Who I am? (worth 4 pts.

1. I'm a girl, and I am a tribute in the Hunger Games. I'm blonde, and very pretty. At the Cornucopia, I found a bow and arrows, but unfortunately had no idea how to use them. I was one of the Careers, though I died when a tracker jacker nest fell on me.

2. I'm from District Twelve, and I am the only mentor. I don't like most people, and I'm usually drunk. I'm glad that this Hunger Games I finally got some fighters, and tell them to do everything their stylists and I say.
Haymitch (Haymitch Abernathy)

3. I'm a stylist for the tributes. I'm fairly new, and I requested to design for District 12. I dress very normally, considering how most Capitol people dress, but I like to wear gold eyeliner. It is I who created the "girl on fire."

4. I am a tribute in the Hunger Games. I'm very sly and elusive, and do things like stealing small amounts of food from the Careers and hiding in the Cornucopia and taking my bag before I can get hurt at the Feast. I died after eating some poison berries.

5. I'm a girl, and a tribute in the Hunger Games. I am a Career, and I am one of the last Careers to die in the Games. I am skilled with throwing knives. I helped kill the District 11 girl, and tried to kill the girl from District 12, but I died when a boy bashed my skull in with a rock.

6. I'm a twelve year old girl from District 12. I own a goat and share my mother's talent for healing. I'm selected as a tribute for the Hunger Games, but someone volunteers to take my place. Who am I?
Primrose (Primrose Everdeen)

7. I'm a boy, and a tribute in the Hunger Games. I'm very strong, and good with camouflage. I am briefly a Career, but then I betray them, and am hurt by another Career. After that I make an alliance with the girl from my District, whom I've been in love with since I was five.
Peeta (Meeta Melark)

8. I'm a boy, and a tribute in the Hunger Games. I'm huge and and muscular,and I'm one of the most dangerous tributes in the Games. I kill many throughout the Games, and my weapon of choice is a sword. I'm too late to save my district partner, so I kill her killer instead. I'm killed out of pity after being gravely injured by muttations.

9. I'm a girl, and a tribute in the Hunger Games. I'm one of the smallest in the Games, but I'm quick and smart. I love music, especially the songs of mockingjays. I'm killed when I get trapped in a net, and stabbed in the stomach by a spear.

10. I'm a girl tribute in the Hunger Games, and I'm incredible with arrows. I volunteer to take my sister's place in the Games, and pretend to be madly in love with my district partner. I attempt to commit suicide along with my partner when they tell us we must fight to the death. My tribute token is a mockingjay pin...

11. I am the District 12 escort and I am always happy and bubbly. I wear many different colored wigs and helped Katniss and Peeta get sponsors in the Games. I am constantly bickering with Haymitch. I am very proper and I dislike it when people do not understand proper etiquette.
Effie (Effie Trinket)

12. I am a male, who is also the best friend of Katniss. I met Katniss when I she was only 12 years old and I was 14. Both of our fathers died in the same mining accident (explosion). I hunt with Katniss in the forest. I applied to the tesserae many times to help my family. My mother’s name is Hazelle and I have three younger siblings: Rory, Vick and Posy.
Gale (Gale Hawthorne)

13. I am a male tribute from District 11. I have dark brown skin and gold eyes like Rue. I am extremely resourceful during the games. I am immensely powerful. I was asked to be part of the Career track because of my size, but I refused. I hid in the wheat field for most of the games, using the tall grass to my advantage.

14. I am a cat. I am mean to everyone and people tell me that I am a “hideous-looking tom cat.” I Belong to Katniss’s sister Prim. I have a mashed-in nose, half of one ear missing and “eyes the color of rotting squash.” I was given my name because Prim insisted that my muddy yellow coat matched this…

15. I am the President of Panem. I have very puffy lips, most likely from an appearance-altering operation that is very popular in the Capitol. Katniss hates me and describes me as “smelling of blood and roses.”
President Snow (President Coriolanus Snow; Coriolanus Snow)

16. I am the extremely handsome male tribute from District 4. I won the 65th Hunger Games by using a trident and net against other tributes. Katniss was hesitant to ally with me at first, but I won her over with my charm and wit. I am in love with Annie Cresta.
Finnick (Finnick Odair)

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