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General Awareness: People possessing this competence have the ability to take long-term issues into
consideration. To understand the interrelation of issues and to see and understand the bigger picture they are
able to plan ahead and will consider not simply the present issues but how they may be affected by future
developments and trends. They will have experience of developing plans over the medium term and beyond,
having assessed the implications of major opportunities, risks, options and threats. Please give an example,
which illustrates how you demonstrated this competence.

As there are bright prospects in Arab countries like Qatar/Kuwait, I have taken up
transmission line projects on E.P.C. basis. This had paved the way to enter in these
resourceful areas with numerous opportunities etc.,
If we establish the commitments to their satisfaction we will be awarded more projects
in token of appreciation of our execution subject to formalities.
Thus my endeavour to open room for execution of projects resulted in a big way by
calling enquiry for executing major projects resulting in substantial return to my

Political Sensitivity;

The competency sought encompasses sensitivity and awareness to the interest of others, balancing conflicting
demands and finding acceptable ways forward. Please give a specific situation, which demonstrates your
political sensitivity to business issues.

As a chief engineer in the public electrical undertaking I have formulated new schemes with the barest
capital outlay and executed within the specific scheduled period, which is a sensitive issue.
Any deviation in sanction and time will be questioned by the opponent political parties and as well as
by public. I was successful in my venture by commissioning the projects within the budget allotment
and time, thereby avoided criticism of my company by political parties and public.

Communication & Persuasion: People possessing this competence will have the ability to persuade or
convince others to ensure goals are achieved. They will calculate the impact of their own actions or words and
will prepare for this. Understanding the needs of the audience to which they are addressing, these individuals
can adjust their style when appropriate and call upon a range of different communication techniques. Please
give a business related example from very recent previous experience of utilising this competence.
As chief engineer (TECHNICAL AUDIT), while scrutinising the terms and conditions of tender regulations some
instructions issued by the Chairman/T.N.E.B were found in contravention to global tender conditions, thereby
violating principles of natural justice&law. As the issue was critical and may not be ethical to point out in public, I
persuaded him in convincing his erratic proceedings issued, through periodical meetings and citing various
inferences confidentially. Finally he was made to issue amendments by repealing those objective clauses. This
has averted a bad precedent as well as criticism to my chairman from the government.
Networking & Results Orientation: It is important to be clear about specific goals and to constantly strive to
set ever increasing performance standards. You will be expected to take on all tasks with energy and drive
regardless of the level of external stimulus and support. You will be a natural net worker and have good
presentational ability. Please describe a recent business situation that demonstrates your skills in this area.

As a chief engineer (personal)/human resource, when the employees of 20 strong

unions threatened to on an indefinite strike demanding pay revision and other fringe
benefits, I convened meetings with leaders of unions individually and sorted out their
difference by narrowing the vide expectations between the management and the
unions thus arriving a congenial atmosphere. This has averted the strike, which would
have resulted in disruption of supply and damages to equipments as well as revenue
to the board, leave alone the bitter criticism from the ruling parties/government.

Leading Change, Planning & Organisation: Individuals possessing this competence develop clear and
structured plans and objectives for a wide range of projects. Able to adapt plans as circumstances change,
these individuals will make allowances for likely problems and obstacles. They are also able to translate long
term strategic goals into clear working plans. They will be committed to continuous improvement, keen to
investigate and adopt new ideas. Please give an example using this competence

As chief engineer (transmission), I envisaged numerous long-term plans in revitalising the transmission
networks for reducing line losses. I had formulated proposals for amalgamation of various networks
ranging from11kv to 230 k.v transmission lines and standardised them resulting in reduction in
inventory and line losses. My formulation of proposals have resulted in achieving strategic goals and
adopt a new venture to continue further improvement in transmission net works in the electricity board.

Financial Awareness;

This competence relates to the ability to evaluate financial viability. People with this competency will have the
ability to assemble bids and proposals, can create and maintain balanced budgets and retain financial
prudence. Please give a specific example where you have utilised this competency.

As chief Engineer (technical audit), I made critical stores inventories by revamping more than
30 major stores and 120 sub-stores in the entire state under my jurisdiction.
I arranged to dispose of all obsolete materials/equipments both electrical and mechanical items,
simultaneously restricted procurement to the barest minimum to meet the critical needs to run the
mechanical/electrical plants. I had evaluated the available materials/equipments as an
alternative/substitute by executing minor modification wherever necessary.
The above exhaustive exercise earned more revenue to my organization by reducing expenditure as
well as earning from the disposal of obsolete items in a course of period.
I have standardized certain accessories to the mechanical plants in our generating stations viz;
internal/external coal handling plants, steam turbines, cooling plants and mechanical workshops.
This has reduced the maintenance expenditure, periodical replacements which resulted in decrease of
cost/kva, generated thus earning revenue.
Other Personal Competencies

The above competencies are some of those, which are deemed essential for the role. They are by no means
exhaustive and you may well feel that you have other competencies on which we have not asked you to report
but which you feel will be valid for this role. Please outline below any additional proven competencies, which
you feel, should be considered.

By virtue of my nationality, I am submissive, simple, sincere through out my service period where
ever worked both in the private organisation owned by octavius steel&co (h.o. in London) with
Mr. A.C. farmer as the chairman of the company as well as in government power supply
undertaking with I.A.S.officer as the chairman of the board.