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Alles wat ik moet leren: engels

grammar: 1-70 en 75 – 83 texte + oef praten over het werk

boekjes: business contact

transportation and logistics: how to put freight on the right trach + voc containers and their contents 5-6 voc: sale and delivery 9 voc: transport 11- 12 teksten 2 kiezen uit : business - first get good - sigg this: talking to generation Y - in demand: transcultural managers transport:

-britain isn't moving - pay 24, 57 a day for right ... - the high price of low cost airlines

self-study 1 semester 2 grammar 71-75 en 81- 113

voc : business contacts logistics banking law numerals spelling regels 15 tot 24 teksten die we gekregen hebben: − money can buy you love − buy one , get one free − brazil's ad men face billboard ban − looking for a leader − hey young spender

transport and logistics
how to put Freight ( vracht ) on the right track 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. what means track; the right transport for the right good “however, road congestion,...?” the more congestion, noise and pollution , the more cost which contrast does BUT at the beginning of $2? contrast to rail and to water transport $4? road transport by lorry road transport causes some major problems and action has been taken, what will be the results of this situation for the road transport sectot? Higher state , less just in time 6. lead time: leveringstijden

Advantages Road transport Door- to- door service relatively secure Environmental friendly large quantities The quikest Easy loading cheapest extreme suitable for long haul diliveries merits convenience stll yet imposed levy domestic incurred pilferage foodstuffs haul

Disadvantages Environmental disadventage delay and fuel consumption Not good for food and Vandalism More expensive limitation on packing Is slow

Rail transport Air transport Sea transport

Verdiensten gemak alsnog legde op heffing binnenlands liep op kruimeldiefstal levensmiddelen distance synoniemen

the engines and carriages that are used on a railway freight waggon the careful organisation of a business activity logistics to improve to smarten up operator road haulier to get back money that you have spent or lost recoup a tax made by a gouvernment on goods like beer and petrol exase duty to dislike being forced to accept sth or s.o. To deplore Worsening deterioration done quickly and without delay pront a business or a person involved in a business which transports goods by roads haulier a short railway track connected to a main track, where carriage are kept when they are not being used siding to futfil, to comply with meet

solid, strong stant items of food that decay (vervallen) quickly perichables to form the total of to account for the income that a government or company receives regularly revenue

containers and contents