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1 L R l l l O l l l O V A 1 l O l l l 1 O L C O l O l l C O R O v 1 l
GHBN Annual Report 2006-2007
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1 L R l l l O l l l O V A 1 l O l l l 1 O L C O l O l l C O R O v 1 l
w w w . g h b n . o r g
Welcome to the inaugural annual report of the Golden Horseshoe Biosciences Network (GHBN).
Networks are all about new partnerships – bringing people and organizations together to
create opportunities and solve problems, especially when it comes to large scale change.
That’s something we really believe in and are passionate about – in the same way that we’re
passionate about the economic potential of the Golden Horseshoe.
The Golden Horseshoe has so much to offer!
With formidable strengths in manufacturing, engineering, medicine and innovative health
technologies, the Golden Horseshoe has incredible potential for growth. The commercialization
opportunities of bioscience link these strengths together, defning a dynamic and globally
unique future economy for the region. The GHBN’s role as a network is to bring regional
stakeholders together to fully realize this vision, and the approach has been to apply a highly
entrepreneurial model to the effort. In our frst three years, we’re proud of the extensive working
partnerships we’ve established with the municipal governments, hospitals, universities, research
institutions and industry of Hamilton, Halton and Niagara, resulting in a powerful shared vision
across the region. With more companies leveraging our services each year, more partners joining
the network, and more business support infrastructure being solidifed, our clients are able to
access the programs and services they need to grow.
We’re an entrepreneurial company that’s dedicated to entrepreneurs
As a network, we open doors to knowledge and fnancial resources. We understand and communicate
government programs and related opportunities for growth. We replace information silos with
informed communication. We understand the needs of our clients at all stages of development.
Through one-on-one consulting and facilitating access to additional programs and services,
we take an active role in client progress toward commercialization – and that’s an exciting road!
Thank you to the team, the Board of Directors and our partner networks for playing such a
valuable role in the GHBN’s success. As we go forward, we will maintain the momentum by
continuing to focus on the needs of our clients; and along with our partners we will enjoy
listening to the buzz of entrepreneurial activity that will defne the Golden Horseshoe’s
knowledge-based economy of tomorrow.
Dr. Darlene Homonko, Executive Director
Golden Horseshoe Biosciences Network (GHBN)
Cont e nt s
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What we do ............................... 4
Formula for success ................. 10
Eye on the future ..................... 12
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For information please contact:
Ana Paredes,
Offce Administrator/
Incubator Assistant – GHBN
Email: paredes@mcmaster.ca
Tel: (905) 525-9140 ext. 26602
Fax: (905) 528-3999
Dr. Darlene Homonko
Executive Director, GHBN
who we are
The Golden Horseshoe Biosciences Network (GHBN) is a regional network
of research organizations, companies, universities, and economic developers
involved in biosciences, biotechnology and related felds. Through relationship-
building and entrepreneurial support, the aim is to spur innovation, form new
ties and develop new research and investment to ensure a thriving innovation
centre in the Golden Horseshoe.
How we started
The GHBN’s history dates back to 2002, when the Province of Ontario
announced a biotechnology strategy to attract growth and investment, and
ultimately make Ontario one of the most competitive jurisdictions in North
America for biotechnology. The GHBN was incorporated in 2005 to execute the
strategy in the Golden Horseshoe, with a mandate to identify the commercial
potential of initiatives within hospitals, universities and research institutions;
develop an entrepreneurial culture; create opportunities for start-ups; and put
the supports in place to help small businesses grow. This was a signifcant
undertaking, with functional connections among stakeholder groups virtually
non-existent, and success ultimately requiring fundamental shifts in mindsets,
working relationships and funding models.
A longstanding advocate of the power of networks to effect change, the
approach adopted by Executive Director Dr. Darlene Homonko centered on
facilitating informed partnerships across the public/private sector interface. A
concerted focus on complementarities and resource sharing initiated awareness
across traditional silos in government, industry, academia, research institutes and
other fourth pillar organizations, moving toward a connected entrepreneurial
support infrastructure across the region.
“the power of networks to effect change”
Early milestones
Three years into the mandate, the GHBN has:
nEstablished a powerful regional, provincial and international network in support of
a growing culture of innovation in the Golden Horseshoe
nDemystifed access to
- Provincial programs that are part of the Ontario Commercialization Strategy
including Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE), Ontario Commercialization
Investment Funds (OCIF), Next Generation of Jobs Fund, and the Business
Mentorship and Entrepreneurship Program (BMEP)
- Federal programs including the Scientifc Research and Experimental
Development (SR&ED) tax credits, Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP),
and Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC)
nDemonstrated an accelerated commercialization capacity in the Golden Horseshoe,
by helping more than 30 bioscience start-ups and small businesses to grow, through
one-on-one business consulting and linkages to knowledge and fnancial resources
nEmbraced the challenge of sector diversity ranging from traditional biotechnology
to manufacturing, automotive, horticulture, agri-food and wine, e-health and
emergent medical devices, clinical trials and bioenergy by facilitating broader
program development and execution through partners
nSet the stage for new commercialization opportunities for entrepreneurs and
researchers, through delivery of a business plan for an 80,000 sq ft business
incubator/accelerator centre in association with McMaster University
and McMaster Innovation Park
But perhaps the greatest demonstration of success to date is that the GHBN has
created an audible buzz in the region, with an increasing number of bioscience
entrepreneurs and companies knocking at the door for help in growing their
businesses. Over the next three years, the goal is to maintain momentum and
help more companies evolve and grow. Extensive networking will be central to
the exercise, as the GHBN transitions from a small but determined group toward
regional icon for effective bioscience business development in the Golden Horseshoe.
In three years of
operation, the GHBN
has replaced almost no
connection between industry,
government and academia in
the Golden Horseshoe with a
connected environment that
cultivates entrepreneurship
and commercialization.
An enormous amount of
networking has been central
to this accomplishment, as
people have come together
and created a buzz about the
current activity and potential
of the region. While there
is still much work to do
to create a true innovation
culture here, through the
GHBN we’ve created an
information resource that all
sectors can beneft from.

Lauren Cuddy
Executive Vice President, i3 Innovus,
and Chair of the Board of Directors,
Golden Horseshoe Biosciences Network
“the power of networks to effect change”
what we do

With extensive experience in bioscience commercialization, a strong commitment to
client needs, a results-oriented attitude and no individual stake in particular innovations
or companies, the GHBN provides a uniquely expedient and non-political route to
bioscience commercialization, with programs and services centered on:
nNetworking and events, to create linkages within and outside the region
nCommunicating government programs
nFacilitating business support infrastructure
nCreating new business opportunities
nHelping companies grow, through mentoring and resource identifcation
nMeeting entrepreneurial needs, at all stages of growth
Networking & events
Work at the GHBN is approached as a “full-contact” activity with considerable time spent
meeting with entrepreneurs, researchers, partners and government representatives, as well
as attending and hosting related events. Through these efforts, the GHBN is able to:
nMaintain strong relations with partners in economic development and the universities
through proactive communication about individual companies
nWork with decision makers at all levels of government to be well-informed about
programs and opportunities, and well-poised to help clients gain access
nParticipate in a broad spectrum of partner events and initiatives across Ontario, the
Northeastern U.S. and Europe, to further enhance the realm of resources for clients
The GHBN’s own roster of events is also central to the overall networking effort, with
more than 20 events hosted annually and increasing participants, requests to partner,
and requests to assist other Regional Innovation Networks (RINs) in establishing similar
programs for their clients. Key successes to date include:
n Innovation Café™, the GHBN’s fagship discussion series targeted at entrepreneurs,
with central themes of innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership
nPeer to Peer, focused learning and networking opportunities for senior business leaders
entrepreneurs and small businesses, including the highly successful Seeding Medical
Technology Partnerships Cross-Border Conference in partnership with York Biotech,
The Health Technology Exchange (HTX), Trillium Medical Technology Association (TMTA),
Buffalo Niagara Partnership, MedTech and the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service
nResearch to Receptor Forums, half-day conferences bringing researchers and
companies together in various cities to advance the discussion of functional food and
agriculture research and innovation, conducted in partnership with MaRS Landing and
C4 Consortium
Each of these events/series has gained momentum in the
last three years, with growing numbers of participants and
requests to partner, as well as requests to assist other RINs
in establishing similar programs for their clients.
With universities
traditionally not promoting
their scientifc strengths in
industry circles, it’s been
very diffcult to fnd out
about current research
programs. The greatest
value offering of the GHBN
is facilitating that industry-
university connection.

Steve Boyajian
Business Development Manager,
Activation Labs
“Through the GHBN events
I have a much improved
understanding of the
challenges and opportunities
that companies face, and
where there are opportunities
for my organization to identify
potential solutions. The more
I know, the more I’m able to
serve their interests.”

Yvonne Gruenthaler
Trade Commissioner Life Sciences,
Science and Innovation, Regional Offce
of the Trade Commissioner Service,
Ontario Region, Foreign Affairs and
International Trade Canada
Going forward, the GHBN also intends to broaden the scope of learning and networking opportunity
for entrepreneurs through more event-based collaboration. Partner organizations will include:
nBioEnterprise, an agency established to help promote the creation, growth and expansion
of businesses in the Agri-Food and Agri-Life Sciences and Bio-Product Industries
nRegional and national angel investment networks
nInnovation Synergy Centre Markham (ISCM)
nIndustry associations focused on materials and manufacturing,
such as the Institute of Electrical Engineers (IEE)
nRegional networks with demonstrated success in strengthening various innovation
sectors relevant to innovation and the Golden Horseshoe, such as the Business
Information Technology Network (BitNet)
Communicating government programs
As a Regional Innovation Network (RIN), the GHBN is uniquely positioned to communicate
government programs in both directions – to entrepreneurs and small companies that need them,
and back to government where direct insight about what companies need helps to inform program
improvements. Among bioscience companies, there’s limited knowledge of government programs
designed to help them grow. The GHBN plays a key role in creating awareness of programs including:
nScientifc Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax credits
nIndustrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP), through which the GHBN
also administers $50K year for mentorship programs
nSustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC)
nOntario Commercialization Strategy Programs, including:
- Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE)
- Ontario Commercialization Investment Funds (OCIF)
- Next Generation of Jobs Fund
- Business Mentorship and Entrepreneurship Program (BMEP)
Following awareness, the GHBN provides hands-on assistance with program application processes,
as well as one-on-one business development consulting. The GHBN’s goal is to ensure that our
companies are as prepared as possible to reach the next level of growth. Companies that have
received signifcant funding through these and related programs to date include:
nAtreo Medical (CPRGlove™) (medical devices)
nAdjuvent Informatics Inc. (medical software)
nVinefera for Life (wine/agri-food)
nBeeBiomedical (medical products)
nCenturion Biofuels (biofuel)
The growth achievements of these companies are big wins for the GHBN, and the network
looks forward to providing further value through the addition of an Experts-in-Residence
program beginning in 2009.
“...network for change”
To capture the life sciences
knowledge we’re generating
in the Golden Horseshoe,
we need the special
purpose space created by
an expanded incubator/
accelerator, to avoid the
knowledge and its potential
for commercialization going
elsewhere in the world.
By creating an important
interface of collaboration
with McMaster and the City
of Hamilton, the GHBN
is playing an important
facilitation role in ensuring
the required physical
infrastructure is in place.

Nick Markettos
Director, Strategic Partnerships and McMaster
Innovation Park Liaison, McMaster University
and Vice-President of Business Development,
Board of Directors, Golden Horseshoe
Biosciences Network (GHBN)

Facilitating new business support infrastructure
Strengthening existing incubator space
Upon inception of the GHBN in 2005, business incubator facilities in the Golden
Horseshoe were extremely limited. Recognizing a growing entrepreneurial appetite, the
commercialization potential of various research initiatives, and the value of co-location
for convergence of ideas and technologies, the GHBN played a lead role in fortifying
the McMaster Bioscience Incubation Centre (MBIC) in the Michael G. DeGroote Centre
for Learning and Discovery, where the network is currently housed. MBIC provides
entrepreneurial researchers and start-up companies in the life sciences sector with
resources to develop commercially successful products and services. Resources include
laboratories, scientifc equipment and research requirements as well as business
mentoring and support services. In addition, MBIC offers shared administrative facilities
and offce equipment, executive meeting space, business advice and referral services,
networking opportunities, and programs for off-site clients.
Creating capacity to absorb overfow
Further to MBIC, a need was also identifed for expanded physical infrastructure to
accommodate the divergent needs of the broader biotech community. As a result, the
GHBN took on a catalyst role in developing the Bioscience Incubator/Accelerator at
the McMaster Innovation Park (MIP) delivering the business plan in association with
McMaster University and McMaster Innovation Park in 2007. Government funding is
now being pursued with groundbreaking for the proposed 80,000 sq ft facility targeted
for 2009. The proposed facility offers entrepreneurs the most comprehensive convergence/
synergy centre opportunities in the region. As such, the GHBN plans to relocate to the
facility within three years to better serve the needs of clients and to most effectively
expand its own offering of events and workshops applicable across bio-related felds.
Creating new business opportunities
Funding for clinical trials
Creating low cost access to clinical trials for SMEs has been a key priority for the GHBN
from the outset in order to advance the commercialization potential particularly in
emerging sectors including medical devices. In partnership with The Health Technology
Exchange (HTX), Hamilton Health Sciences Centre and McMaster University, the GHBN
has helped secure over $300K for medical device clinical trials to take place between
2008 and 2010. The frst companies to be funded include:
nAtreoMedical Inc. (CPRGlove™)
nTakeControl Cosmedix®
nGolden Horseshoe Life Sciences Inc. (formerly Venowave Inc.)
Bioenergy advancement initiative
In partnership with Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, the GHBN is playing a
facilitation role in establishing an energy-focused demonstration initiative to beneft
the wine, horticulture and agriculture industries in Niagara, as well as new economic
development and training opportunities. The project is in the formative phases with
next steps including an RFP to secure a consultant to manage execution of the
demonstration project.
Helping companies grow
Entrepreneurial growth and development in biosciences is the key driver behind the GHBN program
and services offering. The approach is a combination of one-on-one business consulting and linkages
to partner resources. Business consulting may include business plan review, deciphering applicable
government programs and assisting with applications, providing insight into key conference and
trade show opportunities, and preparation for venture capital (VC) presentations. Linkages to partner
resources may include opening doors to knowledge and fnancial resources. With an individual
approach to the needs of each entrepreneur or growing company, the GHBN is able to add value
throughout the various stages of growth.
In the last year, the number of companies the GHBN has worked with has more than doubled,
from nine in 2006 to 21 in 2007. These companies include:
nAdjuvant Informatics Inc., a clinical applications company producing the
Clinical Anaesthesia Information System (CAIS), a comprehensive and powerful suite
of software tools for managing the clinical activity of an anaesthesia department.
Following the company’s early days in a low-rent incubator space managed by the
City of Hamilton, the GHBN has assisted Adjuvant with:
- Business mentorship
- Cross-border introductions
- Funding opportunities in key development areas through the Ontario Centres of Excellence
(OCE), the Health Technology Exchange (HTX) and the Industrial Research Assistance
Program of the National Research Council (NRC-IRAP)
Now poised for investment, the company has secured more than $1M from investors.
The GHBN has been invaluable in promoting the vision of our
clinical anaesthesia software company both locally and provincially.
They keep us informed about new government programs and
initiatives, make an effort to get us entrenched in the local business
community, and they are playing an active role in helping us to
expand our capacity through connections in government, the US
market, angel investors and venture capital groups. The GHBN
understands the requirements for growth at every stage;
and we look forward to continuing to work with them.
Anders Elmik, COO Medtel Software & Adjuvant Informatics

After eight years of research
and working with patients,
we have a full-scale research
and development program
underway thanks in large
part to the mentorship and
connections provided through
the GHBN. Their assistance
in deciphering government
programs and connecting me to
the right people within the right
organizations at every stage
along the way has taken the
guesswork out of how to grow
my business. I look forward to a
continuing relationship with the
GHBN and highly value their
assistance to date.
Brandy Gowling, CEO / Founder
TakeControl Cosmedix Inc.®

nAtreo Medical Inc., a medical devices company responsible for CPRGlove
, a portable,
inexpensive, and adaptive device designed to greatly improve the success rate of cardio-
pulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and useful in CPR emergencies as well as training/testing
scenarios. A business mentor from the company’s early days, the GHBN has been
instrumental in helping Atreo:
- Develop its business plan
- Prepare for investor presentations
- Facilitate a clinical trial
- Secure a combined 775K in funding from Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) the Investment
Accelerator Fund, and the GHBN/HTX/HHS/McMaster University Venture Funding Pilot

GHBN has been providing support and guidance to Atreo from the very
beginning. They worked with us to develop our frst business plan and
investor pitch presentation, then helped us connect with the right people
and organizations to take us to the next level, including fnancing and
participation in the new clinical trials program GHBN is running in
partnership with HTX, McMaster University and Hamilton Health Sciences.
GHBN has provided all of this to us, and has asked nothing in return. It is
this altruistic spirit that sets GHBN far apart from other organizations.

Sarah Smith, B.Eng, COO, Atreo Medical Inc.
nBee Biomedical Inc., a small biopharmaceutical company, is involved in the manufacturing
of anti-viral, anti-infammatory topical skin therapies based on the bioactive compounds of
honey and propolis. The GHBN is helping the company to:
- Become investor-ready
- Identify new fnancial resources
- Access consulting services through the Business Mentorship and Entrepreneurship
Program (BMEP) offered through the Industrial Research Assistance Program of the
National Research Council (NRC-IRAP)
- Facilitate a clinical trial
- Gain contacts at the Agriculture Council of Canada and Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE)
Funding results to date total almost $400K in development research.

Since I became an active client of the GHBN, Darlene Homonko has
taken her role as a navigator for my small company very seriously. She
introduced me to the bioscience business world, facilitating networking
with several crucial companies and scientists that could help my company
grow by accelerating research and commercialization of Bee-Biomedical
products. The funding I’ve received has been instrumental to advancements
in my research on Canadian honey as an antibacterial agent, and a
commercial product is near.

Katrina Brudzynski, Ph.D, Scientist, Bee-Biomedicals Inc. Adjunct Professor, Brock University
nTakeControl Cosmedix Inc.®, a medical devices company focused on silicone-based
camoufage for disfgurations caused by accidents, burns, skin cancer etc. A key relationship
facilitator for the company, the GHBN helped TakeControl to navigate through municipal
and provincial funding programs, resulting in:
- An R&D program with McMaster University and Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE)
funding of $15K under the Interact Program
- $2500 from the Industrial Research Assistance Program of the
National Research Council (NRC-IRAP)
- A clinical trial
- Clinic space allocation in the Hamilton Hospitals Assessment Centre,
under the umbrella of the Hamilton Health Sciences Corporation
F ast F aCt s
Number of employees at GHBN: 4
Bioscience companies in the
Golden Horseshoe: 175
Companies we’ve worked with: 32
Entrepreneurs we’ve worked with: 15
Clinical trials we’re facilitating: 3
Partners we work with: 35
R&D programs we’ve helped
facilitate: 12
Trade shows we’ve helped
clients attend: 6
Key provincial programs we’ve
helped companies access: 4
Key federal programs we’ve
helped companies access: 3
International research programs
we’ve helped facilitate: 2
Future incubator/accelerator square
footage we’ve helped establish:
Individuals engaged in youth
outreach activities: 653
Investor presentations we’ve
assisted with: 5
Events hosted annually: 22
Event participants annually: 1,493
Grabbing new honours
McMaster University inventors of the
CPR Glove Nilesh Patel (left) Corey
Centen and Sarah Smith (absent from
photo). The custom-made glove, designed
to assist in cardio-pulmonary resuscitation
efforts, won in the undergraduate category
at the Collegiate Inventors’ Competition
in California.
sourCes oF Fundi ng For the ri n
by the numbers
number oF Companies assisted
i nvestment Leveraged
Funding ($) sourCed For Companies
Knowing our clients

The GHBN stands out because they really understand their clients.

Brad DeFoe, Manager/A, Commercialization Branch, Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation
A 2005 survey of stakeholders and clients in the biomedical and medical space in the
Golden Horseshoe was the foundation for the GHBN’s current database. The next survey
– planned for 2009 – will incorporate the convergent space around bio, providing greater
insight into regional business development opportunities. While the number of companies in
the database will increase, the approach will remain highly focused and knowledgeable of
individual company needs, to ensure the right resources are in place to continue propelling
companies forward.
Partnership promotion
The GHBN’s partnership-based approach has ensured highly productive and non-competitive
relationships with partners within and outside the region. Regionally, collaboration with
the City of Hamilton and McMaster University has resulted in the business plan for the
Bioscience Incubator/Accelerator at the McMaster Innovation Park (MIP). Within Ontario,
collaboration with other Regional Innovation Networks (RINs), related fourth pillar
organizations and industry associations has resulted in jointly coordinated events, such as:
nA speaker panel series with partners BioDiscovery Toronto, Western Greater Toronto
Area Convergence Centre (WGTACC), YORKbiotech, and the Institute of Electrical
Engineers (IEE)
nGovernment program information sessions in partnership with the Health Technology
Exchange (HTX) and MaRS Discovery District
Internationally, the GHBN is focused on opening the doors to new markets and creating
reciprocal training opportunities, through:
nPrograms including the Ontario-Israel Industrial Collaborative Research Projects
nCluster-to-cluster initiatives with universities and research institutions in France,
China, Italy and Brazil
nAn ongoing partnership with Buffalo Niagara Enterprise (BNE)
Over the last few years, Buffalo
Niagara has formed a very
positive working relationship
with our regional counterparts
from Southern Ontario, including
the GHBN. By working together,
we can assist one another in
developing our innovation and
life sciences based economies;
leveraging regional strengths to
promote business growth and
strengthen the overall economic
capacity of the bi-national region.

David S. Tyler,
Business Development Manager
Life Sciences, Buffalo Niagara Enterprise (BNE)
“networking, partnering, collaborating”
formula for success
Focusing on what we’re good at
As a RIN the role of GHBN is to connect companies to the services they need to grow,
which requires us to acquire an in-depth of understanding of the company and use
our industry experience, business acumen and program knowledge to defne the most
effcient route to the next stage of development and beyond. We’re true facilitators
in this regard, being careful not to use our limited resources in a way that duplicates
the capacity of partners and potential partners. The result is a foundational culture of
innovation focused on synergies; where previous communication
silos have been replaced by awareness of services, and
more and more companies have the opportunity to take
advantage of the supports available.
Communicating effectively
Starting out three years ago, it was diffcult to
comprehend the effort required to get the word out
about bioscience commercialization capacity in the Golden
Horseshoe, and to keep the story current. Accompanying the full-
time job of networking, event participation and speaking engagements,
the GHBN also assumed responsibility for:
nBuilding and maintaining a compelling website, www.ghbn.org
nProducing a robust quarterly newsletter, Bio-Matrix
nDeveloping original content for top industry publications including Biotechnology
Focus, Canada’s leading news authority on the Canadian life sciences industry
Tools that help build knowledge – and knowledge fow – are a critical part
of a successful Regional Innovation Network (RIN). Feedback on the GHBN’s
communication tools to date has been excellent, with audiences becoming increasingly
informed about the level of bioscience innovation happening in the Golden Horseshoe.
Going forward, the GHBN’s communication tools will be enhanced through new
initiatives to produce:
nMore original content to drive additional traffc to the website www.ghbn.org
nOnline billboard space to promote communication among industry clients
nAn online social networking tool to signifcantly expand the network in a
non-obtrusive way
Through investment in expanded communications, the GHBN’s goal is to provide
clients with the ability to increasingly source and create the connections they
need on their own; effectively helping clients to help themselves.
“networking, partnering, collaborating”
GHBN knows the companies
in the Golden Horseshoe,
and through the scientifc and
entrepreneurial background of
Executive Director Dr. Darlene
Homonko, the network is well
qualifed to assist the companies
in their plans for growth. Even
at the pre-export stage, GHBN
is an extremely strong advocate,
committed to ensuring well-
established business plans
so companies can begin the
process of working with us to
become export ready.

Patricia Cosgrove
International Marketing Consultant,
Ontario Exports Inc
eye on the future
Moving forward
As the network moves forward, the GHBN will continue to focus on the needs of
entrepreneurs to achieve business growth and commercialization. Top scientists will look
to the GHBN for effective promotion and assistance with commercialization of innovations.
Partner relationships will be enhanced as the network continues to grow. Increasingly the
GHBN will be known as the entity capable of both overcoming traditional silos between
academia, government and industry; and channeling the potential of regional innovation
into a sustainable, community-supported business model.
To be successful it will be important to ensure fnancial resources are maintained in
accordance with the program and services offering. As more companies come into
the fold, the GHBN also needs to grow with additional well-qualifed staff. Possible
adjustments toward a membership model will enhance the breadth and depth of client
engagement, enabling:
nStronger industry linkages
nA sense of ownership among companies
nA clear value proposition for companies at each stage of growth
nOngoing program relevancy
nExpanded networking and promotional opportunities
Within bioscience, medical and assistive devices currently provide the greatest potential for
the region, with a relatively short return on investment timeline, and an excellent ft with
academic, research and manufacturing strengths. As such bioscience commercialization
will remain the network’s core focus, though the convergent space accompanying the
new synergy centre will necessitate build-out to embrace innovation and entrepreneurism
more broadly.
According to “creative class” guru and University of Toronto Professor Richard Florida,
the economic activity, number of patents, rate of growth and location of the Golden
Horseshoe make it a virtual shoe-in to be part of a major economic boom, although
ultimate success will be determined by broad-based cultural support of innovation.
The GHBN’s role in achieving that success for the Golden Horseshoe is centred on active
promotion and partnership to identify and access the knowledge and fnancial resources
required by entrepreneurs.
The strength of the region is in its ability to be convergent. The GHBN looks forward to the
buzz created by a bustling new synergy centre as well as ongoing partnerships to support
creation of a prosperous knowledge-based environment in the Golden Horseshoe. There is
great potential here.
Brad DeFoe, Manager/A,
Commercialization Branch,
Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation
By adopting an inclusive
innovation focus, the
Golden Horseshoe has an
opportunity to become a
powerhouse in the province.

“there is great potential here”
about us
Board of Directors
E xE CuT I vE
Lauren Cuddy
i3 Innovus
Nick Markettos
DIRECTOR, Strategic Partnerships and
McMaster Innovation Park Liaison
McMaster University
Elaine Holding
DIRECTOR, Client Services and Marketing
SB Partners
Robert Kloet
Certifed Management Accountant
Kloet Management Services
Darlene Homonko PhD
Golden Horseshoe Biosciences Network
Dr. Ian Brindle
Research & International Development
Brock University
Dr. John Capone
McMaster University
Dr. Stephen Collins
McMaster University
John Davidson
Business Development Centre
Regional Municipality of Halton
Dr. Mo Elbestawi
Research & International Affairs
McMaster University
Michael J. Evelegh PhD
Clinical & Regulatory Affairs
PreMD Inc.
Neil Everson
Economic Development Department
City of Hamilton
Yousef Haj-Ahmad PhD
Norgen Biotek Corp.
Dr. Jack Hirsh
Henderson Research Centre
Henderson General Hospital
Patty Hoogendoorn
Affnity Biologicals Inc.
Stuart McKeen
Ministry of Research & Innovation (MRI)
Government of Ontario
John Peller
Andrew Peller Limited
Dr. Ian Rodger
St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton
Brian underdown PhD
Technology Investing
Lumira Capital
Dr. Salim Yusuf
McMaster University
Population Health Research Institute
Hamilton Health Sciences
The team
Supported by the Board of Directors, the GHBN team includes:
Dr. Darlene Homonko, Executive Director: homonko@mcmaster.ca
Alice Bradbury, Special Projects and Events Coordinator: bradbury@mcmaster.ca
Justin Policarpio, Research Analyst: policajr@mcmaster.ca
Ana Paredes, Offce Administrator/Incubator Assistant: paredes@mcmaster.ca

Dr. Darlene Homonko has been Executive Director of the GHBN since its inception in 2005.
Through previous roles, Dr. Homonko has more than fve years experience in life sciences commercialization
including four-plus years in venture capital. She has been instrumental in the creation of commercial
value from innovative research secured in Milestone Medica Corporation’s (MMC) portfolio companies.
From 2002-2004, Dr. Homonko was Director of Operations and Business Development for Molecular
Templates Inc., an MMC company. In 2004-2005, Dr. Homonko was also an Industry Liaison Offcer
at the University of Toronto Innovations Foundation where she focused on identifying new spin-out
opportunities in the life science and convergent medical technologies.
Dr. Homonko has a valued reputation in the commercialization of life sciences innovations with specifc
experience in start-ups. As well, she has a strong background in intellectual property management,
technology evaluation and analyzing corporate research and development in commercial alliances for sound
business practice. Dr. Homonko holds a Ph.D., Neuroscience from the University of Toronto, Institute of
Medical Sciences; a M.Sc., Kinesiology from Dalhousie University; and a B.Sc., Physical Education, Health,
General Science from the University of Rhode Island.
“there is great potential here”
part ne rs
Advanced Food and Materials Network
AllerGen – NCE for Allergy / Immunology
BioDiscovery Toronto
Brock University
Buffalo Niagara Economic Development
Canadian Obesity Network (CON)
City of Hamilton
Department of Foreign Affairs and
International Trade Canada (DFAIT)
Eastern Lake Ontario Regional Innovation
Network (ELORIN)
Golden Horseshoe Angel Network
Golden Horseshoe Venture Forum (GHVF)
Hamilton Health Sciences
Health Technology Exchange (Htx.ca)
MaRS Landing
MaRS Discovery District
McMaster University
Mohawk College
Niagara College
Niagara Regional Economic Development
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and
Rural Affairs (OMAFRA)
Ontario Agriculture and Food Technologies
Ontario Centre for Environmental
Technology Advancement (OCETA)
Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE)
Ontario Exports Inc.
Region of Halton
R.I.C Centre
Southwestern Ontario Bioproducts
Innovation Network (SOBIN)
St. Joseph Health Care (Hamilton)
The Biotechnology Initiative (TBI)
Toronto Angel Group (TAG)
Trillium Medical Technology Association
Venture Niagara
Waterloo Research and Technology Park
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