Bharath Mallappa orals 17th jan - trasi type of ships done container , bulk , car type of eng : MAN

BnW mcc, 12rta , 8 uec fn 3 : 1 ) reactivity sub hazard:(chem tker) told him reactivity with itself (i.e polymerisation),reactivity with other chems reactivity with tank coatings...x ques started cudnt ans much as knew very litt le 2)water padding ??for what chems?? 3) dicharging procedure as per ibc code ?? donno 4)mepc 62nd ? i started tat it took place b/w 2011 july 11th to 15th ..he stopped me here shoo k his fucking topi n told ---"DURBAN" dec ...i fought back tat u asked 62 nd ses sion n tat took place in july only ... also told him tat i visited the official site ... somehow cudnt satisfy d old hag ... i tried to convince him a lot but i n vain because few days back old mother fucker used to ask mepc 63rd session whi ch is yet to take place n which accordinmg to him was the durban dec climate con ference....also asked me abt the climate conference i told him only seemp , ghg , eedi new chapter in annex 6 n all aksed me more i told i donno ,he asked it wa s in front page of TOI - i said i subscribe "asian age "!!!! :) 5)emergency steering n auxiliary steering regulations ?then asked did i hav aux steering in my ship ? i said "no" asked me why not ? i said reg says if two identical power units provided not nec essary. Q - so what arrangment is there if not required? a: i said 100% redundancy is there , duplication of system right frm telemotor t o steering motors so auto change over n all still he kept pesterin i got pissed donno wat he wanted Q) follow up n non follow up - i gave wrong ans

Dhawal Tandon Orals-2nd attempt- 16/01/2012 DG shippin- taken by mr. Badwal and mr. mukherjee 1st attempt washoutFunc 3Draw keyless n keyed propeller- explain how propeller is removed and fitted bak? Xplain n draw hw stern tube is sealed n lubricated ? Co2 bottle amendments and hw master valve is activted..?( asked me to draw d mas ter v/v ) Lifeboats capacity- any change?? Yes-- 4m 75 to 82.5 kgs weight had been increased..nxt- so how many person shld a capacity of 30 pple lifeboat wil now carry..ans is leas thn 30 i.e. 25-26 pple n not 30 !!! Kevin Da Gama DG SHIPPING function 3 1.Venting system on product tankers? 2.water padding?and cargoes ?and what gases used for inerting? 3.Maintainance on deep well pumps? 4.Trips on IGG 5. Difference betwen IG and IGG 6.air lock in gas carries? 7.What is listed in IBC code? 8.Types of cargoes carried on board in type 1 ,type 2 and 3 chemical tankers?

.. my ans was not pretty con vincing but he accepted 3. supplement of iopp certificate...finally didnt agree.t old him within next 36months. 4.. then he asked me tht u are doing a comprehensive survey of a 20 yr bulk carri er designed to carry high density cargo. bulkhead stool.i told him that for co2 100 % and for onboard rechargable extinguishers 5 % then he said im bullshitting whi ch i think i was.. i said dont know sir 4.. ism 2.wht checks will u do on cargo hold tan k tops.(told him all three stages)and electic diapole etc then cr ossquestioning .....Trassi Fn3 1.. 4. 3. wants d diagram of stiffner in lower stool.B.EEDI formula.9.20 foam type. types of framing. then he asked me you have 20 water type. 5 then he asked me bout PMS on wht basis maintenance done.)Types of Gas carriers?told him A.. 5.3 1. function 3 1.then said its very imp to know this as second u can't say i read it but cant recollect now..... 20 dry powder and 5 c o2 extinguishers how many spare you should have.Solas chapter 12 2...static electricity. i hope all us should get such externals.)What is water pad? 3. .What is sub-hazard of reactivity in chemical tanker 3.Diagram of bracket floor.. isps 3.C he accepted.....)Boiler Survey interval?He asked me if first done in 18months then when is longitudinal framing spaced....)Types of floors? 4. asked me nox and sox emission limits told him 2.)Difference between IBC and BCH?I did not answer this well. ballast water management.Types of floors.. 5.. Damian Sequeira ?10/01/2012 Mr. Fn.....checks on fixed CO2 sys and thats it told me wait out side call me back told me got function 4b and 6 i dont how and why my performance was not upto mark and question were like could have taken all four but wht can say i was not prepared this postponding and stuff new ays got two and satisfied with it.he agreed.MEPC(62). 2. function 3 it same for all a long the lenght of ship if not then what distance etc.

.wat type of thread.finally coudn'd satisfy him with the answer what and why.. earlier a boat can carry 30 ppl how many it will carry now.. of container vessel ... 5.he said to take propelle is fitted.was very sick for 102 fever.... fn3.i said the c ontainer will get flooded with rain water and cargo get damage.. 2.correct Function 3 1) ISM ammendements. What is document of compliance? 3... wat is max lowering speed of life boat. then asked can i sail with no hatch covers at all. ballast water exchange methods...he said i m ready to spend money .. ballast water conventin.i said u better make cargo hatches water tight will save mon ey.. load line convention... Ravindra Yadav orals @ DGS in mr banerjee room only extrnal taking orals 1st attempt 10/01/12 guys very sory for posting late.he said i will have the dewa tering arrangement.. wat avoid the other s/g p/p to rotate in reverse direction when one p/p is ru nning...Yogesh Timble ?11/01/2012 Jahaj Bhavan Pakhrashi Fn 3... ISPS in detail. applied by cleats to give a water tight seal was looking for this. as per new rule wat all ships to b fitted with ETA... i said cargo will get damage.....draw diagram of an ETA ...draw a dig of such arrangment-got it right 4.... 2) Why PSC inspection is required? how what and why?? 3) Hatch cover details.. 7..didnt know where was h ..... abt isps whitch chapter. ask abt solas all chapters... 4.. draw a tail end shaft..draw rachet and break of life boat -correct 5... draw load line diagram and exlain.....write all the dimensions as per ur ship.. he said will mak e it water tight ...was very paticular about dates.angel of t aper. ISM and its latest amendments and when these came in to force? 2... he asked abt all distances.its weight of hatches and uniform pr. in between he went deeper inside...started well.didn't excepted the diagram of eta 3. 3... angle of lol 6. when it came into force. mr. 1...didnt even re member when i got home from mumbai function 3 1... CSR 4.. Rajesh Agashe ?13/01/12 internal : mehrotra n external: aneja at dg..... 1..... aneja asked all questions..i gave up. 5.. Draw longitudinal and transverse framing. certificate under isps.

2)air lock in lpg carrier. .e dragging me for this.. Karthik Reddiar ?10/01/2012...i don t know. fun 3 1)IBC AND BCH difference.. 4) Hatch cover water tight arrangement with diagram.. also post 1993 edition of BCH are shortened as it asks the user to refer chapter 17 and 18 of IBC..etc. particulars. ?12/01/12 Internal: Mehrotra..... Trassi and Datta. ans: the dates as 1st july 1986 thing...any ways didnt meet his expectations for this functio n. ans: only motor room presurized NOT the air lock space.. 5) Panting and thr stiffening members with diagram. and IBC mandatory under solas chapter sev en whereas BCH only voluntary. 3) Sopep wt all documents present in it. 3)vegetable oil -pollution category ans: Y category and type 2 chemical tanker. 2) Paris MOU. tank capacity. he asked the difference in coloumns in new IBC and old one in chapter 17. External : Bakral Fn 3: 1) PSC Regime.compressor room under ne gative pressure and regulations as per IGC code.. Ans: Shell expansion plan.

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