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Nestled on a narrow shelf of land between the glittering Pacific and craggy purple mountains, Santa Barbara is a fairytale of white jasmine, red bougainvillea, purple jacaranda trees, fragrant eucalyptus, and emerald vineyards. The area's first inhabitant's were the Chumash Indians who sited villages along spiritual ley lines and vortices. When the Spanish colonists arrived they erected their adobes along these same spiritual grids too, and in 1786 dedicated their Queen of the California Missions to Saint Barbara, one of the 14 Helping Saints and known for miracles. In that conjunction of natural beauty, spiritual vortices and a miraculous saint, Santa Barbara was born. Like the healing water of Lourdes, the Santa Barbara's spirit of place mends what is out of balance. Santa Barbara is a state of mind that is grounded and also free; that contains both tranquility and festivity. Santa Barbara has the inherent power to re-ignite your passion to manifest personal dreams. It is no surprise that Oprah Winfrey who has made a successful career out of her quest for spiritual balance, has made Santa Barbara her home. She arrives here most Fridays for the weekend at her 42-acre Montecito oasis complete with a lake, ponds, and orchards. Come to Santa Barbara in July and find revitalization in these: -The Vendanta Temple in Montecito. The architecture and natural setting are spectacular. It's open to the public, and free. Vandanta.org -Stop for a healthy lunch salad on the terrace at the Four Seasons Biltmore and watch the dolphins swim past in the ocean across the street. fourseasons.com/santabarbara -For a secret treasure go to the ocean end of San Ysidro Lane. As you face the sea, just south of the railroad tracks you'll see a dirt trail to your right. Follow this to an enchanted Eucalyptus dell and beach near sacred Indian burial grounds. -Visit the Queen of the California Missions. Santabarbaramission.org -Take a speed-walk on the waterfront to a local favorite. Brophy Brothers with the best sunset view and clam chowder in town. Deck seating over the harbor. Brophybros.com -The California Wine Festival in Santa Barbara offers multiple venues and events beginning July 16th with Old Spanish Nights. Taste savory Tapas and delicious wines while enjoying Spanish dancers and Flamingo guitar. On July 17th try new wines in a magical setting beside the sea and under the stars. And on Saturday July 18th the beachfront festival is in full swing from 11:30 AM to 4:00 PM with food, entertainment, California's top wineries, and 2,500 visitors just like you. Make

new friends. The festival benefits the Food Bank of Santa Barbara County. Restore your energy and zest for life in Santa Barbara. Passion leads to prosperity including the highest prosperity of being fully alive in mind, body and soul.

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