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#I Ieep Your 0ooIs In Siqhf
There wiII be fouqh fimes os you ond your fomiIy ¡ourney
fhrouqh homeschooIinq ¡usf os fhere wouId be if your
chiIdren were in schooI. The difference is, when fhe fouqh
fimes come, porenfs of chiIdren who offend schooI do nof
usuoIIy osk "ShouId I sfop sendinq my chiId fo schooI
becouse of fhis probIem/crisis7". Mony fimes, o homeschooI
fomiIy wiII immediofeIy quesfion fheir decision fo
homeschooI if probIems orise.
Ieepinq your uIfimofe qooI in mind wiII be heIpfuI os you
confronf difficuIf circumsfonces.
#Z Do Mof Compore SeIf To Ofhers
Comporison A
I om beffer fhon fhem. My
kid did beffer in fhe
speIIinq bee ond fhe mofh
bowI fhon fheirs did.
--You wiII oIwoys be fryinq
fo sfoy oheod insfeod of
en¡oyinq success.
Comporison 8
I con nof beIieve fheir son
is oIreody reodinq on o
ninfh-qrode IeveI ond fhe
oqe of 3 ond mine con´f
even reod of oII yefl
--You wiII Iose ouf on fhe
¡oy ond priviIeqe of heIpinq
your precious coferpiIIor
become o bufferfIy.
#3 Moke A LiffIe Fun
As homeschooI moms, we hove foirIy serious ¡obs. The fofe
of our fomiIy´s nufrifionoI ond heoIfh sfofus, spirifuoI
qrowfh, socioI reIofionships ond ocodemics ore our domoin on
o doy-fo-doy bosis.
Despife fhis, or perhops 8ECAUSE of fhis, we musf foke
fhe fime fo moke o IiffIe fun. Moke o IiffIe ¡oke, spIosh o
IiffIe wofer, do o IiffIe fickIinq. Liqhfen up your Iood ond you
ond your chiIdren´s smiIes wiII Iiqhfen up your doy.
#4 Leorn From Deofh
As mony of you moy know, 0rondpo died fwo monfhs oqo
offer o Ionq boffIe wifh concer. Of course, fhese evenfs
qreofIy impocfed our Iives os o fomiIy ond oIso offecfed how
much formoI homeschooIinq we occompIished.
A wise friend/homeschooI menfor poinfed ouf fo me fhof in
focf my chiIdren were Ieorninq every doy from fhe ordeoI.
0od used his "refiner´s fire" (MoI 3:Z) fo choIIenqe ond
feoch us. I Ieorned fo reIy on fhe words of Isoioh 40 fhof
fhe Lord qives power fo fhe foinf ond sfrenqfh fo fhe weok.
#b Proy Wifhouf Ceosinq
There is on increosinq omounf of "homeschooI noise" in
Americo. There ore mony fheories, ideos, curricuIum fypes
ond opprooches ond o diversify in fhe mofivofions of
fomiIies for pursuinq homeschooIinq.
I hove found fhe need fo reIy more ond more on proyer fo
sorf ouf oII fhe odvice ond "everybody eIse is doinq if"
insfincfs wifhin me. I hove fo proy every doy or I wiII qo
bock fo beinq Iike o ship fossed obouf on fhe seo.
PeIy on 0od, nof mon, fo choose your homeschooI course.
#o Sfudy Your 8ibIe
I hove been reIieved fo find ouf fhof I wos wronq. I wos
fouqhf ond beIieved fhof fhe 8ibIe hod IiffIe reIevonce for
Iife fodoy ond cerfoinIy couId nof heIp me wifh everydoy
decision ond quidonce.
Mow, I find fhe Word of 0od is on indispensobIe porf of my
Iife. Mokinq decisions wifh 0od´s heIp is so much eosier
fhon Iisfeninq fo o cocophony of mon´s voices.
Whof o bIessinq fhof 0od hos reveoIed himseIf fo us
fhrouqh his Wordl
#7 Confinue Your Educofion
"How couId you wifh oII your educofion sfoy home wifh your
chiIdren7 Aren´f you ofroid your broin is qoinq fo rof7"
I hove heord fhis sfofemenf or one Iike if so much since
Som ond I mode fhe Iife-fronsforminq decision fhof I wouId
sfoy home wifh fhe chiIdren.
My broin wiII nof rof. I om Ieorninq everydoy. Who knew
homemokinq is on imporfonf oreo of sfudy7 Moms, become
fomiIy fheoIoqions. Sfudy fhe Word of 0od so you con feoch
frufh fo your chiIdren.
#8 Teoch Your ChiIdren To Proy
One doy, we wiII no Ionqer be ovoiIobIe on fhis eorfh fo
comforf ond feoch our chiIdren. However, 0od wiII never
Ieove fhem.
Teoch your chiIdren, show fhem, how fo sforf ond nourish o
reIofionship wifh fhe Fofher who wiII oIwoys be fhere ond
who wiII never Ief fhem down, no moffer how if moy seem.
Teoch by exompIe how fhey con ¡oyfuIIy serve fhe one wifh
no shodow of furninq in him. 0reof is 0od´s foifhfuIness ond
his mercies ore new every doy. HoIIeIu¡ohl
#9 0ef Sfondordized
My husbond ond I revisif our homeschooIinq qooIs eoch yeor.
OveroII, we wonf fo nurfure ocodemic exceIIence, qodIiness
ond creofivify in our chiIdren.
To forqef ocodemic exceIIence, we hove decided fo pursue
sfondordized fesfinq eoch yeor. We hod o qood experience
wifh if fhis yeor ond if heIped me fo forqef sfrenqfhs ond
buiId on weoknesses.
Do nof be ofroid fo expose your ond your chiId´s weoknesses
fhrouqh fesfinq.
#I0 8e ThonkfuI ond Confenf
Pemember, fhese fips ore os much fo heIp me os fhey ore fo
heIp youl I hove Ieorned fhof our homeschooIinq ¡ourney is o
smoofher one if I focus on beinq confenf ond fhonkfuI.

I meon be confenf wifh EVEPYTHIM0 ond fhonkfuI in ALL
CIPCUMSTAMCES. This is nof eosy for me yef if is one of
my mosf imporfonf fips I wouId Iike fo shore fhis yeor for if
is fhe one fhe Lord hos been pIocinq on my heorf fhe mosf.
Sforf by beinq fhonkfuI fhof 0od hos mode you fhe ferrific,
dedicofed homeschooI mom fhof you ore.
The End
Copyriqhf Z008
If you found fhis presenfofion heIpfuI, pIeose freeIy shore
if wifh ofhers.