2ND World Meetings PUBLIC CHOICE SOCIETIES March 9-11, 2012 Miami



7:00-8:15 AM 8:15-10:00 AM

Papers: Mazhar, Ummad and Pierre-Guillaume Méon - The Shadow Economy as a Cause of Taxes and Inflation Koester, Gerrit B. and Christoph Priesmeier - Estimating Dynamic Tax Revenue Elasticities for German Data Sagbas, Isa, N. Tolga Saruc, and Fatih Savasan - A Life Cycle Analysis of Consumption Taxes from the Perspective of Equity Mitchell, Matthew and Thomas Stratmann - Wireless Taxes and Fees: A Tragedy of the Anticommons Discussants: Egger, Peter (Chair) Garrett, Thomas Moberg, Lotta Osterloh, Steffen

(A.1.2) 33


Papers: Schultz, André and Alexander Libman – Is there a Local Knowledge Advantage in Federations? Evidence from a Natural Experiment Da Empoli, Domenico – Fiscal Federalism in Italy: A Way to Kill the Leviathan or to Feed It? Borge, Lars-Erik and Jørn Rattsø – Local Adjustment to Temporary Matching Grant Programs: A Dynamic Analysis Zarnekow, Nana and Christian Henning - The Role of Knowledge Spillovers and Local Government Performance in Absorption of Structural Funds Discussants: Akai, Nubuo Allers, Maarten (Chair) Kuramoto, Takashi Paty, Sonia (A.1.3) 22 CENTRAL BANK LEADERS

Papers: Mikosch, Heiner – Leaders, Institutions and Fiscal Discipline Moessinger, Marc-Daniel – Do Personal Characteristics of Finance Ministers Affect Public Debt Growth? Thomasius, Sebastian and Beate Jochimsen – The Perfect Finance Minister: Whom to Appoint as Finance Minister to Balance the Budget Discussants: Buf, Audrey Farvaque, Etienne (Chair) Brennan, Geoffrey

Christian (Chair) Knoll. Gilberto Padovano. Ekkehard A.S.The Right Look: Conservative Politicians Look Better and Voters Reward It Grypari. Massimiliano.1.6) 29 SHADOW ECONOMY Papers: Heinemann. Judit and Pál Czeglédi . Niclas. Radmard (A.Institutions. with an Application to Italy Discussants: Crain.(A. Olle Jerome. Carmelo Petraglia. and Growth Kapás. Marc . D. and Bonnie Wilson . Bruno (Chair) Kilgour. Feld – The Constitutional Efficacy of the EMU: A Sovereign CDS and Bond Price System Revealed Samaryna. Friedrich and Friedrich Schneider – Religion and the Shadow Economy Buehn. Bodo Hossein. Ansgar (Chair) Feld.1.Political and Economic Freedom. Ioanna . Jac C. and Panu Poutvaara . Andreas and Friedrich Schneider – Corruption and the Shadow Economy: New Empirical Evidence from a Structural Equation Model Colombo. Henrik Jordahl. Luisanna Onnis.7) 36 ELECTIONS I Papers: Berggren. Mark (Chair) Toolsema. Niklas and Daniel Halvarsson .1. Hanna and Jakob de Haan – Right on Target: Exploring the Determinants of Inflation Targeting Adoption Discussants: Belke.1. and the Social Orders Elert.4) 27 CENTRAL BANK Papers: Chortareas. Fabio (A. Georgios and Kalliopi-Maria Zekente – Central Bank Transparency and Fiscal Considerations Köhler. and Gilberto Turati – Measuring the Shadow Economy with the Currency Demand Approach: A Reinterpretation of the Methodology. and Lars P.5) 47 INSTITUTIONS AND GROWTH Papers: Heckelman. Linda A. Guerino Ardizzi. Presidential Elections Lehtinen. Lars (A.The Degree of Path-Dependence and Strategic Voting Discussants: Folke. and Patrizio Tirelli – The Shadow Side of Financial Crises Piacenza. Aki .Economic Freedom and Institutional Convergence Discussants: Bjørnskov. Turati. Emilio.Issue Emphasis in U. Lobbying.

Incumbents and Criminals in the Indian National Legislature Russo.1. Christian Aâmann.1. Miriam A. Toke. and Johannes Hedtrich .Too Little News – Collective Decision-Making and Market Provision of Information Baumann. Yongjing – The Microfoundation of Institutional Change: A Rent Seeking Perspective Souche. Yoon -Choosing for Others: A Neglected Element in the Theory of Collective Action Rowley.1. Charles K -The Life and Times of James McGill Buchanan Rowley. Linda Hadamovsky. Guiseppe and Francesco Salsano . Marta Podemska . Mario Minne.10) 44 LEGISLATURES Papers: Aidt.(A. Steven (Chair) Lott. Yongjing (Chair) Maheshri.11) 86 BUCHANAN & TULLOCK Papers: Buchanan. Markus. Martin (discuss only Buchanan . Charles K -The Life and Times of Gordon Tullock Chair: Discussants: Paldam.Yoon paper) . Geoffrey (A. Vikram (A. Christian . Wältermann . and Devesh Tiwari .The Lost Consensus: Liberum Veto of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Discussants: Gonçalves Veiga. Matthias Haber. Golden. Marie Mackenzie. James M. John Mechtel. and Young J.The Co-Evolution of Policy Networks and Political Knowledge: An Econometric Approach to the Emergence of Local Elite Networks and Government Performance Discussants: Brams.9) 77 INFORMATION Papers: Bruns.8) 30 RENT SEEKING Papers: Skaperdas.Directive Communication? The Informational Interplay of Parliamentary Actors Russo.Electoral Systems and Immigration Mikluch. Stergios and Amjad Toukan – Contests with a Generalized Difference Form Zhang. Stéphanie – Resistance to Reform: What’s New 20 Years After? Discussants: Groll. Thomas Zhang. Christian.A Note on Contribution Games with Loss Functions Henning. and Christian H. Ian (Chair) (A. Giuseppe and Luigi Senatore .

Fabio. Emilio Moessinger.3.2) 34 LOCAL GOVERNMENT Papers: Borge.3.Political Preferences and Public Sector Outsourcing Kollmann. Political Culture as Determinants of Soft Budget Spending Behaviors. Johannes Reichl. . and Yvon Rocaboy .1-A. and Yvon Rocaboy . Evidence from Italian and French Regions Padovano. Marc-Daniel (Chair) Munger. TULLOCK. Michael C.Who is Willing to Pay for the Environment? An Empirical Analysis of Europeans Willingness to Contribute Monetarily to Environmental Protection Josselin. 9 MARCH 2012 PANELS A. Jean-Michel Josselin. Ilaria and Fabio Padovano -A Comprehensive Test of Yardstick Competition Exploiting an Italian Natural Experiment Kimmerle. AND THE CALCULUS OF CONSENT THE IMPACT OF THE CALCULUS OF CONSENT DWIGHT LEE CONTRIBUTIONS OF JAMES M.3. Christoph -After Lisbon: EU Legislation on the Path to Efficiency? Akai.BREAK 10:00-10:15 AM MINI PLENARY SESSIONS: BUCHANAN. Lars-Erik and Arnt Ove Hopland -One Size Fits All? A Study of the Real Estate Management in Norwegian Land Governments Petrarca. (A.1) 78 PREFERENCES II Papers: Jordahl. Henrik and Mikael Elinder . Jean-Michel. Nubuo -Dynamic Inconsistency in Federations .11 2:00-3:45PM (A. and Friedrich Schneider .Fiscal Rules vs. Fabio Padovano. BUCHANAN GEOFFREY BRENNAN RANDALL HOLCOMBE HARTMUT KLIEMT CONTRIBUTIONS OF GORDON TULLOCK ARYE HILLMMAN HEINRICH URSPRUNG ROGER CONGLETON 10:15-12:15 PM EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE LUNCHEON 12:30-1:45 PM FRIDAY. Andrea.Soft Budget Spending Behaviors: Does Political Culture Matter? Evidence from Italian and French Regions Discussants: Colombo.3.

Etienne. Niklas de Clercy.Constitutional Property Rights Protection and Economic Growth: Evidence from the Post-Communist Transition Rode. Luigi (A. Mario . Piotr Stanek. Christine (Chair) Halvarsson.It’s the Occupation.3.Exposure to Television and Individual Beliefs: Evidence from a Natural Experiment Henning.Does Democratization Facilitate Economic Liberalization? Chair: Discussants: Elert.Discussants: Yu. Cecilia Lam. Robi (A. Saadet. Bernd and Pierre-Guillaume Méon – Behind Closed Doors: Revealing the ECB’s Decision Rule Farvaque. and Somnath Sen .3) 23 CENTRAL BANK I (Chair) Papers: Hayo. Martin and James Gwartney . Stupid! Explaining Candidates’ Success in Low-Information Elections Discussants: Henning. Christian Aâmann. Sven-Olov Köhler. and Johannes Hedtrich .The Co-Evolution of Policy Networks and Political Knowledge: An Econometric Approach to the Emergence of Local Elite Networks and Government Performance Mechtel. Christian .3. Ekkehard A.Revisiting the Empirical Evidence from a Developmental Perspective Bjørnskov. Laura Senatore. Matthias. Daniel . Christian. Tanja .4) 87 INFORMATION I Papers: Minne. and Pierre L.5) 48 INSTITUTIONS AND GROWTH I Papers: Deger. (A. Geoffrey –Mark My Words: Information and the Fear of Declaring One’s Exchange-Rate Regime Hennighausen. Shu Melki.3. and Stephane Vigeant – Have Central Bankers Become More Efficient? Neuenkirch. Martin Ragan. Mickaël Paldam. Christian (Chair) Rondi. Siklos – Is There Wisdom in a Second Opinion? Shadowing the ECB and the Bank of England Discussants: Chortareas.Institutions and Economic Growth . Georgios (Chair) Daunfeldt.

8) 32 INTEREST GROUPS Papers: Maheshri. Horst – Banking Deregulation in Industrial Countries. Alberto . Stéphanie .6) OS13 Papers: CONTESTS ORGANIZED SESSION #13 Hewitt. Nicholas Souche. Peter – Probabilistic Voting Models Chair: Discussants: Berggren. (A. Vikram – Interest Group Formation and Competition Jaeck. Biofuels Trade and Ecological Protectionism Feldmann. Political Incentives and Ideological Congruence Coughlin.7) 10 ELECTIONS II Papers: Okazaki. Louis. Ability of Political Parties and Platform Divergence Menchaca. Jac (Chair) Snow. David . Niclas (Chair) Facchini. Karl . Marcos – Electoral Regimes. 1970s to 2000s: The Impact of Labor Market Performance Discussants: Heckelman. Veronique (A. and Alasdair Brown – Sabotage in Handicap Contests Vesperoni.The Evolution of Preferences for Conflict Chair: Warneryd.Conflict Financing Warneryd. Karl Discussants: The panelists will discuss each other’s papers.3. Julien Hanoteau. and Gilbert Bougi – Interest Groups. Tetsuro – Electoral Competition.(A.3. Subhasish M. Francois Jerome-Speziari.3.Cross-industry Licensing and Strategic Litigation: A Theoretical and Experimental Study Chowdhury.

11 4:00-5:45PM . João Tovar (Chair) Martin.3. James . Emma BREAK 3:45-4:00PM FRIDAY. Toke (Chair) Bergh. and Adriana S. (A. Adam Mikluch. Paul Zycher. Marta Podemska (A. Audrey .11) 88 CORRUPTION I Papers Warren.4. Nora To be read:1 . 1985 to 2004 Chair: John Lott Discussants: Holcombe. Rajeev -Determinants of Corruption Perceptions versus Corruption Incidence in Russia Hadamovsky. Francesco -On the long run negative effects of public deficit on unemployment and the need for a fiscal constitution: An empirical research on OECD Countries (1980-2009) Lott. John and Kevin Hassett -Is Newspaper Coverage of Economic Events Politically Biased?: Analyzing the Impact of Partisan Control of the Presidency and Congress on Media Coverage.1-A. Joerg . Ron -The Logic of the North Korean Dictatorship Poole.2 pp. memoir from Howard Rosenthal on how Bill’s book led to the Romer. Marie -On the Relationship Between Corruption and Migration Chair: Discussants: Aidt.9) IN MEMORY OF BILL NISKANEN Papers: 0RGANIZED SESSION #4 Wintrobe.Did the Swiss Smoking Ban Affect Restaurants? Discussants: Jalles.(A.Could the ECB Governing Council Avoid the Formation of Coalition? Schlaepfer.TBA Forte.3. 9 MARCH 2012 PANELS A. Andreas Galli. Randall Rubin. Ben Strecker.10) 82 GOVERNMENT STRUCTURE AND SMOKING BAN Papers: Green-Armytage.3.Voluntary Delegation as the Basis for a Future Political System Buf.Rosenthal model.4. Patrick L. Cordis -Sunshine as Disinfectant: The Effect of State Freedom of Information Act Laws on Public Corruption Goel. Bill .

. Bonnie de Haan. .4. Krisztina (A.3) Papers: de Haan. Steven J. – Taylor Rules for Sweden’s Monetary Policy Committee Siklos.(A. Jan-Egbert (chair only) Wilson. Henry W.. Jakob Chappell Jr. Laurent Miller. Kaplan.4. Henry W.2) 35 CITIES Papers: Kyriakopoulou. Pierre L. Kazuyasu – The Interregional Distribution Through Fiscal Policy and the Movement of Production Factors in Japan Chair: Discusants: Hopland. Christian Carnis. Nicholas (Chair) (A.. Jacob . Nick and Nejat Anbarci – How Responsive are People to Changes in their Bargaining Position? Earned Bargaining Power and the 50-50 Norm Brams.4. Siklos. Pierre L. Todd R. and D. Arnt Ove Craig. Efthymia and Anastasios Xepapadeas – On the Structure of Cities: Emergence of Residential and Industrial Areas under Environmental Policy Allers. Marc Kilgour – A Simple Bargaining Mechanism that Elicits Truthful Reservation Prices Jackson.Is there Wisdom in Second Opinion? Shadowing the ECB and the Bank of England Chortareas. Jeremy – Legislative Bargaining and Public Good Provision: An Equilibrium Characterization Discussants: Bruns.Georgios –Central Bank Transparency and Fiscal Considerations Discussants: Sturm. Maarten and Bieuwe Geertsema – Do Municipal Amalgamations Affect Local Government Spending and Taxation? Evidence from the Netherlands Kawasaki. Steven (Chair) Kis-Katos.Right on Target: Exploring the Determinants of Inflation Targeting Adoption Chappell Jr. POLITICAL ECONOMY OF MONETARY POLICY ORGANIZED SESSION #5 .1) 18 BARGAINING Papers: Feltovich.

. Marcelin and Martial Foucault .On the Productivity Effects of Public Capital Maintenance: Evidence from U.6) Bioeconomics-Public Choice: In Honor of James M. Chair: Foucault.Campaign Spending Limits. Buchanan and Gordon Tullock ORGANIZED SESSION #10 Papers: Gifford Jr. Stephen (Chair) Petrescu.Scout Bees Voting-with-the-Wings using Less-than-Unanimity Voting Rule: Can Bees Count. Case-Study of Reagan’s Star War and NATO. ELECTORAL INSTITUTIONS & PARTY ORGANIZATION ORGANIZED SESSION #3 Papers: Rekkas.4. Sebastian Somnath Sen Zarnekow. Ioana M. Rubin Janet T. Governance and Culture Cassill. States Discussants: von Engelhardt. Martial Foucault and Stephane Vigeant .5) 79 MILITARY AND CIVILIAN INFRASTRUCTURE AND NUCLEAR WAR Papers: Josselin. Military Technology and Aggregation Technology in Hirshleifer’s Social Composition Function. and Yvon Rocaboy . Martial Discussants: Stratmann.4.? Chair: Janet T. Adam . (A.4. and Election Outcomes Joanis. Landa Bernard Grofman . Thomas Miller.The politician and the vote factory: How funding sources lead to an efficient election campaign? Foucault. Yehoshua and Moshe Yanovskiy . Janet T. Ghislain Dutheil. Deby L.Party Loyalty and Incumbent Vote Analysis.Political Will. 1970-1990 Socol.(A. Quorum-sensing.S.Challenges of a Multi-Polar Nuclear World Kalyvitis. Landa Discussants: Paul H. etc.Prehistory. Sarantis and Eugenia Vella . Martial . Incumbent Spending.Ants Voting-with-their-linked-feet: Confronting Friendly or Hostile Neighbors During Flooding Catastrophes Landa. . Jean-Michel. Public Choice and the Evolution of Kinship. Etienne. Nana (Chair) (A.Campaign spending limits and electoral competition in a floating two-party system Farvaque. Sebastian Maurer. Marie ..4) CAMPAIGN SPENDING.

An experimental study of the efficiency of unanimity rule and majority rule Kurrild-Klitgaard.4. Peter Discussants: Hoberg. Katja (Chair) (A. Michelle .State Involvement in Limiting Textbook Choice by School Districts Schmaljohann.9) EMPIRICAL SOCIAL CHOICE I Papers: Aldrich. and Proportional Representation: Examples from Danish elections Chair: Kurrild-Klitgaard.(A. Guiseppe Sher. Mark Crain . Yoshifumi .Rich by Nature.Election Inversions. Niklas and Roland Vaubel . Massimiliano Rost. Olle – Shades of Brown and Green: Party Effects in Proportional Election Systems Henning. and W. Nikolai Necker. Private School Funding. Ioanna (Chair) Russo. Coalitions. Peter . Marcos – Swing Voter Theory in American Presidential Elections Folke. Friedrich Piacenza. and Massimiliano Piacenza . and Christian Aâmann . A Tale from Two Roman Catholic Countries Discussants: Heinemann.10) 75 POLITICAL MIGRATION. Keith . Daniel Montolio. Sarah Plassmann. John and Michael Munger . Michael . Nicole V. Gilberto. GASOLINE & LOGROLLING Papers: Potrafke.4.Electoral Rules and Agricultural Protection: A Missing Link? Discussants: Grypari. Florenz (Chair) ORGANIZED SESSION #8 (A. Chien-Yuan (A.4. 1660-1961: A Quantitative Analysis Reksulak.Pulpit to Pump: Prohibition and the Ascent of Gasoline Chair: Discussants: Ueda. and Students’ Achievements. Christian.Fiscal Decentralisation.8) 76 TEXTBOOK CHOICE AND EDUCATION Papers: Phillips.Logrolling on a Large Scale Crain. Eva Krampe. Poor by Choice? Do Natural Capital Rich Countries Indeed Neglect Education? Turati.7) 11 ELECTIONS II Papers: Menchaca.The Interjurisdictional Migration of European Authors of Liberty.Preferences and Institutions: A Rikerian Examination of Survey Evidence on Attitudes About the American Electoral College Dougherty.4. Maya .

9 MARCH 2012 PLENARY SESSION I NOLAN MCCARTY (PRINCETON) FRIDAY. James Jordahl.Expressive Voting Chair: Jennings. John Green-Armytage. 10 MARCH 2012 (B.The Determinants of Public-Private Partnership Contractual Choice in the United States Fedeli.1. and R. John (Chair) Mahmud. 10 MARCH 2012 SATURDAY.11 7:15-8:30AM 8:30-10:15 AM ORGANIZED SESSION #6 Baigent. Germà Bel.11) 62 PUBLIC SPENDING EFFICIENCY Papers: Hossein. Economic Efficiency and Social Benefits: An Empirical Analysis Discussants: Ashworth. Radmard . Sevgi and Asli Gül Öncel . Athanassios Young. Silvia and Michele Santoni . Linda A.2) 46 PUBLIC PRIVATE PARTNERSHIPS Papers: Toolsema. Panu (B. Daniel.Pitsoulis.1. Lucie and Olga Shvetsova . Richard Geddes . Isa FRIDAY.Identity. 9 MARCH 2012 RECEPTION 6:00-7:15PM 7:30-9:15PM SATURDAY. and Act Oriented Choice Acacia.Institutional Quality and Public Spending Efficiency: A Non-Parametric Approach Spanihelova.4. Robert (Chair) (A. Ian .1. Expression. Henrik Poutvaara. Ahmed Saber Sagbas. Michael . .1) EXPRESSIVE BEHAVIOR Papers: CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST PANELS B. Colin Discussants: Fast. Francesca .Political Competition and Turnout Mackenzie.1-B.Centralisation or Decentralisation of Bureaucratic Supply: The Case of Italian Health-Care (1982-2005) .Good Governance.1.Compliance in Theoretical Perspective: Cost-Benefit Calculus of National Agents Ineci. Nicholas .Initiative in Public-Private Partnerships Albalate.Rebellion against Reason? A Study of Expressive Voting and Strikes Brooks.

Marcos Coughlin. Bruno and Veronique Jerome-Speziari -Cycles. Florian Josselin. Florian (Chair) (B. Bernard . Peter (B. Tetsuro Menchaca.S. Thomas .Ideological Two Bloc Competition in Italy and France Merrill III. and Bent Sorensen – Tax Smoothing or Buffer Stock Saving? States’ Management of Unemployment Insurance Finance Discussants: Forte.Toward a More General Approach to Political Stability in Comparative Political Systems McBride. Joseph Libman. Stephen – Fiscal Policy and Unemployment Pitsoulis.3) 25 FISCAL AND MONETARY POLICY Papers: Coate.Persistence of Bad Leaders Apolte. House of Representatives Discussants: Grofman.1.Modeling the Dynamics of Party Differentiation in the U. Raphael –Democraticization under the Threat of Revolution: Evidence from the Great Reform Act of 1832 Discussants: Cassill. Deby Connors. Athanassios and Thushyanthan Baskaran – The Empire Strikes Coins: Islamic Conquests. Shu .1.Discussants: Cambini.5) 56 REVOLUTION Papers: Yu. Francesco (Chair) Chatagny. realignment and French national elections Grofman. Alexander (Chair) De Magalhães. Samuel. Steven. Jerry Moeslein. Leandro .4) POLITICAL PARTIES IN COMPARATIVE AND LONGITUDINAL PERSPECTIVE ORGANIZED SESSION #1 Papers: Jerome. Satardru Mukherjee.The Enemy You Can’t See: An Investigation of the Disruption of Dark Networks Franck.1. Carlo Ellig. Wided Hemissi. Bernard Grofman . Michael and David Hewitt . Bernard (chair only) Okazaki. Iconoclasm and Currency Debasement in Byzantium Craig. Jean-Michel (B.

Cost of Community Services: Does Development Pay for Itself? Discussants: Clarke.7) 12 ELECTIONS III Papers: Portmann. Nicholas . Travis and Andrew T. 1992-2010.A Theory of Charitable Fund-Raising with Costly Solicitations Wiseman. Foucault. Alvaro and Huseyin Yildirim .The Alternative Vote Versus First-Past-The Post: a Social Choice Analysis of English Constituency Elections. Thomas and Natasa Bilkic . Marco – Quasi-Experimental Evidence on a Law of Large Numbers in Political Representation Aidt.Is Foreign Aid a Public Good? Discussants: Kumar. Marc Kilgour . Matthew S. Sebastian and Vincent Merlin – Representative Democracies: Can We Avoid Vote Swapping? Snow. Steven and d. Marcus Schlaepfer. Benoît and Arthur Charpentier . Douglas (B.(Un) Informed Charitable Giving Name-Correa. Jack and Tom Means .Project Evaluation with Large Uncertainties and Disasters Le Maux. George (Chair) Erixson. Joerg (B. T Nicolaus and Florenz Plassmann .Natural Catastrophe Insurance: How Should Government Intervene? Estill. Jensen – From Open to Secret Ballot: Vote Buying and Modernization Bervoets. and Peter S.When does Approval Voting Make the ‘Right Choices?’ Tideman.1.Which Voting Rule is Most Likely to Choose the Best Option? Kurrild-Klitgaard.1. Martial (Chair) Heckelman.9) OS9 Papers: EMPIRICAL SOCIAL CHOICE II ORGANIZED SESSION #9 Chair: Miller. Oscar Harada.(B. Jac Hibbs. Hiroo (B.6) 64 CHARITABLE GIVING Papers: Krasteva.1. Nicholas A.1. Nakul (Chair) Pivato. –Rum Row and the Plunder Problem Discussants: Dabros. Silvana and Huseyin Yildirim .8) 66 PROJECT EVALUATION Papers: Gries. Peter . Brams. Toke S. Young .

Discussants: Tideman. Endogenous Entry. Wolfgang. M. Jörg Franke. and Incentives in Contests Skaperdas.1-B. and Lotta Moberg . 10 MARCH 2012 (B. Carmen and Luis C.2. and Alexandra Schwartz – Discrimination. Elif . Peter. Florian Kiesow .Effective Labor Taxation and the International Location of Headquarters Osterloh. and Natalia A.Domestic Institutions and the Political Economy of International Agreements Discussants: Dutheil de la Rochere. and Muriel Simongiovanni .Reconsidering Anti-Counterfeiting Public Policies Efficiency: How Anti-Counterfeiting Consumption Public Policy Could Improve the Quality of Imitation Erdemoglu. Garrett (B. Stergios. Nathalie Audrey Rubio.2.Contests with a Generalized Difference For Beviá.2. Thomas A.11 10:15-10:30AM 10:30-12:15 PM CONTESTS & CONFLICTS Leininger.2. Roth.Endogenous Strength in Conflicts Roth.2) 60 TAXATION II *** Papers: Egger. Rustem (Chair) Priesmeier.1) 19 Papers: PANELS B. Kolesnikova . T Nicolaus English. Garrett . Mireille.Local Price Variation and the Tax Incidence of State Lotteries Morriss. Doina Radulescu. Christian (Chair) (B. Christian Kanzow. Luis C. Christoph ? BREAK SATURDAY.Cartelizing Taxes: Understanding the OECD’s Campaign Against “Harmful Tax Competition” . Andrew P. Amjad (Chair) Corchón.Social Cooperation Under Endogenous Time Preference Discussants: Leininger. and Nora Strecker .A Theory of Local Tax Competition and Evidence for Germany Garrett. Schwartz. Wolfgang.1.10) 81 VARIOUS POLICIES Papers: Canalis-Durand. Steffen and Eckhard Janeba .Tax and the City . Amjad Toukan . Ghislain Nureev. Alexandra Toukan. William Henning. Corchón . M.The Economic Analysis of the Institutional Background of the IFRS Convergence and its Effects on Developing Countries Cortez.

2. Cosimo and Francesco Forte – Twin Deficits in the European Countries Miyazaki. Stephen Eusepi. Vassilis E. Günther Dirmeyer. and Anti-American Terrorism Egger. Thomas – Forces of Good and Evil: U. Heinrich W. Peter and Martin Gassebner – Terrorism as a Trade Deterrent Dreher. and Simon Luechinger –Sticks and Carrots in International Terrorism Yanovskiy. Martin Gassebner.3) 28 DEFICITS Papers: Ihori.Roving Badit in Action: Outside Option and Governmental Predation in Autocracies Gries. Moshe .4) 53 DICTATORS III Papers: Moeller. Thomas Basuchoudhary. Alexander. Moshe –Israel and Terrorist Organizations 2005-11: Political Competition. and Andre Schultz . (B. Tomomi – Infrastructure Investment and Regional Business Fluctuations in Japan Discussants: Coate. Axel. Gerrit B. Pierre-Guillaume Koester. Ummad Méon. Atin (Chair) Holkeboer. Vladimir Kozlov. Deficit Ceiling and Fiscal Privilege Magazzino. Christian (B. Guiseppe (Chair) Logothetis. Toshihiro – Commitment. Thomas and Natasa Bilkic . Economic and Politico-Military Power.5) 55 TERRORISM II Papers: Gries. and Government’s Reactions on Terror Discussants: Ursprung. (Chair) Schulze.Economic Voting and Economic Revolutionizing? The Economics of Incumbency Changes in European Democracies and Revolutionary Events in the Arab World Libman.Discussants: Mazhar. Marie . Jennifer Yanovskiy. Matthew (Chair) (B.When to Attack an Oppressive Government Discussants: Apolte.2. “Social Justice” Revolt.S.2. Mitchell. Globalization.

Cultural Evolution and Human Purposes: On F. Aki (B.2.Darwinian Paradigm. Jerg Lockard. Viktor J. Pi-Han (Christine) – Sources of Incumbency Advantage and Disadvantage Veiga. Francois –Political Coordination. Mireille Erdemoglu. . and Steve Jacob – The “Veil of Ignorance” Project: An Empirical Exploration of Buchanan’s and Tulock’s Hypothesis Discussants: Dougherty. Ian A. Economic Calculus.2.8) OS14 BUCHANAN & TULLOCK’S ‘VEIL OF IGNORANCE’ HYPOTHESIS I ORGANIZED SESSION #14 Papers: Strauß. Chien-Yuan – Distinguishing Strategic Voting from Bandwagon Effects . Agnes – Testing the “Veil of Ignorance” Hypothesis in Constitutional Choice: Evidence from the German Basic Law Ingold. Garett –A Political Coase Theorem for the Intelligent Vanberg. Hayek’s Evolutionary View of the Market Chair: Discussants: Canalis-Durand. Jared Tsai. Florian Kiesow (B.2. Elif (Chair) Cortez. Francesca Barton.Basic Rights and the Coase Theorem Jones. Francisco José and Rodrigo Martins – Turnout and the Modeling of Economic Conditions: Evidence from Portuguese Elections Facchini.6) 67 CHOICE. HUMAN RIGHTS.How did Voters’ Subjective Expectations Affect Results? Tsai. and Markus Ohndorf . Karin and Frédéric Varone – Is the Swiss Constitution of April 1999 Really Constitutional? A Preliminary Test of the “Veil of Ignorance” Hypothesis Imbeau. & CULTURAL EVOLUTION Papers: MacKenzie. Keith Gutmann.7) 13 ELECTIONS IV Papers: Sher. Pi-Han (Christine) (Chair) Lehtinen. Alan . and Ideology Discussants: Acacia.(B. Louis M.A.

10 MARCH 2012 (B.Irreversibility.A Fair Pivotal Mechanism for Nonpecuniary Public Goods Pecorino. Junichiro (Chair) Saruc. Tolga (B.Judicial Review and the Power of the Executive and Legislative Branches De Magalhães. Nicholas – Monotonicity Failure Under IRV with Three Candidates Norman. Peter Wada.9) 73 SOCIAL CHOICE Papers: Kim.Fiscal Federalism and Economic Growth in OECD Countries: A Bayesian Model Averaging Approach Discussants: Da Empoli. Zareh and Lars P. Youngshin and Byeonghwa Park .Divisor Electoral Apportionment Method Based on Atkinson Social Welfare Function Hoberg.3. Paul .Separation of Powers and the Size of Government in the U. Jeremy Kollmann.2.Monopolistic Competition and Public Good Provision with By-product Firms Carnis.Public Good Provision with Convex Cost Pivato. Andrea (Chair) Means.Intellectual Property Rights on Digital Goods: A Model of Social Choice Wada. Leandro M. and the Intergenerational Equity-Efficiency Trade-Off Discussants: Grajzl. Laurent – The Political Economy of Lighthouses Discussants: Jackson. Ignorance. Robert Z. Gonzalo (Chair) Giuranno.1-B.2. Paul LUNCHEON PRIZES 12:30-1:45 PM AWARDED BY WILLIAM F.11) 57 PUBLIC GOOD PROVISION Papers: Senatore. Nikolai and Stefan Baumgärtner . N. and Lucas Ferrero .(B. SHUGHART II PANELS B.2. Luigi .11 2:00-3:45 PM SATURDAY.3. Tom Pecorino. Marcus .1) 20 FORMAL MODELS Papers: Miller. Michele (B.3. Domenico Caballero. Jonathan and Steven Slutsky .S.10) 71 POLITICAL POWER Papers: Hamilton. – Frequency and Severity of Some STV Paradoxes . Feld . Junichiro . States Asatryan.

2) 59 SIZE OF GOVERNMENT II Papers: Frère. (B. Alexander Kalb. and Sonia Paty . Gert Tinggaard (Chair) . Lanny and Georg Vanberg . and Government Spending Discussants: Elinder. Kazuyasu (B. –Rum Row and the Plunder Problem Discussants: Aldrich. Wagner Discussants: Stanley L. Winer Richard E.Causes of Corruption in Russia: A Disaggregated Analysis Discussants: Vella. Rajeev . I ORGANIZED SESSION # 11 Papers: Brennan. Eric and Franz U. Urs Steiner and Gert Tinggaard Svendsen .3) NEW THINKING ON PUBLIC DEBT. Lars P. Fiscal Institutions. Christopher Norman. Krisztina and Bambang Suharnoko Sjahrir .4) 41 INSTITUTIONS AND CORRUPTION Papers: Hanoteau. Corruption. Nicholas A. Giuseppe and Richard E.Does Local Governments’ Responsiveness Increase With Decentralization and Democratization? Evidence from Sub-National Budget Allocation in Indonesia Martin. John (Chair) Slutsky.Indebted State versus Indebted State: Who Owes What to Whom? Feld. Robert Z.Linhart. Wagner Magazzino.The Political Economy of Public Debt Eusepi. and Steffen Osterloh .3. Matthieu Leprince. Quentin. Andreas Svendsen. Pappi – Categorizing the Diverse Assumptions of Recent Office and Policy Motivation Theories on Coalition Building Snow. Frédéric Prévot.The Impact of Inter-Municipal Cooperation on Local Public Spending: Empirical Evidence using French Data Kis-Katos.Multiparty Government.Institutions. Wagner . Georg Kawasaki. Mikael (Chair) Vanberg. Geoffrey . and Virginie Vial . Eugenia Buehn. Cosimo (B. Steven Cotton.3.3. Julien.Why Does Corruption Occur in the EU System? Goel. and Entrepreneurship Brandt.Sovereign Bond Market Reactions to Fiscal Rules and No-Bailout Clauses: the Swiss Experience Chair: Richard E. Marc-Daniel Moessinger..

Colin (B. Axel Gries. Niclas and Therese Nilsson .Social Capital in Disaster: From the Great East Japan Earthquake Discussants: Vadlamannati.6) 68 NATURAL DISASTERS AND AID Papers: Fuchs..Does Economic Freedom Foster Tolerance? Discussants: Jong-A-Pin. Heinrich W. Sina Imhof. Hiroo . Young .8) OS15 BUCHANAN & TULLOCK’S ‘VEIL OF IGNORANCE’ HYPOTHESIS II ORGANIZED SESSION #15 Papers: Lockard.3.7) 49 ECONOMIC FREEDOM Papers: Wiseman.Suicide Terror and Religious Cleavage Schulze.3.Human Rights and the Death Toll from Natural Disasters Harada. and Niklas Potrafke . Andreas and Krishna Chaitanya Vadlamannati . Travis and Andrew T.The Freer the Fatter? A Cross-Country Panel Study of the Relationship Between Body-Mass Index and Economic Freedom Knoll. and Helge Liebert .Economic Freedom. Andra Filote. Bodo. Thomas (Chair) Rubio.The Needy Donor: An Empirical Analysis of India’s Aid Motives Costa.On the Heterogeneity of Terror Dirmeyer. Audrey (B. Günther. Krisztina Kis-Katos. Alan – Disaggregating External Costs in “The Calculus of Consent” Dougherty. Maya (B. and Julian Edward – External Costs and Decision Costs in a Series of Votes Gutmann. Samia . and Income Levels: Some US State-Level Empirics Ljungvall. and Martin Rode .3.5) 54 TERRORISM I Papers: Ursprung. Jerg. and Stefan Voigt – Are you Green Yet? On the Diffusion of Constitutionally Protected Environmental Rights .A Note on the Impact of Economic Freedom on Life Satisfaction Berggren. Judit (Chair) Wiseman. Richard Kapás.3.(B. Jennifer and Justin Isaacs . Åsa . Diego (Chair) Jennings.Violent Political Protest: The Role of Expression in the Rational Choice to Commit Terrorist Acts Discussants: Dreher. Krishna Chaitanya Hernandez. Hans Pitlik. Entrepreneurship. Keith L. Travis Schmaljohann.

governments.Coordination and Coercion: the nature of rules.11) 58 SIZE OF GOVERNMENT I Papers: Afonso. Randall Yoo. and Michael C.An Institutional Theory of the Size of Government Giuranno. Bieuwe Rickne. Jac . and social dynamics Heckelman. Lucie . André (Chair) Spanihelova.10) OS2 Papers CONSTITUTIONAL POLITICAL ECONOMY AND HISTORY ORGANIZED SESSION Wallis.3. Johanna Schultz.A Spatial Analysis of Delegate Voting at the Constitutional Convention Congleton. and Daniel H. Dongwoo Congleton.The Politics of Resource Boom Discussants: Geertsema. George Vanberg. Mickaël – Optimal Government Size and Economic Growth in France (1871-2008): An Explanation by the State and Market Failures Warren. state. Liberalism. Wood – Will Governments Fix What Markets Cannot? The Positive Political Economy of Regulation in Markets with Overconfident Consumers Keech. Giacomo Davide De Luca. Michele G. Dongwoo and Richard Steckel . Roger (if needed) (B. Christoph Rickne. Frédéric (B. Patrick (B. Ahmed Saber. Johanna (Chair) Warren. Munger – Market Failure and Government Failure Discussants: Kimmerle. William R.Property Rights and Financial Development: the Legacy of Japanese Colonial Institutions Discussants: Tridimas.Voting Populace and Centralized Public Spending Mahmud. and Constitutional Reform Yoo.3.3. and Rongili Biswas . and Juan F. Louis Ingold.Economic Performance and Government Size Ragan. Vargas .Discussants: Imbeau. António and João TovarJalles . Patrick L. Robi . Karin Varone.9) 14 STATE AND MARKET FAILURES Papers: Melki. John and Douglas North . Viktor Holcombe. Roger .Democracy in America: Labor Mobility.

4. Merit. Wagner . Geoffrey .2) 72 AID AND SANCTIONS Papers: Védrine. and Chun-Lei Yang – Experimentation on Dividing Gain Through Politics English.3) OS12 NEW THINKING ON PUBLIC DEBT II ORGANIZED SESSION # 12 Papers: Brennan. Eric Yang.Sovereign Bond Market Reactions to Fiscal Rules and No-Bailout Clauses: the Swiss Experience Chair: Richard E. 10 MARCH 2012 (B. and Raphael Boleslavsky – Learning More by Doing Less Discussants: Anbarci.1) 21 PANELS B. Li-Chen Hsu. Hristos and Martin Paldam . .Indebted State versus Indebted State: Who Owes What to Whom? Feld.Allocation of European Structural Funds and Strategic Interactions: Is there a Yardstick Competition between Regions in the Public Aid for Development? Petrescu. (B. Jan-Egbert . Christopher.4. Kamhon Kan. Nejat (Chair) Kim. Andreas (Chair) Krasteva.4.1-B. William –Divide OUR Dollars.Black Markets and Economic Sanctions Doucouliagos. and the Limitations of Experimental Economics Grajzl.The Robust Result in Meta-Analysis of Aid Effectiveness: A Response to Mekasha and Tarp Discussants: Fuchs. Not Divide THE Dollar: Redistribution. Lionel .11 3:45-4:00 PM 4:00-5:45 PM FORMAL MODELS II Papers: Yang.C. Youngshin. Alexander Kalb.4. and Steffen Osterloh . Ioana M. Wagner Discussants: Stanley L.The Political Economy of Public Debt Giuseppe Eusepi and Richard E. Alvaro (B.4.. Lars P. Wagner Sturm. C. Silvana Name-Correa. Marc-Daniel Moessinger. Winer Richard E.BREAK SATURDAY. Linhart. C.C. Peter and Andrzej Baniak – Equilibrium and Welfare in a Model of Torts with Industry Reputation Effects Cotton..

Negative Campaigning.. Benoît Phillips.4. Sebastian .When Does Government Decentralization Affect Corruption? Vadlamannati.More Politics. Simge .4. Andreas. Paulo and Sebastian Miller . and Ragan Petrie .Politics under the Weather: Droughts. Michelle (B. Evidence from Italian and French Regions Discussants: Ursprung. Günther Fink. and Richard Öhrvall . and Mira Fischer . Potrafke. and Electoral Outcomes Kumar. Fabio. Julien Jaeck. Nakul .Fiscal Rules vs. Marco Castillo. Samia (Chair) Le Maux. and Voter Turnout: A Field Experiment Groll. Horst (Chair) Coll. Ellis .Does the Field of Study Influence Students’ Political Attitudes? Necker. Heinrich W. Nadia Fiorino. Sarah . Heinrich W. Parties. Jared.A Simple Model of the Commercial Lobbying Industry Discussants: Tarhan. Louis (B.Fighting Corruption or Fighting Elections? The Politics of Fighting Corruption in India: A Subnational Study. Jean-Michel. 1988-2009 Discussants: Goel.Is Aid from the Inter-American Development Bank Politically Motivated? Bastos. Political Culture as Determinants of Soft Budget Spending Behaviors. Niklas Potrafke. Fundraising. and Emma Galli .Intergenerational Transmission of Risk Attitudes – A Revealed Preference Approach Josselin. Fabio Padovano. More Corruption? Evidence from 290 Swedish Municipalities Padovano.(B. Jean-Michel (B. Simge Feldmann.The Political Economy of Disaster Relief Spending Discussants: Costa. Diego . Niklas (Chair) Josselin.. Krishna Chaitanya .7) 65 CAMPAIGNING AND LOBBYING Papers: Tarhan.5) 70 Papers: Ursprung.4.Campaign Contributions and Political Polarization Barton. Thomas and Christopher J.6) 63 PUBLIC CHOICE AND AID PREFERENCES Papers: Hernandez.4) 42 CORRUPTION II Papers: Bergh. Rajeev (Chair) Hanoteau. and Yvon Rocaboy .4.

Antonello Maruotti.10) OS7 Papers: von Engelhardt. Constitution: A Study of Embedded Power Relations Chair: Discussants: Rode. Chortareas.Market Forces Regulation in High Tech Industries: When does Strong Self-Governance Exist? Moslein. Anne Galander. and Fabio Padovano .9) 45 POLITICAL CYCLES Papers: Logothetis.How much Fiscal Backing must the ECB have? On the Political and Financial dependence of a Central Bank Discussants: Ihori.A Social Norm Perspective on Corporate Governance Soft Law Regulations Chair: Freytag. Christine –Uncertainty and the General Interest in the U. Francesco.8) 17 CONSTITUTIONS III Papers: Martin. Representative Government. Zareh Keech. Ilaria Piacenza. Martin Rowley.S.The Economics of Self-Regulation under Sunset Legislation in Telecommunications Rost. Adam and Diana Thomas – The Treason of Rules: Political Entrepreneurship. and Andreas Papandreou . Charles K Schneider. and Klaus Winkler . Sebastian and Stephen Maurer . Heiner (B. Katja. Toshihiro Méon.. Andreas Discussants: Asatryan.Governance and Market Stability Anell. Vassilis E.The Opposite Cycles of Laws and Decrees Belke. Andreas Freytag. and Constitutional Constraints Nureev. Ansgar and Thorsten Pollei .(B.4. Friedrich Susumu Shikano (B. George – From Monarchy to Republic: Constitutional Convulsions in Modern Greece deClercy. Florian .4.Political Business Cycles: Beyond Budgetary Concerns Lagona. Patrick. Massimiliano SATURDAY. Peter Walgenbach . William R. Georgios E. Petrarca. Pierre-Guillaume (Chair) Mikosch.4. Rustem and Sergey Shulgin – Political Economy of Russian “Vertical-of-Power” Tridimas. 10 MARCH 2012 PLENARY SESSION II RICK VAN DER PLOEG (OXFORD) 6:00-7:15 PM HYBRID FORMS OF GOVERNANCE ORGANIZED SESSION #7 .

Reinhard Neck. 11MARCH 2012 CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME BEGINS SUNDAY. TAXES.11 7:15-8:30 AM 8:30-10. 11MARCH 2012 (C. Kazuhiko.Spatial Patterns of Flypaper Effects for Local Expenditure by Policy Objective in Japan: A Bayesian Approach Chatagny. and Emil Inauen .1.1.2) 80 EXPENDITURES.1-C. Martin . Sevgi Munger. and Jennifer Gerow .. Friedrich. Thomas. and Takashi Kuramoto .History Matters. Florian and Nils C.1. Sebastian (Chair) (C. Alexander and Martin Mendelski . and YoungJun Kim . Tanja Ineci. Atin Basuchoudhary. Katja Rost. Presidential Election Discussants: Portmann.The “Accident” Theory of the State: Subsumption into the Kantian Categories Ehrmann. Michael (Chair) Rickne. Johanna (C. and Michael M.Adopting New Technologies – Is Shirking Inevitable? Paldam.SUNDAY. Douglas –Implications of the “Bread and Peace”Model for the 2012 U. George R. Michael C. Yoshifumi .G.Safe Havens in Europe: Switzerland and the Ten Dwarfs Discussants: Hennighausen. Elif Thomasius. Strugl – How Much Does the State of the Economy Influence the Popularity and the Election Outcome of Austrian Parties? An Empirical Investigation Hibbs. (Chair) (C. Joseph . AND DEMOCRACIES Papers: Kakamu. Hideo Yunoue.15 AM Papers: Clarke.Why do Microenterprises Remain Informal? Sen.1.1) 84 APPLIED MICRO PANELS C.4) 69 HISTORY AND PUBLIC CHOICE Papers: Ueda.1.The Supporting Role of Democracy in Reducing Global Poverty Discussants: Canalis-Durand.Determinants of Tax Revenue Forecasting Errors: Evidence from Swiss Cantons Connors. Soguel .Location of Decision Rights in Catholic Church Franchise Systems Libman. Tinni.3) 26 REWARDS FOR ECONOMIC PERFORMANCE Papers: Gonçalves Veiga. Linda and Carlos Gama Nogueira – The Economy and Public Support for the European Union Schneider. but How? An Example of Ottoman and Habsburg Legacies and Judicial Performance in Romania . Marco Reksulak.S. Mireille Erdemoglu.

Social Trust and Central-Bank Independence Coll. Evidence from MS Estonia Chair: Discussants: Wintrobe.5) 51 DICTATORS I (Chair) Papers: Mierau. Gender Quotas. Marie (C. Christian and Nana Zarnekow . Sebastian and Bogdan Dima . John Miyazaki.The Political Capital of Electorates: A Comparison of Fifty Countries Henning. Niklas Wallis. Atin and Yongjing Zhang .Gender Quotas. Niclas Berggren. and Jörgen Hellström . Marie Beviá.Calling Democracies and Dictatorships: The Effect of Political Regime on International Long-Distance Rates Discussants: Moeller. Johanna and Olle Folke . James Raymond (C. Åsa (Chair) Rekkas. Natasa Vreeland. Andrew (C. Oscar and Mikael Elinder . and Bruno Heyndels .7) 40 SOCIAL AND POLITICAL CAPITAL Papers: Jennings. Christian and James Raymond Vreeland .Gender. Norms and Survival in Maritime Disasters.Female Representation but Male Rule? Elite Entrenchment. Adam Franck. Sven-Olov.6) 39 GENDER REPRESENTATION AND NORMS Papers: Ashworth. Ronald Ljungvall. Raphael Young. Female Representation and Public Expenditures: New Evidence from Flemish Municipalities Rickne. Leandro and Francesco Giovannoni .1.Social Capital and Conflict Daunfeldt.Discussants: Gifford Jr. Jochen O. John.1.The Evolution of Revolution of Dictatorships: An Application of Evolutionary Game Theory Holkeboer.War and the Transition Away from Absolutism Basuchoudhary.1. and the Political Glass Ceiling Erixson. Tomomi (Chair) Moessinger..No Country for Old Men: Aging Dictators and Economic Growth De Magalhães. Marc-Daniel .Putnam’s Social Capital and Government Performance: Empirical Evidence from Rural Communities in Poland Chair: Discussants: Potrafke. and Richard Jong-A-Pin . Benny Geys. Colin and Santiago Sanchez-Pages . Carmen (Chair) Bilkic.

1.10) 31 REGULATION Papers: Rondi. Peter S.8) 38 IDENTITY Papers: Baigent. Shirking.Self as Society Kittel.9) 24 BUDGET FORECASTS Papers: Hou.Voting. Gonzalo . Florian – The Focus of Regulatory Reforms in Europe after the Global Financial Crisis: From Corporate to Contract Governance Discussants: Albalate. Political Interference and Firm Investment: Evidence from the European Union Ellig. Frank (C. Yilin (Chair) Bohn. Germà Fedeli. Andreas (C.Identity.1. Peter (C. and Carlo Cambini – Regulatory Independence. Jerry – A Public Choice Analysis of the Affordable Care Act’s Interim Final Rules Moeslein. Expression and Act Orientated Choice Fast.Understanding the Models of Governance in Congress: An Institutional Comparative Analysis Dabros. Garett Merrill III. Boom-Year Savings and Budget Forecasts Bohn. Matthew S.11) 43 CONGRESS Papers: Caballero. John . Bernhard and Susumu Shikano . Jones. Laura.Voting with the Enemy Discussants: Brooks. Nicholas . Samuel (Chair) . Silvia (Chair) Freytag. Frank – Getting Around Constitutional Limits to Fiscal Policy: A Model of Political Forecast and Budget Cycles Discussants: Hou. Laura and Carlo Cambini – Independent Agencies. . Daniel Bel.1.(C. and Self-Policing in Congress Dreher.1. Michael (Chair) Kurrild-Klitgaard. Yilin – Public Choice.Country or Leader? Political Change and UN General Assembly Voting Discussants: Jensen. Axel and Nathan Jensen . Ownership and Firm Value: The Role of Political Institutions Rondi.


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