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To answer the question that follows is the aim of this research paper entitled Family. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM 1. What is family? 2. What are the kinds of the family? 3. What is family life cycle? 4.What are the changes in family life? 5. What are the different family problems? 6. What is family life around the world? 7. What are the family problems?

IMPORTANCE OF THE STUDY The importance of this research is to define Family, the kinds of family, and the family life around the world.

SCOPE AND DELIMITATION What is family? What are the kinds of family? What is family life cycle? What are the changes in family life? What are the different family problems? What is family life around the world? Why family is very important? Definition of family. Kinds of family. Family life cycle. Changes in family life. Different family problems. Family life around the world. Importance of family.

Research method In this research paper the researcher used the descriptive method especially general description. The researcher presented different informations by describing the family. DEFINITIONS OF TERMS Kinship- condition of being related Work physical or mental activity undertaken to achieve a purpose. Equalitarian being equal Authoritarian theory that respect for authority is of greater importance than individual liberty. Patriarchal the father is the head of the family or tribe. Matriarchal the mother is the head of the family or tribe. Monogamy marriage to only one husband and wife at a time. Polygyny practice of having several wives at the same time. Polyyandry having more than one wife or husband. Polygamy more than one spouse at the same time.

DEFINITION OF FAMILY Family may be the most important group which you will ever belong. Its purpose is to provide its members with safe, secure and nurturing government. More than one family during their lifetimes, although all are interrelated. A persons first family one they were either born into or raised by, the second is the created through marriage and parenthood, and third results when grow children leave the home and start families on their own. (THE NEW BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE)

KINDS OF FAMILY a. Nuclear family The nuclear a comes from the word nucleus, meaning a central or basic part. In this context, it has no connection with nuclear or atomic energy. Although a traditional nuclear family is usually thought of as parents and their children, it may also consist of just a husband and wife the nuclear family can take over as well. (THE NEW BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE) b. Foster family Sometimes parents are unable to provide the proper care for their children. When this occurs, the children may be placed in foster homes. A foster family receives financial help from the government to care for the children until the parents are able to bring them to home. (THE NEW BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE) c. Extended family A persons extended family includes grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, nieces and nephew, and in-laws. Today, relatives often live far away. However the bond between the nuclear and extended families is maintained through phone calls, letters and email. (THE NEW BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE) d. clans Clans are groups who lived in particular regions, share a common ancestry, and have one member who acts as chief or leader. They maintain the family bonds by holding clan reunions.(THE NEW BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE)

FAMILY LIFE CYCLE As family members, we each pass through many stages. These stages form the family life cycle and are linked together by the kinship web of three or even four generations of related people. In the first stage of the family life cycle, a man and woman marry and create a new household. They learn how to manage their money and save for the future. In second stage, the couples either conceive or adopt a child or children. The mother, but sometimes the father, may stay home to care for the children. When both parents work children may be cared for at hone by another family member.(THE NEW BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE)

CHANGES IN FAMILY LIFE a. roles of spouse Not very long ago most women in the United States did not work outside the home. Today, greater educational and career opportunities have enable women to assume a much greater presence in the work force. In fact, in some families today the wife is the primary wage earner, and the husbands stays home to raise the children. Often, however. Both parents must work to support themselves and their children. In other cases women to devote only a part of their lives to a career.(WIKIPEDIA.COM) b. life of the child Todays young people have a very different childhood from the one their grandparents had. Then, children typically had more time created their own activities, play with friends, or simply do nothing. Children lives are so filled with organized activities that may have little free time.(WIKIPEDIA, COM) c. birth control Families of the past tended to be large. This is still true in many parts of the world. People often carefully plan how many children they would like to have and when they would to have them. This is called family planning, and it is achieve by using various methods of birth control. Some people do not practice birth control, or use only certain kinds, for religious reasons.(THE NEW BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE)

FAMILY PROBLEMS a. divorce Divorce is among difficult problems encountered in families, particularly for children. Often younger children do not understand why their parents are divorcing and may even blame themselves. Parents are usually able to explain to older children why a divorce may be necessary. The important thing is for children to know that their parents still love them and that the children are not responsible for the divorce. (THE NEW BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE) b. death all living creatures die; it is part of nature. But the death of a family member is always hard on the survivors, and it is natural to grieve. Children are very dependent on their parents for everything in their lives, so the loss of their mother or father can be devastating. The surviving parents must try to be both mother and father. (THE NEW BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE) c. drugs The use of drugs has increased tremendously in society. Sometimes problems at home may members want to turn these substances to feel better, and children of just about any age may be pressured by friends to try them. (THE NEW BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE)

Family life around the world a. decision Families differ in the way major decisions are made. Most of families in the United States, for example, are equalitarian. That is parents share responsibilities equally, and children may also have a part in making decisions. (THE NEW BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE) b. kinds of marriage Marriages exist in all cultures but may take different forms. In much of the modern world, monogamy is practiced. This means that a man and a woman are married to only one person at a time .In some societies a man may have more than one wife at the same time, this type of marriage is called polygyny. The husbands wives all live together. (THE NEW BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE)

IMPORTANCE OF FAMILY The family has existed in various forms for thousands of years. Archaeologists have found evidence that early humans lived in family groups are far back as 800,000 years ago .these first groups of males, females, and children were formed strictly for survival. To provide enough food for the entire group year-round, the females gathered fruits, nuts, and other plants while the males hunted animals. As civilization developed, the relationship between males and females changed. Although they no longer needed to stay together to survive, they began forming close personal bonds around the family group as religious and spiritual beliefs appeared. Marriage as we know it today, for instance, was formalized in many societies and eventually became a legal contract. (THE NEW BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE)


SUMMARY Family is composed of two or more people, with love, care and unity. It has many kinds as the nuclear-a central or basic part ,foster-receives financial help from the government to care for the child, extended-includes grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, clans- group of people particular region. Sometimes family problem occurs, and it may be cause of death, divorce or drugs and alcohol. But then in many problems there is a solutions that moment the roles of spouse are very much important for the life the child. In family it is natural to have much changes this may differ in birth control and family planning.

CONCLUSION Family is very important to our lives, it can provide our needs in terms of money, food, shelter, love, and care. We can get financial, emotional, and spiritual support to our family members .We should give importance for it, we should value everything we had in our family. We should be proud for them no matter what happens. Family lifes always a responsibility, opportunity, and a blessing from GOD. Having a family in early life is not a hindrance for you to succeed in what you wanted to be. Family can guide you in a right path.

RECOMMENDATION Family is the central or basic part . Each society seeks to nurture and educate its children to become good citizens for though every person comes from a family with different traditions and customs we are all members of the great family of human being.