senior China official Visits Fiji

Chinas Director General for the North America and Oceania region Mr Xie Feng called on the Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama at his office this morning. Mr Feng said his visit this morning, as a senior government official, also allowed him the opportunity to strengthen bilateral ties shared between Fiji and the Peoples Republic of China. He is also responsible for establishing closer economic, social and political ties between China and other countries in the Oceania region. This is a very important region (Pacific) of the world and China is a friend. We want to work together in building closer ties with the region, Mr Feng said.

He added that Chinas value of the Fiji China relationship is evident through the many development programmes that the Chinese government has funded or provided soft loans for. Mr Feng is on a two day official visit to the country and was accompanied by Chinas ambassador to Fiji, His Excellency Huang Yong. Mr Feng conveyed the well wishes of President Hu Jintao and the people of China and brought best wishes for the Fijian government as it tries to rebuild the lives of those affected from recent flooding in the western division. The delegation leaves for Vanuatu this Saturday March 10.


Indian Weekender | March 23, 2012 |



First ever South Pacific food and wine fest held

Kiribati eyeing Fijis islands 'only for Investment'

Dev Nadkarni
The flurry of news reports in the worlds media saying Kiribati was looking at buying an island in Fiji with a view to relocate its population, which is threatened by sea level rise has prompted a clarification from the atoll nations president. Saying that Kiribati was looking at acquiring land in Fiji primarily for investment because sea level rise was threatening any sustainable economic activity, he sought to take the focus off the mass relocation issue. Relocation is our last resort, but our priority is to serve the needs of our people today and steer the country to the path of sustainable economic development, President Anote Tong said in a statement issued from his office in Tarawa. The land purchase was a bid to enhance the countrys economic and social resilience, the statement said. Saying climate change was hindering sustainable development, Mr Tong acknowledged Fijis willingness to help in this regard and urged other countries to do likewise. We hope that developed nations can engage with frontline countries like us in this area, as a matter of taking simple actions rather than negotiating climate change issues where common ground is far from reach, he said in the statement. Just as it was considering acquiring land in Fiji, Kiribati was also looking at other lands in the Pacific Islands region, Mr Tong said.

A first of a kind event to showcase the South Pacifics unique cuisine to the world opened last week in Fiji. Celebrity chefs, restaurant operators, and hospitality experts from around the world have descended on Fijis high profile holiday destination Denarau to participate in the first ever South Pacific Food & Wine Festival. The festival brought the opportunity to some 200 local tourism and hospitality industry professionals to learn more about the secrets of bringing up latest fashions in the food and wine industry. The festival also

has participants and chefs from other Pacific islands presenting their own cuisines. Among festival highlights were nightly degustation dinners, themed coffee breaks, opportunities to mix and mingle with celebrity chefs, attend master classes and cooking demonstrations and Taste of the Pacific gala dinner on the final night of the festival, which concludes over this weekend. Besides, wares from boutique wineries and gourmet food producers from the world over were also there for sampling. The programme even featured cooking classes for children.

Women own the rights to their bodies NGO

Suva: Fiji-based feminist group Womens Action for Change (WAC) has stated it is appalled at comments made by Mr Rishi Ram of the Fiji Taxi Union justifying the sexual harassment of female passengers by taxi drivers and blaming this on the way women choose to dress. Mr Rams comments are not only ignorant, they are extremely dangerous and could effectively contribute to setting the work of the womens movement back 20 years, Womens Action for Change Coordinator, Debbie Singh said. Equally disturbing is the fact that Mr Ram is a Justice of the Peace and by these comments has clearly demonstrated his complete lack of objectivity and respect for women. We call on the Fiji Taxi Union to distance themselves from him as it is remarks of this nature which continue to justify crimes of sexual harassment and rape of women and in turn, add to promoting a very unsafe and unstable environment. It cannot be over emphasised that women own the rights to their bodies this includes decisions governing their bodies in terms of their sexuality, reproductive rights, the way a women chooses to dress and so forth. Looking back at the work of the womens movement in Fiji over the past two decades these should now be unspoken facts. Men who continue to justify sexual and other violent crimes of power over women, must be held accountable for their attitudes and actions. Society must continue to be educated and reminded that womens bodies are not and have never been, family or public property, Ms Singh said. We would like to remind Mr Ram that taxi drivers are governed by the Public Service Vehicles Code of Conduct, through the Land Transport Act (1998) and the LTA Regulations of 2000. Women and girls therefore have a legal right to submit complaints immediately to any Police station and inform the LTA of any standing complaints against a driver, including noting their licence number, which must be prominently displayed at all times. Furthermore, international treaties and conventions such as the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), which Fiji has ratified, exist to protect the rights of women and girls, therefore, comments such as those of Mr Rams should not be allowed to go unchallenged by society and the State, Ms Singh said. Meanwhile, Rishi Ram has resigned from his position at the Fiji Taxi Union.

Meanwhile, the Fijian government has acknowledged the proposal put forward by the Government of Kiribati to purchase land for investment purposes. The transaction of this land is a matter between the Government of Kiribati and a private owner in Fiji. The Fijian Government recognises the critical issue of climate change and rising sea levels and is always prepared to assist neighbours who may be affected, said a Fijian government media release.


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h ur s y T on Fridda r as t a

Pacific Island mobile operator Digicel this week has announced an international money transfer service on its mobile telephone network that costs just $1. International transfers to Fiji, Samoa and Tonga can be done for just a dollar. Digicel Pacific Commercial Director Darren McLean made the announcement in Apia saying, With a flat fee of just $1 for each transaction for a limited time, Digicel is highlighting its commitment to making money transfer services more affordable and easily accessible to customers in the Pacific Islands. The majority of people in the Pacific Islands do not have personal bank accounts, so an international money transfer to a mobile wallet is a safe and convenient way to transfer money.

With Mobile Money people are able to transfer money directly via their online bank account or credit card to any Digicel mobile money wallet in Fiji, Samoa or Tonga. Online registration for the service is free. The operator has more than 300 participating service agents through the Pacific Islands. Recipients of the transfers in Fiji, Samoa and Tonga can use the money sent from family in New Zealand or Australia to withdraw cash, pay bills and buy or send mobile phone credit. The islands regions largest mobile operator recently made the Mobile Money service available in 6 retail locations in South Auckland. The company says it is planning to add more locations this year. It launched this innovative international money transfer service in New Zealand and Australia last October.

eC ec omp etition re

tin g

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Mobile operator launches $1 money transfers


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A thriller with no frills attached

arNaB charkraBorTy

This part is incomplete without a mention to the gala of splendid supporting performances that kept this tightly knit script from breaking into shambles. Parambrata Chatterjee as the helping cop brings with him such an ingenuous charm while remaining grounded to the nitty-gritties of our real world grime that he almost stands out but as I said almost; because even he seamlessly manages to hog just enough limelight without pushing the charismatic leading lady out of our scopes. Cameos from Kharaj Mukherjee, Indraneil Sengupta along with the brash intelligence hotshot played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui are very much impressive and all of them carry their defined posts with much dexterity. A special mention has to go to the contract killer played by Saswata Chatterjee who just cant help but display a rather devious grin after each successful hit that he makes. ThE MusIC 3.5/5 The music is both haunting and an adequate associate to the brilliant story telling. Despite that one blotchy moment where a modern age adaptation of Tagores song is made, the music manages to hold its own. One special moment near the climax where the Dhols merge with the soundtrack to create a brilliant resonating effect deserves a rather special mention. so A KAhAANI To wATCh ouT for? Certainly so and irrespective of the fact that whether thriller is the pocket loosener for you, you will find this gripping journey alongside a woman in search of truth enticing and breathtaking. So before you dwindle on your entertaining tidbits this weekend, make a stop at your nearest theatre and go have a blast!

Vidya Balan means business and she is back as Vidya Bagchi in Kahaani to prove that to us.
ThE bACKgrouND The movie takes its stance from the word go and it comes alive with a haunting memoir of terrorism and death. Yup it leaves nothing to your fancy and grips you with an unnerving sequence from the very first ordeal where a chemical attack in a metro train in Kolkata kills several people. So the Kahaani begins and it keeps the sincere anxiety alive when the pregnant wife of a software engineer called Arnab Bagchi travels from London to the city of joy to locate her missing husband. She is the enigmatic and powerful lady Vidya Bagchi played by a brilliant Vidya Balan and she is not someone whom you should mess with. As the movie progresses we see that her expedition leads us into the dirty muddled backstage lanes of the Intelligence Bureau of India and what was looking like an emotional journey at first, suddenly pumps up some invisible adrenaline into your veins as it transforms into a spy thriller with a case of double identity. But dont go expecting some rather vapid outlining of mistaken duplicate case because this film will blow off your clandestine ideas and analysis with a smiling smack down the throat. ThE sTory - 4/5 Finally there is something to cheer about a storyline in Bollywood because all things said and done the real hero of this film is its Kahaani (story) itself. It stops, turns, whizzes and twists and keeps you on your edge at all times. Just when something becomes apparent the tables are turned and it feels like you are in this deliberate cat and mouse game. Racy, cagey and crafty, the tale of this celluloid venture from Director Sujoy Ghosh is bound to keep your

that lurks in the numerous alleys that crisscrosses throughout its body but you cannot deny that it has its own separate character. Sujoy Ghosh manages to capture that vibrancy and gloom in one blurry platter and breathes a life into the background that comes alive on the screen. The colours and the sights mingle to create an addictive panorama of ancient splendor and massive anarchy and the cinematography of the movie erupts with volcanic spirit but never does it wipe out the leading lady and her thrilling journey from our minds. The canvas is alive with a restrained glory and some cut throat editing from Nirmala Rao never allows the pace to slacken only reserving the very best for our entertainment. Banzai to that and banzai for the gripping treatment that somehow makes every part of this movie integral and hinges together the splendid story telling with some rarely seen gusto in Bollywood. ThE ACTINg 4.5/5 Can you make a thriller that you just feel like watching again for the hands on performance of the lead actress? You sure as hell can! Vidya Balan is proving to be a gem in an industry were the scarcity of powerful actresses were proving to be almost as big a challenge as the insipid scripts that populated it. As Vidya Bagchi she is definition herself and manages to play the many topsy-turvy moods of the protagonist with authority and restraint. So there are no tearjerking melodramas, nor are there superfluous eye-candy moments in a performance that is sure to make her competitors sit up and take notice of her again (And she just bagged the National Award too). Be it the loving wife, the mourning partner or even just a motivated individual, she oscillates between the many shades of with effortless grace and realistic consistency.

eyeballs fixed and your mind roving in apprehensive uncertainties. The film unfolds like a magic act with three layers of performance; first comes the exposition of some strikingly real characters with the backdrop of a city that almost plays a double role itself. Next comes the enchanting and gripping body filled with questions and puzzles that refuse to coalesce and then comes the prestige with all its gruesome glory to knock your bails off. The cherry on the cake has to be the parallelism with the Goddess Durga who seems to manifest in us to cure

our society of the many demons that we ourselves create. There are some improbabilities and a slight romantic interlude that pulls the narrative astray for a few moments but keeping the minor flaws aside, take a deep breath before you walk in because I guarantee you there will not be any opportunities for respiration once inside. ThE DIrECTIoN AND TEChNIquE 4/5 You could say that Kolkata is a vintage city with its own darkness

Bolly film questions academic scenario

Mumbai: Upcoming Bollywood film Yeh Khula Aasmaan has taken up the issue of extreme academic stress prevailing in the current young generation. Directed by Gitanjali Sinha and produced by Hemendra Aran, the film stars veteran actors Raghubir Yadav and Yashpal Sharma in principal characters. Yeh Khula Aasmaan revolves around Avinash, who is just one of the many young students of todays generation expected to survive in the competitive bubble in which they exist. Such a competitive academic scenario has not only led to impractical expectations from students, but also extreme stress and pressure to live up to the same. Predictably, with every passing year, the number of unfortunate demises has increased surrounding the exams period. Hoping to address this issue through her endeavor Yeh Khula Aasmaan, director Gitanjali Sinha says, The extreme pressure on todays youth to excel in academics is absolutely unfair. Academic performance has become the only benchmark against which they are judged. Failure to live up to these expectations can leave them de-motivated and shatter their confidence. "Such intense pressure at this young age can affect the rest of their life. As a responsible parent myself, I make sure that I support my child during this complicated phase instead of building up the pressure. This was one of the primary reasons I decided to make Yeh Khula Aasmaan. Veteran actor Raghubir Yadav, playing the role of Dadu, says, I am extremely proud to be associated with Yeh Khula Aasmaan considering it enlightens such an important issue existing among todays youth. Academics alone dont define the

future of a child. I believe that the recipe for success is to keep trying

your best, success will just follow. Yashpal Sharma, playing the role

of the NRI fathers adds in, I have seen the pressure my children go through to keep up with their peers. Competition is great, as long as its in moderation. This is the same advice I gave my children before the cutthroat competitive spirit caught on them. Like me, all parents need to take up responsibility. An IITian and MBA from London Business School, producer Hemendra Aran says, While the academic excellence does help in life, long term success is less about academic excellence and more about building ones own personality, internal strength and emotional intelligence. Yeh Khula Aasmaan subtly emphasizes upon the importance of these aspects. The film has already won international awards including Best Foreign Feature Film at the All Sports Los Angeles Film Festival and Kids First! Film and Video Festival in USA.


Indian Weekender | March 23, 2012 |



11/2cup- rice 2- onions sliced 11/2cup- chopped vegetables 2- green cardamom 1- black cardamom 1inch- cinnamon stick 1- bay leaf 1/2tsp- cumin seeds 1tbsp- ginger paste 1tbsp- garlic paste 1tsp- turmeric powder 2tsp- red chilli powder 1tsp- garam masala powder 1tbsp- coriander powder 1/2cup- curd 1cup- tomato puree 1tbsp- milk 2tbsp- coriander leaves 2tbsp- mint leaves salt according to taste Few strands of saffron 1tbsp- oil


boil rice in four cups of salted boiling water using 1tsp salt. drain excess water and keep aside. Heat oil in a wok. Add green cardamom, black cardamom, cinnamon stick, bay leaf, cumin seeds and roast them. Add sliced onions and vegetables, sprinkle salt on top and stir, cover and cook on medium heat for two to three minutes. Add ginger, garlic paste mixed with a little water and stir. Cover and cook for two minutes. Add red chilli powder, turmeric powder and coriander powder and cook. Add tomato puree to the vegetables along with garam

masala powder mix well and cook for two minutes. Whisk yogurt with saffron and milk and keep aside. take a microwave safe bowl. Arrange a layer of rice at the bottom. over that arrange the half of the cooked vegetables followed by another layer of rice. sprinkle half of the chopped coriander, half of chopped mint leaves and half of whisked yogurt mixture. Arrange the remaining vegetables followed by remaining rice. sprinkle the remaining coriander leaves, remaining mint leaves and the remaining yogurt mixture. Cover and cook in the microwave for five to six minutes. serve hot with raita.

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I am hungry to do films

Bollywood starlet threatens to sue The Sunday Times

London: Bollywood actress Nupur Mehta on Monday threatened to take legal action against Britain's The Sunday Times, trashing the newspapers allegations that she was involved in match-fixing in last year's World Cup Cricket semifinal between India and Pakistan at Mohali. Saying that Indian bookmakers were using the Bollywood actress as a honey trap to fix international matches and also England county games, the Times claimed that it had evidence that tens of thousands of pounds were offered to players for spot-fixing. Even though the Times did not name her, an image with a blurred face was published in the newspaper that resembled Mehta, media reports said. Nupur, who has worked in Sunny Deol-starrer Jo Bole So Nihal (2005), on Monday said that she had been accused o something she had not done. All I would say is I am not guilty of any such thing. The picture that they have used was taken during my film Jo Bole So Nihal," she was quoted as saying. "I intend to take action against them," she added. Meanwhile the International Cricket Council (ICC) also dismissed The Sunday Times' claim that it is investigating the Cricket World Cup 2011 semi-final match between India and Pakistan. In a statement, the ICC Chief Executive Haroon Lorgat said: The story carried by the newspaper, in which it has claimed that the ICC is investigating the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 semi-final between India and Pakistan, is baseless and misleading. The ICC has no reason or evidence to require an investigation into this match." It is indeed sad for spurious claims to be made which only serve to cause doubt on the semi-final of one of the most successful ICC Cricket World Cups ever, he said.

emraan Hashmi will be sporting a paunch and a bucktooth in Dibakar Banerjees political thriller Shanghai. Correspondent Sreya Basu chats up with the actor in Mumbai
Why is the name of the film Shanghai when it is being shot only in India? Here we are talking about the contradictions in India. Here we have a country growing at a particular rate every year, yet people are getting poorer. So we all live in Shanghai dreams, ambitions and greed in our mind. You are talking about greed in this film. So what is your greed? My greed as an actor was to work in a Dibakar Banerjee film. I have immense respect for him since I have seen his film Khosla Ka Ghosla (2006) and it was a brilliant film. Tell us something about the character you play in Shanghai. Dibakar wanted my character to be common, on-the-road, lowest of the low, deparate, ambitious, yet at the same time puzzled. I am grateful that I got to do a film where I can do something drastic with the look, with the kind of clothes that he wears there wont be the slightest glimpse of Emraan Hashmi that you see in all twenty films I have done before this. I have done something drastically different in Shanghai so much so that you wont probably be able to recognize me in this film. Even the language you speak is different? Yes, the language in which I speak in the film is different from urban Hindi as the character is from a small town and learning the lingo. But we havent gone for a drastic departure from how we speak Hindi because it has to be in the commercial sense and understood by everyone. Still research had to be done with the language and related nuisances. And of course, we had to sit with Dibakar and add little things to the characters. Do you think sporting a paunch and a buck tooth can make a character different? The moment you see a craft (performance by an actor)and thats in most Bollywood filmsyou tend to see someone acting out the part. With a film like Shanghai, every character is going to be so believable and you are going to be immersed in this world either in the world of Abhays (Deol) character or mine. Its a realistic film and thats my deal. So are you playing a negative or a positive character? I never see a character as positive or negative. I just play the role and try to be a part world the film is set in. Like I said before, I dont want image of a star linger in the character he plays on screen, but bring out a com-

Mumbai: Actor Emraan Hashmi says he hates to play it safe with characters he portrays in movies. Known for his serial kisser image in Bollywood, Emraan has had a total makeover in Dibakar Banerjees upcoming political thriller Shanghai. I would hate to play it safe. Its just not the word for me. Be it a comedy, a thriller or a romcom, Im

Hate to play it safe, says Emraan

game for all. And I believe in giving myself up to the director completely. As an actor, he can make me do whatever he wants, said Emraan. In Shanghai, he will be sporting the flab and buck tooth. Director Dibakar said the script was enough to convince Emraan to do the part. He read the script, liked it and told me, I am on. Let's do it. You tell

pletely new style in the film which is unexpected or not seen before by the audience. I am hungry to do films and play parts where we generally dont see the craft in the performance. And thats what I feel Dibakar can draw Mumbai: Wendell Rodricks, one of from an actor and make the character Indias top fashion designers and a the way he envisions it. gay icon, will pick the winner for the KASHISH 2012 International Poster Staying true to your genre, Contest will there be serial kissing KASHISH Mumbai International in Shnghai? Queer Film Festival has sent out an We are taking a notch higher. I know open call to artists and designers that a kiss will be extremely tame for from across the world to design its a Dibakar Banerjee film. So from official poster for the film fest this the very beginning I knew he would year. make me do something more drastic. The contest will be judged by There is a scene which can be called Wendell Rodricks, the man who has close to a rape scene. set the ramps ablaze in India and abroad, with his trendsetting fashion How was it working with creations. Abhay Deol? I am delighted to be a judge on I have seen Dibakar and Abhays a contest that involves everyone to film Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! (2008) be a part of and contribute to a queer and they have done a great stuff. The event. This I feel is the best way of kind of films Abhay has done so far, breaking down barriers and reducI feel, he has always gone for unique ing stigma. I am looking forward rolesthey are different from those to seeing interesting designs from done by many other actors. I think not only India, but from around the thats really commendable. He has world, said Wendell Rodricks. worked against the Bollywood We are very excited about stream and yet made his own posi- Wendell Rodricks agreeing to be the tion in the industry and that is great. celebrity judge for the contest. Our queer film festival KASHISH actually mirrors Wendells thoughts, said KASHISH film festival director Sridhar Rangayan. The festival is an attempt to remove misconceptions from peoples mind about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) persons. The films, from all over the world to be screened at our festival highlights this fact by showing me how and when', said Dibakar. Emraan has a colourful charac- LGBT persons as human beings with ter. He is a small town videographer the same range of human emotions called Joginder Parmar who, ac- as any other person. Wendell Rodricks is perhaps the cording to the situation, will project himself as a filmmaker, fashion pho- only person in the Indian fashion world who freely and regularly tographer or a press photographer. Shanghai will be releasing speaks his mind on matters ranging on June 8 under the PVR Pictures from gay rights to the protection of the environment. He has spoken out banner. clearly about gay rights time and

Wendell Rodricks to judge gay poster contest

again: "Being gay is not just about the sexual act, but about a deeper emotion called love that one feels for someone of the same gender". KASHISH 2012, the third edition of the Indias first and only mainstream queer film festival, will be held between May 23-27, 2012 in Mumbai at a city multiplex. The theme for this year is For Everyone, which means this years festival has something to offer for everyone not just for the LGBT community, but also their families, colleagues and friends. The poster contest, which is open to everyone, across the world, reflects this spirit added Rangayan. The winner of the poster contest will receive his/her award on the closing night of the film festival, and will include a KASHISH trophy and a gift hamper. Besides winning a prestigious award as the festivals official poster, its design will also be featured as hoardings, print and online advertisements, catalogue cover, banners, cinema slides and delegate cards.


Indian Weekender | March 23, 2012 |



Im kind of nuts, says Dev slumdog Patel

The Slumdog Millionaire star speaks on the eve of the release of his new flick The Best exotic Marigold Hotel, which released in Auckland yesterday.

He's bouncing off the walls. I wish I had a tranquilizer in some scenes. Q: Do you have a similar youthful energy yourself? A: I'm kind of nuts, in a way, very hyper and I don't have the longest attention span. It really struck me as a character I wanted to play because it is about a boy becoming a man. It is also a coming of age story for the pensioners; this story shows that no matter how old you are, there's always room to change, learn, improve and be enlightened. In Sonnys case he's trying to prove to his mother that he can run this place. For a disparate group of English pensioners (Judi Dench, Bill Nighy, Maggie Smith, Tom Wilkinson, Penelope Wilton, Celia Imrie and Ronald Pickup), retirement takes an unconventional turn when they abandon their homeland, enticed by advertisements for The best Exotic Marigold Hotel, a seemingly luxurious sanctuary for the elderly and beautiful in Jaipur, India. On arrival, they discover that the hotel falls somewhat short of the romantic idyll promised in the brochure, but they are gradually won over by the everoptimistic young manager Sonny (Dev Patel), and tentatively embark on a new adventure, finding that life can begin again when you let go of the past. After debuting on the hugely successful British TV show Skins, Londoner Dev Patel enjoyed enormous success as the lead in the multi-Oscar winning Slumdog Millionaire, in which he played a Mumbai teen suspected of cheating in the Indian version of Who wants to Be A Millionaire? With The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Dev returns once again to India to play Sonny, the young but enthusiastic manager of a hotel for retirees. Q: The basic idea behind Marigold is the outsourcing of retirement; how do you fit into the picture? A: I play Sonny who runs the hotel in India that theyve come to retire to. This group of old age pensioners, played by Judy Dench, Maggie Smith, Bill Nighy, Penelope Wilton, Celia Imrie and Ronald Pickup - all end up there for various reasons. The problem is, the hotel has been marketed as this beautiful home for the elderly, but its not quite as it seems. Frankly, its a shambles. Q: What kind of a guy is Sonny? A: Sonny is a Duracell battery; he's just got crazy energy. Everything goes wrong but he's so endearing because he has this forever-optimistic view of everything. He has this saying: Everything will be alright in the end, and if its not alright, it's not yet the end'. He's the comedic relief. I'm slightly slap sticky in it. Q: When you worked on Slumdog Millionaire you took a job in a call center for a while. Did you do something similar for this, like go and work in a hotel? A: I didnt this time because the more inexperienced and spontaneous it was the better, as that's basically him. What I did have to do though was a lot of work on the accent. He's well spoken and very articulate but it has to be in this thicker Indian accent, which was very hard as Im speeding through lots of crazy dialogue. Q: What did you do to get it right? A: I had a coach, and also I pestered everyone on set from the costume department to the lighting boys. You pick up certain traits like the head nod and certain ticks and things, which obviously a dude from Harrow wouldn't know about. But I've had lots of exposure to India. I've been there many times. Q: Did you have any concerns about returning to India to shoot a film after the success of Slumdog? A: Yes. The majority of the scripts that get sent to me are for Indian characters, but I try to be very selective. I read the first draft of this script and I was absolutely excited. Then I started to have cold feet about it because I'd been through India and done Slumdog and obviously that was so big. I didn't want to be typecast. However when John (Madden, director) came on board, my hesitation dissipated. Sonny is kind of cheesy in a way; he's overly endearing and optimistic. John saw him as an everyday young guy who dresses in jeans, fancies girls and wants to have sex. I thought it was great to make him more human and rounded instead of just a caricature. Q: Well you debuted with Slumdog, a huge project, then maybe took some hits for The Last Airbender... A: Oh, Airbender was humbling, for sure. Q: That was your first American movie. Did you feel the difference?

A: The downfall of that wasn't necessarily that it was an American film; it was more to do with the scale of it. I prefer to do something like Marigold, where you don't get paid a lot of money, but you just feel so much more connected to the piece. When you go into it you have a vision, and you can still

grasp that instead of being diluted in this massive, 150 million dollar film and have no say. You want to feel like you can mold your character and really carve something into a movie. In Marigold you can and for the rest of my career I would happily do these indie films.



I am most scared of my wife Kahaani came after

Akshay Kumar is back with his comic avatar in Sajid Khans Housefull 2: The Dirty Dozen. Correspondent Sreya Basu chats up with the actor on his new film, fashion, action and wife Twinkle Khanna

Vidya: Sujoy
Mumbai: Sujoy Ghosh's Kahaani, starring Vidya Balan in the lead is getting rave reviews from people across the globe. However, what one might not know is the fact that the Kahaani director rose to such a height from a humble beginning. Sujoy, who has directed movies such as Jhankaar Beats, Home Delivery: Aapko... Ghar Tak and Aladin had to work very hard to attain the kind of success he has attained today. He said he knew it was a huge struggle ahead; as he was hoping that Aladin' would be a hit and lessen his struggle, but it turned flop and only added to his grief. Explaining his take on such situation to ETC Bollywood Busi-

to work with her from the moment I saw her. We decided to do Kahaani' when she was shooting for Ishqiya. "The second thing is that I have always been fascinated with the change that happens to a woman when she becomes a mother. I have found that the same girl, who doesn't know anything, will teach herself everything to protect her family and child. "And I wanted to explore that strength and see what would happen if you placed a to-be mother in an alien environment where she doesn't know anything -- the place, the language, the people. Ekla Cholo Re, a masterpiece from one of Indias greatest poet/writer Rabindranath Tagore,

Every time a film releases, the cast and crew start thanking each other at the promotions. Are you doing the same for Housefull 2?
All my co-stars and crew keep on thanking each other for Housefull 2. I will also not be the odd one out. I will thank myself as I forced myself to work in this film. Also, I dont like giving speeches. Speech should be like a mini skirtthe shorter the better.

Coming back to you being rated as the fashion icon of Bollywood, whom will you give the credit for your style statement?
Honestly speaking, I will give all the credit to my wife (Twinkle Khanna). Fashion and style are something you inherit from your parents. But I have inherited fashion from my wife. She made me fashionable.

films for a long time. But I am returning to action once again. As for your question, none of us (actors) are fighting for any title. We are not horses at Mahalaxmi race course. We are all actors and one fraternity. We do films so that our industry moves forward. We all have three-four films in hand, so there is no need to fight.

Why dont the two of you star in a film together again?

How real are your stunts?

Why is the tagline of the film The Dirty Dozen?

Sajid (Khan, director) would have answered it better. The film is about four fathers, their four daughters and their four prospective grooms. And all these twelve characters are very flawed. So they are all dirty in their own flawed way.

What are you saying! We did two films together (Zulmi and International Khiladi, released in 1999) and both flopped.

All stunts in my life so far have been done by me only. I have never taken the help of duplicates and/or wireworks. Action comes naturally to me. Its a part of my lifein fact action is a part of me.

Many of your colleagues complain that you lose temper frequently on the sets. How true is that?
You will never find me angry. People, who know me, will tell you that I never get angry; very rarely mujhe gussa aata hai.

Media buzz says you are planning to quit action films

Look, I am 45-year-old now. I will do action films for another five years. But after that I will do hard core stunts only of my body permits.

Whom do you consider as the most fashionable star of Bollywood?


And apart from you?

Well, I think Salman (Khan) is very good. He has his own fashion grade.

With Shah Rukh, Saif Ali Khan and Salman doing action films these days, do you feel you are losing the action hero title in Bollywood?
See, I have not done hard core action

What is that one thing that you are scared of?

I am most scared of my wife.


Name one man who is not scared of his wife. Ask any married man and you will know.

Asha files complaint against Sadhana

Mumbai: Singer Asha Bhosle has lodged a written compliant against yesteryear actor Sadhana at the Santacruz Police Station for allegedly encroaching and trespassing on a garden at her bungalow in Mumbai's Khar area. Sadhana has been staying in the bunglow as a tenant for over 50 years. In her complaint filed last month, Bhosle alleged that Sadhana was not allowing her to use the garden. Apart from Sadhana, builder Yusuf Lakdawala lives on the second floor and actor Baby Naaz stays on the first floor of the threestorey bungalow named 'Sangeeta'. All three are Bhosle's tenants.

ness, Sujoy said, If your last film isn't a hit, then no one wants to put money on your next film, unless it's bankable. But if you want to marry a woman, you will do it, irrespective of what people tell you. So if you want to tell a story, you will, no matter what. Talking about his movie, Sujoy said, This picture is everything against the rule book. The movie happened because of two things. "One, I really wanted to work with Vidya Balan. Actually, Pehle Vidya aayi, phir Kahaani aayi. I really wanted to work with Vidya Balan. It was just gut -- I wanted

and sung by Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan for Kahaani. Sharing his experience about it, Sujoy said, I needed a voice who people would listen to. Sir (Amitabh Bachchan) knew how desperately I wanted him to sing the song and he agreed instantly. Very few would know that Sir is a great musician and he plays piano superbly. But apart from all his talents he is a superb human being. Adding to the conversation, Sujoy said, Rekhaji ne mujhe call kiya tha, main toh behosh hone wala thaMy knees were like tak tak tak.I am a big fan of her.


Indian Weekender | March 23, 2012 |

Beti B named Aaradhya?
Mumbai: The wait is over for Bachchan fans as the family is reported to have named Aishwarya and Abhishek Bachchan's daughter Aaradhya. The word Aaradhya means 'one who is worth worshipping' in Sanskrit. The Bollywood couple has registered the name of their daughter couple of days back with the Bombay Municipal Corporation, media reports said. However, the name of the youngest member of the family has not been confirmed by grandfather Amitabh Bachchan or others. Fans and followers of the Bachchans have continuously speculated about the name of the child right from the time she was born last year. So far the child was referred to as 'Beti B'. There were also speculations days back that the name that has been zeroed in on for Beti B is Aaliya; however Abhishek rubbished all such rumors saying that the name certainly is not that. Earlier, author and commentator Shobha De posted on her twitter account, Beti B to be named Abhilasha?That's a stroke of genius.Well done,parents.Abhi and Ash. Truly inspired, if true. It seems that the mystery over the name of 'Beti B' is likely to get over soon after the star family of B-town confirms it.

Aamir Khan is now 47

Kashmera Shah robbed in LA

Mumbai: Bollywood perfectionist- actordirector-producer Aamir Khan- turned 47 on Wednesday. This year instead of celebrating his birthday with his family, Khan would be working for a new upcoming TV show. Khan started his acting career as a child artist in the film Yaadon Ki Baaraat (1973). His first commercial break was with Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak (1988), which earned him National Film Award (Special Jury Award). Some of his well acclaimed movies are Rangeela (1995), Raja Hindustani (1996), Sarfarosh (1999), Ghulaam (1998), Lagaan (2001), Dil Chahta Hain (2001), Rang De Basanti (2006), Taare Zameen Par (2007), Ghajini (2008), 3 Idiots (2009) and many more. His film '3-Idiot' (2009) became the highestgrossing Bollywood film of all-time. The debut of his own production company is with Academy Award-nominated film Lagaan, followed by other movies like Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na (2008), Peepli Live (2010), Dhobi Ghat (2011) and so on. Khan was honoured with Padma Shri in 2003 and the Padma Bhushan in 2010 for his outstanding contributions in the field of arts. He is also the brand ambassador of UNICEF to promote child nutrition. His upcoming movie is a psychological thriller Talaash, opposite Kareena Kapoor, set for a release.

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Celebrating with you our 1st year

Mumbai: As if being robbed two months ago in Delhi wasnt enough, actor Kashmera Shah got robbed again, this time in Los Angeles. And as coincidence would have it, the robbery took place once again from her car. Having recently sold off her plush Jaguar, the actress was using a rented car in LA. She was out on a dinner with Pooja Batra in the Studio City area and was nibbling on one of her favourite foods sushi. Even as Kash was telling Pooja about how she got robbed in the capital sometime ago, a robber smashed one of the window panes of her rented car parked outside the restaurant and disappeared with a portable GPS device on her dashboard and a bag containing her boots. Last seen, Kashmera was laughing at the police station, filing another complaint amidst bemused faces of firang cops, who werent aware that she got robbed the second time round in two months. Kash later gushed, Maybe, the thief needed my GPS system and boots more than me! But if he had tried his luck in front of me, then hed have been in real trouble.

Neha Kakkar sings for Shah Rukh Khan

Mumbai: Singer Neha Kakkar has finally decided to let everyone know that superstar Shah Rukh Khan means the world to her. Neha has come up with a song penned and composed by Tony Kakkar and posted it on Youtube. The song originally posted as Neha Kakkar Shah Rukh Khan Song is being referred to by his fans as Shah Rukh Khan anthem. After only 4 days of its release on Youtube, the video had garnered over 1,60,000 views and comments from all over the world. A rather jubilant and excited Neha Kakkar said, I only put it up on Youtube because I had made this for Shah Rukh Khan a long time ago when I was totally smitten by him. "But the Shah Rukh Khan fans all across the globe can now connect to that song which has become a sort of an anthem! Its sweet of them to comment and like this video. Meanwhile, Shah Rukh Khan has tweeted and thanked Neha for the song.

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varSha aSraNI

Can I just reduce my waist or thighs? This is a mandatory question during most of my preliminary interactions with clients and my simple answer to the question is No.
Now do not get disheartened, although the initial response is not a favorable one, a positive answer to the question is not completely ruled out. It may be possible through alternative methods, but the natural process never seems too realistic. When you lose weight, you tend to lose throughout your body and this is the right and the most rational way to do so. posits on their bodies. The formula to understand how fat loss occurs is pretty simple; Your daily energy expenditure should exceed your daily energy intake this theoretically leads to weight loss. Although it is simple, this formula in reality seems relatively complicated as it is hard to achieve, however the key lies in overcoming the barriers such as controlling your mind and changing your approach towards your body image. During the weight loss process, the focus should be on identifying and banking any positive changes that is experienced. Even a small reduction in your weight can make you feel healthier; loss in inches or a drop in dress size is another good indication of fat loss and / or muscle gain, although at times this might not reflect on your scales. Ideal weight loss is achieved through a combination of both diet and exercise and it is very important to understand there is no Quick fix. The efforts should be consistent and should form as a way of lifestyle rather than a to be done effort. Remember you body picks up signals, it can sense when you feel stressed and it does trigger hormones that can create an urge to eat, it is important that you accept the process of weight loss as a challenge where the result can only be one Your victory over the bulge Till next Right, stay calm and work it out This article is a general guideline

So how can I lose fat?

Fat that we generally carry around us is directly related to our gender and / or genetics. Primarily, women carry their excess body fat either on the buttocks, thighs, breasts or around the belly area and hence are commonly referred as pear shaped whilst men are more prone to being 'apple shaped carrying excess fat around their stomachs, which also leads to an increased risk factor for chronic disease amongst men. This does not rule out women being at risk to any such chronic ailments caused due to excess fat de-

But, is Spot Reduction Possible?

The key to success lies in losing your overall body fat. You could come across people who may appear to be successful with their targeted efforts; however the reality is that it could be a combination of balanced food and focused exercise which may have earned them the result. Ideally, one should focus on conditioning their full body for an overall fat loss and should use a balanced approach towards weight loss.

ONLY, if you have any medical condition and for individual condition, please consult a health professional or your medical practitioner immediately. Varsha Asrani is a New Zealand Registered Dietitian and director of

DIET RIGHT. For personal consultation or any question, suggestion or views please contact her at 307 Kepa Road, Mission Bay, Auckland 1071 or Phone: 09 5284213 / 0210524353 or through her website

Are dietary supplements beneficial to smokers?

Dietary supplements bring about some metabolic changes in smokers, the benefits of which are yet to be ascertained, according to a recent study.
and pores using particular software. The barrier function of the skin was analyzed using transepidermal water loss meter, and the skin elasticity using a cutometer. The most important change noted at 12 weeks was a significant decrease in 11 out of 16 long-chain The study also found that levels of vitamins like alpha-tocopherol and pyridoxate were significantly increased in nonsmokers at the end of 12 weeks but not in smokers. This may indicate that smokers use up more of the vitamins, and therefore require supplementation. Bilirubin levels were increased in nonsmokers but not in smokers. The relevance of this finding is not known. Skin analysis was done following 12 weeks of nutritional supplementation. Smokers showed a decrease in fine wrinkles, increase in glow and a decrease in skin hydration. However, they showed a worsening of deep-wrinkled appearance. Nonsmokers showed a decrease in deep wrinkling. The beneficial skin changes however were not statistically significant. It is possible that some of the skin changes may have been due to changes in the longchain fatty acid levels. Mild adverse effects like headache, body ache, loose stools, belching and stomach upset were observed in some of the participants. The study concluded that oral nutritional supplementation produces different effects in smokers and nonsmokers. However, the study was too short and conducted on too few participants. Further large scale studies are required to establish the benefits of the nutritional supplements in smokers.

Cigarette smoking damages the skin, heart and blood vessels through the formation of free radicals. Antioxidants taken as supplements may help to negate the effects of the free radicals and protect the body against their damaging effects. A study was conducted to assess the effect of supplementation with over-the-counter antioxidants, vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids on serum metabolites, as well as on

various skin parameters. The study was conducted on 58 healthy female volunteers between 50 and 70 years of age, who were not exposed to excessive sunlight one month prior to the study. The volunteers were divided into two groups - 15 current smokers and 22 current nonsmokers. Some individuals from both groups dropped out before the end of the study. The participants were given a

nutritional supplement twice daily that contained antioxidants like catechins, carotenoids, lycopene, vitamin C, E and A, other vitamins and omega-3-fatty acids. Blood tests were carried out at the end of 12 weeks. High quality digital photographs of the face were taken, which were later analyzed for wrinkles, visible spots, UV spots,

fatty acid levels in the blood of smokers. This change was not noted in the nonsmoker group. The level of the long-chain fatty acids, stearidonate, which was a part of the supplement, was increased in both groups.


Indian Weekender | March 23, 2012 |

The new rules come into e ect on Sunday 25 March at 5am

Two give way rules are changing

1 2

If youre turning right, give way

This rule will apply at intersections where two vehicles are facing no signs or signals, or the same signs or signals. You will need to give way to left turning vehicles coming from the opposite direction if you are turning right.

Top of the T goes before me

When youre turning right from the bottom of a T-intersection with no signs or signals, you will need to give way to all vehicles at the top of the T. So at all T-intersections and driveways, including public driveways such as at a supermarket or hospital, think Top of the T goes before me.

These rules are changing to make our roads safer

Learn the new rules at
NTA 0900A
or call 0800 656 055