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March 24, 2012 8:41

Posted by admin on July 15, 2011



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If you are reading this then it s but obvious that you are preparing for CAT or planning to prepare for the same. The most obvious questions that student ask are the aim of this article. Let us help you in answering you these questions.

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1) Ok Folks, how to start? Give a diagnostic test for CAT. You can give such tests at various places on the Internet but like TestFunda iCAT (It s totally free). Such tests are also available in preparation books such as Arun Sharma and others. a) Why should I give a test right now even though I am not prepared? It will help you assess the parameters that you are required to fulfill. It will tell you the general areas where you are weak at and where you stand. It will help you get a feel of the exam and by the time you are finished with your preparation, you will know the importance of diagnostic test. Almost all coaching institute give it to their students during their classroom programme to assess the capabilities of the student. However, it is, important that you do not take the results too seriously and get demoralized in the process. 2) Buying Study Material Now there is a lot of research going on, asking your peers and everything for buying the correct study material. We have made a list of some great books that are very popular amongst students due to their high relevance and quality. Which books to buy? 1. At least one coaching institute package like Career Launcher, TIME, TestFunda or others. 2. Arun Sharma Quant + Verbal + DI books. You can check them out over here. 3. Total Gadha Book on Number System. 4. Normal Lewis Vocab book (Highly Recommended). Check it over here. If you were giving CAT again, then how would you buy books? Hmm…good question if you are asking it in your mind. I personally would keep the 2,3,4th option the same but the first option, I would have changed things a bit because I have referred to the material of many coaching institutes. Every institute material has it s strengths and though we don t want to talk about the weakness, we would like to recommend a few must have niche books for CAT 2011.

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You may not believe but this single sentence differentiates the Quant Gods and the mortals. 5. They have analysis tools but IMHO. NSIT M. Not only people good in Quant are actually good in quant but the fact is that they have done similar questions over and over again. if not better.tec 8 COMMENT NIMCET 2 5 COMMENT STUDY PLAN FOR CAT 2011 Ok. This makes them the Gods of Quant as they are known on Pagalguy. Read Novels and articles online for building stamina on the screen. Plan your study schedule such that you finish the entire syllabus or the most part of it at least two months before the date of the exam. Take a break in between and try to stick to your schedule. they are nowhere close to that of TestFunda or for that matter CL. what should I do? Do the books again. If you are looking for some tougher questions. now what should be my study plan? The date of the CAT exam is not out but we will still use relative terms to plan this in general. I got the books. non stop. If you can get on these books in specific. get hold of TIME AIMCATs of the previous years. Why so?? NIMCET 2 5 COMMENT Mathemat Number S 4 COMMENT Puzzles – 4 COMMENT NTPC Sch Engineerin 4 COMMENT Career La Mock JME 4 COMMENT Recent Comments Which all institutes provide these tests? All most all the major institutes! We recommend that you join two test series of which one should be of TIME.because we get money….” You can see this for yourself once you give the free iCAT of Test Funda. Since a large number of students are giving their test series with a more even span throughout the country. I finished my preparation much before. 4. an IIM-B Alumni. Divide time between the subjects and then continue your studies on all three fronts. ” What are mock exams? These are exams exactly on the pattern of the CAT paper which students around the country give to assess their capabilities and preparation level. 1. Why are these post exam analysis important? sid on GATE 2012 R sankalp on sankalp on NEHA on NIT M. there is one thing that other institutes are doing better right now in our opinion. You are saying that finish the syllabus two months before It s because of the next aspect – ”Mock Exams. CAT is more about diligence than intelligence. also recommended by Arun Sharma. 2..com/higherstudies/?p=2837 2/4 . 3. Remember. it would be great and complement the package of whichever coaching institute you buy. you get a better picture of your performance.? Yes. What again. it is not a typo. The post exam analysis with in depth info via charts and interactive mediums is just fantastic which is not the case with TIME. do it again and again and keep on doing it till the time you can recall each question of Arun Sharma (LOD 1 and 2 specifically) by heart..LOL . suhanaa on Why 2 Mock Series then? Though TIME has a great test series. Join the Pagalguy Quant thread if you still have time on your hands.. Try this approach. Try and study all the three subjects every day rather than picking up one subject a day or per week. What is that you ask? It is “The post exam analysis. There are many average students (academically speaking) who have made it to the IIMs.3/24/12 EVERYTHING ON CAT 2011 PREPARATION LET THERE BE LIGHT !! | Higher Studies 8 COMMENTS 1) CL Reading Comprehension 2 2) CL Sentence Correction – The book on Grammar 3) TIME – Logical Reasoning Problems Types 4) TIME – LRDI both combined 5) Test Funda books in General. we don t get paid for anything we write here but the reason is that maximum number of students join this series and the quality is at par with other institutes.Tech aglasem.Why TIME ?.

Understand this thus 2 month before – Finished with my syllabus. 0 0 Li e 2 Sha e Filed in: CAT. cat exam updates and others. repeat and follow !! Then again the same routine. Rinse. This is how it follow from here: 1) Monday – You give the exam 2) Tuesday – You get the result and start analysis. cat. get good sleep.3/24/12 EVERYTHING ON CAT 2011 PREPARATION LET THERE BE LIGHT !! | Higher Studies Ok…this is where the 2 month early finishing comes in handy. you should spend 5 hours while analyzing. You may have done all topics but somehow you are not able to solve questions of Geometry and Grammar properly (as per the analysis) so you prepare Geometry again. This will allow you to prepare for the test in the best possible manner and you can amend the flaws in your preparation. We will be running an entire article on the last lap and you can connect with us using Facebook. please feel free to leave a comment below and we will get back to you. CAT 2011 Tags: Arun Sharma. You start analyzing the questions you did. Twitter Could not find what you are looking for? Search Custom Search New homes builders Novel writing software 20 Minute Website design tutorial Related Posts IIIT invites applications for MBA Over 8.Break !! Now you have revised your weak areas in particular and ready to start the next week with your flaws covered. RSS or Email (just enter your email in the box on the right hand side) to stay updated with loads of useful information like exam form updates.com/higherstudies/?p=2837 3/4 . 7) Sunday . Twitter.us Tag Cloud Online paid surve s Paid online surve s Securit S stems aglasem. 4) Thursday – You give smaller tests like skill builder and Total Gadha free test options while revising Geometry and Grammar in specific and other areas that you feel like in general. 3) Wednesday – You start revising the weak areas that the analysis has projected. if the mock takes 2 and a half hour. Further Questions If you still have questions with respect to the preparation for CAT 2011. get a hang in of the questions.icio. The Big Day Last Lap You revise the core concepts once again. Of course.500 aspirants appear for online CMAT on first day IIM Bangalore Admission Process Bookmark and Promote! Retweet this post on Twitter Like this post on Facebook StumbleUpon this post How engineers continue to dominate Indian B-schools Digg this post Want admission in IIM : Do you have a plan B? Rajasthan students shine in CAT results Bookmark on del. The Big Day. 5) Friday – You continue to do Geometry and grammar chapter from Arun Sharma and CL book respectively. have a good mood. Facebook. did not do and which you did but got wrong and see the reasons to it. Ideally. you can vary the schedule as per your convinience. iCAT. 6) Saturday – Give more smaller 20 minutes tests of Geometry and grammar and a few others.

com/higherstudies/?p=2837 4/4 .J S Official Son Communicative English: CBSE Class – X : Resource Book Adhunik Hindi Vyakaran IX & X (Course B) Oswaal CBSE CCE Question Bank with Complete Solutions (Class X SET 10B) Oswaal CBSE CCE Question Bank with Complete Solutions (Class X SET 10C) Together with Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) in Physics Solution (Term II) Class X In conversation with Gaurav Makkar That face among the faces! Dell buys S India/Bang new level Learning o MHT CET ( 2012: Com © 2012 Higher Studies. All rights reserved. Admissions 2012 AMUEEE 2012: INSTRUCTIONS FOR MARKING ANSWERS ON THE OMR ANSWER SHEET AMUEEE 2012: FEE STRUCTURE AMUEEE 2012: INSTRUCTIONS FOR OMR BASED ADMISSION TESTS AMUEEE 2012: INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES APPEARING FOR ADMISSION TESTS AMUEEE 2012: IMPORTANT RULES FOR FILLING UP SEATS RESERVED (03% OF THE APPROVED INTAKE) FOR PHYSICALLY CHALLENGED PERSONS AMUEEE 2012: IMPORTANT RULES FOR OUTSTANDING SPORTSPERSON / DEBATER CATEGORY AMUEEE 2012: SEAT MATRIX AMUEEE 2012: Special Categories for Nomination AMUEEE 2012: TEST CENTRES AMUEEE 2012: LAST DATE FOR SUBMISSION OF PHOTOCOPY OF MARKSHEETS / GRADE SHEETS AglaSem Store Chanakya s Chant NCERT : Social Science Understanding Economic Development Textbook For Class – X Together With Dos & Donts Mathematics – Class – X NCERT : Science Textbook For Class – X Xam Idea – CCE Series Social Science: Summarative Assessment-II Formative Assessment-3 & 4 (Class X) (Term 2) The Indian Fusion The Snake. The Rabbit and the Stock Market Let me introduce you to DEFU Where are we going World Water Day 10 Lessons from Einstein 50 Renowned Academics Speaking About God Scumbag Teachers! Is tech racist? Join the Direct adm 2012 mana AMUEEE 2 Information Adidas Imp Messi at hi Brown Ran Villager Yo Gabru . XHTML / CSS Valid.3/24/12 EVERYTHING ON CAT 2011 PREPARATION LET THERE BE LIGHT !! | Higher Studies Website design tutorial Telephone answering service Leave a Reply You must be Logged in to post comment. aglasem.

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