A. About especially like Photography is interesting for me. Photography can makes every activities recorded.

Train photography is make delight me. Train photography is unique because only a few people are interested with train photography. For take a photo of train with high quality and right time is difficult. It needs many practice and patient when took a photo of train. Usually I take train photos in holiday or weekend. I take photo in railway station. Manggarai Station, University of Indonesia station, Beos station, Jatinegara station, and Bekasi Station are railway station that I frequently visit. Usually I take train photo with my railfans friends. B. About Describing a place Gambir Station (is a mainline railway station in Gambir, Central Jakarta, Indonesia. It is located on eastern side of Merdeka Square. It was built by the colonial Dutch before World War II but renovated in the 1990s. Its lime-green ceramic facade dominates the Gambirsubdistrict. Many trains (executive class and business class only) from Jakarta to other major cities south and east of the capital, depart from or stop at Gambir. Jakarta Kota and Pasar Senen stations have less services leaving from those locations. It is not a stop for local commuter trains serving metropolitan Jakarta; the closest commuter station is Gondangdia, near the backpacker alley known as Jalan Jaksa. The station is often crowded, especially at the end of Ramadan when many Indonesians return to Jakarta from their home villages. This station was built in classicism style in 1884 as Weltevreden Station. In 1927 this station was renovated in Art Deco style. In 1937 the name Weltevreden Station changed into Batavia Koningsplein Station and after the Indonesian independence the name changed again into Jakarta Gambir Station. In 1990, the station was renovated into the current joglo architectural style. C. About Something very interesting Wherever I travel, I like to experience the rail service. I find the rail service very interesting. I am addicted to trains. It's not the 'clickety clack' on the tracks but rather the people on the trains that I find most interesting. In Indonesia these experiences are the most rewarding and you get to chat to some remarkable folk and see a lot you wouldn't if you were

. A lot of people catch the fast train probably because they want to get to their destination quicker.driving in a car. I have never liked these trains mainly because they generally travel early morning and you are too busy sleeping to enjoy the panorama or experience the atmosphere of 'slow train running'.

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