Intro to Management Submitted to : Ma’am Fatima Qasim

S.S.Q. language barriers or legal restrictions complication present thenselves in different forms. This made the U. 2008) To avoid such incidents the work force is being diversified to multicultural so that different socio-cultural prespectives be included and the teams become effective. 2. “Corporate governance is the system by which companies are directed and managed. engineers sent detailed e-mails to French engineers. and French engineers were assigned to work together on a software. May it be geographic dispersion and distance. What are the three main management issues faced by organizations operating on a global level? Globalization is becoming a need for organizations to get a better footing in the market. 1. Taking the time to learn about other cultures and becoming more „culturally curious‟ is invaluable for anyone in management.) But these are not the only issues faced by the management of an international orgainization. (Robbins. “Business. and how performance is optimized” (ASX Corporate Governance Council. At Hewlett-Packard. The situation got out of hand until the teams went through cultural training. deterring the controlling function. a cross-global team of U.S. CULTURAL DIFFERENCES When going international management has to take into account that the most probable cause for issues to crop up is cultural differences . who viewed the lengthy e-mails as patronizing and replied with short. It can be reasonably understood that for an international business to flourish. Pushparaj . greater business acumen is needed than managing a domestic enterprise. concise e-mails. technological and political factors.” (A. N.D. social. 2003) . It influences how the objectives of the company are set and achieved. legal. The U. These factors collectively form business environment. LACK OF GOVERNANCE Lack of good governance by the management is often quoted as another significant concern. how risk is monitored and assessed. engineers think that French were hiding something from them. now-a-days is vitally affected by the economic. Coulter.

Business owners are faced with increasing pressure to generate additional profit and revenues while balancing marketing expenditures.Management needs to mould its leadership to maximize the potential of an organization. quite often the “bottleneck is at the top of the bottle” (Expert 12). N. trust criteria. LACK OF EMPLOYEE BUY-IN Employee buy-in across an organization is being negatively impacted by the lack of common understanding. Good international managements are required to mould themselves to the need of the international organization. Planning. One reason for this is lack of awareness.D) . (Galligan. and careful measures need to be take to obtain the buy-in from these top level manager. 3. Employees who feel part of what their company is doing have “buy-in” and can provide a unique perspective upon which your marketing team can act. expectations of delegation and feedback should be viewed differently according to an individual. Experts believe that the way to remove this barrier is to obtain top management support. which in itself is also a challenging task. Elizabeth. Indeed.

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