History of Unification of Nepal started with King Prithivi Narayan Shah.

Actually we can say Nepal was constructed by him. Previously there were different small ―Baisya‖ ,‖chaubisya razya‖ and many small kingdoms.Kathmandu valley which was called ―Nepal valley ―this all was unified by king, later name of Nepal was derived from historical valley itself. If He had not started this campaign than who would have done this.We have to respect him for initiating and succeeding unification campaign. Unification was vision of King Prithivi Narayan Shah.Making his dreams come true he need several trusted‖ Bhardars‖(Courtiers).Prithivi narayan Shahs brother‘s ,padee bhardars,basnyat‘s bhardars, Maheshowr Pantha,Thapa(magar) ,Thapa(chettri),kunwar and many more Bhardars were among the trusted.He also made allies‘ between pandee ‗s and basnyat‘s and arranged marriage between Kalu pandee‘s daughter Chitradevi with Shiva ram Singh‘s son Kazi Kehar simgha Basnyat. As mentioned in ―Dibya Upedesh‖—"Now, I will make ties between the Pandes and the Basnyats, so give your daughter to Sivaram Basnyat‘s son Keher Simgha Basnyat," and the two houses were tied by marriage. Thus, after the conjugal tie, with the shields of the Pandes and the swords of the Basnyats I attacked Nepal. Badaveer Kazi Shivram Singh the military leader of Gorkha who laid down his life in the campaign of unification of Nepal in 1746 in Chhaling,(Naldum) near Bhaktapur.This was very sad news , gorkhali army were shoked even king was too depressed so he did not appointed anybody to the post of Shivaram Simgha Basnyat and he later appointed Kehar simgha Basnyat, Shiva Ram simgha‘s second son who actually was not capable when his father was a martyer.It was mentioned in ―basnyat patrabali‖ by ―Historian Baburam acharya‖ and Yogi Naharari Nath‘‖ Iithish Prakash‖ After death of Shiva ram singh Basnyat his wife ―Birangina Shurprava Basnyat ―said to King –―King Tiger Has died but cubs are alive you need to take care of them they will be very useful for you campaign .‖At that time four son of Shiva ram simgha were too small In which Nahar Simgha Basnyat was the first son, Keher Simgha Basnyat second ,Abhiman Simgha Basnyat third and Dhukal Simgha Basnyat the youngest .Later on this four son got education from palace of Gorkha ,―marwat‖ was given to them.Later on , they played leading role for the unification of Nepal. This is the History were we Nepali should be proud of . There are many Veers and Veeringinas who laid down their life to make existences of Nepal.By learning their Biography we need to learn the patriotism and Bravery that we showed in the Past. But where is that kind of Patriotism and bravery in the politicians and the people? -Regendraman Singh Basnyat

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