GC Alignment Tools



Hex: 5⁄64˝ (0.078˝ -2 mm). Material: Conductive Nylon. Ends: 1⁄4˝ long hex, 0.096˝ dia. shaft, 3⁄8˝ long hex, undercut (0.068˝ dia.) shaft to reach bottom slugs in coils. Total Length: 5˝ (12.7 cm).
Cat. No. AS-9300-0000 Net Price $2.82

Material: Delrin. Shaft: Long end 7⁄32˝ (5.5 mm) dia., 6˝ (15.2 cm) long; short end ⁄ ˝ (4 mm) dia., 1˝ (2.5 cm) long. Ends: 1⁄32˝ thick screwdriver tip (Both Ends). Total Length: 7˝ (17.7 cm).
5 32

Cat. No. 00-2520-0000

Net Price $2.53

Material: Conductive Nylon. Shaft: long end 1⁄8˝ (3.2 mm) dia., 21⁄2˝ (6.3 cm) long; short end 7⁄32˝ (5.5 mm) dia., 27⁄16˝ (6.2 cm) long. Ends: 1⁄32˝ thick screwdriver tip (long end); 1⁄8˝ (3.2 mm) wide steel tip, recessed 1⁄16˝ (short end). Total Length: 415⁄16˝ (12.5 cm).
Cat. No. AS-8275-0000 Net Price $3.15

Hex: 0.100˝ (2.5 mm). Material: Conductive Nylon. Ends: Flat screwdriver tip (0.027˝ thick-.095˝ wide), followed by 0.100˝ hex; 0.100˝ hex, 7⁄32˝ long, undercut shaft to reach bottom slugs in coils. Total Length: 53⁄32˝ (12.9 cm).

Kit contains all nine anti-static alignment tools. The wide range of tip styles and sizes assures that the user will have a tool for adjusting or aligning any conventional component. Supplied with pocket storage case. KIT CONTAINS 1 EACH: AS-5004-0000 adjustment screwdriver, AS-8275-0000 combination aligner, AS76-0000 steel tip duplex aligner, AS-8605-0000 small hex and screwdriver, AS06-0000 hex and tip tool, AS-8608-0000 mini potentiometer and trimmer tool, AS-9300-0000 double ended hex tool, AS-9302-0000 3-in-1 hex core tool, AS9400-0000 square and hex tool.
Cat. No. AS-5007-0000 Net Price $12.70

Cat. No. AS-8606-0000

Net Price $2.55

Hex 5⁄64˝ (0.078˝ -2 mm) and 0.100˝ (2.5 mm) Material: Conductive Nylon. Ends: small (0.078˝ ) hex followed by 0.100 hex; 0.100˝ hex (3⁄8˝ long), undercut shaft to reach bottom slugs in coils. Total Length: 53⁄8˝ (13.7 cm).
Cat. No. AS-9302-0000 Net Price $2.82

Material: Conductive Nylon. Shaft: 1⁄4˝ (6.3mm) dia., 7˝ (17.7 cm) long. Ends: 1⁄32˝ thick screwdriver tip (Both ends). Total Length: 7˝ (17.7 cm).
Cat. No. AS-5004-0000 Net Price $2.57

Material: Conductive Nylon. Shaft: 7⁄32˝ (5.5 mm) dia., 61⁄8˝ (15.5 cm) long. Ends: 1 ⁄8˝ (3.2 mm) wide steel tip; 1⁄8˝ (3.2 mm) wide steel tip, recessed 1⁄16˝ . Fits no. 6 slotted stud. Total Length: 61⁄8˝ (15.5 cm).
Cat. No. AS-8276-0000 Net Price $2.99

Hex: 0.050˝ (1.25 mm). Material: Conductive Nylon. Ends: hex (allen) steel 0.050˝ (1.25 mm), ⁄32˝ (2.4 mm) long; 3⁄32˝ (2.4 mm) wide steel screwdriver tip with 3⁄32˝ (2.4 mm) shank, 13⁄4˝ (4.4 cm) long shank. Total Length: 53⁄16˝ (13.2 cm).
Cat. No. AS-8605-0000 Net Price $3.61

Material: Conductive Nylon. Shaft: 1⁄4˝ (6.3 mm) dia. 415⁄16˝ (12.5 cm) long. Ends: .085˝ (2.2 mm) wide steel tip; .085˝ (2.2 mm) wide steel tip, recessed .040˝ . Total Length: 415⁄16˝ (12.5 cm).
Cat. No. AS-8608-0000 Net Price $3.24



Made of plastic material with extra thin hardened spring steel tips.6cm) long. APPLICABLE TAXES NOT INCLUDED 1295 .062˝ -1. .. including handle. 1⁄4˝ handle. Cat.92 G-C K-TRAN TOOL Specially designed for K-Tran and I. Cat.GC Alignment Tools SQUARE & HEX END TOOL Hex: 0. 5˝ long. transformers where space does not permit the use of a longer tool. for making channel adjustments.71 MANU 169 CODE G-C TELEVISION CHANNEL TUNING TOOL Especially designed for television receivers. Cat. 57⁄16˝ long. PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. it has a thin Delrin screw driver on one end and a recessed extra thin spring steel tip on the other end.07 G-C TELEVISION DUPLEX ALIGNER An all-purpose TV aligner for trimmers and I. 00-5004-0000 Description 7˝ long Net Price $2. 00-5009-0000 Net Price $2. 1⁄16˝ (0.5 mm) long.6 mm).92 G-C TELEVISION “SHORTY” DUPLEX ALIGNER Specially made for trimmer and I. Ends: 0. 00-8276-0000 Net Price $2. No.109 screw driver diameter. hex wrench. No. 1⁄8˝ shaft dia. 00-9294-0000 Net Price $3. Cat. Stewart-Warner. AS-9440-0000 Net Price $1. the other end has a recessed tip. Ends: 1⁄32˝ thick screwdriver tip (Both Ends). Cat. non-metallic tool with long 1⁄8˝ narrow blade. Cat. Made of plastic material 6˝ long with a milled steel insert on one end and a thin screw driver blade on other end.97 G-C TELEVISION ZENITH UNIVERSAL ALIGNER Specially designed for certain Zenith and other sets. Made of natural plastic. Ends can be re-ground. Made of bone fibre. specially made for television. 7⁄32˝ shaft diameter. 00-8275-0000 Net Price $2.F. No. 16˝ (40. No.42 G-C DUPLEX NO-METAL ALIGNMENT SCREW DRIVER Made of natural Delrin—1⁄4˝ blade on one end and 1⁄8˝ blade on other. 1⁄8˝ metal tip. Total Length: 16˝ (40. Total Length: 51⁄16˝ (12. 7⁄32˝ shaft dia.5 mm) Square: 1⁄16˝ (1. 00-8195-0000 Net Price $3.22 DOUBLE ENDED EXTRA LONG SCREWDRIVER Material: Fiberglass. Cat.19 PARTS INDICATED WITH A LEAF l ARE CONSIDERED RoHS JULY 2006 COMPLIANT BASED ON THE MANUFACTURER’S CONFIRMATION AT THE TIME OF PUBLISHING. Cat.F. 00-8271-0000 Net Price $2. 6˝ long. 00-8277-0000 Net Price $2. Overall length of tool. 6˝ long. ICA type #1039.55 G-C NO-METAL INSULATING ADJUSTMENT SCREW DRIVER Made of natural Delrin. 00-8282-0000 Net Price $2. Shaft: 5⁄32˝ (4 mm) dia. transformers. screw driver on both ends. One end has a projected tip. Very handy dual purpose alignment screw driver. 1⁄8˝ shaft diameter. Made of natural Delrin (white) and plastic handle. × 6˝ Tool Net Price $2.97 G-C TELEVISION CORE ALIGNER For Motorola. No. Very popular all-around alignment tool.49 G-C ALIGNMENT SCREWDRIVER Low inductance metal tip screw driver made of plastic material—strong. No. No. One end has a plastic hex wrench and the other end a small screw driver tip. Cat. Material: Conductive Nylon.5 mm) hex. approximately 71⁄4˝ . etc.92 G-C ZENITH TELEVISION WRENCH AND ALIGNER Delrin plastic molded special tool made specially for Zenith TV sets. Completely insulated. .6 mm) square. Cat. No. 00-5097-0000 Net Price $2.F. Belmont and other sets using Stackpole or other stud type cores that are not slotted. Indispensable for aligning all-wave sets.1 cm) long.100 dia. Ends can be re-ground and used again. ICA type #1015. the other end is recessed. 5⁄32˝ Delrin tip.8 cm). 21⁄2˝ long.100˝ (2.100˝ (2. No. transformers. Made of plastic material with extra thin spring steel tips. No. No. Will give long service. 00-5000-0000 Description 7⁄32˝ Diam.6cm). 1⁄32˝ (0. 6˝ long. 3⁄8˝ (9. durable. One end has a projected metal tip. No. Cat. completely insulated. Cat.

. Overall length of tuner is 51⁄8˝ .075˝ and . No. all-plastic alignment tool. Worn ends can be re-ground and thin shaft diameter ( 1⁄8˝ ) reaches most TV and radio adjustments. Admiral and other sets. Cat. 00-9304-0000 Description Double End Tool Net Price $2. One end undercut for turning bottom slug separately. One end is .10 11˝ × . One end under-cut for turning bottom slug separately. Cat. double end. Cat.GC Alignment Tools MANU 169 CODE G-C CAPACITOR AND TUNER ADJUSTING TOOL New adjuster for trimmer capacitors. one end undercut for tuning bottom slugs. A new alignment tool the serviceman will need for adjusting coil slugs on Webcor and other sets. and miniature L. Made of clear plastic. 00-9297-0000 Net Price $3. Supplied in 5˝ and 11˝ lengths. No. Both ends are hex shaped. 00-9302-0000 Description 3 In 1 Hex Tool Net Price $2. Originally designed for Westinghouse—now used on many sets. Cat.53 5. Worn end can easily be sharpened with file or grinder.C. Cat.100 extra long to prevent hand capacity.32 3. inexpensive. radio sets. 00-8987-0000 00-8988-0000 Lgth. One end of tool undercut so it can reach the bottom slug in coils without turning the top slug. 00-9295-0000 Description Double End Delrin Net Price $3. 00-9296-0000 Net Price $2. 00-8605-0000 Description Adjusting Tool Net Price $2. Makes it possible to turn both top and bottom coil slugs with one tool. No. Length 53⁄4˝ . easy to align and adjust TV sets. Hex wrench on both ends. Will turn both top and bottom coil slugs. Cat.30 FIBRE GLASS “ALIGNMENT STICKS” Popular. No. Cat.075 hex. Handle diameter 5⁄32˝ .050˝ hex head one end and screw driver tip on the other end. metal tipped aligner with turned down shank to fit very small coil openings. No. the other end is a handy screwdriver tip. practical and long lasting. Cat. PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.100˝ . No.88 G-C ALIGNMENT TOOL Handy.075˝ with under cut shaft.99 G-C DELRIN HEX TOOL G-C TV “X57 PLASTIC LONG SLIM” SCREWDRIVERS A non-metallic screw driver made of polyester-fiberglass for utmost durability and toughness. Tuners. double end hex iron core tool. 5˝ long × 3⁄8˝ diameter. No. 00-9091-0000 Description 5˝ long hex tool Net Price $1. 00-8606-0000 00-8606-000L Description 5˝ Wrench 11˝ Wrench Net Price $1.69 2. One end is . 00-8728-0000 00-8729-0000 00-9293-0000 Description 121⁄16˝ Alignment stick 161⁄16˝ Alignment stick 12˝ Alignment stick Net Price $3. No. Cat. sealed capacitors.53 G-C . the other end is .125 HEX DELRIN DOUBLE END IRON CORE TOOL All Delrin hex tool made to fit cores with .075˝ hex shaped with an undercut shaft. double end hex iron core tool with 5⁄32˝ handle. thin alignment sticks. Cat. Made of white Delrin with . One end tip is recessed. one end under-cut so it will reach bottom slugs in iron coils.125 hex opening. 00-8609-0000 Net Price $2. APPLICABLE TAXES NOT INCLUDED .92 G-C “THIN END” TV ALIGNER A plastic. No.55 G-C 3 IN 1 HEX CORE ALIGNMENT TOOL For adjusting coil slugs.51 G-C DOUBLE END ALIGNMENT TOOL For adjusting coil slugs. Cat. Cat. This alignment tool is designed especially for use on Magnavox sets and is also useful on other sets.075 Hex. 00-9089-0000 Net Price $2.30 11˝ × .45 G-C DELRIN HEX TOOL 1296 PARTS INDICATED WITH A LEAF l ARE CONSIDERED RoHS JULY 2006 COMPLIANT BASED ON THE MANUFACTURER’S CONFIRMATION AT THE TIME OF PUBLISHING. Blade 7˝ 12˝ Overall Lgth.55 G-C ZENITH-ADMIRAL NYLON HEX WRENCH New nylon hex wrench alignment tool for Zenith. etc. No.38 G-C DELRIN HEX TOOL 11˝ × .100˝ hex on both sides. Has knurled 1⁄4˝ handle. No.36 3. 91⁄2˝ 141⁄2˝ Net Price $3. No.

00-8727-0000 alignment tool. 00-8277-0000 shorty duplex aligner. 00-8276-0000 duplex aligner. No. 009088-0000 brush/forked tip tool. durable plastic case. transformers. RF coils. 00-8271-0000 core aligner.63 G-C ALL-PURPOSE ALIGNMENT KIT Selection of the most popular TV alignment tools and service aids. 00-8606-0000 hex wrench–5˝ .F. 00-8195- FLEXIBLE PICK-UP TOOL Convenient. precision tools. Roll-up case stores easily in service kit.085˝ (2. 00-8276-0000 duplex aligner.3 mm) dia. 00-8282-0000 Zenith alignment tool. 00-8271-0000 core aligner. 008275-0000 universal aligner. shaft. No. Cat. 18-0530-0000 Net Price $12. 00-8271-0000 core aligner. For tuning I.22 CB ALIGNMENT TOOL KIT CB alignment tool kit: a must for every CB owner or repairman—eight of the finest made. 00-8608-0000 potentiometer adjustment tool.. KIT CONTAINS 1 EACH: 00-5009-0000 duplex no-metal screwdriver. No. 00-9090-0000 adjustable shorty tool. 008275-0000 universal aligner. serving a multitude of purposes. 12-0044-0000 Description 5˝ Miniature Tool Net Price $5. 00-8283-0000 Net Price $58. Cat. Cat. 00-9304-0000 double end tool. 00-81950000 TV channel tuning tool. Holds to start screws. 00-8273-0000 TV aligner. Regency. Shaft: 1⁄4˝ (6. 415⁄16˝ (12. 00-8606-0000 hex wrench–5˝ . 00-5097-0000 K-Tran tool.GC Alignment Tools G-C DOUBLE END HEX ALIGNMENT TOOL For adjusting coil slugs. Cat.48 For Arvin.042˝ tip. No. 00-8729-0000 screwdriver–16˝ . mechanical fingers pick up pieces and parts dropped into inaccessible places. Total Length: 415⁄16˝ (12.040˝ .029˝ tip. CORE ALIGNMENT TOOL (DELRIN) G-C MASTER DELUXE TOOL KIT Designed for the electronic technician who likes a complete assortment of alignment and adjustment tools. 00-9440-0000 transistor tool. and amateur equipment.50 TRANSISTOR I. with one end undercut. 00-5004-0000 adjustment screwdriver. 00-8274-0000 long-reach aligner. KIT CONTAINS 1 EACH: 00-2515-0000 K-Tran tool. 00-5040-0000 Description 12 Top Tool Kit Net Price $29. A tool of many uses. 00-8280-0000 Net Price $37. 00-8196-0000 TV-FM tuning tool. 00-8276-0000 duplex aligner. 00-8290-0000 universal aligner.121˝ dia. all in one attractive. 00-9300-0000 Description Double End Hex Tool Net Price $2. recessed .15 MANU 169 CODE 0000 TV channel tuning tool. 3⁄8˝ × . nuts and bolts.070˝ × . 00-8606-0000 hex wrench–5˝ . 00-8282-0000 Zenith aligner tool. 00-8279-0000 core aligner. 00-9297-0000 hex alignment tool. KIT CONTAINS 1 EACH: 00-2520-0000 duplex aligner screwdriver. Both ends are . 00-8196-0000 TV-FM tuning tool. 00-8722-0000 2-in-1 alignment tool–7˝ . .37 MINIATURE POTENTIOMETER TRIMMER ADJUSTMENT TOOL Material: Nylon.075˝ hex. 115⁄32˝ × . Cat.075˝ × . 1⁄16˝ × . . plus countless other fine. APPLICABLE TAXES NOT INCLUDED 1297 .2 mm) wide steel tip.F. 00-8867-0000 Tel-A-Turn tool.062˝ square head.5 cm). 00-8608-0000 Net Price $2.2 mm) wide steel tip. 00-8988-0000 screwdriver. Ends: . intricate adjustments.24 PARTS INDICATED WITH A LEAF l ARE CONSIDERED RoHS JULY 2006 COMPLIANT BASED ON THE MANUFACTURER’S CONFIRMATION AT THE TIME OF PUBLISHING. 00-82890000 “shorty” aligner. Cat. marine. 00-9050-000L Zenith alignment tool. Case has fold-over flap to prevent tools from becoming lost. 00-8609-0000 alignment tool. 9⁄32˝ × . Includes tools used on mobile communication. No. 00-8282-0000 Zenith alignment tool. 13⁄8˝ × . PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. Cat.5 cm) long. A general purpose alignment tool as well as a coil slug adjuster. 00-5080-0000 alignment wrench.104˝ hex head. antennas and oscillator coils. 00-8289-0000 shorty aligner. 00-8277-0000 shorty duplex aligner. 00-5066-0000 neutralizing tool. No. 00-9091-0000 hex iron core tool. No. 00-5080-0000 alignment wrench. 00-8728-000A screwdriver–7˝ . 00-8279-0000 core aligner. No.085˝ (2. Cat. 00-8274-0000 long-reach aligner. 00-82760000 duplex aligner. 00-5097-0000 K-Tran tool.145˝ dia. 00-5097-0000 K-Tran tool. 00-5066-0000 neutralizing tool. 00-8271-0000 core aligner.30 DELUXE ALIGNMENT TOOL KIT Handy roll type case of durable leatherette that contains the most frequently used alignment tools. 00-9091-0000 hex wrench core tool. shaft. 00-9440-0000 Net Price $1. 00-8273-0000 TV aligner. 00-8721-0000 2-in-1 alignment tool–9˝ . 00-5097-0000 K-Tran tool. KIT CONTAINS 1 EACH: 00-5000-0000 alignment screwdriver. Silvertone and others.

00-5050-0000 Net Price $139. 512000-620-9233. designed to provide easy removal and replacement of tools. 1.S. 00-50970000 K-Tran tool. 2. 00-9091-000L 11˝ hex tool.120˝ wide) Standard width (1⁄4˝ ) Net Price $1. Solder does not adhere to tip surface. molydenum. 12-0577-0000 Net Price $42. removal tool.54 G-C INSPECTION MIRROR 00-5090-0000: 7-1/2˝ long mirror. 008869-0000 Tel-A-Turn tool. paladium. 009300-0000 hex core tool. 00-9356-0000 fuse puller. Cat. No.91 CERAMIC ADJUSTER SET Six sizes include Flat Blade . 00-8605-0000 capacitor tool. 00-8455-0000 Net Price $22. 00-8606-000L hex wrench 11˝ . KIT CONTAINS 1 EACH: 00-5004-0000 adjustment screwdriver. 00-8276-0000 duplex aligner. 00-8987-0000 screwdriver 9-1/2˝ . Cat. 00-8868-0000 Tel-A-Turn tool.27 6. 00-590-000P: 7-7/8˝ long all plastic insulated mirror. N. 00-8728-000A screwdriver 7˝ . and silver.N. 00-8606-0000 hex wrench 5˝ . 5120-00-159-8180. 00-9338-0000 burnishing tool.S. smooth handles and tips are 100% rustproof. The standard tool is used on medium and large contact points whereas the fineline tool is recommended for use on small and miniature components. Solder will not stick to heat sink which is aluminum. 00-9293-0000 alignment tool 12˝ . 00-5101-0000 AC/DC test light. 00-8271-0000 core aligner. No.64 STANDARD TV ALIGNMENT TOOL KIT Made ot last and wear—a quality kit with essential alignment tools in a roll type case. 00-8869-0000 Tel-ATurn tool. No. 00-7948-0000 tweezers. 00-9091-0000 hex iron core tool 5-3/32˝ . Packaged in a handsome carrying case. 00-8728-0000 alignment tool 12˝ . APPLICABLE TAXES NOT INCLUDED . 00-9337-0000 00-9338-0000 Description Fineline (0. 008282-0000 Zenith alignment tool. 00-8454-0000 Net Price $8.8. 00-8885-0000 oiler. No.7 and 3. 00-5028-0000 wrench kit. 00-2520-0000 duplex aligner screwdriver. 00-9094-0000 brush/scraper tool.3. No danger of shock or shorting. Resists acids (except Hydrofluoric) and solder. They remove oxide and corrosion on relay and switch contact points made of platinum. 00-8195-0000 TV channel tuning tool. Cat. 00-9302-0000 hex wrench. Metal shaft and plastic handle. 008722-0000 2-in-1 tool 7˝ . 00-5000-0000 alignment screwdriver. Ideal for the technician and engineer who requires a wide variety of tools for every purpose.38 GC burnishing tools consist of stainless steel strips. No. Cat. Cat. 00-9304-0000 double end tool. These adjusters are anti-static and nonmagnetic. N. 00-8271-0000 core aligner. 00-8868-0000 Tel-A-Turn tool. Protective caps are included to keep tips clean and contamination-free. 00-9076-0000 reamer/forked tip tool. 12-5090 00-5090-000P Net Price $6. 00-8195-0000 TV channel tuning tool. 00-8196-0000 TV-FM tuning tool.9. 00-5097-0000 KTran tool. 00-9295-0000 Delrin hex tool 11˝ . Packaged in form-fitted storage tray. 00-5004-0000 adjustment screwdriver. 00-8273-0000 TV aligner. Comfortable.GC Alignment Tools MANU 169 CODE G-C COLOUR TV ALIGNMENT TOOL KIT Consists of five alignment tools covering the majority of all alignment adjustments required in colour TV servicing. Cat. 00-8275-0000 universal aligner.0mm. No. Cat.N.86 1. 00-8276-0000 duplex aligner.33 ALIGNMENT AND SPECIALTY KIT Comprehensive selection of the most popular alignment tools and service aids.6mm and Phillips 1. 1. 00-8867-0000 Tel-A-Turn tool. 00-8721-0000 2-in-1 tool 9˝ . first quality heat sink that allows a firm grip and provides protection to transistors and diodes when soldering. 12-4614-0000 I. 00-9093-0000 solder probe. 00-9296-0000 Delrin hex tool 11˝ . 00-9440-0000 transistor tool. Provides eight hex ends which cover virtually all of the iron core transformer adjustments. 00-5091-0000 extension shaft.86 1298 PARTS INDICATED WITH A LEAF l ARE CONSIDERED RoHS JULY 2006 COMPLIANT BASED ON THE MANUFACTURER’S CONFIRMATION AT THE TIME OF PUBLISHING.24 CONTACT BURNISHING TOOLS G-C HEAT SINK A lightweight. 00-9077-0000 heat sink. No. 00-8277-0000 “shorty duplex aligner”.C. micro-scored to an ultra-fine file surface. 00-8275-0000 universal aligner. gold tungsten. PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. KIT CONTAINS 1 EACH: 12-0760-0000 wire stripper. 00-5090-0000 inspection mirror. 00-8274-0000 long aligning tool. 00-9077-0001 Description Aluminum Heat Sink Net Price $1.

A. AM/FM radios and CB equipment. 00-0582-0000 Net Price $37. Made of the finest nickel chrome alloy steel. Cat.6 oz. Cat. Weighs only 2.89 WIRE STRIPPER KITS Wire stripper with 3 different size blade sets packaged in a special plastic container. Cat. Cat.50 2. Works with card edge connectors. No. 00-9051-0000 Zenith-RCA alignment tool.89 32. RG-59 & RG-62 Coax Cable 8 to 22 Net Price $32. Cat. Crimp pressure adjustment. Cat. No.K. RG-6 F-Type CATV Connectors Net Price $39. 00-0766-000K Description Speed-O-Matic stripper Kit Net Price $54. Toggle latch keeps stripper closed. 00-8282-0000 Zenith alignment tool. Ergonomic handle design for comfortable extended use. easy grip handles and interchangeable blades. No. ribbon cable). 31⁄4˝ × 21⁄8˝ × 11⁄4˝ . Cat. Dies are marked with application. 008279-0000 2-in-1 alignment tool 7˝ . KIT CONTAINS 1 EACH: 002512-0000 wire dressing tool. Combines the best features of all of the Speedex wire strippers including narrow. Cuts and strips RG-58/U or RG-59/U coaxial cables in quick clean steps. 00-2520-0000 duplex aligner. 12-0164-0000 12-0165-0000 Description Stripper Replacement Blade Set Net Price $35. 00-9088-0000 brush/forker tip tool. Includes blades for 14 to 30 gauge wire.D.49 PROFESSIONAL RATCHETING CRIMP TOOL FEATURES: Heavy duty steel construction. D-Sub. Six popular size wrenches: 0. 12-9021-0000 Description RG-59.76 POCKET HEX KEY WRENCH SET Wrenches open like pocket knife blades.89 32.55 CRIMPING TOOL FOR “F” CONNECTORS Makes an excellent hex crimp in all “F-Type” and BNC connectors. APPLICABLE TAXES NOT INCLUDED 1299 . PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. 00-8867-0000 Tel-A-Turn tool.50˝ to 3 ⁄16˝ . A good tool for the custom cable maker. No. 00-0766-0000 00-0766-000A 00-0766-000B 00-0766-000C 00-0766-000I For Wire Size 12 to 20 14 to 30 10 to 18 RG-58. fitted in steel case. 12-0463-0000 Net Price $28.GC Service Aids MANU 169 CODE “LUCKY 13” GENERAL PURPOSE ALIGNMENT TOOL KIT For TV sets.C. 00-9191-0000 screwdriver 7˝ .88 KWIK-STRIP COAX STRIPPER IDC CRIMP TOOL For crimping many styles of I. No. 00-8289-0000 shorty aligner. 00-9124-0000 Net Price $4.76 PARTS INDICATED WITH A LEAF l ARE CONSIDERED RoHS JULY 2006 COMPLIANT BASED ON THE MANUFACTURER’S CONFIRMATION AT THE TIME OF PUBLISHING. 00-2515-0000 K-Tran tool.89 32. No. 00-8869-0000 Tel-A-Turn tool. Crimp release for operator safety. No. 12-0455-0000 Net Price $28. 18 POSJ and 300 ohm wire. Centronics style and others. connectors onto flat cable (A. 00-8885-0000 oiler.92 G-C HEAVY DUTY SPEED-O-MATIC WIRE STRIPPER The latest model featuring the fully automatic delayed return action to prevent crushing fine wires. Compound leverage for ease of operation.89 32.96 Ideal for use in the field. Cat. Wide selection of interchangeable dies. 00-8868-0000 Tel-A-Turn tool. Ratcheting design insures positive exacting crimps. No.

Cat. and probe pick. A special stop behind cut out prevents damage to connectors. Supplied in an easy to carry vial. JIC-842 Net Price $20. Net Price $4.275˝ wide and 1/16˝ thick. Cat. Grips small wires and parts and reaches into tight spaces. 22. This hook is ideal for capturing small wires. and 26 gauge copper conductors as well as 20 gauge plastic insulated copper steel wire. Produced of the finest quality high carbon steel with a nickel plated finish. springs.20 1386 PARTS INDICATED WITH A LEAF l ARE CONSIDERED RoHS JULY 2006 COMPLIANT BASED ON THE MANUFACTURER’S CONFIRMATION AT THE TIME OF PUBLISHING. UR. The cushioned grip handles are yellow plastic dipped. comfortable handles are red plastic dipped. Indispensable for precision work in production and maintenance of precision production. Push hook with looped handle for maximum control. and even maintenance jobs. Captive spring hook. alignment 2 in 1 tool. Pull hook and lifter with a knurled grip. Internal spring retracts hook automatically.030˝ stripping hole. The cushioned grip. JONARD ALIGNMENT TOOL KIT This 5 piece pocket kit contains a selection of the most popular non-conductive tools for aligning and adjusting components. and UY connectors. JIC-683 Net Price $20. All spring hooks are tapered to a fine point. No. or parts and holding them. M-120 M-125 M-130/SXP M-145 Description Pull hook with looped handle for maximum control. and cutting. No. removing. a crushing slot.21 JONARD TELECOM LONG NOSE PLIERS Long nose have side cutting blades. bending. Length: 8˝ . Cat. and have side cutting blades. Other end of tool has leaf spring for holding clip in position to insert. No. Jaws are knurled. Approx. No.49 13. electronics. APPLICABLE TAXES NOT INCLUDED . Cutting edges cut clean and remain sharp. JIC-891 Net Price $19. Length: 6˝ . electromechanics. length: 9˝ long.35 Cat. spudger. Cat.Jonard Alignment & Telecom Tools JONARD CONNECTOR-CRIMPING PLIERS WITH SIDE CUTTERS M-120 MANU 328 CODE Designed to press UG. Cat. Net Price $8. This tool is 6-3/4˝ long . and many gauges of wire including high-strength wire.05 4. Length: 6˝ .59 JONARD LINEMAN’S B SIDE CUT PLIERS Designed for heavy duty use in construction and maintenance work. one . PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. One end of this tool has a hook with leaf spring tension for removing the clip. serrated. CS-1022 Net Price $18. The comfortable handles are yellow plastic dipped. JIC-21257 Net Price $31. Spring loaded hook is exposed by depressing plunger on top of tool.05 JONARD TELECOM LONG NOSE D PLIERS Pliers are for general use looping.20 M-125 M-130/SXP M-145 JONARD SPRING HOOKS Used for inserting. and adjusting fine springs and other small parts in tight areas. These pliers are high leverage for cutting bolts. Cat. nails. 24. Length: 6˝ . No.51 JONARD CLIP SETTER Clip Setter used for setting and withdrawing 1. Length: 7˝ . Narrow shape allows access to confined places. TK-AT5 Description Kit Contains: Trimpot. orange stick.05 4. Cushion gripped yellow plastic handles. Length: 7˝ . Utilized on combinations of plastic and pulp insulated 19. No.5mm and up E and C clips. No. and a thin knurled nose to facilitate handling of the wire at the terminals. Length: 7˝ .

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