Fundamentals of Overhead Transmission Line Design

Training Course

Industry Need Changes in the electric utility industry have thrust a number of engineers who have not had experience in line design into positions relating to overhead transmission lines. These individuals require an understanding of the theory and practice of overhead lines in planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance. They need to understand how the physical components of transmission lines fit together into an integrated design. Many pitfalls can be avoided if the engineer understands past and present practices. Objectives This course provides participants with an understanding of the design of 69-765 kV transmission lines with special emphasis on the basics: component parts of lines and their functions, insulation, electrical environmental effects of fields and noise, selection of conductors and structures, and integration into an overall design. An overview is given of those aspects of particular importance to contemporary applications of transmission lines: non-standard conductors, mechanical motions due to wind, ice, and through fault currents, in-span insulating spacers, and special requirements on support structures and insulators. The course covers fundamental electrical and mechanical design, but is not a detailed treatment of civil engineering design of structures. Prerequisites The structure of the course presumes that participants have a degree in electrical or mechanical engineering, or equivalent, with an interest in design of transmission lines.

Course Structure The course duration is four and one-half days, presented in three-hour morning and afternoon sessions. The last day concludes at noon. Documentation Each participant will receive a bound set of course notes that complement the lecture and the REA publication "Design Manual for High Voltage Transmission Lines”. The lectures closely follow the notes to minimize the need for note taking in the class. Instructors The course will be taught by Siemens PTI engineers with extensive experience in the design and analysis of overhead transmission lines. Location The course is conducted on a regular basis at Siemens PTI offices in Schenectady, NY and at other major cities throughout the United States. It is also available for presentation at a client’s location by special arrangement. Continuing Education Units 2.7 Continuing Education Units (CEU's) will be awarded for successful completion of this short course. The CEU is the nationally recognized unit for recording participation in noncredit educational programs. One CEU is equal to ten classroom hours.

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Box 1058. Box 3220 91050 Erlangen Germany Siemens Transmission and Distribution Ltd.Course Outline • Line Design Overview • Power System Constraints • Environmental Effects − Electric field − Corona − Magnetic field − Radio and Television Noise − Audible noise • Voltage Stresses − Power frequency stresses − Switching surges − Lightning surges • Insulation − Insulation design − Insulator types • Conductors − Conductor materials − Conductor design − Conductor selection − Conductor resistances • Catenaries − Sag-tension calculations − Ruling span concept − Tension stringing − Conductor sagging − Conductor termination and clipping − Wind-induced conductor motions • Thermal Ratings • Structures/Foundations − Typical structure types and designs − Structure materials − Foundations • Tower Grounding • Project Management of Line Design and Construction • Voltage Uprating • Thermal Uprating Siemens Power Transmission & Distribution. The accuracy or completeness hereof is not guaranteed.O. Princess Road Manchester. www.O. NY 12301-1058 USA Siemens AG.. 1482 Erie Blvd. M20 2UR United Kingdom Siemens PTI has local offices in many countries throughout the world. Inc. For further information and contact to our worldwide business locations and local experts. the user should determine the suitability of the product for its intended use and assumes all risk and liability whatsoever in connection herewith. PTI P. Sir William Siemens PA0217-EN-200711 All statements. please visit the Siemens PTI website and complete a contact form. Schenectady. .siemens. technical information and recommendations contained herein are based on information and tests we believe to be reliable. Since conditions of use are outside our control. PTD SE PTI P.

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